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Little Big Man

A seventeen-year-old younger brother helps out his horny sister.

I heard her coming down the stairs. The basement was dark, except for the glow of the television and the screen of my laptop, and she cursed as she missed the last step. She stumbled over to where I was sitting and spoke with a sultry voice.

"Watcha doing in the dark, little guy," she giggled, "watching something interesting?"

"Just hanging out," I replied.

She stood looking at me, hands on her hips, with a sly smile on her pretty face.

At nineteen Karen was a good-looking girl. She was about five-foot-six, had a great body, and her curly brown hair seems to suit her pretty face. She had on a black skirt, almost a mini, that showed off her shapely legs. Her tits, which look like nice big handfuls that I dreamt about, pushed out under a white crop top shirt. No bra. Her smooth,almost-flat belly was visible.

She looked fucking hot as she stood smiling at me in the glow of the TV. I got an instant boner.

"Why you home already?" I asked. She usually stayed out until nearly 3:00 a.m. most Saturday nights. It was only 1:00 a.m.

"The club was a bummer... no action there today," she said as she twirled her hair with her left hand.

She walked over and jumped on the couch beside me, putting her arm around me, and cuddled close.

"Can I watch with you?" she asked, her hand rubbing around my neck and through my hair.

"Sure, what do you want to watch?" I asked.

I turned the laptop towards her so could see the screen. I had been on a porn page, just scrolling through pages, and she looked at me with a big grin. She took over, scrolling through images, as she read out little titles below each image.

"BBC cuckold," she laughed, "No... hmmm, mature meets two boys... MMF threesomes.... big cock cumshots..." she said quietly as she kept scrolling. She stopped and clicked on an image, opening the movie on the screen.

"This looks like fun!" she exclaimed. The title: Sister Gets Her Pussy Pounded.

My cock was hard before she sat down and was even harder now.

As the movie started I felt her hand massaging the back of my neck. Her other hand was on my thigh and starting slowly moving from my knee to my crotch, stopping just short of my cock, back and forth.

"She pretty hot, don't you think?" she asked.

"Not as hot as you..." I whispered hoarsely.

She gave me a big smile and then leaned over and kissed me. I kissed her back and was rewarded with her tongue pushing into my mouth. She held my head steady as she ground her mouth into mine, swirling her tongue with mine, and pushed her big glorious tits into me. I lifted my left hand up and slid it under her top, grabbing her big heavy tit, and starting squeezing it.

Fuck, it filled my hand completely and spilled over my fingers.  The big nipple poked into my palm.

She pulled away and lifted the top over her head, exposing those big, ripe melons, and shook her shoulders. 

"I know you want to play with these," she teased, "You are always staring at them."

I reached out with both hands and grabbed her big globes. She pushed into my hands as I kneaded, squeezed, and rolled her big tits, letting out a little moan. I leaned forward and took one her big, thumb-sized nipples into my mouth and started sucking.

"Oh, yeah..." she cooed, "suck my titties, little man."

I sucked on her big nipples, first one and then the other, as I squeezed her big, fleshy mounds together. The laptop tumbled to the floor as she straddled me, her pussy grinding into the bulge in my jeans, and put her arms on my shoulders.

"You like those, don't you little man," she growled, "You like sucking your big sister's titties."

"MMMH," I moaned as I nodded my head, my mouth full of nipple, up and down.

"It sure feels like it," she said as she rubbed herself against my hard cock, her hips rocking back and forth.

"Let me suck for a bit... stand up," she growled.

We both stood and I yanked my t-shirt, jeans and boxers off in a flash. She was on her knees as I straightened up and my throbbing boner hit her in the face. She grabbed it with one hand and held it in front of her eyes.

"I"m going to call you little BIG man from now on," she giggled, "That's a big cock, baby brother."

She pushed her mouth onto my swollen cock and started sucking, short strokes at first, then taking more and more of me into her hungry mouth. I grabbed her head with both hands and started fucking her mouth, feeling my cock hitting her throat, as I pumped.

"Oh yea... suck it, Karen... suck my fucking cock," 

"HHMMPH," she replied with her mouth full.

"That's it, big sis, suck me... take it all," I growled.

I shoved myself into her mouth as far as I could, feeling her chin hit my balls, and her nose pressed into my pubes. I held it there for a few seconds and then released her head. She pulled away gasping.

"Holy shit, I took it all!" she said proudly.

I stood her up and yanked off her skirt and the tiny panties she had on. I pushed her down onto the couch and climbed between her legs, spreading them with my knees, and pushed her shoulders into the back of the couch. I put my left leg on the couch and my right leg between hers, my cock at her face, and grabbed her by the hair with my left hand. I pulled her mouth back onto my throbbing cock. I used her hair to control her head as I slowly fucked her mouth.

"That's it, sis, suck my fucking cock." 

I reached down with my right hand and stroked her pussy. Fuck, was she wet! I jammed my middle finger into her honey pot and fucked her with it while my cock pumped her throat. 

