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My Beautiful Wife and Daughter

My wife helps me take my daughters virginity

My wife kelly and I have been married for 17 years and have had a wonderful sex life. She is 36 and takes great care of herself as do I. We have a 16 year old daughter Stacy and have always been fairly open about sex with her, answering any questions she may have.

One evening our Stacy was over a friends house so the wife and I took the opportunity to watch a porn in the living room and enjoy ourselves. We both got naked on the couch and started the film. I got hard pretty fast and Kelly was getting excited. She spread her legs and begin touching her pussy, I sight I loved to watch. I watched as she rubbed her clit, occasionally sticking a finger or two inside herself. She had her first orgasm in very little time. I had precum dripping from the tip of my Penis just from watching. I couldn't take it anymore I needed inside her. I had her get on her knees and I slid my cock inside her. I was pounding away and we didn't hear Stacy's car door. Just as I was coming the front door opens and Stacy walks in, her dad coming inside her mother on the living room floor. She apologizes and runs to her room. We stop the movie and throw our robes on. Kelly tells me she'll go talk to our daughter. I tell her I would like to go as well.

We walk into our daughter room. She apologizes again explaining her friend got in trouble so she had to leave. She laughed as she says she never thought she'd walk in on us having sex. Kelly says sorry about that. Stacy says it ok and then shocked us by saying, it was kind of hot. She had already changed into some small pajama shorts and a tank top. no bra to conceal her b sized breast. I never told anyone but I had thought about her often in a wrong way and was now. My penis started to get erect as I stared at my daughter and poked through my robe. Stacy saw it and stared at my erection. Kelly noticed and said cover that up. I said sorry and left the room. Kelly soon followed. Back in our room kelly told me we should be more careful from now on. She opened my robe and began sucking my hard cock. After only a moment Stacy came walking in. Mom I have a question. Kelly looked up and had saliva from her mouth to my cock yes honey.

Stacy just stood there frozen. Kelly stopped sucking me and told Stacy to come over to the bed. Mom does it hurt to do that. My wife shocked the hell out me, why don't you try it. Yuck mom thats gross. My wife told her its actually very enjoyable and she should learn how anyway why not now. I was so hard at this point I thought the slightest touch would make me explode. Kelly placed her mouth back on my cock and said just like this. She showed her what to do. Stacy was very nervous as she touch her first cock, she slowly touched me and then placed her little mouth around me. She easily slipped me in like she had done it before. She begins bobbing her mouth up and down on her fathers cock. I couldn't take it very long and shot a load of cum down my daughters throat. She swallowed it. Kelly had opened her robe by this point and was touching her pussy. Wow I said that was amazing.

Kelly asked Stacy if she enjoyed that. Yes I did now i'm going to have to go masterbate too. Why don't you do it here Kelly asked our daughter. Was this really happening. Kelly helped our daughter undress and laid her down on our bed. Her tiny pussy was glistening as she spread he legs. Stacy began rubbing herself on her parents bed. Kelly soon joined in both of them touching themselves in front of me. I started to get hard again from this fantasy come true. Kelly leaned over and gave our daughter a passionate kiss. She then asked her if she was still a virgin. Yes of course I am mommy. Kelly reached over and touched her daughters pussy, here let me. She rubbed our daughter to a orgasm. Oh mom that was amazing. can I try. sure. Stacy took her hands and explored her mom. She began rubbing her mothers pussy. I need to be in something. I walked over and had Kelly suck my cock. Stacy was fingering and rubbing her mom to orgasm as She sucked me. I knew what I really wanted though and that was my daughter.

I looked at Stacy and asked if she was ready to lose her virginity. I don't know. Kelly said no you cant do that. I explained Its better me than some high school boy. Kelly said No again but I ignored her asking Stacy, do you want your daddy to fuck you. Im scared dad. Its ok. I lowered my head and began licking her pussy getting it lubed up. I was in bliss her pussy tasted so good. She came on my mouth. Kelly said there you happy. No I want inside her. I said maybe your right but only maybe. I said well I need to cum now. I spread My wife's legs apart and pounded her pussy with our daughter next to us watching. I quickly filled my wife's pussy up with my cum.

We fell asleep but I knew this wasn't over, I need to convince my wife to let me deflower our daughter......


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