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Lisa's Favorite Son (Part 1)

Daniel's mom has a new boyfriend... His brother!

Lisa's heart pounded with excitement as she took the left onto her street. She felt like a giddy teenager, sneaking out of work early, something she hadn't done in a long time, to go home and get laid. 

This would be her and Brad's last chance to fool around without having to sneak and worry about getting caught. They were picking Daniel up at the airport at four. Once they did their sex life over the summer would consist of planning around whenever Daniel went out with friends. 

That along with having to sleep alone was going to be tough on both of them. Even after close to a year of being lovers, they fucked like rabbits. With him, Lisa was insatiable. Fucking more now at forty-two than she ever had when she was married, and she hadn't exactly been vanilla then either.

She just couldn't get enough of his hard, young cock, and his desire to please her in every way. On the rare occasions he wasn't after her, she would quickly pique his interest by dropping to her knees for him. 

She wanted him any chance she could have him. In her mouth, her pussy, even on occasions her ass. Lisa was his personal porn star giving him all, and sometimes more, than he could handle. She couldn't wait to see Daniel. She hadn't seen her oldest son since Christmas break, and having him home all summer was going to be wonderful. But seriously frustrating, and awkward.

That's why they had both planned on getting out of work early today. A hot fuck, then a nap where they would curl up, and sleep together for what most likely would be the last time until Daniel went back to Florida.

All she'd thought about this morning was coming home to Brad's skilled fingers, eager tongue, and always ready cock. Here she was, senior manager in a large office, sitting at the head of the conference table thinking about giving head, and squirming in her seat while leading the weekly meeting. 

The fact she knew all the men and women there with her thought she was a tight assed, frigid bitch who wouldn't know what to do with a dick if it was put in front of her, added to Lisa's excitement of knowing what she was like at home. 

Lisa, the stereotyped 'bitch in control' business woman, was a wild MILF who was fucking the brains out of a beautiful young man, young enough to be her son. That last thought caused a sly smile to cross her face as she fought not to speed down the length of the street towards her house.

She'd said that to Carol, her long-time best friend and coworker, that she was a cougar playing with a cub. Carol had asked for more details about her secret lover's age, and she had coyly replied, "A couple years younger than Daniel."

Carol had wanted pictures. A little drunk at the time, and desperate to brag to someone, at least as much as she could, she showed her a few pictures of Brad. One was from the neck down, naked, his huge cock hard in his hand as he showed it off. The other was of her, giving him a blowjob.

The look of lust on Carol's face had caused a wave of heat through her, and when she asked if she could meet her young stud, Lisa had refused. She had smiled inwardly at the thought that Carol had met him many times. She just didn't know it. She never could, nor could anyone else.

That was the one downside and it was a huge one, especially huge where Daniel was concerned. 

"Not now," Lisa said aloud. She'd spent the last year dwelling on that with no satisfactory solution in sight and she wasn't going to ruin this afternoon with it.

Lisa frowned when she pulled into the driveway and didn't see Brad's orange sports car there. 

"Call Brad," she commanded, and listened to the sound of ringing through the speakers of her Lexus. 

The phone rang several times before Brad's voicemail came on.

"Hey, Brad, I just got home, you know, where you're supposed to be?" Lisa paused then moaned. "I'm horny, baby; don't make me start without you!"

She got out of the car and walked across the lawn to the front door. Henry, her next door neighbor waved at her, looking her up and down as usual.

Her dirty blonde hair was at a short shoulder-length, the kind of hairstyles many middle aged moms tend to have.  She was dressed in a black sleeveless turtleneck and casual jeans which looked a size too small on her, the four-inch Prada heels doing great things for her well shaped legs. A cute Rolex on her wrist was the final touch.

Lisa wasn't fat and wanted to look good for her boy, but he admitted he likes bit of 'meat' on her.

Her sleeveless turtleneck showed off ample chest and, feeling playful, she had decided not to wear a bra at work today.

Cock tease was something she was sure went along with bitch throughout the office. Of course, only a bitch because she wasn't giving it to them. Normally Lisa didn't dress this sexy unless a high-end client was coming in and she wanted any edge she could get. But having a hot 'nooner planned had encouraged her to dress a little friskily today.

She entered the house still smiling. She loved this giddy young girl feeling she had rediscovered over the last year. Lisa tossed her purse and keys onto the coffee table and, passing through the living room, walked down the hall and into her bedroom.

Closing the door behind her, more to get in the habit of doing so again for the next few weeks, Lisa slipped off her heels and walked over to the bed, eyeing the night stand where she kept her vibrator. She hadn't been kidding in her message - she might start without him.

She let that image run through her mind, Brad coming in to find her naked on the bed. Her legs spread while she drove the vibrator deep inside her, and used the silver bullet on her clit. At that point she would make him watch her get herself off and wouldn't let him touch her until she came.

Her nipples stiffened at the thought and she began to caress them.

"Hey sexy, why don't you let me do that?"

"Jesus!" Lisa exclaimed, spinning around to see Brad sitting in her reading chair by the window. She hadn't even noticed him there. "I didn't think you were home."

"Zack's car broke down so I told him he could use mine the rest of the day. He dropped me off an hour ago." 

"God, you look good," she whispered, sucking on her lower lip as Brad rose, and came over to her.

Brad worked as a mason for a construction company. He was out in the sun all day and most of the time shirtless. Right now, wearing only a pair of torn jeans and his chain necklace, his well muscled and deeply tanned body was on full display. His short black hair looked damp as if he'd showered recently. As he approached, a warm feeling grew between her thighs. 

Putting her hands on his chest, Lisa admired the way they looked on his skin and sighed, "I'm so going to miss you the next few weeks."

