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Maggie’s Family – Part 2

A story about me and my family.

During the following week of waking, seeing her husband off to work in the morning and then going back to bed with both her kids, Maggie had finally formulated a plan that could involve her husband.

She felt that she had to give it a go, as she was desperate and the need to stop playing behind his back – tantamount. Though, she was equally terrified if it broke them all up.

For the rest of the week, Molly was tasked to sexually entice her father as much as she could and with as much innocence as possible. It was a task Molly relished, almost to the point of giving her father a blatant, yet innocent display between of her snatch as he sat opposite her on the sofa; her wonderfully smooth and knicker-less pussy was on full display until she deliberately re-crossed her legs.

At every opportunity, David would cop a feel of his mother’s arse or tits when his dad wasn’t looking and on one occasion, Maggie felt her son’s cock under the table when Mike got up to fetch the ketchup from the kitchen. All of this was a poor attempt at getting caught. None of it actually worked.

During the evenings in bed, Maggie had hinted to Mike about how sexy the kids were looking. Again, it was a vain attempt to get him interested in them, sexually that is. He never said all that much to her except for agreeing that Molly was a very good looking teenager and that David was growing up very fast indeed. He did, however, tell her how sexy she was looking and feeling these days. Of course, only she and the kids knew why that was.

Maggie decided that they had to be far less subtle than just having a grope here and there. It was Friday afternoon that the plan hit her. She immediately phoned her friend Rachel to cancel her Saturday’s shopping trip to the mall; telling her that she had planned a surprise for her husband and the kids. That much was at least true.

On Saturday, Mike always went off with the lads for some male bonding, and as she would supposedly be away shopping she decided to get Mike to go back to the house to check that the heating had been turned off! It was a lame excuse.

She left the house at ten precisely as she always did on Saturday, but instead, drove around the block and parked behind the house and waited for Mike to start off at his usual time.  When Mike had got in the car, Maggie came back into the house using the rear entrance.

David and Molly were already in their parent’s bedroom when Maggie walked up the stairs and into the room. Her heart was fluttering and her nervousness was clear to see. By the look on Molly and David’s faces, they too were very nervous; David less so.

“Didn’t take you long to get a stiffy, David!” Maggie exclaimed.

“I’ve been waiting for this all week,” he replied, giving it a quick stroke.

“He has too, mum. He’s been onto me all week about how he’s going to fuck me on Saturday,” Molly confirmed. She started towards her mother, arms outstretched.

“Mum, I’m a little scared,” confided Molly.

“Me too, hun, me too.”

Maggie considered calling off the whole exercise but took a big gulp of air instead; wrapping her arms around her daughter. She hoped, deep down, that she knew her husband – very, very well.

“Right, let’s get to it then and see if this works – you two ready,” both kids winked and almost in unison said, “You bet!”

Molly leant over and kissed her mum on the cheek.

“Good luck, mum, I hope this works out!” her words of reassurance didn’t stop Maggie’s heart pumping any faster.

She called Mike on his mobile and very nervously started the conversation.

“M-Mike, c-can you go home and check the heating is off, I forgot all about it this morning.”

Mike returned her request with the usual ‘why me’ excuse and that it was his day with the lads.

“Please, Mike, it’s such a waste to leave it on,” she pleaded.

She expected the next statement and told him that she was already at the Mall and it was a long drive home. She added, that she thought she would catch him before he left.

With reluctance, Mike allowed himself to be talked into returning to the house to carry out Maggie’s wish.

”Right – it’s done,” said Maggie looking even more uncertain into the eyes of her kids. Both Molly and David looked at her and both were more than a little scared.

“I need a fuck,” said Molly, eyes wide open and lips pouting. Grabbing David’s cock she pulled him onto the bed.

As soon as they spread themselves on their parent’s bed Molly and David started to suck and lick themselves into a sexual frenzy. Molly was well up for a good fucking by the time David had finished licking her pussy and with David underneath her, Molly lowered herself onto his huge cock and started to fuck him as their father was pulling into the drive.

“Right, he’s here,” said Maggie, “Just go for it you two – I’ll be in the bathroom.”

“Oh! You bet, mum. Molly’s got a really tight cunt this morning.”

As Maggie retired to the bathroom she could hear her husband climb up the stairs. As he reached the top he started to head straight for the cupboard that held the boiler but was distracted by sounds coming from his bedroom. Mike approached the door and then stopped in disbelief as he slowly made sense of the words that were coming from inside.

‘Yes, fuck me with that big cock.’
‘Oh! that’s so fucking good!’
‘Come in me, David.’

