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Laid Back

Kevin just wants to get laid and his aggressive sister just wants a practice dummy.

Kevin was in his final year of high school and facing college with the prospect of leaving high school a virgin. This he considered to be entirely his own fault due a combination of not being particularly outgoing and confident around girls his own age and not knowing how to market his best selling feature.

He'd managed to get blow jobs from two separate girls on two separate occasions, but he hadn't managed to parlay that into a relationship with either girl or even follow-up blow jobs. He'd hoped the blow jobs would at least drum up a little interest in him once it got around how well-endowed he was, but the lack of further offers remained stubbornly non-forthcoming.

He had not even known he had anything to be particularly grateful for until he had joined the varsity soccer team in his junior year. Unlike JV, which only practiced after school, varsity practiced in the morning before classes a couple times a week, necessitating showering in the locker room before school started. He eventually got tired of the sniggers and after asking what was so fucking funny, his teammates admitted they were kind of in awe of his cock and then even more in awe when he admitted he was nearly ten inches when hard. After that they even nicknamed him KC for king cock and would frequently and loudly greet him in the halls with it, but, again even this blatant advertising didn't seem to get him the easy sex acts he was hoping to receive. 

For the most part the nickname seemed to amount to not much more beyond sniggering from the female classmates who knew what the initials were about. This distressed him because he was pretty sure he was at least reasonably handsome compared to his peers. He was tall, well over six feet, and in thin, lean shape with muscular thighs and calves from all the running he did with soccer. He had dark brown hair and eyes with slightly narrow, vulpine face that gave him an amused, roguish look. He'd also thought his looks had improved markedly once the acne from his earlier years of high school had disappeared dramatically the previous summer, after working several days a week over vacation in the sun with a landscaping company. None the less, he still wasn't seeming to attract much interest.

Part of the problem was Kevin's laid back and reticent demeanor. He had the goods as far as brains, body, and cock, but didn't apply himself very much to anything besides soccer, and even there he coasted on natural talent to a strong degree. Generally, he was content to do the bare minimum and stay in the background most of the time. He could get by with B's doing nothing in school but the homework, and get an infrequent BJ from girls by showing up at a party with his teammates, but he couldn't shrug off the lethargy to do more most of the time. He felt about his cock like characters in a movie who'd stolen a bunch of gold or artwork--he had something valuable but no way to move it. 

His attitude, though he'd deny it, came from living in a home dominated by strong females. His mother and father had divorced about five years before and he'd lived with his mother and sisters since. Not that his father had been around much before. He was a international tax lawyer and spent much of his time on trips, sometimes being away for weeks or months at a time depending on the case he was working on.

The divorce had come about after his father's one credit card had mistakenly sent a paper bill to the house which his mother had opened. Noticing three different charges to the same odd business totaling over $4000 while he was in Germany the previous month, she had done some quick research and determined it to be an upscale escort service. There was no fight as far as Kevin knew. He just returned from school one day and his mother told him flatly his father had moved out and would not be moving back in. Kevin only knew the reason for the divorce after his father had left a copy of the divorce complaint out on his desk in his new condo.  

Since then he'd lived with his mother, Allison, older sister, Ellie, who was now away at her sophomore year of college, and younger sister Evie, who was a sophomore in the same private school as Kevin. He and his siblings would spend a weekend night or two at their father's condo every couple months at first, and more recently at his father's fiancée’s townhouse with him, Laura, and daughter Lily, who was 16 like Evie, and thus seemed pre-programmed to hate her.

The ostensible reason for this was to bond as a family, though Kevin had his doubts that seeing people once every two months to eat take out and watch a movie on TV was a very effective way of doing this. 

His mother, with her own successful career that she threw herself even further into as a result of the divorce, generally seemed indifferent to her children. Her main monitoring came from blocking virtually everything of interest on the Internet on their home computers partially because she seemed to believe it was the main source of trouble for modern children and partially because it was related to her area of expertise at work, making it easier for her to implement and then check out of parenting. This was part of the reason Kevin hadn't understood how well-endowed he was, since, unlike his friends, he couldn't hop on the Internet to look at porn whenever he felt like it.