"That's why we're playing hooky." He flashed a big smile. "So I can give you a good hard fuck before we start sneaking around."

"Fuck me?" Lisa widened her already large brown eyes in mock surprise. "How crude! You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"Any chance I get." His smile softened, and he kissed her gently. "And anywhere she'll let me."

Slipping her arms around his neck, she looked up into his deep, ocean blue eyes. "Anytime you want, and anywhere you want, baby." She kissed him, a slow lingering one. 

Lisa knew they'd be fucking hard and fast, but for a moment she wanted to enjoy her youngest son's sweet kiss. "Your mother's pretty easy, you know?" 

"Good, because her son's pretty hard." 

Brad kissed her once more, this time grabbing the back of her head, and pulling her hair roughly as his tongue drove into her mouth. Lisa pressed against him, pushing her aching nipples into his chest. Goddamn, she was over dressed!

Brad's hand left her hair, and she gasped when he cupped her ass in his hands, and gave it a hard squeeze. His hands trailed lower until they reached her jeans. Sliding under them, he ran his hands along the backs of her thighs.

"Oh, fuck," she moaned when he fondled her bare ass cheeks. He deftly slid her panties to the side and she cried out when two of his fingers ran through her pussy.

"Damn, you're wet." He buried his face in her neck, pulling the turtleneck with his teeth and sucking her creamy skin. 

"I'm always wet for my son." She groaned, thinking in the beginning she had sworn they would call each other by name when they were lovers. Leave "mom" outside of the bedroom. 

But the fact was, as wrong as it seemed to be having sex with her son, it was a damn turn on and hot thrill to acknowledge exactly who it was keeping her satisfied. Besides, would not saying it make it change what it really was?

"That's because my mom's a dirty little slut, isn't she?"

"Your slut." She slipped her hand between them and grabbed his cock through his jeans. "I'm a slut for my son's cock." She rubbed it, causing him to groan into her neck. "You complaining?"

"I only have one complaint," he replied, his tongue playfully flicking. "You have too many clothes on."

Putting his hands on her shoulders, he roughly spun her around. The strength in his hands, and the way he easily manhandled her made her pussy gush.

Slipping one arm around her waist, he pulled her back against him and moved her hair to the side. He resumed kissing her, but this time softly along the delicate curve of her neck.

"I like that," she purred while working her ass, grinding into his hard cock.

"I love doing this," he said in her ear as he lifted her turtleneck. "I love stripping you out of your business clothes, and fucking you like dirty pig."

"What do you mean like one?" she giggled.

Like Brad calling her mom, hearing him talk dirty to her added even more excitement to their taboo relationship, but only because she knew how deeply he loved her and it was just for a naughty thrill.

He began kissing the top of her shoulder. Lisa sighed contentedly while her sleeveless turtleneck dropped to the floor and his rough, callused hands slid up her stomach to cup her breasts.

She smiled at their reflection in the mirror over the bureau across from them. The sight of her standing there topless, her ample, and thankfully still firm tits, exposed as her son stood behind her, planting sweet kisses along the soft skin of her back. Seeing him watching in the mirror as well, she cupped her breasts for him, sliding her thumbs along her rosy nipples. 

"How's your mother's tits look?" 

"Fucking perfect, just like the rest of you."

His hands slipped under hers and she groaned as he squeezed her breasts and took over playing with her nipples. Lisa wasn't small chested, but Brad's large hands completely covered them has he fondled her.

She ran her hands up and down his forearms, admiring the hard muscles beneath his tanned skin. She was far more interested in the hard muscle poking into her ass at the moment, but knew she would have to wait until he was ready.

Well, not really. She could turn it around in a heartbeat. Like any good son, Brad would always listen to his mother and would do anything she asked, but she enjoyed letting him control the pace from time to time.

Brad sank to his knees behind her, his lips leaving a pleasant trail down her back. She giggled again when he managed to get the zipper to her jeans and pull it down. 

She gave him a sexy shimmy, helping him push her jeans down to the floor, then moaned when he squeezed her ass and kissed her cheeks. His fingers hooked into her panties and her breathing picked up as he eased it down her thighs. 

Lisa felt her panties peel away from her wet, sticky pussy and she once again looked in the mirror, reveling in the sight of herself, now completely naked for her favorite son, and him kneeling behind her. 

She yelped in surprise when he put her hands on her back and pushed her hard, bending her over the bed. Brad spread her cheeks wide and Lisa cried out when he plunged his tongue into her ass. 

"Good boy," she moaned, as his tongue teased around her rosebud. "Look at you kissing your mother's ass."

"Look at you, miss hot shot, letting your son give you a rim job." He pushed his tongue into her ass and moved it in and out, fucking her with it.

"Hmm, if they only knew." Lisa rocked back and forth, pushing his tongue deeper into her tight asshole. "What a kinky little slut I was, and with my son!"

Brad worked his tongue around her ass, then eased it lower, pushing it into her sopping slit. He swirled it around and Lisa moaned when he sucked hard, pulling her juices into his mouth. 

"Oh, yeah, give your mother a nice sloppy kiss," she purred.

Brad's tongue made a slow teasing journey through the wet folds of her pussy before finally finding her throbbing clit. Lisa's hips jerked when he sucked it hard, then worked his tongue in fast circles around it. 

"That's it, baby, make your trashy mom come in her son's face."

Brad's tongue danced over her clit, flicking side to side then up and down, while sucking it hard in between. Lisa slid her arms beneath her and, grabbing her nipples, squeezed them as her son played her pussy like a fine tuned instrument of desire.

She'd been so horny today her thighs were already trembling and she was squirming on the bed, moving her hips and trying to keep her clit under his tongue as he swirled it around the edges, driving her wild. 

