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My Date With My Twin Brother

My Date With My Twin Brother

A guy needs a chance to woo a woman, even if the woman is the guy's sister.

I licked my lips as opened my door and I saw him. "Oh, you are going to take a shower now, Todd? Dare I also ask, do you just need some time alone so you can relive yourself without mom knowing? I'm positive that you loved having your twin sister suck on your cock, so it is a valid theory. Especially when I told you not to tell mom."

Even after he closed the door, I continued to slather my lips, and then my right hand calmly slithered into my panties.

"Even as I'm out in the open where mom could come out and see me, I'm rubbing my pussy, Todd. I adored sucking your dick and of course, cherished the moment when you shot my face. I certainly relished pleasing you, that was my real prize. I love my family, so I'll do anything for you, little brother. Mom too, but you lucked out. I don't just blow every guy that wants it from me, but I did it for you. My hand is soaked now, Todd. I would certainly hope you'd love that if you knew about it. There is the water, so you are naked and most likely jacking off right now. The feeling is remarkable."

I masturbated and shook a little bit too. I failed to lower my panties or shorts, but I still pressed my luck and just pleasured myself thinking about me making Todd feel good. Having my juice submerge my hand was life-affirming, and I felt tingles surging throughout my body.

I only rubbed my pussy lips for the time being, but as time went on, I appeared to be better and better. I just felt the desires for my brother, despite what that really meant. A few tears even formed on my face, and I clenched my other fist. 

"Fuck it," I muttered before I opened my eyes.

I calmly went back into my bedroom, but kept my eyes on the door. I didn't even shut it, I just pushed my shorts down and then took off my top as well.

I brought my hands to my bra. "I know you want to see me, Todd," I mentioned, undoing it. "So, I'm gonna grant you the privilege," I said before I took it off.

I pushed my panties down as well and lazily made my way back to the door. I peeked out there, but only heard the TV playing in the living room. I calmly walked out into the hallway, and the cold air immediately hit my body.

I licked my lips as I arrived at the door. "Get ready to see your twin sister completely naked, Todd. I'm sure I'll get your cock as hard as a rock. A few shivers aren't going to slow me down," I whispered before I grabbed onto the knob.

I lazily turned it and opened the door without making a sound.

I closed it and peeked at the shower door. "I can see Todd's blurry figure now, and dare I ask, is that his hand down there rubbing his member?" I whispered, prior to bringing my right hand to my pussy.

"Oh, yes, sis," I heard him moan.

I cheesed and just played with my cherry for a moment. I never parted my eyes from him and felt my slit becoming rather hot.

"I know I saw him cumming on my face, but I want to see him spurt out more of his seed, even if it isn't anywhere on me," I susurrated before I slowly began walking towards the shower.

"Fuck, I love you, sis. I want to fuck you so badly. I'd shove my cock into your pussy, mouth or even your asshole if it turns you on."

'No, my pussy and mouth will both be fine, I was just teasing before,' I thought before I grabbed onto the end of the door.

I opened it up and instantly peeked at him. "Oh, you are cumming, Todd."

"Sis?" he asked, jerking his body towards me.

His cock spit out a couple of shots on my legs before he angled his pecker away. It was hot, and just made me jiggle around a bit too.

I covered my mouth with one hand. "Thank you, Todd," I giggled.

He immediately turned around. "Sis, why are you naked in here?"

"What, don't you want to see me, Todd?" I pondered, getting into the shower with him.

He swallowed. "Yes, but not like this, Celcia. I didn't want just to see you, I thought I'd earn it from you."

"What do you mean?" I pondered, getting close to him. "Did you want to take me on a date and woo me?"

"Yes, I guess. You already gave me head, and I really don't want you to feel like a slut. I want you to feel like the queen you are."

"Oh, that is so sweet of you," I commended him, wrapping my arms around him.

My breasts pressed onto his back, and my pussy touched his butt somewhat too.

"I love you, Todd," I whispered before my right hand came onto his rod.

"No, sis," he protested, breaking away from me.

He turned around, but covered his eyes. I just crossed my arms and waited for him for a couple of minutes.

My foot began tapping the floor after that. "Would you at least look at me? We both know you love and want me. And wow, your dick is large, Todd. How much did you love it when I sucked on it for you? Enough to want me to take it in my mouth again?" I pondered before a pause. "I can you are jiggling around, and I'm not even touching you. Would you like to have sex in the shower, Todd? I'm a woman who will do anything for family," I assured him before I grabbed onto his arms.

I tugged his hands down somewhat and looked right into his eyes. "If you are gonna turn me down, then just ask me out already. I promise I'll say 'Yes.', Todd."

