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Like Mother, Like Daughter (Part 3)

Jeff's girlfriend and her mom have a lot in common.

Chapter 5 -- The Wild Birthday.

Ten minutes later...

The television had been muted for at least the past five minutes as Abby sat in stunned silence. Did two porn stars head upstairs or was it her mother and boyfriend? She couldn't recall ever being this loud. Skin hammering into skin, Mom's constant yelping, or screaming, or whatever the hell noise she was making, and Jeff's clearly audible dirty talk—it was a barrage of sounds. And what about when she heard Jeff ask her mother who owned her? Mom shouted back, 'You do, Daddy!' Who's birthday was it again? It sure seemed like Mom was enjoying this more than anyone.

But maybe that was a good thing. Abby had been seeing her parents in a different light after the discovery that Dad wasn't taking care of Mom. Her mother was amazing! She was so kind, and sweet, and loving, and a woman like that deserved the world.

"Fuck me harder!"


Mom demanding to be fucked harder followed by a deafening slap? Yeah, Abby could connect the dots. Jeff and Mom were going at it doggy style, and the brunette sitting all alone on the couch was starting to get jealous. She loved doggy style! It was Jeff and her go-to position. And that slap had to be Jeff cracking Mom on the ass. That was their thing! Rough sex!


That was hard. Really hard. What if she took a quick peek to make sure they were alright? Mom had never been with a guy like Jeff before, and her boyfriend had a tendency to get carried away—especially when he was excited, and she'd never seen him as overjoyed as he was tonight.

But then again, they were two consenting adults. She wasn't really worried about their safety, was she? She told herself she wouldn't do this! Tonight was about Jeff and Mom, so why was she growing envious? What was going to happen? Was her boyfriend going to run off with her mother? Of course not. These were the two people she trusted most in the world, so she was just going to watch the rest of her movie and enjoy the night. Easy-peasy.

Thirty seconds later...

The loud sounds of rough sex were growing as Abby climbed the stairs. A quick check on these two wouldn't hurt anyone. Okay, she'll admit it: she might be a bit jealous. Actually, yeah, she was jealous. But still, Mom sounded like she was being broken in half and that worried her. She made her way down the upstairs hallway and to her closed parent's bedroom door. She silently cracked it open an inch and sneaked a look inside.

She knew it!

Mom was bent over the edge of her bed, and being held in the air by a handful of her long, brown hair. She was completely naked with only her sexy white high heels on. And it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess what her boyfriend was up to. Just like when they had sex, he was attempting to fuck her senseless.

"" Claire moaned, now being impaled as her body stayed suspended above the bed. "Har-har-harder!"

Jeff grunted through clenched teeth, "Little fuckin' slut," before resuming his mission of destroying his girlfriend's mom. "Who are you gonna call when you wanna get fucked?"

"You-you, oh my God, you!"

He pushed her upper-body down onto the mattress and grabbed onto her hips, continuing his onslaught on her helpless pussy. "Maybe I'm dating the wrong girl."

Claire was drooling. She'd never felt anything like this before. This kid easily had three inches on her husband, and he was using every single one of them. But his girth was the real difference maker. She was being stretched in ways never deemed possible. There wasn't some average, half-hard dick giving her a mediocre lay. No, she had a big, thick stud who was hellbent on claiming her as his own. The two quick orgasms she'd already experienced on his fat cock was evidence of that.

"Maybe it's time you and I start going out," he mumbled as he gave her a vicious thrust forward.

Claire emphatically yelped. Every part of her pussy felt that. Maybe it was a good thing Stan never wanted to touch her, because chances are he wouldn't be able to feel a thing for the next few weeks. Her insides were being completely rearranged.

"Abby is getting on my nerves anyway."

Clare attempted to look back. "What?"

"I'm just kidding!" Jeff laughed. "I know you're at the door, Abby! I can see you!"

The door pushed opened to reveal a not so assumed brunette still in her orange spaghetti dress. "Getting on your nerves?"

"It was a joke!" he chuckled, now slowly moving inside Mrs. P. "I could see you at the door the entire time! Get over here. I want a kiss."

She defiantly placed her hands on her hips.