Keeping her cheeks spread, Brad eased his hand closer between them and pushed a finger into her ass.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" She groaned as he pushed it so deep she felt his knuckles against her ass cheek.

Brad sucked her clit hard and pumped his finger roughly in and out of her ass. Lisa pinched her nipples and the next time he buried his finger in her ass, she wailed like a banshee and bucked her hips wildly as her orgasm exploded through her.

Lisa squealed and ground her convulsing pussy back into her son's flickering tongue and thrusting finger as hard as she could, sending more waves of pleasure crashing through her. Brad pushed his face into her ass and sopping slit as he strived to keep her coming as long and hard as possible. God, he was such a good boy!

Brad proved just what a good son he was by standing up behind her, unzipping and driving his long, thick cock inside her still quivering pussy. 

"Fuck, that's deep!" she cried out when he squeezed her hips and slammed into her. 

Brad didn't tease or linger, instead he hammered away at her hard and fast, pounding her pussy as the last waves of her orgasm were still flowing through her. 

"Yes, oh, yes!" she called out, stretching her arms across the bed and clutching the sheets, her knuckles turning white as she yelped and groaned under the assault of her son's amazing cock. 

Brad leaned over, sliding his hands along her back and pushing her down into the bed. "Yeah, just like that, mom," he breathed, "Face down, ass up, just taking it."

He grabbed hold of her hair and Lisa moaned at the mixed wave of pleasure and pain as he pulled it, yanking her head up from the bed. He fucked her even harder and she knew he'd pulled her head up so he could hear her yelp as he ravaged her. 

"I'll take it any time you want to give it to me!" she moaned. "As hard and long as you want it."

Lisa lifted her left leg up onto the bed and stretched it out then squealed as that angle pushed him even deeper. Brad grabbed her ankle, bending her leg and lifting it as he continued to fuck her while still holding her hair. Damn, if the people at work could see her now.

"Look at you, you dirty slut," Brad groaned, "Getting fucked over the bed." He let her hair go and made her release a high pitched howl when he plunged his finger back into her ass.

"I love it!" she moaned, "I love you fucking me, but if I'm such a slut why hasn't your cock been in my mouth yet?"

"I love how you think!" he laughed, easing his cock from inside her.

Lisa smiled as she pushed herself up to a standing position, then turned and sat down on the edge of the bed. Laughing during sex just showed how much fun they had, how comfortable they were with each other. 

"Damn, this all for me?" She grabbed his cock, while looking up at him, "This big hard cock for your mother?"

"Yes," he said, a look of anticipation on his face, as she leaned close and opened her mouth, over the dripping head of his cock, but didn't take it in yet.

She blew softly on it and felt him twitch in her hand. Cupping his balls, she fondled them, feeling them tighten beneath her touch and noticing how his entire body tensed. A year on, Brad still got this excited at the thought of his mother sucking his cock and she loved it! 

She loved the dirtiness of it, the way he desired it, and the fact his long thick cock was nothing short of magnificent was icing on the cake. Lisa teased her son, and herself, by rubbing his oozing prick against her cheek then turning her head back and forth, running it across her face.

"How's your big dick look on my face?"

"It would look better in your mouth." He slid his hands through her hair, sending a shiver through her. "Or at least feel better." He winked.

Lisa pressed her lips to his purple head and, parting them, slowly slid his spongy swollen flesh into her mouth. She eased her mouth down his hard shaft, and then bobbed her head, while pressing her tongue tightly against him.

"Hmm," Brad sighed contentedly as his mother sat naked before him and sucked his cock. 

His hands slid from her hair and she moaned around his fat dick when they cupped her tits and he stroked her nipples. She pushed his jeans down his legs and kept moving her head in a slow steady rhythm as he stepped out of them.

Lisa kept her hands on his hips and took him deeper while moving her head faster. She opened wide and made loud gurgling sounds as she took his full length into her eager mouth. 

"Fuck, mom," Brad groaned as her lips encircled the base of his shaft and she shook her head, swirling her tongue around him. "Goddamn, you can suck cock."

She eased him from her mouth, deliberately letting her spit fly, landing on her chin and tits as well as hanging from his glistening cock.

"Lot better than those little girls you were messing around with." She pinned his cock against his stomach. "This is how a real woman gives a blow job."

Lowering her head, she sucked his balls into her mouth, sucking them gently as she ran her tongue around them. She lightly stroked his cock while holding it and his hands tightened on her breasts as she worked his balls in her mouth.

She released them, then licked them hard, pressing her tongue against them and moving back before running it up the length of his shaft and taking him back into her mouth. This time Lisa didn't play or tease. 

Brad moaned loudly as she bobbed her head rapidly, deepthroating him each time, and making wet gagging sounds that were more for effect than her being unable to take him. His hips rocked, pushing his cock deeper, and she moaned, her brown eyes looking up through her lashes as her son fucked her mouth. 

Brad grabbed the sides of her head and, pulling his cock out, shoved her back onto the bed and slammed his cock into her welcoming pussy. With a delighted squeal, Lisa lifted her legs and placed her feet on his chest. 

Brad leaned forward, bending her legs back and lifting her ass off the bed, drilling her even deeper as he hammered away at his mother's delighted pussy. As good as it felt, he made it even better by pressing his thumb to her clit and rubbing it in hard fast circles as he continued pounding her. 

"Oh, God yeah!" she cried, grabbing her bouncing tits in order to tug on her excited nipples. "Make me come on that cock, baby!"

Brad pressed his thumb harder against her and, lowering his head, opened his mouth and sucked on the toes of her right foot.