He uncovered his face and examined the front half of my body. I saw his eyes widen and his face cheese like never before.

"So? Do you need a minute to watch the fireworks first?" I asked.

"Holy shit, you are dazzling, Celica," he complimented me before he peeked back at my face. "Every single part of your body is superb; you have perfectly sized melons with ideally shaped pink nipples. I also love that landing strip too, sis. I love you dearly as my sister, but damn, you have a great body that drives me wild."

"Would you like to touch me? You may feel any part of my body with any part of yours," I let him know, closing the gap. "Incestuous relationships can make you feel good, but you have to let yourself want it," I informed him, wrapping my right hand around his wood.

I placed my other hand on the base and stroked his manhood rather slowly. He was slightly taller than me, so my forehead pressed to eyes.

"Come on, touch me already, bro. I love you, and you love me, so feel me as I give you another hand job. You have literally nothing to be ashamed of; your feelings are your own, period."

"Sis, may I just kiss you first?"

"Sure," I answered, bringing my head back. "I told you that you could touch any part of my body with any part of yours."

He licked his lips for a couple of seconds before he gradually leaned towards me. "I love you, Celcia."

"I love you too, Todd, now kiss me already. I want our lips together as I make you cum on my stomach and boobs. Don't you want that to happen?"

He failed to make eye contact with me or kiss me. Although, my hand never stopped moving and he couldn't stop vibrating either.

"I know you want to fuck me, Todd, so why are you fighting the urge?"

"You're my sister, Celica; I can't just accept sex from you. I feel it is incredibly disrespectful to you, even if you are ready and willing. I want you to feel the spark."

I lowered my head somewhat. "I am ready for you, and it isn't disrespectful, twin brother," I cried, slowing down my strokes. "I think it would just be hot as hell for us to fuck each other. I'm your sister, and you should have sex with me if I ask you to, Todd."

I shed a few tears, and he encased his arms around me. His dick and my hands went up to my stomach, and we held that position for over a minute. I couldn't rub his member much, but I did a little bit. After a moment, he suddenly applied pressure to me. I just heard him moan, but he didn't actually speak.

I smiled as I knew what was coming. "Cum for your twin sister, Todd," I requested, angling it up.


We didn't make eye contact, but after a few more seconds, I got another dose of his seed.

"There it is again, Todd, douse those titties for your big sister. I feel all of your boiling hot cum, and it is making me want you even more."

It bolted up mighty fast and attacked our stomachs. It got some of my tits, but our chests were closed off for the most part. It didn't matter because the incestuous pleasure was already through the roof.

We continued to hold each other for another moment, but then we let go of each other. "Thank you for the seed tan," I said, bringing my fingers to my stomach.

I rubbed it in as I eyeballed it the whole time. After thirty seconds, I slanted my head back up, and he came right to me. He took us both to the back wall and pasted his lips onto mine. His hands also made the trip to my butt as mine found their place on his.

The water continued to come out, and we enjoyed a very intimate moment together. Feeling Todd's lips on mine and his front on my stomach, tits, and chest, it just made me tingle throughout my body. I found an unknown paradise, and he made me want to soar through it.

We made out for over ten minutes before his lips separated from mine. "Sis, could I ask you out on a date?"

"Then you'll let yourself fuck me?"

"I guess, yes. I just want this to be right, that's all. I loved it when you gave me head and that hand job, but I want to make it clear that I don't just care about sex. I want you, sis."

"You mean that you might want to put a bun in my oven at some point?"

He stayed quiet for a moment. "Maybe," he confessed before bit his bottom lip.

I took his hands in mine. "Even though I'm your sister?"

"I guess, yes. You just make me crazy, Celcia. You are just some woman, to say the least, and I really have no idea why I feel these feelings for you, but I do."

"Where do you want to go?"

"I'm gonna let you pick."

"How about that steakhouse by the mall? Not too fancy or too casual, sound good?"

He nodded. "Could I have one more kiss?"

"I'll give you another blow job if you ask me nicely."

"No," he mentioned, leaning towards me. "Just a kiss," he muttered, prior to pressing his lips to mine again.

We made out for another moment, and his hands made it to my butt again. He caressed it for the time being, and I even felt a couple of tears flowing down his cheeks.

"Can we go out tonight?" he pondered while still kissing me.

"Yes, I'll have the condoms ready."

His lips parted from mine. "You want to have sex on the first date?"

"What?" I laughed, peeking at the wall for a second. "Is there a set number of dates too? I know you love and respect me like no one else, but I know you are also anxious to get me into bed."