"Are you not listening to Daddy?" he questioned, his sly grin fueling Abby's playful side. "You know what happens when you're a bad girl."

"I get punished," Abby answered.

Claire was ready to explode again. It didn't have anything to do with the guy behind her either. It was the fact her daughter had the exact relationship she wanted! These two needed to get married, and have kids, and oh yeah, Grandma was going to require a few hours alone with her son-in-law every week...

"Get your sexy ass over here, young lady," he smirked.

Abby pouted the entire way across the bedroom until she was standing next to boyfriend. She quickly dropped her act and hoisted herself up onto her tippy-toes so she could make out with her man.

"Oh my God, you need to fuck me."

He began pumping inside Mrs. P's snug pussy again while he intensely kissed Abby. Remember when Jeff thought he had the greatest life ever because he was getting blown on the couch by his girlfriend? Forget that. Making out with the world's most amazing eighteen-year-old girl while fucking the hottest mom alive? Now this was the life of a king.

His mouth moved to Abby's ear where he whispered something. Her eyes lit up in response.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"It's my birthday, isn't it?" he smiled. "Hey, Mrs. P, close your eyes for a minute."

Claire's eyes immediately shut. She would do anything for this guy. If he told her to go make him a birthday cake, then she would rush downstairs and make him the best cake he'd ever eaten. If he demanded she divorce Stan and move in with him, then she would have a serious discussion with her daughter about that very topic. So if he wanted something as simple as for her to close her eyes, then she was taking a trip to a world of darkness for however long he wanted.

Two minutes passed and the only thing she heard was faint moving, slight giggles, and the sound of something being placed on the bed.

Jeff finally spoke up, "Keep your eyes shut, Mrs. P. Now, believe me, I'm just as surprised by this as you're going to be, but it looks like someone really warmed up to the idea of what's happening. No one has ever had a better birthday than me. Okay, open 'em."

Claire's eyes opened and she instantly gasped. Lying in front of her, completely naked, with her legs parted: was her daughter.

A firm hand gripped the back of her brunette head and slowly began pushing her toward Abby's completely shaven vagina. This was wrong. So wrong! Incest wasn't part of the plan tonight. She was supposed to have her daughter's boyfriend all to herself. But once again, Claire found herself giving in. If this is what Jeff wanted, then the birthday boy was going to get his wish.

"That's so fucking hot..."

Jeff was officially in heaven: inside the perfectly wet, warm, and tight Mrs. P, while she lapped away at his amazing girlfriend's flawless pussy. He had a mother and daughter going at it for him! Every guy's fantasy is two girls at the same time, but he'd taken that dream to the next level. And listening to his girlfriend moan as a result of her mom caused him to start pounding away again. He suddenly had a new goal...

These two were going to cum at the same time.

"She likes fingers," Jeff reminded her.

Claire's right index finger did the unimaginable and joined her tongue, rubbing along the outside of the one part of her daughter she couldn't believe she was playing with. Abby's trim pussy lips were glistening thanks to her wetness and now a friendly tongue. And just like that, the finger exploring her eighteen-year-old labia swiftly disappeared inside her tight hole.

"Fuck..." moaned Abby.

How could her daughter even fit Jeff inside her? One finger alone was a tight fit. Her left index finger pulled back her clitoral hood to reveal the little pleasure button her tongue was about to become very familiar with. The idea of doing something like this just minutes ago was unfathomable, but that was before she had a man like Jeff in her life. Stan wouldn't be able to get her to kiss another girl, let alone take part in the indecency her mouth was moving closer to. And then Claire did it. She officially crossed the line.

She ran her tongue over her daughter's clit.

Jeff was in quite the predicament. On one hand, he wanted to destroy Mrs. P. He wanted her walking sideways for the rest of the week. The idea of giving her something Mr. P couldn't was hard to pass up. That guy didn't deserve a wife at all, and here he was, with all-day access to a perfect ten. And what was that asshole doing with his amazing situation? Not even taking care of his wife! But on the other hand, the more he limited his thrusting, the louder the moans that were fleeing from Abby's adorable mouth.

