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Mom, Is That You? - The Lake Cabin

A trip to the vacation cabin becomes mother-son extreme bonding experience

I thought we had a typical family: my husband, two sons and myself. My boys had grown up. One was married now and the other just finished his first year in college. We always tried to make sure there was family time no matter how hectic our schedules were. It was important, but this year it just wasn't going to work out.

You see, it was supposed to be our normal July vacation at our Utah lake cabin, but my husband had an important work deal that he had to close. If everything went well, it would double his salary for the year, so I couldn't be mad at him for not coming. My older son, Darian, and his wife had delivered our first granddaughter (I was too young to be a grandma) a month previous and they didn't want to be dragging her all over the country.

I was determined that what was left of our family was going to continue our tradition, so my younger son, Darius, and I were going - no matter what. We packed up my SUV with a week's worth of supplies and gear then struck out at four in the morning on the twelve-hour drive from Redding to Yuba Lake, Utah.

It was a long haul, but we swapped off driving duties, talked about his first year at USC and listened to a lot of music. This trip would allow us to get reacquainted. I think his leaving home affected me more than I expected. After he left, it was so quiet around the house - no more constant stream of his friends or girls coming by. I guess I was suffering a little from "Empty-Nest Syndrome".

We had always had a great relationship even when he was just a kid. He liked to tell me everything about his life. I knew I'd miss those conversations, but never this much. I wouldn't admit it, but he was always Mom's favorite. I don't know why exactly, but we always seemed to connect perfectly on so many levels. Now, he was a handsome, smart, young man and I was very proud of him and his accomplishments.

As soon as we arrived, Darius unpacked the car while I put the food away. There were a couple times when I noticed him just standing there looking at me, I finally said, "Hey, don't just stand there looking. Put the bags in the bedrooms." Soon everything was unpacked and we decided to take a walk around the lake and get some fresh air. When we returned to our cabin, we were both hungry. I'd pre-cooked dinner before we left Redding because I remembered that drive from previous years. All I had to do was nuke it and make a salad.

* Son

As I know now, my brother and I grew up in a very liberal household - three males and a lovely female, my mom. I didn't notice Mom too much growing except she loved us, took care of us and worked, too - the real "Super Mom".

The first time that I became aware that my mom was a real beauty was that Thanksgiving when my dad's recently divorced brother would stare at her a lot and whisper comments like "Your Mom's pretty hot." I noticed that he ogled her breasts when she wasn't looking then he'd rub himself. I was sixteen, but after that, I started thinking differently about her. She was a beautiful woman.

Being in a house with three males, we were all uninhibited about our bodies. Most of the time, we all walked around half-naked, including my mom. It just wasn't a big deal, but after Thanksgiving, I did begin to notice her tits and they were a lot bigger than most of my friends' moms'. She always took her bath around eight, and after that, she'd dress in her nightgown, which was pretty transparent.

I could see the outline of her areolas and her bush. She never wore anything underneath it, but if it was really cold, she'd wear something over it. I always hated the winter because of that. There were times during the winter when her housecoat would flop open and I would get a glimpse of her nipples sticking straight out in the cool air.

After my brother left for college, I always had Mom to look at because she hadn't changed her nightly routine and I would jack off regularly after watching her walk around the house. Her tits would bounce up and down or sway from side to side and every now and then I'd get a peek at her pussy hair. I knew what it was covering up and I wished I could see hers. I finally started getting some young tuna from a couple girls in my class, but Mom's was always a mystery.

Sometimes when we'd go on summer vacations, we'd rent a beach house on a desolate portion of the California coast. Mom would sunbathe without her top. She really had nice tits. I liked to watch them after she came out of the water and lay on a towel. The breeze would cause her nipples to grow stiff and stick up about an inch or more. It was so hot that I usually went into the house to jack off after witnessing that.

From inspecting her undergarments, I found out that they were 36Ds, her panties were 34s and her jeans had a 26-inch waist. Mom's attire was a little slutty at times. She seemed to enjoy showing off what she had and I think Dad liked having her on his arm that way. She's a little bit of an exhibitionist and relishes having people ogle her. She kept all my friends in a constant state of arousal during high school. They all said that they really liked her. I knew what they meant  - they'd like to fuck her. She was a MILF.

