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My Always Perfect Family, Part 2

Kitten and her father experience new pleasures and break some new taboos.
My Always Perfect Family, Part 2

As Daddy and I found out secret bliss, my days in school were spent working as hard as I could so I could have time at home with him when he arrived. He was intelligent about his arrival home, first going to see my mother, taking care of her needs, eating dinner, licking her to orgasm if necessary, and seeing her off to sleep.

My mother’s drinking continued, but I gladly helped with the housework so Daddy and I could meet nightly and talk about our days until one of us would initiate our intimate encounter. He refused to go any further than licking me to an orgasm, fearing repercussions, and premature abuse of my 16 year old body, though days from 17, and he didn’t want me to cross another boundary (penetration). His gentleness, kindness and care translated to his tongue and mouth pleasuring me, and became the sweetest tools he had, with his fingers delicately following a close second. Nine months from our first time I had perky nipples and my areolas had enlarged. I went from a double A padded bra to a B unpadded. On the nights he didn’t arrive home until late, like after 8:30, I showered and slipped into my room making sure mom was comfortable and in her room sleeping through the TV or stereo. She was starting to miss some workdays, but was still nursing first shift. Her hair was dull and her makeup could not hide the sallowness and ravages of heavy drinking in her face. She was a mess. She refused help from both my Daddy and me.

But I was blooming and happy, and getting lots of attention due to my developing figure at school. Every now and then I wore a top that showed a little cleavage, and it made me happy and proud when I caught a boy in my English 3 class looking at my chest. After a cold winter, in the spring of my junior year I began to wear lighter things, and once even wore a top that was partially sheer and went without a bra. I kept it on that night, sans the over shirt that made it modest enough for school, and modeled it for Daddy. He laughed and smiled, licking me through it and lifted it wet from his sucking from my budding chest as he settled in to suck my nipples and massage my breasts that night. He adored my body and I was beginning to like it, too.

One night, as he was finished suckling me, I had to go to the bathroom. I hopped up from the bed and when I returned he was lying on his back, his head at the end of the bed. He said, "Kitten, walk up to me and straddle my face." I was confused, but he guided me into position, backing me up to the bed so I could face him and watch what he would do and ever so gently, as he opened my labia for his tongue to enter, I watched his eyes close and the most peaceful look cross his face. For the first time I was standing over his face, straddling it, and his tongue was deeply into my vagina. The look of utter bliss on his face as he slowly and deliberately took his time with my tender pussy sent shivers through me and I could not help but moan, and when I came with my legs shaking and my teeth chattering, I flooded his face with my juices, and I watched him moan and gulp them down with such relish it amazed me.

He had a huge erection that night, and he allowed me to lick and kiss him, but would not permit me to take his cock in my mouth. I found that if I licked slowly up the shaft he really liked it and that night he finally let me kiss and lick the head of his penis while he came. His taste was salty and tart, and I only tasted a little but I vowed to get used to the taste and do better the next time he let me do it. After he recovered a bit, he begged me to straddle him again, and I gratefully complied. This time I moved my body over his face, and sensing my pleasure, he moved me to the bed, where I knelt over him and he grabbed my hips and pulled me up and down so I could grind myself into his mouth. I went wild with abandon then, I just let go and responded like a wild animal. I rubbed my breasts, pulled the nipples out, started rocking back and forth and just let his tongue do its work. I began to arch my back, spread my legs very far apart, and gave him total access.

One time I slid up too far and his tongue grazed very close to my little asshole, and I started screaming in ecstasy. He spread my ass cheeks with his hands and kept licking, unwilling to end my orgasmic ride. I flooded his face during my orgasm with so much fluid that he almost choked, but he kept on licking and sucking until I begged him to stop. I rolled over and found his cock, licked off the pre-cum and licked it until he came again, this time stroking him while he begged me to stop. I left his penis covered in his own cum and cuddled up next to him, sated and happy and we slept until the alarm went off at 11 PM, when he sneaked back down to mom’s room.

For the first time in my life I understood what it was to awaken with an ache to have another orgasm, to have a lover that wanted to please me more than anything else in the world, to want to overcome my fears of intimacy, and desperately wanting to overcome my fear of performing fellatio and dealing with the gag reflex. I also felt, for the first time, the overwhelming need to self-satisfy my body, to massage my own breasts, feeling the tips of my nipples, their response to being sucked and licked, the ease of arousal now, and the absolute fire I found in my pussy, that now craved his touch, his kiss and his wet and talented tongue. I wished I could open my legs ever wider to get all I could get from him and so he could bury his head between my legs and live there.

The new facesitting we incorporated was often worked into our time together over the next two weeks, until one night he told me to lie on my tummy as he gave me a back rub. He had a twinkle in his eyes, and I figured something was up, but I had no idea exactly what it was until I felt him stretch out behind me between my legs and use his strong hand to spread my little butt cheeks. I tried to turn over to see what he was doing but he held me in place and told me to just lie down and relax, so I did. The next thing I knew he was rimming my little bum hole, gently licking and rejecting my objections, holding me in place and ordering me to lie down and enjoy it. I felt his tongue in my rosebud pushing hard. My head swirled with conflicting feelings. I was afraid.

I pinched my butt cheeks together but he again pulled them apart. This time his strong hands held my cheeks open and he moved up the bed and solidly into my ass, and started digging his tongue into its little hole. I had to trust, I told myself, I had to trust that this was OK and not dirty and gross. I let go, relaxed and he was able to get his tongue inside. I wiggled all over the bed, and all at once he pulled my hips up and just stuck his strong tongue in my rosebud, continuing to pry my cheeks open further and further, licking furiously and sticking in it deeper and deeper until I was on all fours, and I grabbed my own cheeks to let him do it over and over, as he lapped and lapped me until I came from total enjoyment of the most taboo of taboos. I twisted my body around, found his throbbing cock, and commenced to licking it like a lollipop as he grabbed my pussy and pulled me down to give me another two orgasms. We were in the 69 position, and he was as helpless to stop me as I was to stop him. I closed my eyes tightly, and began to lick and now suck his oozing penis. I spun my tongue around and around the head, and then opening my mouth to go down on him. I only pushed down about an inch before he came, and I stopped sucking to let his spurting cock splatter my face. As his orgasm subsided, I wiped my face off on my bed sheets and licked the remaining cum from the tip of his cock.. It was then that we heard a crash in the kitchen, so he quickly dressed and ran to help mom who had dropped something from the refrigerator and spilled it all over the floor. I waiting in vain for him to return that night, but he did not.

I didn’t know just how to feel that night, thinking to myself that I could not believe I was the girl I used to be, becoming the woman I now was and how in the world could I actually LIKE him licking my rosebud! Only years later was I to learn about the joys of anal pleasure…..

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