"Ohh, I like that!" she moaned, "You'll suck on any part of me won't you?"

"You always said to eat whatever you put in front of me." He breathed as he continued fucking her with deliciously long hard strokes that felt incredible. 

His thumb was doing amazing things for her clit and she pinched her nipples harder, straining to win the race and come before he did. It was going to be a close finish as Brad was making soft whimpering sounds each time he drove into her and his hips were moving faster, now delivering short hard pumps.

She could feel his cock twitching inside her and he was breathing hard as he fought to hold off for her. Lisa looked up from the sexy sight of watching his long wet cock invade her pink slit, and she moaned at the sight of her youngest son.

Brad was sweating and the glistening moisture caused his muscles to stand out even more as his hard young body strained with effort as he fucked his mother just the way she needed it, long and hard!

"Oh, oh, right there!" She arched her back and squeezed her nipples so hard the pain made her yelp, "Just a little more, baby, just a little... fuck!"

Lisa wailed as she came for the second time in ten minutes and this time with her son inside her. Her pussy contracted around his thrusting cock. As she thrust her hips hard into his, Brad cried out.

Lisa squealed as his cock erupted inside her, flooding her quivering pussy with a long, hot stream of cum. Brad kept thrusting, each one ending with his cock jerking inside her and sending another spurt of cum deep inside her. At this rate she'd be pregnant!

"Oh, baby," she cried as she squirmed and writhed on the bed beneath him as he continued to pound her while painting the walls of her pussy. "God, you feel so fucking good!" 

Brad thrust inside her, but this time remained there, releasing a precious little sound of pleasure as she contracted her pussy around him, milking the last drops from his spent cock. Lisa lowered her legs to dangle off the bed and, releasing her nipples, sighed happily.

"Damn, that is just what I needed! I came hard," she smiled up at him, "Twice!"

"I do what I can." He leaned over and kissed her.

"You do plenty, Brad." She put her arms around him, holding him against her, "You've been everything I've ever wanted this last year."

"I hope I always will be." His confident smile was now replaced by the sweet, shy smile she remembered so fondly from when he was younger. 

Brad could play bad ass all he wanted; he was still his mother's sweet boy. Or at least as sweet as he could be with his dripping cock softening inside his mother's satisfied pussy. Brad eased from inside her, and she pushed up on the bed until her head reached the pillow. 

With a satisfied purr, she stretched her arms over her head and arched her back. She felt like a cat - warm, happy and completely content. 

"You going to nap with me, baby?"

Brad's answer was to dive onto the bed, making her laugh as he belly flopped on the mattress before rolling over onto his back next to her.

"Of course I'm going to stay in bed with you," he winked. "Wouldn't want to make you feel like a cheap slut and just get up and go."

"What do you mean like a slut?" She giggled and rolled over on her side. Draping her leg across his, she nuzzled her head into his chest, and put her hand on his stomach. Brad wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her against him.

"This is so nice." She kissed his neck and purred as her still hard nipples pressed against him. "Do you have any idea how good you feel?"

"Hopefully as good as you feel next to me."

"I love you Brad." She leaned her head up to kiss him. "With all my heart, I love you, baby."

"Love you too," he grinned, "You're the best girlfriend mom ever!"

"You say the sweetest things." She relaxed into him. "It's going to be hard not sleeping with you the next few weeks, honey and I don't mean just sex. I mean you not being in our bed with me."

"I still love hearing you say our bed." He gave her another adorable smile. "And I know what you mean, this is better than sex." He paused. "Well, I mean, maybe..."

"They're both amazing, Brad," she told him, "I'm very happy with our life together. Happier than I'd ever thought I could be after your dad left."

"Not sure he would be," he sighed.

"Let's not discuss that again," she said quietly.

"Sorry." Brad shrugged against her. "I know dad expects you to see other people, but not your own son."

She squeezed his cock, trying to keep the mood playful. "Yes, but imagine all the douchebags I'd be dating if I didn't have this at home?"

"True. I guess I do keep you an honest woman, right?" They were both silent for a few seconds before they burst out laughing. 

That was better. There was no reason to keep opening the same uncomfortable topic about what her ex-husband would think of who it was keeping her happy.

"You know mom," Brad began, "It's not just the sleeping arrangements and the sex that are going to be tough."

"No, it will be little things like kissing and being affectionate," she agreed. "We'll have to be careful."

"That's not what I meant." He shook his head. "It's the fact we're lying to Daniel."

"We're not lying, honey," she said calmly, "We're just not..."

"Telling him the truth," Brad interrupted. "Funny, that didn't work for us when we were kids. Hey, I didn't lie about breaking the window. I just didn't say I did it."

"Don't get smart." Lisa rolled her eyes. "Just because you fuck me doesn't mean I'm not still the parent here."

"Wow, you should make that into some type of Hallmark card," he cracked.

"Like I've said before, Daniel is like everyone else. He would never suspect it so we don't have to tell anyone."

"Daniel's not everyone, he's family," Brad didn't back off. "Mom, I feel like an asshole doing this behind his back."

"I know, Brad." She propped herself up on her elbow to look at him. "I feel that way too, but again, he's never going to come up with it on his own. So why open up that can of worms?"

"Because we're lying, and it's more than just not telling him. I lie to him anytime he asks me if I'm seeing anyone or if I've gotten lucky. You lie when he asks you if you've been dating."

"I know, we lie to our friends too," she grunted. "You still have that cute girl who went away to tell the guys at work about?"

"Yeah, and you have that guy you met at the gym you go out with here and there. Your friend with benefits." He slid up so he was leaning against the headboard. "But it's one thing to lie to other people; they're not my older brother."