Like my brother, I went off to college and found plenty of chicks to fuck. I enjoyed making them do things to me or letting me do things to them. My brother had taught me a lot of stuff. Apparently, some of it was deemed perverted by most of the girls I dated, but the ones that got into it really enjoyed the activities.

After my first year, Mom and I had the chance to go on a week-long July vacation to our lakeside cabin in Utah. Dad had some business thing he couldn't miss and my brother was married so he couldn't make it either.

Mom said, "It'll be nice, just the two of us and all that quiet."

We arrived at our sylvan cabin by the lake. It wasn't large just two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room with a fireplace and a big picture window looking onto the lake and a bath with shower. I unpacked the car as we settled in. Mom was putting all the food stuff away and I was enjoying watching her stretch and lean over the counter to reach the top shelf to put various items in their place. She still had nice tits. I always enjoyed coming to this place. The scenery was beautiful; the fishing was good; the air was fresh and I had many great memories from past trips.

We spent the rest of the day just walking around the lake to see if anything had changed. With all that fresh air, I had worked up a sizable appetite. Mom fixed a sensible but scrumptious dinner.

After dinner, we sat and talked about my first year at the university. She knew I was sexually active and asked about how my love life was going. I was embarrassed for about two seconds and responded pretty well, actually. A sly smile rippled across her lovely lips and her eyes seemed to brighten just a little more. Mom and I always had open communication. She even talked with me about bedroom problems between her and Dad. Soon it was eight o'clock, Mom excused herself to take her bedtime shower.

When she returned, she said, "I'm done, but you probably need to wait a few minutes to let the water heater catch up."

She was wearing her normal attire - a see-through nightie with nothing underneath. My trouser snake started to squirm. I could see her tits and that patch of dark cunt hair. There wasn't much left to the imagination. My thoughts of fucking her were quickly dispelled by normal mores saying that it's not morally acceptable, but I could look. After all, she was a beautiful woman.

Finally, I heard the water heater shut off and headed for the shower. Once I was clean and dry, I returned to the living room in my underwear and a bathrobe. Mom and I talked for about another hour. I'd get a glimpse at her pubes when she re-positioned herself while talking. It was getting late and we were both tired from the long drive, so we each settled into our respective bedrooms for the night.

I like to sleep in the nude as it affords me opportunities to jack off at any time during the night or first thing in the morning. This night, it began as soon as my butt hit the bed. The sight of my mom traipsing around half-naked had my thoughts on my cock. While lying there, I'd think about my fuck sessions during college, but every now and then, I'd think about my mom, too. I came on my belly. One of the perverted things that my brother taught me was to enjoy the taste of cum. I scooped it up and licked my hand clean then quickly fell asleep.

* Mom

We were both tired and in need of a shower. It was only eight o'clock, but I knew that if I didn't get ready for bed, I'd fall asleep on the sofa. After my shower, I threw on my nightie and returned to the living room.

After my son took his shower, we talked for another hour. I was brave enough to ask him how his love life was. I didn't want to be surprised with a fiancee out of the blue like his brother did. From his comments and to my relief, he was playing the field and had not settled in on one girl.

Thank goodness, it was finally dark enough to go to bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

* Son

The next day started out bright and sunny, I decided to go fishing off the dock. I grabbed my gear, the cup of worms I'd bought at the bait house across the lake the day before, a folding chair and set up residence at the end of the dock. I'd been there about thirty minutes when Mom showed up in her bikini. I don't know if it was an older one that was too small for her, but it was barely covering anything. She looked so hot.

She said, "You don't mind if I sunbathe while you fish?"

"Of course not, but you have to be quiet. I've had a few bites. We don't want to spook the fish," I replied.

She sat in front of me and asked me to put lotion on her back and shoulders. As I did, she slid her straps off and the bikini top slipped down a little. I could see her nipples. They were already hard and I was quickly getting that way. I'm not sure which pole was longer - my fishing pole or the one in my pants. Once I had thoroughly coated her back and shoulders, she spread her towel and lay down next to me.