His cute girlfriend was off in a world of pleasure: the back of her head pressed against the mattress, her closed eyes pointed skyward, both hands gripping the blankets, and her body writhing around courtesy of her mother's mouth. And at the end of the day, Abby always came first. She was his number one priority in life. So if not teeing off on her mother resulted in her cumming harder, then he was going to be a good boyfriend and only fuck her mom kind of hard.

Abby was right there. Mom's was hitting all the spots. Her tongue was like a magnet on her clit while her finger provided highly concentrated bliss—all focused in one tiny region of her body. It was a sensation of fullness meeting one of oral heaven. It turns out Jeff and Mom had something in common: they were both amazing with their mouths.

"Don't stop, Mom."

Did she really just say, Mom? Well, that's what she was, wasn't it? It was time to look past all the weirdness because Abby was about to cum all over her own mother's tongue.

Jeff's hands locked tighter on those sexy hips of Mrs. P's while her perky ass bounced with every thrust forward. He knew Abby was close. His girlfriend's squirms were looking an awful lot like when she was moments away from exploding. His birthday wouldn't be complete without getting these two to cum at the same time. It hadn't taken him long to figure out what got Mrs. P off, and that was rough, aggressive sex. So he did what worked the previous two times—he began hammering into her to bring her right to the edge.

"Oh-oh my-my-my God!"

He was pummeling Mrs. P now and her cries were all too familiar. Just like her daughter, she was about to erupt.

And then the birthday boy got his wish. Abby's hands left the bed and grabbed two handfuls of her mom's hair as she wailed out in orgasmic euphoria. The way she wiggled and writhed while losing her mind drove him crazy. His smart, savvy, sarcastic girlfriend always turned into a blubbery mess when she came, and her mom wasn't all that different.

Claire was trying her hardest to keep her tongue on her daughter's clit as her finger went limp inside her. It was happening again! Three times! Three fuckin' times! Stan probably made her cum three times in the past ten years, but it only took this stud ten minutes, and he never even went down on her! It was all from that perfect cock of his. It was a world of heat and every part of her body was on fire. She didn't care anymore. This kid was moving into the guest room. She needed this fire in her life! Daily!

Loud panting and moaning created a symphony of post-orgasmic elation as the mother and daughter both attempted to catch their breath. Abby still couldn't believe she came all over her mom's tongue, while Claire was trying to grasp the idea of orgasming three times from intercourse. Neither girl said anything, but they were both on the same page: they were up for doing anything Jeff wanted tonight.

He slid out of that warm, wet slit of paradise and gave Mrs. P a firm smack on the ass for good measure. Her yelp was a reminder of who owned her pussy from now on. The next time Mr. P was actually up for initiating something, he wanted a firm 'no' as a response. The only who had access to this mature goddess was going to be him.

"Get up on the bed," he ordered, watching his girlfriend's mom instantly follow his command.

His big hand wrapped around Abby's petite shin and pulled her over to him, so her legs were now dangling off the bed. Every crazy porn threesome he'd ever watched was being speedily processed in his mind and he'd landed on the perfect position. Having these two girls wasn't enough. He wanted them to get dirty for him. They could save their ladylike behavior for guys like Mr. P. Real men like Jeff got women's inner porn stars. He got their slutty sides.

"Sit on her face."

No hesitation, no asking questions, and no resistance. This was his movie and he was the director. Mrs. P swiftly moved over to her daughter and sat on her face, her knees resting on the comfy mattress as complete joy washed over her. He didn't even need to instruct Abby. His girlfriend was well-schooled. She was a good girl for Daddy after all. And what do good girls do? They return the favor, of course.

Abby was eating her mother out.

Jeff pushed inside his girlfriend and immediately smiled. How did a forty-one-year-old mother and an eighteen-year-old girl—who was recently a virgin, both feel so similar? They were both so tight and warm. Their snugness gripped him like a mitten. He had two perfect pussies at his disposal and he wasn't about to let either one of them go to waste.

He reached out and pulled Mrs. P closer to him by the back of her head and kissed her. His tongue deep inside her mouth, his cock stretching his tight girlfriend, and Mrs. P's vagina being fully attended to thanks to Abby's tongue. This wasn't porn or some outlandish fantasy—this was his awesome life, and things were about to get even more amazing.