"If we have sex tonight, promise me I won't lose you, Celcia. I can't bear that just because we had sex so soon. Sis, as soon as I shot my load after that bj, I just felt different, like I was disrespecting you. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, but I still felt different, as if I treated you like a hussy. Even as you reacted quite well, it was odd."

"Todd, you've never disrespected me, and I can make my own choices too," I made clear, taking his hands in mine. "I decided to suck your manhood and fulfill your fantasy. I made that decision based on the love we have for each other. You didn't lose me after we made out and I gave that first blow job, so I think you are safe. Just make sure you remember that I'm an adult too, capable of making my own judgments, just like you, dude. You decided to tell me how you felt about me, simple as that."


"I'm gonna go before mom starts looking for one of us, it might look suspicious if she finds us both in here naked," I mentioned before I smooched his cheek. "I'm gonna go get ready for our brother/sister bonding time. Feel free to jack off again, but save a little bit of cum for me."

"Okay, sis."

I blew him a kiss and got out of the shower. I snatched a towel and roamed back to my room. I immediately found something to wear on the date for that night. I just stayed in there for the time being, because I worried he might change his mind.

Anyway, later on, that night, he took me out to that steakhouse. He opened my door for me, pulled out the chair and treated me like his queen. After we ordered our food, there was a slightly awkward silence though.

"Todd, you are eye-fucking your sister now, dare I ask, are you just thinking about having sex with me, or do you just love this dress?"

He slanted his head down and covered up most of his face.

"Don't feel embarrassed, bro. I'm pretty sure it is quite natural for a young man to want his sister that way. We're both adults now so that we can talk about this. What did you even think we'd do on a date?"

"Well, we just sat down five minutes ago, pretty lady."

I put my hands out, and they landed on his. "Is there anything else you might want to chat about, handsome man?"

His eyes widened, and he stayed silent for over a minute.

"I guess not, and I just love the sight of your hooters. I wasn't thinking about us having sex exactly; I was inappropriately eyeballing them."

"Would you like me to pull them out right now?"

"What?" he questioned, peeking from side to side.

"No, I'm kidding," I giggled. "You can see my jugs in a little while in my bedroom. I have a box of condoms we can use too, so you need to save your seed. Although, if you really need to shoot some out, we can go to the bathroom, and maybe I'll use my mouth as a tool."

He smiled, but he couldn't make eye contact with me.

"My panties are getting drenched just thinking about it. That's right; my pussy gets wet at the thought of me pleasing you with these lips," I mentioned, touching them with my left index finger.

"You are wearing them under that dress?" he moaned, quaking a bit.

"Yes," I answered, moving one of the straps on my shoulder. "And a bra too, I'm a classy girl, Todd. Just because I'll have sex with my brother on the first date doesn't mean I won't wear undergarments."

"Okay, sis, it is still a little strange."

"Well, it has worked before," I muttered before I got up.

I came right to him and leaned down to him. I glued my lips to his and placed my hands on his cheeks as well.

I jiggled a bit. 'I mean business too, bro,' I thought before our lips separated. "Is it still odd, or do I need to drop to my knees right now? I'll do it, just test me. I'll give you head right under the table."

"No, Celcia, I'm good. This is just so good that it is weird, I guess."

I put my right hand on his crotch. "In a couple of hours, that will be inside my pussy. Do you like the sound of that?"

"Yes, Celica."

"Good," I said before I kissed him and sat back down. "Todd, can I just ask one thing from you?"


"Just please be honest with me. We've been twin siblings for over eighteen years now, and I think we should trust each other fully. That means not hiding or lying about anything, especially if we are gonna be a couple that hooks up. I know this might sound ironic, but I think we should hide this from mom, only because I think one of two things will happen: either she will absolutely love it or hate it. She'll want to know every detail of our relationship or kick us out. If we keep it a secret, we can have amazingly bubbling hot sex and become the closest siblings in the world. We'll just know everything about each other, don't you think?"

He nodded and cheesed again. I wasn't exactly sure what he was thinking, but he seemed to love it. I even had a little juice flowing out onto the chair.

"Nothing will be off limits though; there is one thing I immediately thought we could do when I was sucking on your dick. Sometime when mom is sleeping, and I could suck it again with her just a few feet away. I could make all the slurping sounds, and you could moan a bit too all while she just sleeps within sniffing distance. I'd even want you to cum on my face after you couldn't hold it anymore. And to top it all off, I'd even do it naked."

"Is there anything you wouldn't do for me?"

"Nope, but do you promise you'll always be honest with me?"

"Yes, sis. If it keeps me you, I'll always be honest with you."

I leaned back and smiled. We made eye contact for a couple of minutes as neither of us said a word. I just found myself thinking about what to ask him with the new rule in place.