After a few minutes, I looked down and saw her belly, chest and legs were glistening with beads of sweat. She looked like Raquel Welch behind those Foster Grants. Man, was my mom a sexy woman. She rolled over to cook the other side and now I was watching her nice ass as she twitched around.

I was hard as a rock and filled with shame, but I convinced myself, it's okay to just look. She didn't go topless because there were too many people at the lake. I caught a few rainbow trout and we were going to have them for dinner later.

We returned to the cabin and both took a quick shower. After cooking in the sun, Mom didn't want to be in the kitchen cooking something else, so we went to the local eating joint for a burger.

We got a booth and she patted the seat next to her and said, "How 'bout if my big boy sits next to his mom, so we can talk some more?"

I slid in next to her.

We began a wide-ranging conversation covering all kinds of topics. When she wanted to emphasize her point, she'd put her hand about mid-thigh on my leg and rub it up and down while talking to me. I'd forgotten how smart Mom was. After all, she did have a Ph.D. We finished our lunch and started the walk back to the cabin, which was difficult for me with a raging hard-on.

She said, "I wish your dad would have conversations like that with me. That was just mentally invigorating. I just love you to death, son."

She threw her arm around me, pulled me in and kissed me. I replied, "Mom, please!"

She retorted, "Yes, I forgot. You're too big to have your mom show you how much she loves you. Sorry if I embarrassed you."

Now I felt bad. I replied, "I'm sorry, Mom. You just caught me by surprise. I'm not embarrassed. I'm glad you love me so much."

I gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. She beamed a big smile.

* Mom

The next morning, the sun seemed to rise extra early and with its full intensity. After breakfast, my son decided to get his line wet and test his fishing skills. It was perfect tanning weather  - lots of sun, a nice cool breeze off the lake, and I had my iPod full of music. I had brought a couple different bikinis. I picked the skimpy one, so I'd get the maximum tan.

Since I needed someone to lotion up my back and shoulders, I approached my son sitting at the end of our dock. I sat down in front of him and slid the straps of my top off so he could lather me up. It was a nice sensation  - the contrast of his warm hands and the cool lotion sliding over my skin. I got a shiver when a cool breeze blew off the lake, I felt my nipples harden. I hoped he didn't notice.

I put on my sunglasses and lay down. After about twenty minutes, I rolled over. During that time, my son caught three fish. He was really satisfied with himself  - Mister Outdoorsman. We would eat them for dinner.

From our activities, we'd both gotten sweaty and needed a shower. I took mine first. Since it was lunchtime, I suggested that we go to the burger joint down the road. We set out walking. Once we arrived, I picked a booth and asked my son to sit next to me so we could continue our conversation from the night before. I was amazed at how much he'd learned about life this year.

Our conversation covered many different topics and my son seemed to have an opinion on most of them. That was very encouraging and I was taken with and very satisfied with his maturity. I was proud of the man he was becoming and had become. My baby was grown up.

On our walk back to the cabin, I said, "I wish your dad would have conversations like that with me. That was just mentally invigorating. I just love you to death, son."

I impulsively threw my arm around him and gave him a big kiss. Judging by his response, it must have embarrassed him, but that didn't change how much I loved him.

I knew I'd broken Parenting Rule 101: Never complain to your kids about the other parent, even if it's true. There was much more I would have liked to have shared with him about his dad, but it was too painful a subject to bring up. Things between his dad and me had gotten much worse after my son left for school.

I guess it was because we had to talk to each other again. We were two different people, living separate lives under the same roof. We didn't know each other anymore. Our interests and views on things that mattered had changed. We weren't on the same page. I don't know if we were even in the same book. We had nothing left in common but our kids. I felt dead inside and stuck in our relationship, but I'd already invested twenty-four years. How could I blow it up now? I felt like a zombie just staggering through this so-called life.

* Son

The rest of the afternoon and evening, we just sat around enjoying the fresh air and talking, reading or listening to music. It was delightful and we both were at ease in this bucolic place. The evening routine began about nine, Mom took her shower first and then I did. She wore a different, shorter see-through nightie.

In fact, it barely came down to her butt. Earlier in the evening, we had seen some lightning in the distance. As bedtime approached, so did the thunderstorm. We retired to our respective bedrooms as the thunderstorm arrived.