"I appreciate you feel that way and would agree with you about anything else, but would you really want him to know?" She pushed up to lean against the headboard with him. "Think about it, Brad, how would he react? What would he think of us?"

"He'd be shocked and upset at first. But wouldn't it be worse if he found out on his own? Then it's lying and sneaking around on top of it." He grinned at her. "You always told us lying just makes things worse."

"Jeez, stop throwing my own morals at me, will you?" 

She laughed, but it was forced. Brad was right about this, but then again so was she. There was no reason to risk how Daniel saw his mom and younger brother. Life was good - no, it was great - why mess with it?

"Okay, here's what I think." Brad turned to face her. "If a couple of months before we started sleeping together, someone said that, let's say Miss Watson, was screwing her son what would you have said?"

"I'd have said poor son." She scrunched her face up. "Judy isn't exactly an attractive woman."

"Seriously, mom." Boy he wasn't backing off this time. "Be honest, you'd have said it was sick."

"You're right and that makes my point. You want Daniel to think we're sick, want him to be disgusted with us?"

"Nope, we make my point. After our first time, we were both upset. We felt like we did something wrong and we blamed ourselves." He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. "We got over that pretty quick and we accept what we do."


"And know why?"

"Tell me." She leaned her head on his shoulder. "You sound like you've been planning this conversation."

"Because we love each other and always have. Daniel loves us, we're his family. He might get crazy at first, but he'd come around."

"And if he doesn't he'll never come around again." Lisa pointed out. "I'm not risking that, Brad."


"My turn," she cut him off. "The reason we got over it is because we are involved in it. We know what we have, we know it might seem wrong, but nothing's ever felt so right.

"Daniel will be looking outside in just like anyone else, and think it's wrong. He would be far more disgusted than a friend or neighbor because we're his family, and my biggest reason for keeping it quiet?"

"What's that?"

"The fact Daniel can run. He can hop right back on a plane or a bus and go back to Florida and never come up here again."

"You think he'd really disown us?" Brad frowned, "I think you're underestimating our family, mom. We all wanted nothing more than to see Daniel go to college and that's what he's doing."

Brad tapped his chest. "He might have made noise he wanted me to go too, and not break my back the way he did, but you know he loved I went to work with him and continued the family tradition." 

"What does this have to do with how Daniel would feel?" Lisa asked, but made no effort to move away from him, she loved nestling into him, he always made her feel so safe and desired when he held her.

"The point is we're all closer than ever. In fact Daniel always says he feels bad he's not here with us, he feels like he left us high and dry. I think he'd understand, mom, and we should give him the chance to."

"If Daniel were here all the time I'd think you were right because there would be no way he couldn't know," she sighed. "Then again if he had never left, maybe we wouldn't have gotten this close. It worked out the way it was meant to with him being gone."

"But think about like this." Lisa paused to coo as Brad trailed his fingers lightly down her bare shoulder. There were times it still struck her; here she was completely naked aside from her Rolex and in her son's arms. As casual about it as she had been with her ex-husband.

"Like what?" he asked and she realized she had allowed herself to get lost in the contemplation of their taboo embrace.

"We're only living a lie a few weeks a year. Daniel will be in college down there for two more years. He came up last Christmas."

"Which was awkward as hell and you know it," Brad said pointedly.

"I'm not saying this isn't awkward, but he stayed down in Florida for spring break. Now he's coming for the summer. The most we'll ever have to live like this is a couple months a year."

"In person." Brad sounded irritated. "Every time I talk to him he's asking about who we're dating. Asks how come I'm twenty-one, and making good money and not looking to move out. I'm tired of lying."

"So what do you want to do? Next time he asks you answer all three by saying, 'I'm fucking mom, she's fucking me, and that's why I don't leave?'"

"I wouldn't be that crude, mom. We're not just fucking." He reached across his lap and took her hand in his. "We're in love."

"That's so sweet." She kissed his cheek. "You're right, we are, but that might be harder to explain than the sex."

"So what if Daniel wants to come back up to Rhode Island after? We going to tell him then, 'Oh, by the way, three years ago your brother and I started a relationship.'?"

"Christ, Brad you're thinking three years from now?"

"What if he gets tired of Florida and transfers here? He'd want to come back here, you going to try to not tell him while he lives here?"

"Honey, that's a big if and if it comes to that we'll talk again. Maybe at that point we try to figure it out, but not now. It's not worth it."

"I feel like I'm ashamed of us," he admitted.

Lisa understood that feeling well and now saw where this was coming from. She yearned to tell her friends how happy she was and occasionally told them of her sexual adventures with Brad leaving out that one little detail. But she knew they could never tell anyone of their relationship.

It was her plan once Daniel was done with college and either stayed in Florida or come home, but got on his own, to sell the house and her and Brad move to another state, have a child of their own and let people think they were just a May-December couple. A cougar and her cub. Maybe some dirty looks like she was Mrs. Carolson, but no one would know the truth.

But that was down the line and for now the best thing in her life sadly had to be her dirty secret.

"I get it, Brad, but I feel this is the best thing for us and for Daniel. I'm grateful nothing stopped him from starting last year. He doesn't need something like this in his head. He should be enjoying these years, not worrying about what's going on here."

"I guess you're right," he sighed.

"Mother knows best," she laughed, "Now slide on down here, shut the brain down, and let's enjoy a nice nap. We still have two hours before we have to pick Daniel up."

Brad did as she asked, slipping down next to her. He pulled the sheet over them as she once against draped her body over his, resting her head on his chest. 

"This is all that matters right now, honey, just the two of us and how good we feel together."

"Going back to how we started this conversation, I'm going to miss this even more than the sex," he said. "You think so too?"