His sisters, meanwhile, treated him with what might generously be called contempt. At first it was just Ellie, who despite being generally demure and sweet to everyone else, seemed to loath him and took every opportunity to mock him in private, and if she had friends around to humiliate as an ugly idiot. Evie, who, ever since realizing she was cute at a young age, had been a much nastier piece of work. She had picked up on her big sister's attitude to be cruel to him at any opportunity she got and even basic interaction with her was an unbearable barrage of vitriol. 

Arguing with either of them was a losing proposition so he had just taken to receding and tuning out the constant verbal abuse from them. Thankfully with Ellie gone at college and Evie so popular and unsupervised that she basically just came home to change, he usually had the house to himself.

Late on a Friday night at the end of September he found himself alone in the basement TV room flicking through channels. His mother was asleep and his sister was out who knew where. He'd hung out with some buddies earlier, doing basically the same thing, watching TV in a basement lamenting that there was nothing to do.

He heard the outside door to the laundry room next door close and tensed himself up but didn't turn around. He was stretched across the couch and didn't hear his sister pad softly up behind him on the carpet and throw herself down across his legs after leaping over the back of the couch. He angrily wiggled his legs but she just laughed and continued to sit.

It had been an unusually warm September and she was wearing tight jean shorts that barely covered her thighs, complicated looking sandals that had brown leather straps all the way up her calves, and a dark green tank top with her dark blue bra straps clearly visible.

She took after his mother and had sandy blonde hair down to her mid-back, grayish blue eyes, high cheek bones that set the outside corners of her eyes up at a slightly cat-like angle, and skin that he found distressingly clear considering the acne he'd suffered his first years of high school. She also took after his mother's bust and had developed impressive breasts over the past two years, which had made her act even more insufferable as she realized she was no longer just girlishly cute but womanly gorgeous.

Kevin tried to pay attention to the movie he hadn't really been watching to begin with when she'd entered, but found it even more difficult to concentrate with her weight pressing against his legs. They sat in silence for a while, which was unusual for her as by now she always would have mentioned what a loser he was for sitting here alone on a Friday night. He noticed her one hand stroking the couch like it was a pet instead of worn microfiber that had been relegated to the basement after their mother had last renovated the upstairs living room.

He knew he'd regret it but asked, "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Evie turned and smiled at him. "Mmm? Nothing!"

He knew there certainly was since her normal response would've started with fuck you. "You drunk?"

"No, no. Just took a little X. Half a tab. And maybe one gin and tonic. Just feeling loosey," she responded, still stupidly smiling.

"Yeah, which one of your asshole friends gave you that?"

"Just someone from the lacrosse team."

"Like I said, asshole."

He felt her stiffen up against his legs. "Well, yeah, fuck you. Just jealous I was out partying and you weren't."


"Just jealous. I got X and some drinks and had guys grinding their hard-ons against my ass while I was dancing. You'd get an elbow to the face if you tried that with a girl."

"Trust me. Any girl would be pleasantly surprised if I did that to them." She huffed out air incredulously from her nose at his response and fell silent. They went back to pretending to watch the movie. It segued to a sex scene, only topless nudity, but nice. He wanted her off him and out of the room more than ever and noticed her stroking of the couch had resumed more intently.

"She has nice tits. Not as nice as mine though." Evie's hand left the couch and seemed to involuntary move up to her breasts which she stroked a couple of times. Out of the corner of his eye in the flickering light of the TV he could see her nipples were hard even through her bra and shirt. He kicked his legs again, hoping to dislodge her but she didn't seem to notice. "Do you think she's hot?" He didn't respond. 