About thirty minutes later, I heard a noise and said, "Mom, is that you?"

She came into my bedroom and said, "You know how thunder scares me. Can I sleep with you?"

"Sure, but I'm naked," I replied as I lifted the covers.

"Son, you don't have anything that I haven't seen a thousand times before." Once she had slid in next to me, she asked, "Would you put your arm around me?"

I draped my arm around her waist, but she pulled it up to her chest as she intertwined her fingers between mine and snuggled her back into my chest. I could feel her breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing. Her nipple was pressed against my wrist like it was taking my pulse, which was rapidly increasing just like my cock.

The thunder was persistent. Every time a thunderclap occurred, she pulled my hand deeper between her breasts. I was hard and it was obvious. I knew she had to be feeling it growing between her legs.

I didn't know what to do. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but she was my mom. Suddenly, a lightning bolt hit very close to the cabin. The whole room lit up and was followed immediately by a tremendous boom. She nearly jumped out of the bed as she crushed my hand with hers. She rolled over and began hugging me. I couldn't help it, but my cock was poking her in the belly.

* Mom

The rest of the afternoon and evening, we just lay around the cabin sitting on the porch, reading, talking or listening to music. It was very relaxing and I loved being with someone who I related to and really loved me no matter what. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for bed. My son let me take the first shower. It was a fairly hot evening, so I wore my mini-teddy nightie.

Just as we said goodnight, a thunderstorm began and the temperature must have dropped twenty degrees.

The sound of thunder scares me to death. I feel like our dog who hides under the bed until it passes. I know it's not rational because the lightning will kill you before you hear the thunder. Well, I held out for thirty minutes until I couldn't stand it any longer. I went into my son's bedroom and asked if I could sleep with him.

I felt much safer in his bed. At least, if a bolt hit, it would kill both of us. I asked him to hold me. His hand and body were snuggly warm. I burrowed into his chest. I don't know why, but I wrapped my hand around his and held it close to me. Maybe it made me feel safer all cocooned in his warmth like a bug in a rug.

The storm sounded like it was going to last all night. Every time a clap of thunder rumbled, I squeezed my son's hand a little harder and pulled it closer. A strange feeling came over me as I realized that my son's manhood was becoming a thick, hard stick slipping between my legs.

His dad and I hadn't been together in at least six months and I started to enjoy the knowledge that I could still arouse someone. I was having unnatural thoughts about my sweet man-boy. I would surely go to hell if I acted out what I was thinking. I could feel his stick's heat growing between my thighs. It was like a hot knife melting the butter of my willpower.

Suddenly, the bedroom's darkness was illuminated like a stadium night game, which was followed by the loudest boom I'd ever heard. I almost peed. I needed to have arms holding me close. I rolled over and tightly wrapped my arms around my son's youthful body.

I'd been so lonely this last year or two and now, here was the chance to be close to someone who loved me. I resigned myself to damnation as my hand began to move my son's hand over my hard and erect nipple. My tits are very sensitive and I can have an orgasm from getting them fondled in the right way. My free hand touched his throbbing, hot manhood. It sent a chill through me. I was wet.

I gently wrapped my hand around his thick, big, hot cock and slowly slipped my hand up and down the length of his member. It was bigger and longer than his dad's. My brain immediately thought, my little boy was a fucking, big-dicked stud and I'm going straight to hell.

I was lost to passion now. There was no turning back. As I slowly but lightly stroked his cock, I felt a drop of pre-cum on the tip. His dad hadn't done that for me in years, literally. I needed to show my son what I wanted him to do because he was probably fighting his thoughts, too. I collected that drop between my thumb and forefinger. At the next lightning flash, I raised them to my lips and licked it off.

* Son

Her free hand touched it. My breathing quickened. Her hand was so soft. I felt it slowly wrap around my manhood. I was about to cum just from her touch. She moved the hand that was clutching mine and soon she was rubbing it on her tit. I felt her nipple stiffen. My head was spinning. What should I do? I knew what I wanted to do, but that's so evil and wrong.