"You like that, sis, you like having me in two holes at the same time?" I asked as I pulled her head away from my cock.

"Oh yea... fuck, yea ..." she moaned as my cock slapped against her face, "I'm so fucking horny."

I swivelled my hips side to side, my cock slapping and dragging across her face a few times, before I pulled her mouth over it again. She took my whole cock down, choking a little, as I ran the thumb of my right hand over her clit. I used it to rub up and down, and in circles, while my finger stayed in her pussy.

She came, thrashing and moaning, with my cock in her throat. A muffled scream escaped around my cock as I held her head tight to me and kept jamming my finger into her dripping snatch. When I let her go and pulled my cock out, her head dropped to her chest limply.

I got on the floor between her legs and pulled her towards me by the hips. I lined up my cock and slid it, up and down, between her thick, swollen pussy lips. Her fuzzy brown hair parted with her lips, glistening with juice, as I ran the swollen head up and down. I put it against her wet hole and pushed my cock into her velvety opening.

Fuck, her pussy was like a silk oven.

She moaned as I stroked into her, my thick shaft sliding into her welcoming snatch, and in four or five strokes I was balls-deep in her silky pussy. I fucked her fast and hard, pounding my aching cock into her, her big tits heaving and jiggling. I reached up and grabbing her jiggling jugs with both hands, kneading them, squeezing them, as I fucked her.

"Ohhh... Ohhh... fuck me, little man... fuck me hard," she groaned as my cock rammed into her.

She came again, her hot pussy grabbing on my shaft, as I kept fucking her.

I pulled my cock out, stood up, and grabbing her hair again, I pulled her towards me. I pushed my hips forward, shoving my cock back into her mouth, and I fucked her mouth about twenty strokes and let her go.

I went back to her pussy, grabbing her legs and holding them high in the air, and rammed my cock inside. 

"Oh, fuck... oh fuck.." she kept repeating as I drilled into her, pumping hard and fast.

"God, I love fucking your pussy," I said, "You are so fucking hot... I dream of fucking you all the time."

"Really?' she moaned, "You dream of fucking me?"

"All the time," I answered, "I fucking jack-off thinking of you... your bigs tits... your fucking hot pussy."

"Don't cum in me," she blurted out.

"Oh, no," I replied, "I'm gonna cum on those big fucking jugs of yours!"

With that I pulled out and straddled her chest, jamming my cock between her big tits. She pushed them together for me as I started pumping.

"Oh, yea... fuck my tits, little man... fuck my big tits" she urged.

"I'm fucking your tits... I'm finally fucking your tits... I'm gonna blow," I groaned.

"Do it!" she urged, "Cum all over me, give me your fucking load!"

My cock exploded like fireworks, cum flying into her face and between her tits, as I pumped those big, creamy globes. Cum was running off of her face, flowing down and into the huge puddle forming between her tits. I slid my cock in and out a few times before lifting it up to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out, licking all the pearly liquid off, as my still-pulsing cock dribbled its last drops.

I heard a moan by the stairs. I looked up and saw my mother leaning against the wall, her nightgown lifted up, with her right hand working between her legs.

Holy Fuck. She had been watching as I fucked my sister on the couch and blasted my load on her tits. 

"Fuck, you taste good, little man," my sister said, drawing my eyes from my quietly moaning mother and back down to her pretty cum-covered face, "Real good." 

I stayed hard as I looked back at my mother, who was still fingering herself, and shoved my cock back into my sister's mouth. She started sucking, her eye's wide with suprise, as I pumped her face while looking at Mom.

"Suck my cock, sis," I said loudly, "I want to cum again while you suck my fucking cock"

My mother's eyes opened and she looked at me. I grinned ear to ear as I watched her orgasm while I face-fucked Karen. My mother's hand flew over her pussy, visible with her legs apart, as she watched me pull out and unload again on Karen's face.

My cum covered her face and filled her mouth as my cock erupted again, the hot pearly liquid pouring out, as my mother watched.

I grabbed my cock and dragged it over Karen's face, rubbing the slick, greasy cum into her skin, as I watched my mother take her hand away from her pussy. She put the fingers in her own mouth, looking straight at me, and sucked them. She finished cleaning off her own juice, gave me a big smile, and then turned away and went up the stairs.

Holy fuck, that was hot. Karen had no idea she was there.

"Wow, that was a big fucking load!" she groaned.

"Fuck yea... thanks to you," I said.

"Do you always cum that twice in a row?" she asked.

"No... but that was so fucking hot and dirty," I said, "I was super turned-on."

"Fuck, me too," she replied, "can you go again?"

"In a bit," I responded as I pulled myself off of her and sat on the couch.

She swung her legs over mine and laid there as my cum ran all over her face and tits, trailing down her neck and sides.

Fuck, she looked so fucking awesome.

"That was fun, little big man," she said, "Dirty hot fun."

"Oh, yeah... I want to do it again," I agreed.

 "But we better keep it quiet," she warned, "Mom and Dad are upstairs and they would freak out if they knew you were fucking me."

"I know," I said with a smile.

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