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Maggie’s Family – Part 7

A story about me and my family.

It would have been a normal end of the week had it not been for the arrival of Maggie’s sister. When Beth had phoned her, Maggie had noticed that she seemed a little down and without much thought had decided it would be great for her to visit. In any case, it had been a while since they saw each other.

It wasn’t long before Maggie was getting the full low-down on what was troubling Beth. She hadn’t been in the house more than a few minutes before she poured her feelings about her recent split. None of them actually lasted that long because Beth loved the variety of sex too much to become that faithful to anyone. But this one had hurt Beth a little more than she let on.

However, Maggie didn’t realise the problem of having her sister stay with them. It had been nearly a week since all the family got together. A week since they walked through the house semi-naked or naked even. A week since, she had fucked her son; it was a week since everything.

The trouble for the whole family was that it was going to be another week before things got back to normal. Still, everyone seemed to be getting along just great together, and the kids had really taken to Beth, especially since Monday when they really warmed to her a lot. That was worth its weight in gold to have such a loving family.

On Thursday, Maggie and Molly were in the kitchen discussing the state of affairs, or lack of them.

“Hey hun, what’s wrong. Your quiet today,” said Maggie.

“Nothing mum, I’m ok,” replied Molly.

Although Maggie and Molly shared most things, Molly was unsure whether it was right to tell her mother that her aunt had hit on her, rather successfully as it happened and that Beth was also actively fucking David as well.

Molly just kept quiet. Did her mother know that Beth was that way inclined? Would it shock her to know that? Molly pondered the thoughts; the more she thought about it, the more she came to the conclusion that it should be right to tell her mum. After all, her mother did all those things too. But then, Beth had said to keep things between themselves, their little secret and all that.

“Mum, there is something, I don’t know whether-”

“Molly, since when do we keep secrets in this house. Do you have a boyfriend? Is that it?”

Molly giggled, “No, no boyfriend – it’s Beth.”

“What about Beth?” questioned Maggie.

“Mum, we, we urmmm, we’re having sex in the mornings. David as well. There – I’ve said it!” she exclaimed.

Maggie stopped peeling the potatoes and glanced at Molly; but only for a split second before returning to the potatoes. Maggie didn’t know what to say; a shaking hand hovered over the potatoes as she peeled back the outer layer.

“Mum, are you alright?” asked Molly.

Maggie raised her head, breathed deeply and let out a long sigh, she looked at Molly.

“Nothing is wrong with what you’ve done or said,” Maggie reassured her.

“It’s just that –”

Maggie paused for breath.

“Beth is having sex with you two and without telling me!” Maggie felt angry.

“I guess I finally know how your dad felt when we told him!” she exclaimed. “Don’t you worry Molly and don’t feel that you have done anything wrong!”

Molly did feel a strange pang of guilt spread through her having realised what her mother had just said. She started to help with the meal and then left the kitchen for the TV and the lounge.

Maggie pondered hard on what she was told. Her mind was awash with so many feelings; anger and jealousy being the main two. She considered how ‘sly’ Beth had been in her own house and then it hit her hard. All the time they were controlling their emotions, her sister was prowling through the family like a tigress on heat. Maggie couldn’t believe that Beth would hit on her own family. But then, Beth didn’t know their secret, did she. The smile on Maggie’s face beamed as she placed the knife down on the counter. So, thought Maggie, Beth likes some pussy.

Maggie rushed to the lounge.

”Molly, how did it start? How did you and Beth start?” she asked.

“Well, actually mum, Beth heard me and David having sex in my room one morning. We were so randy, so frustrated and so fucking desperate. Just like you are, I suppose. Anyway we were making a little too much noise. I think you and dad had left the house for work and then when David left she confronted me about having sex with him.”

“Did you tell her everything?” asked Maggie.

“No just about the two of us that’s all,” said Molly.

“And then what happened?” asked Maggie.

“Then she said how she found the whole situation rather horny. She was smiling as she said how nice she thought it was that I got fucked by my brother. Then her hand came up on my breast at the same time she said that she would have loved to have joined in.”

“And then,” continued Molly, “she just kissed me. It all started from there. She formed this plan that when David got home early, I would jump on him, take his cock in me and that’s when Beth would walk in catching us at it. As soon as she caught us she stripped naked and just fucked him senseless. I have never seen anyone go at it like she did.”