His mouth left those intoxicating lips and clamped back around her nipple as he began playing with her breasts. Those tits needed to become commonplace in his life from this moment forward. These boobs should be out and wrapped around his cock whenever Mr. P went off to his study to take care of some work related issue. Why did it only have to be on his birthday? Shit, he probably loved Mrs. P more than her dumbass husband did. These were his tits from now on.

"I want to tell you something," Jeff spoke up, reluctantly taking a break from the world's most perfect set of breasts. "Your husband is a fuckin' bum."

"Jeff!" Abby shouted.

Claire promptly sat down more firmly on her daughter's face, smothering her in the process so she couldn't speak.

"It needs to be said," he went on. "I can't stand the guy. He's always in such a bad mood and it's like he doesn't realize what an angel he's married to. I want you coming out with us from now on. If you're around and Abby and I are going out to eat or whatever, you're invited. You deserve to spend time around people who care about you. Not some fuckin' asshole."

Claire leaned in and kissed him again. Someone finally said the exact thing she'd felt for almost her entire marriage! See, she wasn't delusional. Jeff had only known her for a few months, and he understood her situation perfectly. Stan was a dick and she deserved better!

"The guy probably can't fuck either," he commented after she broke off their kiss.

Abby attempted to say something but her words were muffled. The only thing she could do was keep working on bringing Mom to orgasm number four.

"Not like you," Claire smiled. "I've never had anything like you."

"Yeah, well, maybe we should sit him down some night so I can give him some lessons," Jeff laughed. "We'll put a kid's chair off to the side and he can watch his wife get fucked properly."

She was about to let him in on a secret she'd been holding onto for the past two months. "It might be my fault Stan is a jerk to you."

Jeff curiously stared at her as he slowly fucked his girlfriend.

"Okay, so he didn't seem to like you right off the bat, but things—" Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as Abby was really pushing her buttons now. It wouldn't be much longer until she went off again. "Things kinda got worse after I said something."

"Said something?"

"We were lying in bed one night and I was watching a show about older women and younger men," she admitted. "I guess I made some noise or something and it caught his attention. I don't totally know what I did to be honest with you, but like usual, it annoyed Stan. Long story short, he asked me if I had fantasies about younger guys. Like, why would he even care, right? He never wants anything to do with me sexually, but he was totally hung up on this. So, I told him the truth: that I had a thing for young guys."

"Is that right?" Jeff asked with a grin.

Claire attempted to collect herself. Abby had quite the tongue on her. "Yeah, that's right. He asked me if I thought about guys from the gym, or work, or whatever, and I had a complete moment of honesty. I told him there's one guy who kinda makes his way into my alone time more than he probably should. I told him I thought about you."

His mouth latched onto the pouty lips of the busty angel in front of him as he began feverishly pumping inside his girlfriend. He fuckin' knew it! Mrs. P thought about him! Who knows how often either? Was it only when she was playing with herself? Or maybe it was during those rare occasions when Mr. P actually took an interest in her? Who cares! The only thing that mattered was he was on her mind, and that meant this sexually repressed woman deserved to be fully attended to tonight.

Jeff's lips moved to her neck before he gave his girlfriend a request, "You better make her cum, Abby."

Yeah, Abby was on that. Not that she had much of a choice. Mom was grinding on her face and judging by her moans: she was almost there. This night was becoming less about Jeff and more about Mom. Just how stifled was her love life? Was Dad really that big of a zero inside the bedroom? Her mother deserved to cum again, even if it was her tongue doing the work.

Claire lost control of her body as she fell forward into Jeff's strong hold. Four times! She was cumming again! And this time she had a stud worshiping her neck while she erupted all over her daughter's face. She could get used to this treatment. Being idolized from every possible angle was pretty freakin' awesome. Stan didn't want to kiss her, let alone go down on her. And what was going on now? She was getting both of those things!

Claire rolled off her daughter and sprawled along the bed, completely overwhelmed by the roller coaster her insides had been taken on over the last twenty minutes. This might be too much even if it was a weekly thing, let alone a once in a lifetime experience. She hadn't cum four times in one day since she was a teenager. At this very moment, she was in desperate need of a few minutes to regroup, and lucky for her, two extremely horny eighteen-year-olds were busy going at it.