"How many times have you jacked off thinking about me?"

He grinned and shook his head a few times. "Before or after the blow job?"

"All times combined."

"I have no idea, sis. Maybe somewhere around three-thousand."

"No kidding?" I giggled. "You could fill up a bathtub with that much seed. And what did you have me do all those times?"

"Um, I guess a little of everything."

"So, blow jobs, hand jobs, doggie style, cowgirl and maybe even a little pussy playing action?" I questioned, cheesing.

"Yes, but I also like to think about me just making sweet love to you too, sis. I think it would just be very intimate and it'd make you love me that much more too," he explained before licking his lips. "Of course, that other stuff is more about pleasuring each other physically, but with us just making love, it would be making one another feel great emotionally. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes, very much so, stud. That speaks more that you love me more than a sister, rather than you just want to get some action off me."

"I know, that's why I don't want you to feel like a harlot. I want to take you out here and earn the sex so I can woo you. The most important thing to me is making you feel good, both inside and out. You are the most meaningful person in my life besides mom, so the last thing I'd want to do is something that might upset you," he clarified before she shed a couple of tears.

"Don't worry yourself, I don't think you'll even let yourself make a mistake like that," I said, arching my back towards him. "I can see that you love me a hell of a lot more than a sister. The fact that you are reluctant makes me want you more, but I can still appreciate that you don't think I'm just some hot piece of ass."

"Yes, that is true," he chuckled, breaking eye contact.

"All the times we kissed each other before your confession, I knew we were close. I know I'm a few minutes older than you, but you like to think of yourself as the protective brother to me. That is very sweet of you, to say the least. I certainly hope when we're having sex; you try everything you desire on me. I don't want you to hold back, literally or metaphorically. I can handle you, do you think you'll be able to handle me?"

"I'm hoping so," he replied, smirking and blinking a few times.

"Good, because I want to make you cum an ocean tonight. I'm ready to go all night long if you'd fancy. You can shove your dick in between my melons and thrust it until you shoot your load right onto my chest and neck."

"That is something to think about, sis," he moaned, hitting the table with his knee. "I'd be just fine doing it once tonight, I just really want it to happen. I'm not after trying to prove some point."

"When did you first know that you wanted to have sex with me?"

"I guess after seeing your thong sticking out several times. I don't know when exactly, but it just happened at some point. I know the night I first masturbated thinking of you though."

We eyeballed one another for a moment in silence. I smiled, but Todd couldn't even seem to force one out. All the while, I found myself getting very attracted to him. I wasn't sure why I liked him in that way either, but the actual feelings were rock solid.

"Well, are you gonna tell me when that was?"

"Our eighteenth birthday six months ago. You were just showing off the goods like they were on sale. You had your bra and g-string showing, and I just had to look at them. I didn't know what to think about it, but after the party, I went into my room with you on my mind," he explained before he peeked down. "Maybe that was the night I knew it, but I fought with myself on those weird feelings because it wasn't quite right. Sitting at the table, I felt my hard-on, and just tried to hide it. I fought the urge to ogle you, but it was no easy task because it was our birthday. I couldn't talk to you about it, and I didn't think mom would like it either. So, I just decided to fantasize about you in that way."

I slathered my lips and blinked a few times too. "What did you have me do, little brother?" I pondered slowly as possible while smiling lustfully.

"I just thought of us making out and me feeling your boobs and butt. I didn't need to go further than that to make myself cum. I only did it for a moment, but I swear I never came that much before from masturbating. Then I guess I knew I wanted to have sex with you, Celica. Shortly after that, I stripped myself and jacked off thinking about you riding me cowgirl style."

"Sexy, Todd. Did you have yourself wear a condom or did you shoot your load inside me?"

"The second one."

"I'm sorry that I'm wearing a dress, but if I weren't, I'd make sure to let my panties stick out for you."

"Thank you."

"And you never thought just to tell me how you felt about me until that confession?"

"Well, you were with Tom for a while, remember? I also didn't know how to approach the subject. It just seemed way to delicate for me to ever actually bring up to you. You know, just thinking about me feeling that way was screwed up. All I could figure you'd say was something bad like you never wanted to see me again. I didn't want to risk that, no matter how much I wanted it. I'm just so glad I did, now I have you, sis."

"Although, you didn't want to have sex in the shower this morning, I love and hate that quite honestly. Tomorrow, would you want to shower again, but with me the whole time?"


Then our food arrived, and we began eating. Neither of us said a word for a few minutes. I figured he had more than some pork chops to swallow at that point.

"How is the food?"

"Great, sis, and yours?"