“Mum, I have to admit, I’m kinda hooked on her, she has that – something. I’ve been visiting her room for the last two days now-” Molly’s words just hung in the air.

“Okay! Thanks, and don’t tell anyone that you have told me,” Maggie nodded and stroked Molly’s hair, though she really wanted to dip her hand down her panties and stroke something else entirely.

Maggie went back to the kitchen. She pondered some more; her thoughts drawn to Beth’s frustration, her need for sex, her desperateness. Maggie smiled at how Molly found Beth intriguing, something about her. And as for David, well, he will fuck anyone that’s half attractive, and Beth is more than half attractive being four years younger than Maggie.

Maggie’s heart stared to beat faster as thought’s raced through her mind.

That evening, with Mike away on business, the four of them ate at the table.

Maggie found herself in a special situation. She looked at David, who hopefully knew nothing, Molly, who did, and Beth who was oblivious to it all. She studied Beth hard to try and see in her eyes the type of person that would seduce her kids and carry on a normal conversation at the dinner table. Maggie found herself being increasingly amused by it all.

Maggie stood, picked up the potatoes and leaned over the table, her breasts swayed inside her very loose top. Her cleavage was evident and directed towards Beth.

“Would you like some of these –”

Beth caught a glimpse of Maggie’s breasts and cool as ever smiled with a ‘yes please’.

Molly turned a bright red colour. The innuendoes were being thrown around the table and tossed surreptitiously into almost every conversation. Eventually when dinner was over and everyone was about to retire early, Maggie called her kids over to help her clean up the dishes. After the evening’s entertainment watching TV, Beth announced that she was heading up for bed.

“You go off to bed Beth, see you in the morning,” said Maggie.

A little later, as David was making the first move up the stairs, Maggie called to him.


”Yes, mum.”

“Don’t be alarmed, but tomorrow morning, stay in your own bed.”

David gasped hard and immediately looked at Molly.

“Molly, same for you.”

“Yes, mum.”

“Molly,” Maggie’s finger was motioning her towards her.

“What time do you normally visit Beth in the morning?”

Molly looked at her mom hard as a grin crossed her face. She bit her lip.

“Normally at around seven, Beth is just about waking up. I crawl under the bedclothes and give her a good licking,” she said matter-of-factly.

“She normally creams over my face a few minutes after that,” she continued.

Maggie’s heart thumped in her chest but she managed to compose herself.

“I see,” said Maggie as she smiled hesitantly back at Molly.

Molly knew exactly what was going to happen tomorrow morning. She hugged her mum, gave her a lingering kiss and winked at her as she left for bed.

“I hope you enjoy what’s to come mum, I know I did,” said Molly.

Maggie awoke, more than satisfied after the fuck that David had given her after sneaking into her room in the early hours of the morning. Maggie was also extremely nervous as six thirty approached; she had hardly slept since she woke at five o’clock. Her hands were shaking. She didn’t know whether her reasoning was sound enough, so she told herself again.


‘Beth is bisexual so another woman is OK – right!’

Right!’ came the reply.

‘Beth loves sex – always has done – with lots of partners – right!’

‘Right!’ came the reply.

‘Beth has seduced and has had sex with my kids, that’s incest – right!’

‘Right!’ came the reply.

‘So why not me then, why not the whole family – right!’


This time there was no reply.

Maggie was very nervous. But, when Maggie makes her mind up, Maggie carries it through. At six thirty five, Maggie left her bedroom – naked!

She slowly and quietly opened Beth’s door, looked around the corner to see if she was still asleep. As Beth stirred, Maggie shot back behind the door. She looked a few seconds later and Beth was facing the other way; towards the wall. Maggie caught her breath and forced herself to breath quietly.

She was still uncertain about what she was about to do as she entered the room. Maggie immediately shut the door and crawled over to the bed. She loosened and lifted the bedclothes up at side.

Maggie knelt at the side of the bed and immediately started to plant kisses on Beth’s foot and ankle. Beth stirred and moved onto her side; curling her legs up and out of the way.

