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Maggie’s Family – Part 8

A story about me and my family.

Mike was under orders to take Beth to the Mall and look after her. Maggie had insisted, so Mike was up early dressed and ready to go.

Beth appeared around nine o’clock. As she walked into the lounge, Mike’s jaw dropped open and his eyes widened. Beth, although dressed casually, was dressed to kill. She wore a low cut top that showed off her boobs wonderfully; with plenty in view for Mike to deliberate over. Her skirt was on the short side, made of denim and frilly at the hem and would reveal quite a lot should she bend over to pick up something off a low shelf.

Mike believed he recovered quickly, got up from the chair and made himself ready to go.

“Are you ready to shop then, Beth?”

Beth caught his reaction and grinned back at Mike.

“You bet, let’s do it!”

From that moment on, Mike never had a chance. At every opportunity through the day Beth flashed her boobs at him and made sure he would have the chance to stare at her long legs. Beth nudged him with her breasts when the opportunity arose, which in a full department store was often. She also leant over him at one point to pick something from a store shelf and he could feel her breasts press into his arm and shoulder.

On occasion, Beth even bent over to reach items on a low shelf, and deliberately did this when Mike was behind her; bending at the waist and keeping her long legs straight. Mike could not fail to notice, but just how much he noticed, Beth couldn’t tell.

At times Mike was breathing a little too heavily, he was definitely feeling flustered; definitely turned on by his sister-in-law. He wondered what Maggie would think if he told her what affect Beth was having on him.

On occasion Beth turned around suddenly and quickly in order to catch Mike staring at her. She caught him more than a few times as the day wore on.

Beth’s plan was going well, Mike was feeling the effect of this sexy woman in front of him, but what Mike was not expecting was Beth’s final shop where he would be reduced to lustful thoughts that could end up ruining a man.

Beth entered the sexiest lingerie shop in the mall.

“Mike could you help me in here, please?” she asked.

“Umm yeah what do you want,” replied Mike.

“Well I need to get a few sexy things before I go back home, and well, I have never bought anything sexy unless a bloke has said that it looks good on me – would you mind being that bloke today?” she asked.

Mike was unsure, but what could he say.

“Ummm yeah, I guess so,” he replied, not knowing whether Maggie would approve or not, but decided it wouldn’t hurt. It was, after all, only a few bras and knickers, thought Mike.

Beth browsed the store and sure enough collected a few bras and knickers and then decided on some playwear. She even picked up a nice leather item that she knew she could have fun with.

“Would you come with me to the changing rooms Mike?” she asked. “I will call you in when I want your opinion. Is that OK?”

“Yeah sure!” replied Mike.

First it was the bra and knickers set.

”Mike-” called Beth.

”Yeah – that looks good on you Beth – really good!” said Mike, shaking his head approvingly.

“Thanks Mike – next item then,” she giggled.

There followed another pair of knickers and bra combinations and then Beth put on the basque with suspenders – the type that cupped her breasts on top rather than covering them.

“What do you think Mike?” Beth looked into Mike’s eyes and waited for the response.

Mike just stared at her.

“Wow, Beth!” he said, “you look, ummm, stunning in that – but don’t tell Maggie I said so.”

Although Mike’s line was professionally spun, his groin was saying other things to him. The way Beth’s breasts sat on top of that outfit was unbelievable.

Beth giggled at the thought; she loved every minute of her teasing and knowing what was going to happen that evening was making it even more fun. Beth was onto the final item; a leather playsuit that just about covered her pussy lips, the thong disappeared between the cheeks of her arse and only covered each nipple as it rose to a halter neck tie-off.

Maggie stayed inside the cubicle for this one, and behind the door. She peeked around the door to shout at Mike.

“Mike–", she called.

 “You’re gonna have to come in to see this one!” she exclaimed.

“Oh! Okay,” said Mike and started strutting towards the cubicle.

He entered the cubicle and Beth instructed that he close his eyes. She positioned him at the other end. Mike did as he was told and Beth closed the door.

“Right, turn around and open your eyes. Say exactly what you think, especially if you don’t like it,” she said.

Mike turned and looked.

“Oh fuck yeah!” was the only thing Mike could say.

“You like it then,” she replied, a little hesitant, “what about behind?” asked Beth as she turned around.

“Fuck me,” said Mike as quietly as possible, then followed it with. “Lovely arse Beth, shame there’s nothing there!”

The back of the outfit was lacking any fabric whatsoever; Beth took the comment as a compliment as she turned to face Mike again.

“You like it then!” she exclaimed.