"I bet you do!" she yelped and suddenly lunged at his crotch with one hand. "Oh my god! My brother has a hard on while I'm sitting on him!" She made as if to scramble off him but instead put her legs to either side of him and rested her ass on his knees before grabbing his crotch again and sliding her hand down the length of his semi-erection where it was pressed up against his leg under his jeans. Her eyes widened slightly, "Oh my god, you weren't joking about a surprise," she giggled.

"Get off me, you pervert." He wanted to buck his legs to throw her off, but thought the motion would only make his erection more noticeable since her hand was still on his cock.

She shimmied up his legs a little more so she was on his lower thighs, her hand painfully clutching at his cock to use as leverage in her movement. She placed her other hand on his thigh and as she did so she leaned forward so he could see her breasts pushed together in front of him, the low cut tank top concealing the nipples by only an inch or two. The sight made his cock harden further and spasm involuntarily under her hand. 

"Show it to me," she hissed. Her hand began rubbing up and down the length of his cock. "I'll tell my friends. I can say I walked in while you were getting out of the shower by mistake. There's a few that'll be very interested in a log like this. You might even get some underclass pussy."

He was frozen. He knew his little sister was a bitch but didn't know she was quite this sadistic. She took his agape silence the wrong way and, still clutching his cock, brought her other hand up, unzipped his jeans and slipped her hand into her pants. The flesh of her hand on his bare cock was hot and he suddenly realized he could feel the heat emanating from her crotch on his legs. He suddenly remembered the X.

"Stop! You're fucking high," he angrily muttered.

"Pfft. Only a little." She painfully yanked his now fully erect cock upright, bending it in the tight confines of his jeans, and pulled it though the zipper and then unbuttoned them so she could bring it fully out. "Wow wow!" she exclaimed, now seeing the full uncut near-ten inches standing between them.

"We're going to get in trouble! I'm gonna get in trouble!" He tried to wriggle backwards on the couch but she squeezed his dick painfully.

"Pfft. No one would believe that you had the fucking nerve to touch me." She began moving her hand up and down the shaft of his cock, causing the foreskin to recede and then rise over the head. She had clearly had some practice at doing it as she almost immediately fell into a practiced rhythm. He felt paralyzed with how good it felt. As she rubbed up and down his tip and foreskin began to get wet with pre-cum. She slid her hand all the way up the shaft to the tip, getting some of the glistening pre-cum on her thumb. She let go and popped the thumb into her mouth, seeming to realize what she had done only when her lips had wrapped around the thumb.

"Whoops! Force of habit," she said comically moving her eyebrows up and down.

The sight of his bitch little sister sucking his pre-cum off her thumb simultaneously disgusted him and made a shudder run through his stomach into his perineum. He decided he had to stop this. Who knew what she would do once the fog of the X wore away. He tried to buck her off which was difficult with the way she was resting her weight fully on his thighs and how his torso was sunk into the overly stuffed couch. She grabbed back onto his cock like it was the pommel of a saddle and laughed. He bucked again with more force and this time caused them both to tumble over the side of the couch. Evie landed on her back on the plush rug and he landed on top of her. Because of their positioning on the couch as he came down his cock landed with a resounding slap sound right between her breasts. 

Her mouth opened wide in shock and he thought he'd finally broken through to her but then she grinned and laughed. "Oh, big brother, why didn't you just tell me that you wanted to fuck my tits?" 

"What? No!" She ignored his protestations and propped herself up on her elbows, his cock still between her tits, hunched her shoulders forward so that the dick was cradled between her young breasts and began wiggling them up and down. His hips seemed to react on their own so that they thrust forward, deeper between her tits, and pleasurably rolled back the foreskin against her burning skin, leaving a trail of pre-cum in her cleavage.

He wanted to stop but was entranced by the pleasure coming from his cock and the look on his sister's face directly under his was a mix of dreaminess, lust, and spite. With each thrust up her breasts, her now lipstick smeared mouth opened into a lascivious O as though expecting him to thrust all the way up to her mouth. She was much shorter than him and at this angle it would've only taken a few more inches to reach the inviting warm hole of her mouth. With her heavy breathing each time he thrust towards her he could feel her hot breath on the tip of his cock.