"Well," she playfully rubbed her leg along his cock beneath the covers, "Let's not get crazy!"


Lisa opened her eyes and checked her watch, she was happy to see it was only three. They still had another hour before Daniel's flight was due. Her head was still on Brad's chest and rose and fell with his slow, steady breathing. 

His arm was still around her and despite the joke she'd made before their nap, she knew this was even more amazing than sex - this was love. She'd heard many times there was no deeper love than that of a mother for their child and she was pretty sure the people who said that weren't even considering sex.

Lisa had often wondered if the taboo nature of their relationship wasn't part of why they felt so close. That this was just an extension of an already deep emotional bond, a way to love her son that society deemed wrong, but once she had crossed the line had discovered nothing ever had felt so right.

She closed her eyes, but couldn't drift back to sleep. Instead she replayed their conversation, one of dozens they'd had about telling Daniel. Brad was right, lying was wrong, but Lisa could see no reason to risk losing her oldest son.

Brad was two years younger than Daniel, but had always been far more mature and was less sheltered. Brad was tough, physically and mentally. Daniel was more of a student than an athlete and far more sensitive, meaning he was prone to being upset much easier than Brad. Lisa could easily see their secret affecting him and not in a good way. 

The summer would be tough. The sleeping in separate rooms, not being able to be affectionate, having to sneak sex and lying. How would they explain neither of them having a date for the next six weeks? Maybe they would each say they had one and meet up together.

She smiled at that idea. Maybe she would rent a hotel room and her and Brad could both say they were spending a night somewhere and spend it together. That could work, at least a couple times over the summer. 

Thinking of fucking Brad in a hotel was a dirty thrill. Just like fucking him everywhere was. Lisa's leg was still on top of his thigh and moving it slightly she rubbed it along his cock. Brad moaned, but remained asleep as she worked her leg gently against him.

Flipping the sheet off them, Lisa licked her lips at the sight of his semi hard cock lying against her leg. Her nipples stiffened, pressing into his side. They had an hour, why not take one more risk-free ride before they had to start sneaking like teenagers. 

She slid down the bed, her hair trailing down his chest as she made her way down to his stomach. Without using her hands, Lisa scooped his soft cock into her mouth and gently sucked on it.

She didn't move her head, simply sucked and swirled her tongue around. She moaned at the faint taste of her pussy on his rapidly swelling cock and smiled around it when his hand slid up her back and into her hair.

"Damn, you don't get enough, do you?"

"Hmm-mm!" Lisa shook her head while still sucking him.

He was now fully hard and rolling over so she was kneeling next to him. Lisa moved her fringe out of the way so he could watch his mother suck his cock. His hand slid down her back, over her ass and she groaned when he eased two fingers inside her.

His thumb found her clit and she rocked back and forth as she continued sucking him. As good as his fingers felt, Lisa wanted him inside and sitting up, she swung her leg over his waist and guided his cock to her pussy.

They both groaned as she slowly sank down on him, his large cock spreading her pussy. When he was fully engulfed in her forbidden heat, Lisa worked her hips back and forth, sliding across his lap.

She cupped her tits and stroked her nipples, showing off for her favorite son as she sensually rode him. His large, strong hands went to her hips and pushed and pulled, guiding her along his shaft. Lisa leaned over, bracing her hands on his chest and shoved her nipple into his waiting mouth.

She moaned and bounced up and down, riding him harder. Brad wrapped his arms around her slender waist and pulled her down so she was pinned against him. Sliding his feet up so his knees were bent, he cut loose, slamming his cock hard into her. 

"Oh fuck!" she squealed in his ear as he held her tightly against him, pounding her helpless pussy. 

He turned his head and she kissed him hard, plunging her tongue into his mouth while he drove himself relentlessly into her insatiable pussy. 

"Yes!", Lisa yipped, "Just like that, just fuck me, nothing fancy, just fucking take me!"

She grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples hard, trying to cum nice and fast for him. Despite the fact she'd come twice an hour ago, she was already close. God, what a hooky day! The thought would have made her laugh if she weren't writhing and yelping in the throes of ecstasy. Apparently she wasn't the only one who was enjoying this plain old fashioned good hard fuck because Brad was moaning and gasping as he fought to keep fucking her as she came.

"Go ahead, baby!" she whimpered through her sounds of pleasure, "Give it to me!"

Brad grabbed her hips as she rode him harder. Lisa cried out, then jerked her head to the side. She'd sworn she'd heard something. It was impossible to concentrate while riding Brad.

"Oh fuck," he groaned, his cock twitching inside her.

"There it is!" she groaned, "Come on, baby, come for mommy!"

He never called her that, but she'd watched more than her share of mom-son movies since they'd gotten together and the word did give her an added dirty thrill. Brad gasped and when he whipped his cock out, Lisa sat up and grabbed it.

Brad moaned when she pumped his cock furiously, sending several spurts of cum all over her tits, hand and stomach.

"All of it." She stroked him. "Every drop, baby, give me every..."

She was cut off by a loud knock and Daniel calling, "Hey, Mom you in there?"

"Jesus!" Brad whispered, trying to pull Lisa off of him. 

His cock was still spurting, and clapping her other hand over his mouth, she continued pumping him. He whimpered in protest, but remained still as his mother finished him off. His balls emptied their contents, painting her heaving tits.

"Daniel?" She sounded out of breath, but couldn't help it.

"Yeah, I took an earlier flight and grabbed a cab. I wanted to surprise you. Is it okay to come in?"

Fuck, the door was unlocked; thank god she had shut it in the first place. 

"Hold on a minute!" Lisa tried to sound calm. "I'm not dressed."