This is what it looked like when a real man fucked? Would her daughter know her middle name if she asked her right now? Abby's right hand was busy playing with her clit while her left hand gripped the blankets under her, meanwhile, Jeff was absolutely unloading on her. His grunts were being drowned out by her daughter's loud moans and constant begging to be pounded harder. As much as Claire was missing love, loyalty, and respect in her relationship, a guy who could rock her in bed may have been number one on her new list of requirements.

"Oh my God, harder, Daddy!" Abby begged.

Jeff's hands gripped Abby's waist as her wobbly legs lifelessly dangled over the edge of the bed. She was three full orgasms behind her mother and he wasn't okay with that. His amazing girlfriend had some catching up to do.

"You gonna cum for Daddy like a good girl?" he asked.

Her attempts to verbally respond went for not. She was being fucked too hard to find the words to his question.

"Tell her to cum for me, Mrs. P."

The stunned look on Claire's face said it all. She'd never seen sex this rough. "You better cum for your daddy, baby."

"Her daddy?" he questioned between rough thrusts. "I'm your daddy too, slut."

She bit her lower lip and took in the sight of the handsome stud who was teeing off on her daughter: thick brown hair, a ripped physique, and an aggressive, take-charge demeanor. He was eighteen and just told her he was her daddy! And he called her a slut too! He wasn't wrong. She would be anything this kid wanted her to be, and if that was a slut, then she was going to be daddy's little slut.

"You better cum for Daddy or he might take it out on me," Claire giggled to her daughter. "And, sweetheart, I need a break."

Abby's right hand drifted away from her pussy and joined her left hand down on the sheets. "I'm-I'm-I'm not-not cumming, Daddy."

Jeff grinned while Claire curiously took in the scene. His fingers moved toward his girlfriend's clit only to be swatted away by Abby.

"Oh boy..." he remarked.

"I'm-I'm not cumming," Abby told him, doing her best to push her bubbling orgasm down as deep as she could. "What are you-you gonna to do-do about it, Daddy?"

"You know what's going to happen. I'm going to take it out on your mom."

The cute eighteen-year-old's grin was growing wider by the second. "Well-well then, fuck-fuck you, Daddy."

Jeff turned to Claire whose eyes were bulging. He slid out of his girlfriend and motioned her mom closer with his finger. She didn't budge.

"I'm not going to ask you twice, Mrs. P," he stated. "Get your ass over here immediately."

There was no going back to Stan. This was her man from now on. Cool, confident, and sexy—Jeff was everything she desired in a partner. She crawled over to her new stud where she was promptly flipped and found herself in the same position as her daughter: on her back with her legs hanging off the mattress.

Jeff picked up his girlfriend and effortlessly lifted her into the air, before gently resting her on top of her mother. Both his girls were on their backs, but Abby's back was resting along Mrs. P's body. There were three boxes left on his birthday fantasy list, and he was about to check two of them off.

He peered down to see two sparkling vaginas begging for his attention: Abby's on top, and Mrs. P's just inches below. His throbbing cock pushed inside his girlfriend before pulling out and journeying inside her mom. And then back to Abby before moving to her mother again. He felt like a rock star.

"This is so hot," Abby commented.

As similar as they felt, both of his girlfriends, yes, you read that right—both of his girlfriends had differences. Unique bumps and ridges gripped his manhood as he explored them one after the other. Mrs. P was unbelievably wet while Abby had the slight edge in tightness, but they both gripped him like warm hugs. They both possessed that same immense feeling of passion. He just wanted to soak in his girlfriend's vast love, and Mrs. P's yearning desperation to be appreciated. She wasn't going to have to dream about a man who adored her any longer. She had that guy now.

He decided to stay inside Mrs. P as he checked off his second of three fantasies. "Kiss."