He forced himself to look away from her face but was unable to stop the compelled motion of his hips. There was a commercial for a countertop jerky maker. It's soothing inanity dulled him for a second and finally was about to stop when he heard his sister spit. Looking down he saw a milky string of saliva from his sister lips to the tip of his cock, she squeezed her breasts tighter so that the saliva slid down the sides of his cock lubricating her tits.

"That's what you get for not paying attention to me when I'm helping you out with such a nice titty fuck." 

Evie's slutty talk snapped him back to reality and what he was doing and he tried to stand up. As he did so she yanked on his boxers, pulling them down hard with his jeans to about his knees. When he tried to awkwardly lift one foot over without kicking her in the face her so he could step away he stumbled and fell face first into the couch. He scrambled back around and tried to pull his pants up but she was already between his legs and before he could protest she had his dick in his mouth.

He tried to pull back but she clamped down threateningly with her teeth and he could feel the slightly rough tip of her tongue probe underneath his foreskin to lick at the pre-cum of his cock head. He heard a slight moan escape from him as her mouth explored his cock but his mind frantically raced to think of an escape. At this rate he'd have to knock her all the way to the ground to get away.

She seemed to read his mind and she pulled his dick out of her mouth. He noticed a smudge of her coral red lipstick on it.

"This is happening; deal with it," she said smiling as one hand began working his spit-slick shaft. "I was supposed to be in jerkoff rematch tonight but the dipshit whose house we were at had his dipshit drunk parents come home early and kick us out."

"What... what the fuck are you talking about?" he asked as she wetly ran her mouth up his cock shaft again and then resumed her stroking.

"A jerkoff rematch with that cunt, Christina." Kevin vaguely knew her as another sophomore that Evie had used to be better friends with earlier in middle school and had had over a few times. She too had grown a huge pair of breasts, but wasn't nearly as attractive as his sister, having a nose that was disproportionately large to her face.

"We went down a line of guys at the first party of the year and the first one to finish was the winner. You should've seen that cunt go. She jerked the last two off simultaneously in like a minute flat. Her arms must be like pistons from field hockey. At least I beat Amber, who was pathetically on her first one still. I only had one to go." 

She continued to rhythmically jerk him off as she related this and he tried to process what was happening and what she was saying. He knew Amber too. A petite and mousy girl but cute and friendly, naturally platinum blonde, who wore in-stylish glasses with too large lenses. He was pretty sure his sister was friends with her only to psychologically abuse her.

"Wha... what?"

"I need practice if I'm gonna beat Christina, dummy," she responded. With that she took him back into her mouth and tried to take as much in as she could, getting nearly six inches in and causing her eyes to water and her mascara to begin to run. She brought it out with an audible gasp and strings of saliva still running from his glistening cock to her mouth. "So don't worry. Think of it like I'm just practicing on one of mom's big dildos."


"Oh my god, you really are stupid." She went to take him back in her mouth and he tried to push her away by one shoulder, causing one of the straps of her tank top to fall down. She backed away slightly but without letting his rod go, "Oh, right, where are my manners." She slipped the straps of her tank top and bra off both shoulders and pulled down her front allowing her breasts to pop out. She had what he could only guess in his limited experience were large Cs or small Ds. Evie still spent a lot of time out back by the pool sun tanning even with the weather getting cooler and she had small triangles of porcelain white skin around her nipples from her bikini, which were a very pale pink, and currently very erect. The sight of them caused his erection to redouble as she grasped it. 

"Mmm... big brother likes little sister's tits. Everyone does." She put her mouth back over the tip of his erection, vigorously working her tongue around it while her hand began moving up and down the shaft.