I didn't have to make "Sophie's Choice" and be relegated to suffering a lifetime of regret. Her hand began to slide lightly up and down on my cock. I felt the size of the Washington Monument and just as hard. Her fingers released their grip on mine as she guided them to her nipple. She moved them over it again and again and moaned in my ear. My cock was oozing pre-cum.

I felt her finger trace over the head of my cock and her thumb and forefinger gently collected my drooling. During the next flash of lightning, she moved those fingers to her lips and I watched as she licked it from her fingers. I was going fucking crazy with desire for her, but she was still my mom.

I was getting acutely aroused and I thought I knew what she wanted. My fingers found her nipple and I began to pinch it. She moaned in my ear again. Her hand still had a light but firm grip on my cock. I decided to go for it. My head disappeared under the covers as my mouth found the nipple I'd been assaulting.

I feverishly began suckling the breast that first fed me as a baby. Now, it was feeding my carnal desires. She pulled me close as if to say, why has this taken so long? I started biting it, which produced louder moans. Soon my mouth was on her other nipple. She ran her hand through my hair as she pushed as much of her tit into my mouth as she could. My face was being buried in the mounds of her flesh and I loved it. Her stroking of my manhood was increasing.

I moved my hand between her legs and I felt her heat. She was on fire down there. She pushed me onto my back and quickly straddled me like I was a Sybian. Her hand positioned my cock at the entrance from which I had first emerged and slammed my rod deep into it.

She was overcome with passion as she slammed herself onto my aching meat as she screamed, "I'm cumming. Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me. Make me feel. Make me feel something." She leaned forward and said, "Suck my tits."

I couldn't refuse. I was fucking her and sucking first one tit then the other. I was sucking them hard, too. This produced even more screaming, then I was biting them hard with the same result. It's a good thing there were no cabins nearby because someone might have thought that someone was being murdered. My crotch was covered with her liquid excitement. I shot the biggest load I'd ever generated deep into my mom's cunt. She wasn't finished and needed more.

* Mom

That did the trick because his fingers started pinching my nipple hard. I moaned encouragement into his ear. Shortly, his head disappeared under the covers and his mouth found that nipple. It was electric when he attached himself to me. I needed someone to fulfill me; love me.

I felt so incredibly motherly and sexy at the same time. I pulled him tightly to my breast just hoping he would stay there forever. I certainly was going to hell. Do not pass go  - go straight to hell for eternity. I didn't care. His love would be worth it. I buried his face into my motherly flesh.

I felt his hand move between my legs and deftly slip up to my pussy. I was so hot for him. I needed him and his cock. I couldn't stand it any longer. I pushed him onto his back and straddled him like the stud I knew he'd be.

I held the knife of his manhood at the entrance to my life. I thought to myself, if you do this, there is no tomorrow. Fuck it. I plunged myself onto his knife and into my aching soul like I was committing hara-kiri. Years of agony and pain were being released in this flood of passion.

All I could say was, "I'm cumming! Oh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me feel! Make me feel something!!" I leaned forward and said, "Suck my tits."

My son, always eager to please me, sucked one then the other. He was sucking painfully hard. I loved it. I was transfixed and began screeching at the top of my lungs, releasing my pent-up inner pain. I felt him stiffen and flood me with his seed. I needed more because there was so much pain to relieve.

* Son

She pulled back the covers and dove into my crotch. Her mouth and tongue were doing wonderful things to my cock. Soon it was hard again.

She got on all fours and said, "Fuck me from behind!"

I rammed my cock as deep into her as I could. She shoved her hips to meet me, thereby thrusting me deeper into the womb from which I came.

I was filled with lust for her. All these years of seeing her and wanting her were being fulfilled tonight. I had to do it all tonight because there might never be another time like this. I smashed my cock into her as I came again. This time I didn't wait for her to tell me what she wanted. I did what I wanted.

I pushed on her back and spread her legs. Quickly my tongue was ravishing her cunt. I was sucking my cum from her pussy. I pushed my tongue deep into her as she flooded my mouth with her cum. She tasted better than anything I'd ever eaten. It tasted very sweet and its texture was a much thinner and lighter flavor, like maple syrup.