Maggie crawled further onto the bed, her mouth touched and kissed Beth’s calf, and then worked its way onto her inner knee and eventually her thigh. Maggie kissed and licked at Beth’s soft inner thigh. Then the thought hit her. Maggie was kissing and licking her sister’s wonderful smooth skin. The same sister that she had played with as a girl, the same sister that had engaged her in relentless arguments throughout her life and the same sister that had fucked her son and daughter. Maggie let that last thought linger before she carried on upwards to Beth’s pussy.

The blood coursed through her veins faster and faster at the thought, the thumping of her heart could have been heard a few blocks away. Beth stirred again, but this time a realisation that something nice was happening had registered in her head. Beth let out a slow and deliberate sigh.

Maggie licked her way up between Beth’s thighs and finally rested her tongue on her pussy and anus. Maggie licked both of them.

Beth started to groan in anticipation then let out an exclamation that stopped Maggie in her tracks.

“Oooo, Molly, you’re so early this morning-”

Beth moved her left thigh over Maggie’s head as she opened her legs and rolled onto her back at the same time. Maggie could smell her sex as she raised her head a little and moved a fraction forward; closer to the dampness between her sister’s thighs.

Maggie planted a kiss on her sister’s pussy.

“Oooo, that’s so nice Molly, absolutely wonderful baby,” said Beth as she groaned her pleasure.

Maggie kissed all around her pussy and then rested her tongue on her clit. Maggie flicked at it, and then licked downwards over her pussy lips and plunged her tongue into Beth’s extremely wet pussy before moving back up to lick and tease her clit once more.

“Oh! fuck yeah, that is so good,” groaned Beth. She raised her legs to give Maggie much better access, as Maggie moved to lap her tongue over her pussy, Beth humped her backside up and down on the bed, exaggerating the movements and mimicking the licking motion on her pussy. Beth then lowered her hands to grasp her head.

Beth’s hands rested on Maggie’s head and started to move through her hair as she shook her own head from side to side on the pillow.

Her hands stopped as quickly as they had started. Beth took a few needed breaths of air.

Beth’s eyes opened wide. She breathed hard and thoughts were racing through her head. The head she had just touched was different, the hair, longer and thicker. There were only two women in this house apart from her and this was not Molly.

Almost without seeming to pause, she stroked her hands through this woman’s head and caressed her hair; pulling her head upwards slightly.

Maggie started to lick Beth’s pussy once more; this time with a little more enthusiasm for the taste. Lusty thoughts raged through her as she licked her sister’s pussy. Even if Beth thought it disgusting, at least she had tasted her once.

In her head, Beth concluded it was morally wrong, but how could she say that to Maggie when she was already licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. More to the point, how could she then conclude that what she had done with her kids was right either?

Maggie kept on licking as Beth’s hands caressed her hair. Beth finally started to respond to the feel of her orgasm building inside her despite her sudden realisation as to who was between her thighs.

Fuck it,’ thought Beth, if Maggie wanted to lick and suck her, then Maggie could have what Molly and David have had for the last three days. Beth also concluded that her sister was fucking good with her tongue.

Maggie licked harder as Beth started to respond to her, using her muscle to administer those strong flicking motions. Beth’s orgasm was building and she so desperately wanted Maggie’s finger in her cunt during the final throes. Beth deliberately put her orgasm on pending, as without any warning, she spoke.

“Lick it, Maggie, fucking lick it!” Beth groaned through her teeth as she bucked her hips.

This time it was Maggie that had to catch her breath, as she recognised her own name. Maggie secretly smiled as she licked her sister’s pussy hard. She clamped down on her clit and sucked it between her lips.

This always had an immediate effect on Beth. An effect that Maggie was just about to experience, as had Molly and David before her.

“Fuck yeah, you’ve got it – push a finger in me, push a finger in me,” moaned Beth.

Just as Maggie inserted two fingers into Beth’s cunt, and without any warning at all, Maggie’s face was drenched. Beth gushed over her sister’s face, covering it as Maggie threw her head back.

“Lick on that pussy – suck it – don’t stop Maggie,” cried Beth.

Maggie continued to suck with the result that more juice flowed out of her pussy. Maggie swallowed as much as she could while all the time licking and flicking over her sensitive bud. A second spurt from Beth’s pussy shot out as Maggie lifted her head; the liquid caught Maggie square on in the face.