“I think it’s wonderful – buy two,” he said, “one for Maggie, I’ll give you the money later.”

Beth caught a glimpse of his cock as she lowered her head. It had grown and was visibly straining in his jeans.

“Right then, we had better be off!” she exclaimed.

Mike shook himself out of the trance and stopped himself from staring at her breasts and pussy and finally left the cubicle.

Beth bought one set of matching bra and knickers and the leather playsuit. She also bought one for Maggie as well, but without Mike knowing.

On the way home they made polite conversation. Beth was as horny as hell and couldn’t wait until the evening. Mike remained quiet; all sorts of thoughts were running through his head. He was attracted to Beth for sure, he saw a lusty, sexy woman in the store that he had not seen at the house. She had wonderful breasts and a wonderful looking pussy and arse, but thought no more of it.

Beth started a conversation; the silence was killing her.

“Did you mean what you said, back there, in the cubicle?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, when I turned around, in that leather playsuit, you said, fuck me!” Beth opened her eyes as she pronounced the last two words. The smile on her face reflected Mike’s unease.

“Just a turn of phrase, Beth, you know what I mean.”

Mike knew what he meant and what he said. He was sure that if he were not married to Maggie, Beth would have been fucked in that cubicle, in no uncertain terms.

At dinner the conversation was a little awkward. Not because of the day’s events but because Beth had filled Molly and Maggie in with everything that had happened. It was awkward because everyone knew that they were going to have the fuck of their lives that night. Everyone, that is, except Mike.

There were a lot of hints, especially from Molly who continually asked how the shopping trip had gone.

Finally, Maggie rose from the table.

”Right, you three can clear the table please, while Beth and I escape to the lounge to watch TV. Mike, are you going to join us?” asked Maggie.

“Yeah, I’ll be along as soon as we finish,” replied Mike. Maggie knew that wouldn’t be long as Molly and David would be rushing to clear things away.

In the lounge Maggie and Beth stripped off and discarded their clothes.

“He’s going to be upset at first – but then he’ll laugh about it,” said Maggie. Her thoughts turned to the day that Mike found out about her and their kids. She almost felt guilty that it was about to happen again.

“Well I think I turned him on sis,” said Beth, “especially with that last outfit.”

“Come on,” said Maggie, “let’s get your legs wide open on the sofa and give him a great view when he comes round the corner.”

“Hmmm yeah – wide open and wet,” replied Beth.

“Not that wet,” said Maggie, “Mike is going to love this – I promise,” she said.

Molly and David had just about cleared everything up in double time.

“Dad, we’ll put these last couple of things away,” said Molly.

Mike headed off to the lounge. Molly and David waited for a while before running to the door behind him.

“FUCK ME!” shouted Mike, “what – the – fuck –” his words trailed off into disbelief.

Maggie had her lips firmly on Beth’s pussy and was licking and sucking her clit. Beth’s legs were wide apart as she reclined on the sofa; the widest that Maggie had ever seen them and Beth was looking directly at Maggie’s tongue working its magic. Molly’s head appeared around the door first, followed quickly by David’s. Molly was amazed at the sight before them.

“Mmm,” said Maggie as she rose from Beth’s pussy.

“She tastes gorgeous hun,” said Maggie, “you need to lick this pussy right now, come on!”

Mike looked at Maggie, “Not again!”

Maggie smiled, nodded and slowly rose from her position.

“She wanted to fuck you today, but held off, come on she’s getting cold waiting.”

“I see,” said Mike, now smiling at Beth as she stroked her pussy. His mind pulled the leather playsuit into view.

Mike shook his head. “Always the fucking last one to join in,” he said, jokingly.

“Lick her Mike, you are really going to love this – I promise,” said Maggie.

Mike knelt on the floor and lowered his tongue to a wet and waiting pussy. He licked Beth’s pussy just as Maggie pulled his T-shirt off.

“Oh, Mike, I have been horny for this all day,” said Beth.

“Me too, Beth, if truth be told,” replied Mike, glancing sideways at Maggie as he continued to lick her.

 “Mmm you’re so wet,” said Mike.

“Just you wait hun,” interrupted Maggie.

Mike licked some more and Beth started on her route to orgasm.

“Oh fuck yeah, lick it Mike, lick it,” she instructed.

“Stick two fingers up her, Mike, curl them upwards,” said Maggie, lust-crazed and desperate to see him covered in girl juice.

Mike did as instructed.

Molly was taking in the scene from the doorway while bent over at the waist, she was egging Beth on, silently, while David’s cock was stuffed right in her pussy as he shafted her from behind. She couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in front of her and, like her mother, was desperate to see Beth cum all over her dad’s face.