Not dressed and covered in your younger brother's cum, she added as she released Brad's cock.

"Put your pants on and hide in the damn closet," she whispered.

"How will I get out?" He slipped off the bed. He pulled his jeans on, and ran across the room.

He'd put most of his clothes back in his old room. The one he'd be sharing with Daniel since they had turned Daniel's room into a home office once he'd left, but had left a few things in Dan's old armoire.

He pulled on a vest as Lisa unwittingly used her jeans to wipe cum from her chest. 

"Mom, you okay?" Daniel asked from the hallway.

"One second!" Please don't try to open the door!

Not wanting to take any longer, Lisa grabbed her clothes from the floor. It was lucky she had worn a turtleneck today. She didn't want her son to see the hickey Brad had left.

She headed for the door, looking over her shoulder to see if Brad was slipping into the walk in closet. Instead he had lifted the screen and was squeezing through the window. He got caught in something, and losing his grip, fell out, and landed in the bushes with a loud grunt.

He popped up to pull the screen down, and if the situation wasn't so serious she would have burst out laughing. She did however, wonder what any of the neighbors would think. 

She opened the bedroom door.

"Daniel!" She threw her arms around her older son.

"Hey, Mom!" He returned her embrace, squeezing her tight. "I missed you."

"Not as much as I missed you!" she declared, still holding him, and trying to ignore the fabric sticking to Brad's cum that the jeans failed to remove. 

"You still have Brad," he told her.

"Again, not as much as I missed you!" she winked.

Daniel laughed, and stepped back from her.

"I didn't mean to um, interrupt you."

"It's okay. I got out early and was taking a nap before I had to come get you."

Whereas Brad resembled his father, Daniel resembled Lisa. They shared the same expressive dark eyes and dirty blonde hair. Like her, he was quick with a smile and not as intense looking as Brad. 

She loved both of her sons, but Brad was flat out hot with a touch of bad ass to him. Daniel was definitely the type who had trouble attracting women. He was much shorter than Brad and unusually skinny. Almost everyone mistook Brad as the older sibling.

"You got out of work early?" He raised his eyebrows as he cut into her inspection of him. "And since when do you nap?"

"Getting old, you know," she joked.

She noticed Daniel peering over her shoulder and tried to think if there had been anything that would give away what she'd really been doing.

"Honey?" she spoke up. "What are you looking at?"

"Mom, are you alone?" 

"What? Of course I am!" she laughed, hoping it didn't sound as nervous to him as it did to her. "Why would you ask that?"

"Because you don't nap, and you never leave work." He met her eyes. "And I swore I heard, um, well something."

"Oh, I was watching something on my phone. You probably heard that."

"I thought you were sleeping?"

"I was, then I was awake and playing on my phone when you knocked."

"You're sweating," he continued, "And you're flushed." When she frowned, he smirked. "I am taking criminal investigation, you know? We CSI agents notice stuff."

"And your smart ass shouldn't be playing twenty questions with me," she said with a tone. "I told you I was alone. You want to come in and look around the room. Look for men's socks under the bed?" There wasn't any, was there?

"No," he said quickly. "Sorry, mom, I didn't mean to upset you. But I am here early and well, you can have guys over if you want,"

"That's nice of you!" she cracked. "First your brother gives me permission to get laid, now you!"

"Wow, how about I leave and come back in?" He backed away from her.

"I'm sorry, baby!" She put her arms around his neck kissed his cheek. "I'm just a little out of sorts lately. You know I get touchy with the dating thing." She noticed a speck of cum on her watch and quickly wiped it away.

"Still?" He waved his hand. "Whatever, it's good to see you, mom. I really missed you guys."

"We missed you too, honey. Where are your bags?"

"I tossed them in Brad's room," he laughed. "You must really be riding him these days."

'What do you mean?" Her heart skipped a beat.

"His room's spotless; you wouldn't even know he lives in it. I live with three other guys and we're neater than that slob ever was."

"Right, well, I've been on top of him." She caught herself with her own remark. "You know, about things like that."

"Right." He looked down at her for a moment, "You want to get dressed, and meet me in the kitchen? I could really go for a sandwich." He licked his lips. "Tell me you have coffee milk? I used up that bottle of syrup you sent me."

"Home five minutes and hungry. Some things never change." She pointed towards the kitchen. "Of course we have coffee milk. Well we do if Brad remembered to buy it. We have plenty of cold cuts. If you want to wait, I'll make you something better than a sandwich."

"Nah, that's fine, I..."

"Hey, little shit!" Brad called out as he came down the hallway.

"Thanks." Daniel turned just in time to get punched in the chest. "Ow!"

"Still slow!" Brad clapped him on his arm hard enough to make him wince, then snatched him up in a bear hug. "Big brother's back in the house!"

"Little brother's still a meathead," Daniel replied.

He pushed Brad away from him, but was laughing, "Don't you work until four?"

"Knocked off early to take the ride with mom to pick up your dumb ass."

"Wow, the two of you skipping out early? I must really rate."

"That you do, kiddo." Brad put his arm around his shoulders, "Hey, mom, why don't you get dressed? We'll go down to King's Garden. I heard the Chinese restaurants down there suck."

"Suck's a compliment," Daniel laughed. "That sounds better than a sandwich."

"Sounds like a plan," Lisa agreed, "Give me a few minutes to get dressed, and we'll head out."

She went into her room and Brad turned and headed for the living room, with Daniel heading towards his room. 


Brad stretched out on the old twin bed he hadn't slept in since Christmas when Daniel had come to visit and sighed. Man, this sucked. Down the hall mom was lying alone in their big queen-sized bed. The bed was truly theirs. 