He didn't know what else to do, so as with his usual reaction to something he didn't want to do he just closed his eyes and did nothing. Her mouth was magic and he wondered how his little sister was already so much better at sucking cock than the two girls he'd gotten blow jobs from previously. He opened his eyes and saw her head bobbing up and down, making her tits jiggle.

He guessed she wasn't kidding and really was as much of a whore as she was boasting. The thought of his sister with her tits out next to Amber and Christina with their tits out, all three sucking dicks together made him quiver slightly. He thrust his cock up into her mouth the next time she brought her mouth down the shaft. 

She pulled off and took a gasp of air. "That's right, brother, fuck my face a little, don't make me do all the work," she said grinning, her lips and chin slick with saliva and pre-cum. She locked back on and he reached out one hand and placed it on the nape of her neck and dug his fingers slightly into her sandy hair, applying a little pressure forward to the back of the head and she moaned slightly, whether in annoyance or pleasure he couldn't tell.

It was the first time he could recall touching her in years. Watching her down on her knees, working the tip of his cock with her mouth while the other eight inches of his shaft shined with her spit while her nipples brushed his knees every time she thrust her head down was intoxicating. The fear of how this was going to turn out began to recede as the pleasure of her mouth and the mounting orgasm took over. 

His hips and hands began to work on their own. Each time her head would go down his hand kneaded her neck and forced it down a little further. His hips would thrust forward a little more forcing more of the shaft deep into her throat. She made pleasurable moaning sounds intercut with slurping, gurgling sounds that he found both disgusting and wonderful. More and more saliva was running down his cock, which helped her as her right hand pumped the shaft. Her eyes were still tearing, the mascara smudged down her cheeks, while she stared at him with mocking eyes. 

He felt his orgasm about to let go. He unlocked his hand from the back of her head and pulled his hips back. She plunged her mouth back down, obviously realizing what was about to happen. He tried to push her away by the shoulder but only got his dick half way out of her mouth when a burning stream of cum left his cock and hit the top of her mouth, some splashing out and falling back down onto her tits and his cock.

"What the fuck?" She sputtered. "Part of the contest is that we have to swallow everything. How the fuck am I supposed to practice if you pull out!" Her tongue idly flicked out to lap at the cum drool on her chin as she glared at him.

"You--you're my fucking sister!" His balls a little lighter, he was torn with the desire to flee as if from a murder scene and simultaneously to sit back and fall asleep.

"Didn't seem to stop you when you were shoving your cock into my tonsils!" she laughed as her hand continued to stroke his shaft, pushing his foreskin up and milking out the last of the cum, spilling it down the shaft and onto her now sticky hand. There was a streak of cum across her left breast with a milky drop running around one nipple.

Evie stood up and arched her back like a cat and gently licked at some of the cum on the side of her hand. Then she walked over to the loveseat and plopped down.  He watched in amazement as she undid her jean shorts and began wriggling out of them. They were so tight they'd left red marks around her thin, nubile thighs. He also noticed she hadn't been wearing underwear. She got them around her ankles and kicked them off.

"Now what the fuck are you doing?" he hissed.

"You got off. My turn. You can go, I'm done with you." With that she sank back into the loveseat and firmly spread her legs.

He'd only watched a little porn but her pussy was better than any he'd seen. Her thin legs, still coltish with girlishness, were tanned, and there was another surprisingly small triangle of white skin between them, fresh from never having seen the sun. He was unsure if was from shaving or she just hadn't grown any but her pubic area was absolutely hairless and smooth. She had very small labia lips so that with her legs closed her pussy was a thin blushing split, lightly glistening with moisture from the light of the TV. As she parted her legs a little dribble of her own slightly milky juices came out. 

He watched as she took her right palm, still coated with her spit and his cum and rubbed it across the exposed, juicy red flesh. She then licked her own mingled juices off of her palm and then put her middle and pointer finger into her mouth to wet them. She gently began to rub the nub at the top of her pussy and he watched, amazed as it quickly engorged. From his limited experience her clitoris seemed bigger than most, almost its own tiny penis. She rubbed it in slow swirls, the fingers occasionally dipping down into the exposed glistening pink to get more of her slimy juices to coat the clit.