A dreaded feeling descended on Mike. At first, he thought it was his wife with another man, but the voice wasn’t quite right. Then everything became clear as the inexplicable realisation as to who it was, dawned on him.

‘Fuck me, sis. Come on, really fuck my cock!’

Mike was dumbfounded. His hand was inches from pushing the door inwards and bursting in on them but he stopped and listened some more. His mind was awash with the sounds of his daughter and son fucking on their parent’s bed. Mike pushed the door slightly and peered inside. He couldn’t help it, he had to look.

There in front of him was his daughter fucking his son right on their marital bed, and what’s more, she was more than enjoying it – they both were.

As he saw it, Mike had two choices, creep back out and leave or confront them. It was lucky for the whole family that he chose the latter option and not walked away.

Mike quietly entered the room and had the most direct view of his son’s cock entering and leaving his daughter’s pussy as she rode him. Her hands grasping the bedstead as she pushed her bottom backwards. The words coming from her mouth, Mike thought, should not have come from his daughter at all. Mike stood there, mesmerised by the sight before him.

David was the first to notice him.

“Oh! Fuck!” was all David could manage, in mock shock at seeing his father. Molly stopped her fucking and turned around; jumping off David’s erect cock and leaving it slick and wet with her juices.

“Dad, what are you doing home?” she shouted, her words trailed off as she pretended to be dumbstruck.

“What’s all this – what’s going on?” asked Mike.

“Dad – please don’t get upset,” said David.

“Upset! You think I’m fucking upset?”

“We were just having a little fun,” said Molly.

“Having fun! Fucking in my bed. I think an explanation is needed – don’t you?”

“It’s our bed anyway.”

Mike turned quickly towards the sound coming from the bathroom door. His jaw dropped even further as he looked at Maggie, standing there, naked in front of him. Her breasts heaving as she struggled to breath.

Suddenly Mike understood even less.

“Come here, kids,” said Maggie, “Come here, both of you.”

“Maggie, what on Ear –”

“You’re supposed to be –”

“What are you doing naked?”  

“Good, you’ve noticed. And you’ve finally finished a sentence, well done.”

Maggie’s sarcasm was not lost on Mike at all and he ended up shaking his head.


“Mike, there is no easy answer to this.”

“You bet there’s not!” he returned her comment with his usual venom-like tongue that seemed to appear in situations he didn’t understand.

“The truth is hard Mike. I caught the children a few weeks ago doing exactly what you have just witnessed. I was turned on by what I saw and I couldn’t help myself but get turned on and more or less seduced by their actions.”

“What do you mean?”

“Mike – we’re having sex, the three of us.”

Mike swallowed hard at the realisation that his wife was cheating on him with his own children.

“I couldn’t help myself hun – but I couldn’t go on with this deceit and I have been concerned about what I was doing, without you.”

Mike was dumbstruck. It was certainly an explanation he was not ready for.

“It’s worse, we have been enjoying ourselves most mornings when you go off to work,” said Maggie. She clenched her teeth waiting for the onslaught of his words.

Molly sidled up to Maggie and circled her hand around her waist.

“It’s true dad, but what we do is so loving. Please, don’t be afraid.”

It was strange hearing those words from his daughter ‘Don’t be afraid’.

Mike looked from Maggie to Molly and then to David.

“And what do you have to say for yourself?” Mike asked; though his glance towards his son’s rather large cock as it dangled between his legs was intimidating him slightly.

David shrugged his shoulders but said nothing.

“Jeez, No wonder you’re horny these days,” exclaimed Mike, directing the comment to Maggie.

Maggie let slip a little nervous smile as she walked towards her husband.  

Mike wasn’t saying all that much at all. To Maggie, he was just looking confused, taking it all in. Trying to understand what was required of him. By the time she reached him, she circled her arms around his neck and looked him in the eye.

“Mike, we’ve always done things together,” said Maggie. She decided it was time to take the lead.

“Mike, come here, come with me,” she said, taking him by the hand and leading him to the bed.

“Don’t say anything –”

Her eyes implored him as Maggie slowly unbuttoned his shirt; taking her time to undo each button and move the shirt apart. When it was fully undone, she pulled the tails from his trousers and removed it.  She then undid his belt, the top button on his trousers and lowered the zip; all the while, looking directly into his eyes. As his trousers and pants dropped to the floor she pushed him back onto the bed and bent down to remove them, together with his socks and shoes as quickly as she could, just in case he changed his mind.

Mike watched her undress him and then at Molly standing behind Maggie. He gave a sideways glance at David and saw that his cock was a little stiffer than it was a few minutes ago. Mike looked at his kids in disbelief; thinking to himself, ‘How had it got this far already?'