I was in an uncontrollable frenzy. After she had cum three times, I rolled her over violently as I pinned her down with my left arm. My cock was hard again as I spread her cheeks with my free hand and pushed my manhood against her brown sphincter.

"Wait, I've never had it there!" I paused for a second, but when she pushed her ass up, I knew she was presenting me her cherry.

I was too far gone now. I spit on my hand and rubbed it on her butthole. I began to push my cock into a place, I suspected, where none had ever gone before, not even Dad's. Soon I was pumping like an oil derrick just slamming myself in and out of her ass. She was screaming, but quickly it was moaning and a "different type" of screaming. She was cumming again. I came deep in her ass, but I still wasn't satiated.

I rolled her over again. This time, I straddled her face.

I began rubbing my cock across her lips and said, "Lick it. Suck it. You know you want it."

Man, did she want it. Her mouth was doing things that only years of practice could do. I was in fucking heaven. I pulled it out her mouth and came on her face.

She said, "Let me taste you."

I used my cock to gather up my facial release. As the tip of my cock with its present got close to her mouth, she'd flick her tongue out and slurp up my cum. Once most of it was in her mouth, I dove into her lips kissing her like she was Cleopatra and I was Mark Antony. These were very passionate kisses. I finally began to come down from my frenzied high and was just holding her close to my chest.

She looked into my eyes and said, "I gave you a very nice cock and you learned a lot while you were away at school." As the storm continued all night, she fell asleep in the safety of my arms.

* Mom

I knew with some inspiration that his cock would resurrect itself for the second cumming. After all, he was barely twenty. I pulled back the covers and began licking my juice and his cum off his semi-hard knife. I sucked his nuts to hasten the fulfillment of my need. His cock felt so good in my mouth. Next to being eaten, sucking cock is what I love best.

You know you've done a good job by the size of the load fired into your mouth. The feeling as a cock twitches and throbs in your mouth is indescribable. You just have to experience it. He was hard in a few minutes.

I knelt on the end of the bed on all fours and asked him to fuck me doggy style. He slammed his cock into me. I pushed in response. I hadn't been that full of cock since before I was married. He filled me up. I was in heaven for now and began cumming. My juices were raining over his cock and down my legs.

He shuddered spasmodically, hollered, "Fuck yes, babe!" and came.

He pushed me onto my back and spread my legs. His hot tongue was immediately licking and sucking his cum out of me. I was astonished at this wonderful feeling and that a man would do that for me. My son had learned more than just book stuff at college. He was a great lover. I rewarded him by flooding his mouth over and over again. He was, like me, wild with desire and lust. I felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted and I could breathe again.

He rolled me over and held me down with his arm. I was afraid and anxious, simultaneously, of what I thought he was going to do. He shoved his cock between my cheeks.

"Wait, I've never had it there!" That was the last of my virginity, but at this instant, I wanted him to have it.

He was out of control and stabbed my ass with his cock. I screamed with pain, but he wasn't going to be denied. I gave up, relaxed and it felt exciting being violated as he took and tore away my virginity there. Soon I was screaming, not from pain, but from an orgasm. It was the most intense one I'd ever experienced.

I began pushing my ass to meet his cock. He was deep inside me. I sensed his flood and the release of hot squirt after squirt blasting into my depths. I was warmed by his semen and the thought that my son was such a good cocksman at his age.

He wasn't done, as he rolled me over and sat on my chest. He rubbed his cock across my lips then said, "Lick it. Suck it. I know you want it."

He was right. I wanted it. I loved it. Finally, a cock wanted me to please it. I sucked him in with a feverous, lustful desire to please him. He pulled out and came on my face. I needed to taste him.

I said, "Let me taste you."

He used his cock as a spoon and scooped his creamy ooze to my lips. I was overcome with its heady aromatic fragrance and its taste was a little like an IPA beer  - hoppy. He surprised me with a beautiful "French" kiss. Our tongues intertwined, mixing his cum between our mouths. He pulled me into his arms and held me close. At that moment, it's just what I needed. Someone to love me and hold me safely in their strong arms.

I looked into his eyes and said, "I gave you a very nice cock and you learned a lot while you were away at school." 

The storm continued all night, I fell asleep in the safety of his arms.




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