“Look David, look!” exclaimed Molly, excitedly.

Beth came quickly with Mike’s fingers inside her while his tongue flicked at her clit.

”You beautiful fucking licker,” said Beth as she let it all go. She squirted directly into his mouth.

She squirted some more but Mike could do nothing but get covered in female ejaculate. His face was covered, he tasted it and to his surprise, it tasted good!

“Fuck me, Beth that was something else.”

“Do it more Mike – lick it more,” said Maggie.

Mike continued his oral onslaught and was rewarded with a second and third gush of girl juice all over his upper body. On the last squirt, both Mike and Maggie tried to swallow as much female spunk as they could.

“Come and fuck me Mike, that always makes me squirt more,” said Beth.

Mike jumped at the chance to fuck Beth and dropped his jeans in record time. He sat on the sofa and Beth lowered herself on top of him with his cock straight up inside her and facing into the room. She started to fuck his cock and feel its length and girth inside her.

“Fuck he’s nice sis,” she said.

“You bet,” said Maggie.

Beth started to fuck Mike’s cock in earnest. Her head shook from side to side as her eyes closed and opened on their own accord; in unison to the pleasure she was feeling. A smile covered her face when she clocked Molly on all fours in the doorway with David fucking her wildly from behind.

Maggie took a secondary role and let her sister fuck Mike’s cock for a while; at least until Beth started groaning again. She always made that familiar sound when she was about to spurt and Maggie was straight onto her cunt to swallow all she could. Beth’s juices flowed into Maggie’s mouth as she swallowed it all.

Through all of this, Mike was doing his best to stop himself from coming too soon. He wanted to give Beth the best fuck he could.

“Fuck David, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to have some of that,” said Molly as she extricated herself from David’s cock and almost ran to where her mother was kneeling.

Molly knelt on the floor, pushing her mother to one side as Beth was about to squirt again. Molly caught it all in her mouth and quickly swallowed the lot.

David was not all that far behind Molly, but on arriving and joining the others, decided that it was his mother that was going to get his stiff cock next.

Maggie presented her bottom to David on all fours, offering him the option as to which hole he chose. David slipped his cock inside her wet cunt and started to fuck her senseless until he spurted inside her. There was no finesse, just quick urgent sex.

Maggie moaned out loud at the rapid sexual activity of his cock pounding into her causing Mike to look over at his wife. Seeing her rutting on the carpet caused Mike’s orgasm to reach the point of no return. The same effect was felt by Beth as she watched her sister being fucked by her own son.

Molly was oblivious to it all as she sucked the juices coming out of Beth’s cunt.

“That is so fucking horny,” said Beth, “so fucking wicked,” as she lifted her bum upwards and fucked Mike’s cock.

Mike came inside Beth; releasing a few moans and groans of his own. He pushed his cock deep inside and held it firm. Beth realised that it would be the end of her wonderful fuck and rocked her body to bring herself off one more time.

“I want it dad – all over my fucking face,” said Molly.

It was too late for Mike to remove his cock and he pumped all his seed into Beth’s cunt. Beth accepted it all and held back on her orgasm until Mike had finished. With a wicked smile on her face she lifted herself off Mike as her orgasm ripped through her; clenching her pussy she gushed a mixture of spunk and pussy juice into her niece’s face.

Beth seemed to squirt for ages, covering Molly’s face and even reaching her hair. Beth thought that was an awesome sight. She immediately jumped off Mike, lowered herself to the floor and started to lick the juices off Molly’s face.

Beth eventually looked over towards Mike, grabbed his cock and sunk her lips down on it. The three of them had forgotten about Maggie and David but turned their attention to the pair as they lay there, both recovering.

Everyone was in a state of sexual disarray as they sat around the lounge and on the floor; panting hard after all the exertion.

“Well, I guess we can all get back to normal now,” said Maggie.

“Thank fuck for that,” echoed Mike and David almost synchronously.

“Welcome to our very special family Beth,” said Maggie, “I never knew you were a bisexual, or that you would even consider sex with your own sister, let alone be prepared to share my husband and teenage kids – this has been a truly remarkable discovery for everyone I think.”

“I am so glad we found each other in this way Maggie,” said Beth, “so, so glad – you are so very special to me; more now than ever.”

“Welcome, you sexy bitch,” said Mike, as he ruffled Beth’s hair.

Beth rested back between Mike’s thighs. His cock rested by the side of her shoulder and she wore the biggest grin ever.

“I could stay for another week,” announced Beth, looking at Mike’s manhood twitching in post-orgasmic bliss.

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