Maggie pushed Mike back onto the bed and climbed onto the bed with him. She slowly moved over him, her breasts touching his knee as she lowered her head to his balls to give them a cursory flick of her tongue. She then licked upwards on his shaft before kissing his now pulsing knob. Maggie lifted herself up so that her pendulous breasts were level with his head. Mike started to suck on her nipples as she pushed them in his face. A sigh left her mouth, but it was not over yet.

By the time Mike had pulled his head free from her breasts he noticed that David was standing behind Molly and cupping her breasts in his hands.

With his wife sitting and squashing his cock, Mike’s embarrassment seemed to fade. Mike sucked Maggie’s breasts and enjoyed them swinging into his face while every now and then, checking to see what Molly and David were doing.

David watched them both as Molly swayed in David’s arms; her hands stroking upwards on his now fully erect cock.

Maggie caught Molly’s attention and silently mouthed the words, ‘Suck his cock.

Molly’s heart suddenly started to pound faster than ever, all the possible scenarios were going through her head, ‘What if dad were to object?’ ‘What if he didn’t like what was happening?’ ‘What if?’ ‘What if?’ There were too many ‘What if’s?

Molly broke away from David. When she was out of sight of her father’s gaze she got onto the bed and lowered her head to his balls. She licked them for a few moments before following her mother’s trail upwards over his cock. Molly licked her father’s shaft as she took it in her hands and while lifting his cock upwards from his belly dropped her lips over its purple head. Although her dad’s cock was smaller than David’s it was a lot thicker and she looked at it, marvelled at it, and with just a hint of disbelief that she was actually doing it, Molly dropped her mouth down onto his cock and sucked it into her mouth.

The outward sigh of ecstasy that left her mouth was evident of the pleasure she was getting from this act. Lustfulness shot through her as she sucked her dad’s cock. She had dreamt of this moment, but she never thought that she would be doing it.

Mike was beside himself. Despite their attempts at seduction during the week, despite Maggie’s questioning about how sexy their daughter was, and despite Mike’s attempts at not noticing or answering her questions, he felt as horny as fuck right now.

In truth, Mike had been horny all week, he just never let on. And here he was with his wife’s tits in his face and his seventeen-year-old daughter, Molly, loving his cock like it was a lollypop.

Mike moved his head to one side of Maggie so that he could watch Molly. He saw her suck and lick his cock, he saw her hand slowly wank him to full hardness, he saw her slim body arching upwards into the most beautiful arse that was poking into the air. His initial embarrassment lost to the actions of this horny duo.

Maggie moved off Mike to allow him to get the full benefit. She pulled David to her side so that he could cup her breasts in his hands and caress her body. Maggie reached down and stroked his cock with her right hand.

Mike looked with wonder at his daughter.

”Fuck, that is one gorgeous sucking you're giving me, Molly,” he said.

Molly let out the biggest grin ever at hearing his words. She raised her head slightly and with a plopping sound, let his cock free.

“I have dreamt so much of sucking your cock, dad.”

Mike smiled back at her and then looked towards Maggie and his son as David gently massaged his wife’s tits. The action of Maggie’s hand stroking his son’s cock seemed a wonderful sight. Mike reached out and fondled one of her breasts with his hand.

Mike’s attitude had turned full circle between walking in on his kids fucking and having his cock sucked by his daughter while his wife stroked his son’s cock. Anger was replaced with lust. He had decided that it was time for action. Action that would place him firmly back with his family in more ways than one.

“Molly you have such a fucking gorgeous arse,” he exclaimed, “I guess I’m ready to fuck you if you are, baby,” he continued.

“Fuck me, daddy, I would love to feel your cock in me,” replied Molly.

Mike looked at his wife and nodded.

“Are you going to fuck that son of ours?” he told her.

Maggie’s heart was suddenly in heaven. She started breathing again and relief flooded over her. Until then it could still have gone either way, but the odds were increasing rapidly in their favour as every minute passed with Mike being pleasured on the bed.

“Just you try stopping me hun,” she replied with a smile.

Mike raised Molly’s head before getting off the bed. He rushed behind Molly and pulled her gently down the bed so that her knees were on the edge. Mike could see her wet and glistening cunt and allowed his finger to slide over it. Molly sucked in a lungful of air at his touch before looking over her shoulder at her dad.  Mike could see that she was more than ready for it.

“Get on the bed – big boy,” Maggie instructed David.

”I am going to enjoy fucking your cock,” she said.

David smiled at both his mum and dad as he climbed onto the bed facing his father while his father rubbed his stiff cock along the outside of Molly’s puffy lips.

“Fuck it in me, dad,” Molly cried. But Mike was too busy watching Maggie position herself to take her son’s cock all the way inside her.