Abby tilted her head to the side where her mother's mouth was eagerly waiting for her. How naughty was this? Forget that she was about to kiss another girl for the first time. She was about to kiss Mom! But something about seeing how into this Jeff was got her fired up. She always knew her boyfriend had a thing for her mom—he'd made that perfectly clear a million times, but how into each other they were made her want to step up her game. If Mom was up for doing whatever Jeff wanted, then so was she, and her jealous and overly competitive side wasn't about to be outdone.

A simple kiss quickly turned into a passionate make-out session. Neither one of them had ever kissed a girl before, and they wouldn't considered themselves to be bisexual either. But if Daddy told them to kiss, then they were going to kiss.

"This is the hottest thing I've ever seen," Jeff noted, still inside his girlfriend's mom.

Watching his two dream girls make out like long lost lovers was causing him to thrust harder. This wasn't just his amazing girlfriend and her ridiculously hot mom anymore. These were his two personal porn stars. These were two girls who would wear any outfit he wanted, play out any fetish he requested, and do any little thing his heart desired. His deviant mind had a never-ending list of perverted tasks for his girls to take part in, but someone still needed to be punished, didn't she?

His strong thrusts turned to ferocious slams. He was engaged in a silent and unannounced battle with his girlfriend. Abby was more into making out with her mom than he'd expected, and he was trying his hardest to break them up without using either his hands or his words.

"Oh-oh my-my—"

Abby's mouth locked on her mother's before 'God' could escape from her lips. Kissing her was fun! Her lips were so soft and pouty. It was the polar opposite of her boyfriend's rugged mouth. And Mom was a really good kisser too! But by far the hottest part of it all was how crazy it must've been making Jeff watch. And, yes, she was fully aware of what her wiseass boyfriend was up to. Despite his best efforts, she had no plans of cutting her first girl-on-girl kiss short.

His fingers moved to Abby's glistening vagina before slithering up to her throbbing clit. If he couldn't fuck these two apart, maybe he could overwhelm his girlfriend.

Their tongues tangled before Abby gently bit her mother's lower lip in an attempt to keep herself from throwing her head back. This wasn't far! All she wanted to do was kiss Mom, and now her clit was being played with? Sometimes her boyfriend was such a jerk!

"Who's gonna cum first for Daddy?" Jeff asked, clearly enjoying the struggle both of his girls were having to keep their smooch going.

"I wan-wan-wanna," Claire barely managed to answer, thanks to the pounding she was receiving.

"You had him all to yourself before I showed up!" her daughter argued. "It's my turn!"

His fingers found Mrs. P's clit. A combination of his big cock stretching her tight pussy, and his fingers delicately rubbing her clit were going to make her go off for the fifth time tonight. She couldn't fight it if she wanted to. His girlfriend's mom was putty in his hands.

"No, Daddy, I—"

Abby cut herself off as a result of her boyfriend's firm glare. That wasn't a playful look. It was a serious one.

"Help your mom out, princess."

Being called 'princess' immediately made her smile. She couldn't get enough of the pet names he gave her. His teasing was over and now it was time to help Mom get to that magical place once again. Her boyfriend was busy doing the heavy lifting, so the least she could do was chip in and be a good girl.

Abby kissed her mother again. She could feel Mom's orgasm growing through her mouth. The previous control she had over her tongue and lips were gone. Just like when she came, Mom was turning into a gooey mess, and no one deserved it more than the amazing woman who raised her.

Jeff felt Mrs. P cum on his cock for the fourth time, her pussy pulsating and squeezing his dick as she experienced her fifth orgasm of the night. Every time she came, psychologically, she was losing her loyalty to Mr. P. Each time she lost control and allowed herself to enjoy those forty-five amazing seconds of pleasure, she was his. Mr. P might help pay the bills around here, but that was where his job ended. Abby was his, and Mrs. P was coming right along with her.

"How you feeling?" Abby asked.

Her mother wasn't exactly thinking clearly at the moment. Five orgasms in thirty minutes will do that to you. "I love him."

"Mom!" Abby shouted.

"I do," Claire went on, completely lost in her own world. "I want to marry him."

"Will you stop!" the teen giggled. "Oh my God!" She turned and looked at her boyfriend who couldn't appear happier. "You love hearing that, don't you?"

"She's just being honest. Now, we'll get around to the wedding arrangements later," he said with a wink, "because someone needs to cum, doesn't she?"