“Oh! What a lovely fucking shower,” cried Maggie, before her mouth resumed sucking up the juices.

Maggie bent her neck to lick some more, this time actively pushing both her fingers into Beth’s pussy; desperately reaching for Beth’s g-spot. Beth squirted for a third time. This time her squirt was more powerful and her stomach clenched and heaved with her orgasm.

Maggie ended up drenched but finally moved herself up the bed, crawled on top of Beth and looked directly into her eyes; her face dripping with Beth’s juices.

“So – tell me, what gives you the right to waltz in this house and fuck both my son and daughter behind my back like it was a normal thing to do?”

Beth’s mouth opened wide at the onslaught before closing it and grinning profusely.

“Come here you,” she said, pulling Maggie towards her and kissing her full on the lips.

Beth started to lick the juices off Maggie’s face.

“I have a confession to make Maggie,” Beth started, “As you know, I have always been a randy little bitch, and a long time ago, I realised that I had the hot’s for my big sister. But you know at that age – everything seemed wrong – and you never seemed the type.”

Maggie nodded and listened.

“And here you are, all these years later, between my legs giving me a fantastic orgasm. What made you do it?” asked Beth.

“Well, let’s just say that this family is not what you think,” started Maggie.

“I know that you know about David and Molly, so it won’t surprise you to know that the whole family has the same amount of fun and games.”

Once more, Beth’s mouth dropped open then a sly smile crossed her face. Beth searched Maggie’s eyes but they told the truth. Beth was gobsmacked and just shook her head slowly.


“It’s a bit much to take I know, Beth, but it’s the truth – it’s a long story as to how it all started but it seems we’re all highly sexed in this house, and a good orgy now and then put’s everything right and just to put it bluntly so that you don’t misunderstand-”

Maggie hesitated and then continued. “I fuck David my son, I lick and suck Molly my daughter and Mike fucks all of us. We have twosomes, threesomes and foursomes and I’m sure we’re not the only family that’s into it either.”

Beth took it all in.

“We would love it if you would like to join us?” Maggie added.

Beth started to smile so broadly that Maggie relaxed instantly.

“You fucking bet I want in, Maggie, especially when you lick pussy that well!” Beth thought for a while.

“Does this mean I get to fuck Mike as well?”

“Perhaps! One day,” said Maggie.

They lay in each other’s arms for a while; kissing and caressing each other. Neither of them realised what they had let themselves in for, in the long term, but equally satisfied that they had made the right decision.

“Tell you what, we won’t tell Mike. We will let him find out, slowly,” said Maggie as she raised her head from sucking on one of Beth’s nipples.

“He’s home tomorrow and you can take him to the mall, shopping. Tease him, make him wish he was inside your knickers but don’t let on that you know.”

“Hmmm – Okay,” replied Beth, a little unsure of the plan.

“Bye the way – where is Molly and David?”

“Well, either fucking themselves senseless by now or,” Maggie pushed her finger to her lips and started to listen intently. Maggie raised herself from the bed and crept quietly towards the door. Beth raised herself on the bed to watch.

Maggie pulled the door open quickly. Molly and David shot upright as soon as the door opened;  their ears pulled away abruptly from the revealing wood.

Molly tilted her head and feigned a smile. David took a step backwards but didn’t bother hiding his erection.

Beth shouted from her bed.

“Well I need to taste some pussy, so let’s be having my older sister shall we.”

Molly winked at her mum. Maggie smiled at Beth’s intention and winked at Molly as she started to turn and head back to Beth’s bed.

“You two go and play for a minute.”

Maggie leapt onto the bed and positioned herself up against the headboard.

“Less of the old, now lick it,” she instructed Beth.

Maggie watched as Beth’s tongue extended to her pussy and clit until she creamed under her sister’s superb oral technique. David and Molly hadn’t moved an inch, in fact, Molly was now inside the room leaning back against the door frame; her brother’s arms folded around her as he played with both her breasts, her own hand was clawing at her snatch as she watched her Aunt devour her mother’s pussy.

With Beth’s arse poised high in the air, it wouldn’t be long, she thought, before she wouldn’t be able to resist.

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