"This sirloin almost tastes as good as your cock, but not quite," I divulged, shooting me a devilish look.

He instantly froze, and his eyes widened.

"What, the honesty rule applies to me too," I mentioned, breaking eye contact.

He grinned and nodded once. "Good to know, sis."

"How many different women have given you head before?"

He stayed silent for a moment, but I was sure he wasn't calculating any numbers.

"You are the only one, sis."


"I love this a little too much, can we not talk about sex?"

My eyebrows rose. "Don't you want to get into my panties, bro?"

"I do, but it feels like this is a little too much. I feel my blood boiling a bit, I'm sweating up a storm and my skin is crawling. You can see the strangers surrounding us, so what if someone hears us and finds out we're siblings? We're talking about sex, Celcia. What if got out somehow and then what? I just feel a little uneasy, okay?"

I calmly got up and walked over to him. I put my hand out, and he took it after a few seconds.

As he stood in front of me, I kissed him. "Do you feel disgusting, because you want to fuck your sister or because most people would find it that way?" I pondered, prior to placing my right hand on his junk. "Would you like to talk about it as we dance, Todd?"

"You want to dance together?"

I nodded and rubbed his cock. "Well, I'm pretty damn sure your dick wants us to, so why not? Don't you think it would be romantic, especially for siblings?"

He nodded, and then we went to a small section away from the tables where another couple was already taking advantage of the space. We left a gap between them because I wanted to talk to him without anyone listening.

"Do you think anyone can tell that we're twins?" I pondered, placing my hands on his shoulders.

"I don't know," he replied, positioning his palms on my lower back.

"Well, don't be afraid to let those hands drop down a little further. You may feel any part of my body, any time you want," I reminded Todd before I kissed him. "I know this is more fancy than casual, but I think you like it. So, do you feel disgusting? You want to have sex with your sister, and you have even gotten your dick sucked her too. I mean damn, you committed incest, Todd, and that is a felony."

"If you turn me in, you'll be incriminating yourself, and no, I don't feel disgusting, just overwhelmed. Feeling your lips on my schlong was amazing, Celcia. I loved seeing your naked body too, even though I wasn't prepared to see it just yet."

"Are you prepared to have sex with me tonight? I want us to rub our naked sweaty bodies together, and for you to kiss me all over too. You should make sweet love to me, the only possible intimate way a guy can fuck his sister," I whispered before I smooched his neck. "I want to feel your dick smoothly thrusting in and out of my pussy until you have to cum. Once you have to, I want you to pull out and shoot my stomach and bosoms for me. I want you to do that over and over again," I muttered before I brought my head back.

"I'll do that for you, sis."

"Good, I want us to go through a box condoms as you fuck me as hard as you can. Once I have you all worked up, I want you to turn me around and force me onto my knees. You should start spanking me as you align your pecker with my slit and shove it in there. I want to start to feel your wet ball sack start hitting my twat. Even though it may start hurting me a bit, I'll want you to keep going. You'll be devouring my snatch and swatting my ass too, but you better make it as kinky as possible. Even though you'll be worn out, you'll just keep going for me, won't you?"

"Sure, sis, whatever makes you happy."

"Even though you'll be wearing condoms, you'll have to rip it off as soon as you can and shoot me as much as you can. I want to drain your balls, but it will definitely be for a great cause, twin brother. Screwing me should make you feel like a whole new man, don't you think? I mean when you think about it, that taboo and dirty feelings you get from it should make that happen? Of course, you can always count on me to let these lips to slide on your manhood again, Todd."

"Wow, you are a lewd woman, Celcia. I never knew this side of you existed."

"You should have told me you wanted your member to make the trip into my holes, Todd. You know how important you are to me, you are the only sibling I'll ever have, and I'll always be ready and willing to do anything for you. The thought of us fucking each other floods my panties too, so whenever you need my saliva or pussy juice on your wood, I hope you'll come to me immediately. Even if I'm sleeping naked right next to you, wake me up to tell me to fuck you. Treat me as your slutty sister if you wish, I don't mind."

"Okay, Celcia. Wow, that is a lot to swallow digest. I told you I'm feeling a little uncomfortable, but you keep going. I'm not saying it is bad, but damn," he muttered, shaking his head. "You are unreal."

"I'll swallow if you want me to, horndog. I'm sure your cum is quite delicious."

I already felt his cock pressing against me, but then I was confident that it became as hard as a diamond by then. As I was sure that he loved that, I kissed him again and put my head on his shoulder.

He had no problem to keep feeling my butt, even with other people around us. I felt not obligated, but encouraged to return the favor. Although, I just grabbed onto his butt cheeks as he just scrubbed mine.