"I do, Daddy," Abby whined. "I need to cum sooo bad."

He pulled out of Mrs. P and slid back inside his girlfriend. "Here's what I want you to do, princess," he started, slowing moving inside her. "I want you to tell your mom just how much you love and appreciate her. She doesn't get to hear it enough."

Abby turned her head and gazed down into her mother's waiting eyes. "You mean the world to me."

Claire's face lit up.

"You're my best friend, and my role model, and I couldn't ask for a better mom," she went on. "I love you so much and you have no idea what seeing you have fun does for me. Mom, no one deserves this more than you. And, actually, I thought about it, and I decided to let you and Jeff have some more fun. If you're up for it."

"I'm up for it!" Mom enthusiastically replied.

"That's what I thought," Abby laughed. "I don't see why you and Jeff can't mess around more often. When Dad's out of town or whatever. You're entitled to a good sex life."

Claire's lips softly pressed against her daughter's mouth. "And my baby's entitled to cum too. Be a good girl and give Daddy what he wants."

Jeff began pounding away as Claire's fingers found her daughter's clit. It was time for the architect of his amazing birthday to cum all over his cock. But wait, what about his third and final fantasy? What if he missed his chance and after they were done, his girls decided this was a one-time thing. He would never get a shot at anything like this again. He couldn't pass up the chance at doing it.

He picked his girlfriend up and placed her next to her mother. Seconds later, he had a handful of Mrs. P's sexy hair, and pulled her head directly above Abby's little pussy. The right side of her face was pressed against her daughter's stomach as his cock continued to bask in the smothering snugness that was his girlfriend. And when his manhood left that warm piece of heaven, it did so for good reason: Mrs. P's open mouth.

"How's she taste?" he asked, pushing back inside Abby.

"Sweet," Claire answered. "I wanna taste her again."

He brought his girlfriend right to the cusp of orgasm before pulling out and roughly pumping between a pair of waiting lips. His cock which had been previously covered with Abby's juices, was being thoroughly cleaned off by her mother's mouth. Jeff no longer felt like a rock star. He was a rock star.

"I wanna cum sooo bad!" Abby pleaded. "Please!"

He turned his attention to Mrs. P. "Should we let her cum?"

Claire unwillingly watched his cock move away from her mouth and push back inside her daughter. It looks like that question was being answered for her. "I guess..."

His index finger slipped inside Mrs. P's mouth to give her something to suck on while he diddled Abby's clit with his thumb. "Cum on my cock, princess."

The last of Abby's jealousy completely vanished. The cock that was inside her had just been in her mother's mouth! And now Mom was sucking on her boyfriend's finger like some insatiable high school girl. Abby knew what it was like to have a high sex drive. The feeling of constantly craving Jeff was always there, so what was life like for her mother? She must've been miserable. Not only was she helping Mom out with her needs, but she was giving Jeff every guy's fantasy: access to multiple women whenever he wanted. But her incredible boyfriend didn't have to cheat or mess around with some random girl they found on Tinder. There weren't any diseases or drama to worry about. No, it was just her sexy mom who had quite the dirty side to her.

Her insides began to heat up and tighten as she felt herself growing close. She wanted to cum all over Jeff's cock and then watch Mom lick it clean. Shit, who was the dirty one again? Maybe Abby was a bigger pervert than she'd previously realized.

She erupted and loudly screeched, "I'm cumming!"

Jeff had been able to withstand Mrs. P exploding on his cock multiple times, but Abby was too much. Feeling her clamp even tighter around his dick caused him to lose control. How he'd been able to hold out this long was a miracle in itself. It was time for his last fantasy.

His throbbing manhood fired two powerful shots deep inside his girlfriend's gripping pussy before pulling out and aiming at Mrs. P's face. Without instruction, she stuck her tongue out and wagged it at him. His girlfriend's always polite, well-spoken, perfectly mannered mom was about to be his little cumslut. Every time he looked at Mr. P, he was going to see Mrs. P with his cum all over her face. She was officially his.