“She’s insatiable when she gets going, dad,” David offered.

Maggie decided to lower her pussy onto David’s cock as she faced her husband. At first, David’s cock firmly protruded upwards from between her groin; like she was sporting a cock of her own. She then raised herself and took it deep inside her, in one smooth movement. Maggie started to fuck David in unison to Mike gently rubbing his cock along her waiting and hungry cunt, ensuring it was all wet and ready to be fucked.

“Let’s do it, hun,” said Maggie.

“Let’s do it together.”

Mike positioned his cock at the edge of Molly’s cunt. Then with a thrust, Mike pushed his cock all the way in.

“Oh! Fuck dad – that is so fucking wonderful,” cried Molly.

“And you’ve got such a tight little cunt Molly, it’s so fucking gorgeous,” replied Mike.

“This is so fucking nice, Maggie!”

“Fuck her, David, let her have you. It’s true what she said, she has been dreaming of this moment for such a long time.”

Maggie let the moment take her and fucked David for all she was worth. The sounds of their copulation increased as both parents watched each other fuck their respective offspring.

It was Molly that started to whimper and declare that she was coming first, although David was feeling the pressure beneath his mother as Maggie fucked down hard on his cock. Mike was mesmerised at how much of his son’s cock was engulfed by his wife’s pussy. It was such an exhilarating sight, but not as much as the sight of his cock entering Molly.

David was doing his best to thrust upwards but the weight of Maggie prevented that from happening. Maggie started to pant as she looked into her husband’s eyes; imploring him to come with her.

Molly’s legs and bum were already shaking as her orgasm gripped her. She was not short of some verbal encouragement as she whimpered into the bed.

Maggie caught David whimper under his breath that he was coming too and she lifted herself up and down on his cock even faster; supporting herself with her hands on his chest. Maggie finally heard the words that she had been waiting for coming from Mike.

“Oh shit, Molly, I’m going to squirt in you, baby.”

Maggie’s breathing stopped for a split second, and at that moment, Maggie let out the most pleasing cry of her entire life.

Mike continued to pump his cock into Molly’s cunt until he could take it no longer, then without a break in his rhythm, pulled his cock out and squirted his cum all over her back. The sheer power of his lust caused his juices to reach Molly’s head; something that he hadn’t been able to achieve for ages.

“What a gorgeous squirt that was, Mike,” cried Maggie as she started to come on her son’s cock.  Maggie closed her eyes and thrust her hips downwards and forwards; keeping David’s cock deep inside her as she wiggled her bottom. Maggie juddered as her explosive orgasm took over; fuelled by the scene in front of her and the extreme situation they were all in. But at least they were all in it together.

Just as Maggie shuddered, she could feel David’s first jet of spunk hit her insides. With what little composure she had left, she lifted her cunt off David’s cock, placed it between her well used pussy lips and let it squirt and pump. Copious amounts of spunk covered her lower body that seemed far more than his father’s.

Molly looked at the mess in disbelief, she had never seen that much before. She raised her head and smiled at David and Maggie, then looked behind her and smiled at her father. All of them were still gasping for breath.

“How was it, hun?” asked Maggie.

“How was it!” exclaimed Mike.

“Fucking unbelievable – I have just been undressed by my wife in front of my naked kids, had my cock sucked by my sexy daughter, fucked her on all fours and watched my wife fuck my son so hard that I thought she was going to break his cock in two. And all you say is ‘How was it, hun?’”

Mike’s words more than broke the ice and prevented any post-coital silence from taking over. At least everyone felt a lot easier in each other’s company.

Mike eventually raised his daughter from the bed and kissed her fully on the lips.

“Thank you, dad, I am so relieved you decided to join us,” said Molly.

Mike smiled at her and leant over to kiss Maggie. As he stood up he grabbed her hands and pulled her off the bed. She fell into Mike’s arms and they ended up in a passionately kiss. It was Mike that broke the kiss first.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you get fucked like that. You looked so happy,” whispered Mike.

Molly threw a glance at David. The whisper obviously wasn’t that quiet that she couldn’t hear and Molly was more than intrigued by the comment. There would be enough time to find out what all that was about, she thought.

“Right, you two – out of here.”

Mike barked his orders and aimed them at David and Molly; pointing to the door in the process.

“Go play with yourselves. We have some catching up to do.”

Just then the phone rang and Mike felt obliged to take the call. He listened for a while and looked into Maggie’s eyes.

“Yeah, family crisis, lads. Maybe next week, yeah!”

With a flick of his finger, he switched it off and tossed it on the chair.

“So what now?” asked Mike.

“What now indeed?” replied Maggie with an evil glint in her eye.

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