"Tell me you love me, Todd. Let me know that you want me to be your sexual girlfriend and sleep with me every single night too. Say that we can fuck each other nonstop all under mom's nose. I want to know it as she doesn't, and I'll think about us fucking every time I see her."

He stayed silent for a moment. "Sure, sis, again, whatever makes you happy."

"Did you tell mom that we were getting together tonight?"

"No, I just said I'd be out with friends. What did you say?"

"Nothing, she knows I go out all the time. She'll just have no idea that I'm on a date with her son. It is getting a little late now, would you like to go home and find out what color panties I'm wearing? We both know you'd love to have the power to tell by feeling them through my dress, but we know you can't."

"Are you really willing to go all night long?"

"I almost think we should get a hotel because I'm gonna want you to fuck me hard. Mom might find out then, so would you like to get a hotel room so we can be alone?"

"Are you serious, sis?"

I nodded. "The people at the hotel will have to wash those sheets and the blanket numerous times to get all the cum out," I whispered before I got close to his face. "And to be clear, I do mean that both of will frequently be cumming. You won't think of me as your sister, but as the hot skank you picked up. I want you to screw me so hard; that you have me screaming. Then after just one fuck session, we'll have management pounding on the door. Sound good?"

"Can we go now?"

"I thought you'd never ask, let's get the check."

We nonchalantly went back to the table and paid after a couple of minutes. After that, we drove to a hotel nearby and checked into it.

As we got into the room, I closed the door and kissed him. "I guess we're going rouge, and I don't have the condoms with me. So, just try not to cum inside me. I would definitely love to carry your baby, twin brother, but not now. We can fuck, but hold out on your seed. Can you do that?"

"I'll do my best, sis. I absolutely hope you won't be upset if I do knock you up tonight. You are just one stunning woman, and I certainly hope to make this romantic for you too," he said before he pulled out his phone.

He kept his eyes on it for a moment, but then it started playing.

"Every Rose Has It's Thorn?"

"Yes, but don't you think we should tell mom though?" he pondered, setting it down on the end table.

"No, Todd. It'll be like your dick is going into her pussy, because she'll want to know everything. I'm not sharing you, dude," I made clear, taking his hands in mine. "I want to be the only woman you stick your cock inside, simple as that. Besides, she is dazzling too, what if you decided to be with her instead? I couldn't deny you two to be together, so we just shouldn't tell her," I said, shedding tears.

"The only flaw there is, we're gonna have to tell her if I get you pregnant though. How could we raise her grandchild without telling her who the father is?"

"We'll just make up a scapegoat, that's all. I slept with some guy, but I just have no idea who it was. If she demands a DNA test, I'll refuse, and you'll just be the great twin brother who is there for me. That's all, now grab my red dress and pull it off me," I ordered him before my arms went up.

He licked his lips, and he eventually grabbed onto my dress. He calmly pulled it off me, but struggled it get it off completely.

"Damn, I think my dick is getting in the way of me stripping you."

I stepped away. "Don't worry, Todd, no memory is perfect," I informed him, prior to taking it off myself. "You can still undo my bra though."

"Oh, your set is dark green, that is sexy on you, sis."

"As opposed to pink, yellow, blue or any other color?" I wondered, snatching his hands.

I brought them to my back. "No more talking now, Todd. Undress me and let me strip you. Then I want you to make sweet love to me."

"I can do that, Celcia," he whispered before he slowly unclasped my bra.

He got it off me, and his eyes dropped down to my melons. I knew he wanted to say something, but he resisted. He stood frozen, but his mouth opened up widely. I just had to smile and place my hands on my hips as he soaked in my body.

'I'm still wearing my panties, but I'm sure he loves what he sees right now. Maybe he'll like this,' I thought before I shook around a bit and let my hooters jiggle.

I brought my hands to his crotch as I kept my eyes on his. I rubbed his hard schlong for a moment with my palm, but that made him vibrate a bit. I kissed him once and then I began undoing his shorts.

As soon as I had the zipper down, his member flung out. "I love you, Todd," I muttered, wrapping my right hand around it. "I hope you'll love me more and more until the end of time."

"I thought we were done talking, remember?"

"How about I give you a blow job to make up for it?"

"No, I want to make love to you right now, sis."

"You better get my panties down then," I reminded him, stroking his cock.

He peeked down at them for a second. "What if I can't make you feel good? What if this is all for nothing though? We have sex, but it isn't worth it for us to commit incest. Not because we're afraid cops will find out, but because we can't take the sex back. Even though we love each other dearly, it could still damage our relationship."

I snagged his hands and brought them right to my tits. He immediately grabbed onto them hard, and I brought my hands back to his pecker.