A thick burst exploded from the tip of his penis and painted a line up the side of Mrs. P's face and into her hair. Another rope slammed into her giggling cheek before he pushed back inside his girlfriend and emptied the rest of his load into her warm embrace.

"More!" Claire begged. "Gimme more!"

As much as he loved his girlfriend's mom, Abby was the one who had his heart, and Mrs. P was just going to have to wait.

Abby's still pulsating pussy drained every drop of fluid he had. His girlfriend was full of his seed and her mom was covered in his cum. It was exactly how he wanted life to be from now on. Abby was always his number one priority, but Mrs. P was going to be getting in on the fun from this moment forward.

"Leave it..." moaned Abby. "Leave it in me for a minute..."

She could feel his semen inside her. The heat of his fluids meeting the warmth of her vagina was electric. Nothing resembled him cumming inside her. Sure, she was on birth control, but the primal act of being ejaculated in brought them together in ways nothing else could. His seed was a gift. It was a gift all for her. Well, maybe not all for her anymore.

Jeff slowly pulled out of his girlfriend and watched Mrs. P's mouth instantly move down to her dripping pussy. She wasn't actually going to do what he thought she was, was she? As crazy as tonight was, this was next-level porn stuff. But when her tongue slipped out of her mouth and began lapping at Abby's vaginal lips which were coated with his semen, he knew he was the luckiest guy alive. No one had a girl like Abby or Mrs. P, let alone both of them!

Claire gulped down the tongue full of cum she'd collected before going back for another helping. Just like Abby, Jeff tasted sweet. Both of their flavors were full of youth, and energy, and vibrancy. There was a childlike enthusiasm to the entire evening. Maybe what they were doing was wrong, both none of them cared. They were just enjoying one another. It was life in its rawest state.

She collected another mouthful of semen and carried it up to Abby's mouth. Inside of swallowing it, she parted her lips and allowed it to slowly drip onto her daughter's tongue.

"Oh my God, that's so fuckin' hot."

Her boyfriend wasn't lying. Feeling his cum touch her tongue courtesy of her mother's mouth was unbelievably sexy. Knowing Mom was officially as dirty as she was crazy. No one pushed her into licking her pussy clean. That was all her! Her forty-one-year-old mom was a horny little slut at heart, and she couldn't get enough of it.

"Kiss me," Abby requested.

Claire kissed her daughter again, this time Jeff's sweet flavor adding to their already taboo exchange of fluids. Jeff made her cum five times, so she wasn't holding back from being his fantasy girl for the night. A thin strand of cum connected their lips as she pulled away from Abby, causing both of the girls to giggle.

"Little slut," Claire grinned down at her daughter.

"Yeah, well then what does that make you?" Abby grinned back.

"A big slut," Jeff chimed in.

Claire turned back to her stud and eagerly sucked his still dripping cock dry. "Your big slut, Daddy."

"My big slut," he repeated with a smile. "So, does the birthday boy get any birthday cake?"

"I made brownies!" Abby yelled, jumping off the bed. "They're in the fridge. I put a thick layer of vanilla frosting on them just how you like!"

He gave his girlfriend a big kiss on the cheek before she scurried out of the room and hustled downstairs.

"You want some brownies, Mrs. P?"

"I have the only treat I need," she told him between licks and kisses on his cock. "It's way better than brownies."

He pulled the sexy brunette off the bed and helped her to her feet. "Lose the heels and let's go get some dessert. You and Abby are gonna get cleaned up, put on some sexy outfits, and then we'll come back upstairs for round two."

"Round two?" Claire asked. "You have another round in you?"

"Another round?" he laughed. "I have like eight more rounds in me. I'm going to text my mom and tell her I'm staying at my friend's house tonight. Mrs. P, you aren't going to be walking right tomorrow. Now, let's go. That sexy ass could use a brownie or two. I like my girl's thick."

She stepped out of her heels and headed toward the door, not before receiving a firm slap on the ass. She heard Jeff mumble 'My girl' as the two made their way downstairs. For the first time in her life, Claire was finally someone's girl, even if she had to share that guy with her daughter.

She took a quick peek behind her when they reached the bottom of the stairs and could only laugh to herself. He was still hard! Yeah, there was plenty of Jeff to go around.


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