Mom would be in one of those cute little outfits he loved. The tight lacey boy shorts with one of those slinky, silky tops that left her stomach bare and hugged her breasts so perfectly. Christ, mom was the hottest woman he'd ever been with, and as wrong as it sounded, the fact she was his mother added to it.

In the beginning he had tried calling her Lisa, but it didn't sound right and he knew she got off on the 'mom talk' as well. That was evidenced by the fact she loved for them to watch mother-son porn videos together some nights. 

A few years from now when they moved to another state he would call her Lisa in front of people, but it would always be mom when it was the two of them. Just thinking of his mother in her sexy little jammies, as she called them, had his cock swelling beneath the sheet.

And this was only night one, he thought, he'd better get used to this. His phone beeped next to him and picking it up from the bed he saw a text from mom.

"I miss you baby!"

It was accompanied by a naked selfie of her pouting for the camera. Brad stared at her firm tits and trimmed pussy, then texted back, "Not fair mom! Miss you too!"

She sent back a happy face. "Love you, baby, its only for a little while, sweet dreams!"

He shot back, "How about wet dreams?" then deleted the texts. Not that Daniel would pick up his phone, but with something like this he couldn't be too careful.


"Hey honey," Lisa said softly, coming up behind Brad where he sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. She leaned in and, turning his cheek, kissed him quickly on the lips.

"Careful," Brad said sarcastically. "Daniel might be under the table. Christ that kid is fucking everywhere the last week."

"Be nice," Lisa chided him. "I know it's not easy. I miss you in bed." She kept her arm around him, "And in my arms and in my mouth and..." She stopped and stood up when they heard Daniel coming down the stairs.

"Right on time," Brad sighed, while she went over to the counter to pour herself coffee. 

"Hey guys, you're up early!" Daniel chirped.

"Yeah, we are," Brad muttered while he watched his mother getting cream from the fridge.

She was wearing a pair of baggy sweat pants and one of his Taylor Construction t-shirts that was huge on her. The ensemble showed nothing at all of her body, even her feet were encased in socks and her hair was pulled into a short pony tail.

Yet his cock twitched with interest while she made her coffee. He envisioned coming up behind her, pulling those stupid pants down and bending her over the counter, fucking her long and...

"You boys hungry? I can make some pancakes, or bacon and eggs."

"Bacon sounds good," Brad replied, although it was nowhere as good as what he wished he was eating right now - his mother's juicy pussy.

"What about you Daniel?"

"Whatever's easier for you." He sat across from Brad. "It's all better than what I've been eating at college."

Brad grunted and finished his coffee. He was trying not to get pissed at his brother. It wasn't his fault. It was great to see him, but in the week he'd been home, home was the only place he had been, that or wherever Brad went. 

When they had to go to work, Daniel would hang with his friends, but would always be home before both of them could be. Now here it was Saturday and he would most likely be around all day. He had gotten up early hoping maybe he could have slipped in with mom, but then decided not to risk it in case Daniel got up to use the bathroom.

He and mom hadn't gotten more than a few minutes of privacy here and there to grab a quick kiss, but there was no way they could risk anything more. Last night mom had texted him to try to slip out and close the bathroom door, pretending he was in it and slip into their room.

But Daniel was sitting at the desk playing World of Warcraft. He tried to wait him out, but an hour later had texted her to forget it. The damn kid could stay up all night, and Brad was up at five am for work and exhausted by ten, never mind after midnight. 

This was just week one. He'd expected it to be tough, but he'd hoped for at least an hour here and there for them to have a little quality time. Picking up his phone, he scrolled through his notifications and saw mom had sent him an e-mail late last night after he'd fallen asleep.

Reading it told him she felt the same way. 

"Monday leave work at twelve. I've booked a room at the Motel six on airport road; we'll meet up and have fun for a few hours. You can pretend I'm your call girl! Or just your horny mom."

"Hey, mom, I was thinking, we can do that on Monday. You know clean out the shed like you've been wanting."

"About time, it needs a good cleaning," she nodded, with a big smile.

"I'll help you guys out," Daniel chimed in. He started to say something else, but his phone rang. "Hey Andy!" He listened for a minute, "Scarborough? Hell yeah, I'll go, can you pick me up?" He frowned. "Hold on."

"Hey, Andy and a couple of guys are going to the beach and wanted to know if I was up for going."

"Of course!" Mom said quickly. "Go catch up with your friends. You don't have to always hang around with us."

"Cool." He spoke into the phone again, "When you coming? Shit, okay."

He got up from the table. "He'll be here in five minutes, sorry about leaving before breakfast."

"No worries, go have fun, you need some money?" Brad pulled out his wallet and handed him two twenties. "In case you go for lunch or stop somewhere else."

"Hey, thanks. You're cool for a dumb jock."

"Anything to get my nerd brother from doing something besides play that goddamn stupid game."

"Better than what you play with," Daniel retorted.

"Hey, watch your mouth," Mom told him, "I'm in the room you know."

"Sorry, mom." Daniel grinned as he got up and headed out of the kitchen. 

Brad heard him pound up the stairs and, turning in his seat, smiled. "You better shut the damned stove off and get your ass in that bedroom when he leaves."

"Who said we have to wait to get to the bedroom." She replied with a wicked smile. "I did promise you breakfast after all." She came over and began removing the cups from the table. "And we're still meeting on Monday."

"You're blowing off another afternoon at work?" he smiled. "Man, I rate."

"I rather think of it as blowing you off in the afternoon," she giggled. "We needed this break."

A horn blared outside and Daniel came flying down the stairs dressed in shorts and a t-shit, a backpack slung over his shoulder. "Catch you guys later!" He waved and headed down the hallway. 

To Be Continued...


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