I started stroking it again. "You are making me feel good right now, twin brother. How you feel about me makes me feel sensational, Todd. I know every guy loves boobs, but you loving them makes me feel like a supermodel, just not anorexic. I guess you have mom to thank for my ravishing body; I got it from her. Maybe that's why I made out with you and gave you head so soon because you made me feel so good for liking me in that way. Tell me how my boobs feel now that you've earned feeling them?"

"Delightful to say the least, twin sister. They are perfect, being soft and fitting for your body too. I'm so glad you already booked this room, I can barely hold myself together just feeling your jugs."

"That is nothing to be ashamed of, you've made it quite clear how much you want me, so your reactions are quite expected, Todd. I'm pretty sure your dick is actually getting harder now, don't you think? Could that be because that I'm giving you a hand job or because you are feeling my breasts?"

"Both, sis."

We both continued to look at each other for a moment as pleasured him with my hands and my breasts. He seemed to be frozen, but we both knew he loved everything. With every passing stroke from my hands, I knew he became a little closer to losing it.

"Are you afraid to let yourself have me, Todd? Is that why you won't bring your hands to my underwear right now? I know how much you want me, so the one thing I desire most is for you to have me. Fuck me and let your cum spurt out. Then I want you to cuddle with me too, maybe while you play with my cherry, sound good?"

I watched his face, but he suddenly angled his head back. I could tell he was having problems holding back, but I just kept going. Even through my panties, I had my juice flowing down my legs nonstop. I also felt several drops of sweat coming down my forehead too.

"Never underestimate incestuous sex, Todd. I'm pretty sure it is gonna make us love each other more than we could ever imagine."

"Okay, sis," he moaned before he enveloped his arms around me.

He held me close, and I aimed his rod up. "Cum for me, Todd. Give your twin sister that all the white stuff you can spare again. After you do, you have to make love to me."

"I love you, sis," he moaned, applying pressure to me.

My face went against his chest, and a few seconds later, I felt him suddenly stop vibrating. From one second to the next, he unleashed his first stream of his seed on my tits.

"Yes, give me more, twin brother, don't hold back."

He gave my melons and stomach another five shots of his cum, and each one caused him to twitch and pull on my body a little harder. He didn't hurt me, but it was slightly uncomfortable. The whole time we both just breathed heavily and dealt with the pleasure the best we could.

"Wow, sis, that was amazing," he moaned, slowly leaning off me. "Damn, you are something else."

"Thank you," I said before I kissed him and let go of his cock.

We kept our eyes together, and then I lazily pushed down my panties as well. I stepped out of them and let Todd examine my naked body. I knew his dick was pointing at me, but I didn't even look at it.

After a couple of minutes, I closed the gap between us and I wrapped my right hand around his wood. "Do you find me as sexy as you hoped to, twin brother?" I wondered, stroking it.

"Oh," he moaned, placing his palms on my butt. "You've shattered every single possible expectation, twin sister."

I grabbed onto his shirt and pulled it up. I got it off him, and then he managed to get off his pants and boxers. Then we just looked at each other, but didn't make any real facial expressions though.

Even as my hands made the trip to his behind, we failed to change looks or utter a word. Both of us could have examined one another's bodies, but we just kept looking into one another's eyes for the time being.

Although, after a moment, my left hand stayed towards the base, and he attempted to hold firm. It came as no easy task as my soft hands pleasured the most sensitive part of his body. It just became pure emotional paradise as we both knew how the physical pleasure made us feel.

He applied a little bit of pressure to my butt, but didn't hurt me. I couldn't help, but to smile more and more after every moment that passed. He did his best to keep looking at me, but he could not as he had a lot of trouble dealing with the pleasure.

"You feel pretty hard now, Todd. Dare I ask: are you ready for me now?"

"Yes, sis."

I smooched his cheek and then I went to my purse. I rummaged through it for a few seconds and pulled out a condom.

"I always have at least one in my purse, I hope you don't think I'm a skank for that," I said strolling back to him as I opened it. "Did you ever think that your twin sister would ever put a condom on your pecker for you?" I wondered before I placed it on the head.

"No, but I love that you are."

"I thought so," I mentioned before I pushed it back. "Just try not to break it, I'm not ready for motherhood just yet."

"You won't get mad at me if I do get you pregnant, will you?"

"No," I answered before I kissed him. "You just have to raise the baby with me though," I whispered before I lied back on the bed. "The baby will have parents that love each other."

He checked out my body for a moment, and his eyes widened. As he did that, I rubbed my body all over from my legs to my breasts. I failed to cover my private parts for more a few seconds at a time, and I noticed his cock pointing straight at me.