Her eyes were closed but she spoke, her fingers never breaking their movement, "I said you could leave, pervert. I can't believe you're sitting there with your dripping dick out watching your little sister finger herself." Twenty minutes earlier he certainly couldn't have imagined it either, nor could he have imagined the massive erection that had re-arisen just minutes after he'd cum in her mouth at the sight of her hairless pussy.

"Mmm," she moaned. "I've wanted my fingers back in me all night. When Paul was grinding his cock into my ass at the party I think my juice was actually running down my thighs in front of everyone. I had to go into the bathroom and finger myself to calm down. Amber was in the bathroom with me to lean against the door because it didn't lock. You should've seen her face when she was watching me stick my fingers in my pussy. You could totally see her her nipples poking through her shirt and that she wanted to start finger fucking herself while she watched me." Her own free hand moved to her breasts where it began kneading and massage his cum into the nipples.

Evie's eyes were closed while she told her story but he noticed once she started talking about Amber her movements became more vigorous and she abandoned stimulating her clit and slid her two fingers into her pussy and began rapidly sliding them in and out, bringing out more drops of wetness with each withdrawal. Her eyes still closed, she withdrew her fingers completely and brought them up to her mouth and greedily slurped the juice off. "Uhmm. Amber definitely would have loved to taste that."

His cock was standing up stiffly between them. Kevin couldn't take both the sight of his sister stimulating herself and the filthy images she conjured up of Amber slurping at her wet cunt. He grasped his cock and began working the shaft up and down, the last orgasm already forgotten and the need for a new one all consuming.

Evie heard the gentle wet sounds of his still cum coated foreskin drawing and withdrawing over the head and laughed. "Oh, my fucking pervert brother is jerking off watching my little pussy. He forced his cock out on me, fucked my tits, fucked my face, made me eat his cum, and now he's forcing me to finger my tiny twat so he can jerk off again."

Her own words seemed to excite her as much as him, and she began shoving her fingers in and out of her snatch even more forcefully. Her hips began thrusting up meet them and she started making panting sounds interspersed with long, "Ohhhs." He watched as her two fingers thrust faster and faster into her sticky, dripping cunt with her moans becoming more prolonged. He could see her biting her lower lip and her hair was falling down over her face and getting caught in his drying cum but she didn't bother to try to push it out of the way.

His own hand worked faster and faster on his shaft and just as he thought his slutty little sister was about to orgasm over the tiny fingers working her slit she abruptly stopped and opened her eyes.

He kept working his cock and she smiled. "I think you you should help me out now." She stood and climbed onto the couch, straddling him with her knees and pressing her pussy towards his face. He was about to protest but instead abandoned his cock and grabbed her tight ass cheeks and pressed her pussy into his mouth, feeling her burning clit against his nose.

He'd never eaten a girl out before and now his sister's pussy juices were flowing into his mouth. His tongue flicked out and entered her warm slit. She began rhythmically thrusting her cunt against his face and he strained his tongue to get as far into her as possible.

As he did so, she was so wet her juices began to run down his chin and she moaned again. "Eat my pussy, big brother. I'm so fucking wet. I need to cum," she whined desperately. By the end it came out as a pathetic whimper and she lowered her cunt a little so that his tongue was on her clit. He sucked her big clit like a little cock and she began thrusting her hips against his mouth so hard it started hurting his face.

He let go of her little ass and started working his shaft up and down again. He felt her go rigid and heard her choke back a scream as his mouth was filled with a gush of her slick, musky quim. His sister cumming in his mouth was the impetus he needed and he began to feel his cum shooting out of his cock towards his sister's ass. Evie seemed to realize what had happened and slithered down his body, his cum sliming her body and when her mouth reached his cock she took it back in her mouth to suck the last of his jizz out.

After a few long sucks she rolled off him, her body a mess of his cum, her juices, and her saliva. "I can't believe you ate your little sister out," she sighed. "My pussy is still burning." She closed her eyes and wriggled whorishly, one hand smearing the bodily fluid even further across her tits and tight stomach. He didn't know what to say. 

"Well, night." She stood up suddenly, grabbed her shorts and started for the steps, her tits still out and still bottomless. With her thin legs and thigh gap he could still see the mound of her pussy as she turned her tight ass to him to leave.

He waited till she was gone and then let out a "Fuck," under his breath. His legs were slick with his cum and his face had her pussy juices drying on it. He couldn't believe this had happened, that he'd let it happen, or that his sister seemed to be an incredibly depraved twat.

He waited several minutes to make sure that the house was completely silent. He then stood, dressed, and rushed as quietly upstairs as he possibly could. At the top of the steps to the second floor he stopped and ears straining, thought he could hear the wet squishy sounds of fingers working a pussy coming from behind his sister's bedroom door. He felt his cock starting to become rigid again but ignored it and went to his bedroom to toss and turn.


The next morning he woke up early despite not having been able to fall asleep till very late. He lay in bed for over an hour alternately having his cock stiffen as he thought about his sister's eyes staring up at him in lust as she sucked it and limpen as terrified thoughts about what might happen to him now. He could only think that she was on X, like she said, and that she must have been slipped something else as well, because he just couldn't imagine that she would've acted that way otherwise. This made him wonder what was wrong with him since he'd been stone sober, and what she was going to do today once she sobered up. 

After laying in bed for well over an hour he heard his mother moving around downstairs and saw that it was already after ten. He had a game in the late afternoon but had to be at school to catch the game bus at noon. He sighed and forced himself up. Going downstairs he sheepishly crept from room to room in dread of his sister, but she was apparently still asleep. His mom said good morning as she left the kitchen with a cup of coffee. He glanced at her going but her demeanor was its usual distant self, so she must not have noticed anything

He stood at the green and blue streaked marble of the island in the kitchen and quickly ate one bowl of cereal then a second. When he was finished he put the bowl in the dishwasher and then at the last minute decided to grab a cup of coffee, the joy of which he had only recently discovered over the summer when his job had forced him out of the house at six in the morning to cut lawns. As he finished stirring in cream and sugar he turned around and let out a yelp. His sister was standing so close to him he almost knocked the cup onto her shoulder. 

Evie was wearing a pair of red gym shorts that were barely more than underwear and a black tank top that hid the color of her nipples but not the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra or that they were there poking through the thin fabric.

"Well, if it isn't the sister fucker!" she sneered, smiling maliciously and grabbing his cock through his own gym shorts. Despite his terror it got hard almost instantly.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" he asked.

"Did you forget what you did to me?" she asked pursing her lips and furrowing her brow in mock sadness.

"You're crazy. Mom's down here!"

"Haha. Wouldn't want her to know that you made your sister suck and swallow your cum out of your cock, would you?" 

As if summoned by the mention of her, their mom passing by the doorway on the way to the steps stopped and glared at them. "Can you take two ever stop bickering? Can I have a morning without it for once," she said exasperatedly.

His sister let go of his dick and turned around, mercifully not moving so that his mother couldn't see he had a massive erection tenting his shorts. "We weren't, mommy!" she said cheerfully smiling.

Their mother just rolled her eyes. "Just knock it off." She continued on her way and they stared at the archway till they heard her go up the steps.

Evie turned around and grabbed his cock again and gave it a few pumps.  "I'll be around to practice again!" She playfully gave him a biting kiss on the neck that he shrugged off before she grabbed an apple and went back upstairs. He took a few deep breaths till his erection died down then went upstairs, jerked off in the shower while thinking about shooting cum all over his sister's tits, and then left for the game.

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