I cheesed and stuck a couple of fingers into my slit. "Are you gonna come over here and fill up my pussy with that cock, or do I need to masturbate to get myself off?"

"I'm sorry, this is just like a dream come true."

"Fucking your sister is a dream come true?"

He nodded, but held still. "Obviously, words can not express the feelings I have."

I played with my pussy as neither of us took our eyes off the other for a moment. Todd's body shook around, and drool plummeted from his mouth too. I was sure that he wanted it, but he seemed to need a nudge.

I calmly rose back up and put my hand out. "Call this a bitch move, but it is now or never, Todd. You better make your move now while I'm butt naked in front of you, so this is what you call a life-defining moment. Would you like to cherish our relationship as we take it to incredibly new levels, or are you just happy with me sucking your cock once and seeing my body? What if mom does find out and just happens to love it? What if I were to tell you that I'd find it to be so steaming thinking about her having a threesome with us? Even if it doesn't happen for ten years, it could happen. All the while she doesn't know you've had me sleeping with you every night, completely naked. I never wear anything to bed, even the winter. Maybe then we can just keep each other warm all night long. Do you like the sound of that?"

My eyes widened so much; I thought they'd fall out as I watched the results of my speech hit him. He cheesed and brought his hands to his face for a few seconds.

He came right to me and placed his hands on my butt. "Could we really have sex with mom?"

I snatched his rod again. "If you are up to it, but we have a lot of taboo sex to get through first. Call me crazy, but I'm positive you'll love fucking me so much more only because mom will have no idea."

"No, I'll love it because you are you, sexy goddess."

"If you say so, now get on this bed with me and take my pussy for a test drive. We both know you gonna buy it, so do it already," I ordered my brother before I lied back down.

"Fuck, I love you, sis," he declared before he climbed onto the bed with me.

He got right over me and kissed me. He failed to say a word, but he managed to get his dick and guide it directly to my twat. Although, he only rubbed the head across my pussy lips at first. I placed my hands on his shoulders and looked right into his eyes.

"You are insane, Celica," he branded me, prior to shoving his cock right into my snatch. "Holy shit, we're having sex now, sis," he moaned, placing his whole body on mine. "My schlong is inside you."

"I know," I pointed out, letting my hands come out onto his upper back. "Now feel free to start thrusting your dick and make sweet love to me, Todd."

He couldn't do that, but he did push all of his manhood into me, and he kissed me numerous times too. My boobs pressed onto his chest and his arms wrapped my neck also. I felt his figure vibrate nonstop, but I knew he loved the feeling, even him wearing the condom.

"Tell me you love me, Todd."

"I love you, Celcia."

"Before your cock grows so much that you break the condom, lean up a bit and start making love to me. Don't make me order you to do everything. You want this, so take charge and make sweet love to me. Go for as long as you can."

"Okay, sis," he muttered, following my instruction.

"Grab my thighs too, hold me as tight as you can, Todd. What better feeling do you think you'll ever feel?"

"I don't know, but I just want to please you."

"Then do it," I proposed before I blew him a kiss.

He kept his eyes on mine for another wordless moment before he grabbed onto my thighs. Then his pecker slowly slid back out about halfway, and he held that position for a few seconds before he let back into my pussy.

"Yes," I moaned, closing my eyes. "Just like that, Todd: let your dick slide in and out at a steady pace. Close your eyes, or eyeball me, it doesn't matter. The only thing that does is that you are having sex with me now," I explained before I peeked back at him. "And your dick feels perfect in my cherry, not too big or too small. You are making me jiggle around a bit too. Like I said earlier, don't be afraid to kiss me too."

He failed to break his focus then, he was just in the zone, and he wasn't about to leave it. I loved that, and I brought my hands to his butt. I applied a little bit of pressure to it and bit down on my bottom lip.

With every passing thrust of his cock, he made me tremble somewhat. Whether he thought so or not, I loved everything too. Never before had I ever felt more connected to him than when I felt his wood slowly go in and out of my cunt.

We both gave the bed a lot of sweat, and I let out a lot of my juice onto it too. Well, with him continually pleasuring me just right, it was no surprise that I had to let out all that cum. I just held firm and tried not lose it.

We kept eye contact, but didn't smile at each other. It was more about it just being intimate, and not so much about the actual pleasure. I knew incest was wrong, but it felt so right as Todd, and I committed it together.

A few tears made appearances on my face, but it due to the emotional pleasure rather the physical. Todd kept his hands on my thighs and failed to make me uncomfortable at all. My hands also maintained their position, but I massaged his butt cheeks ever so softly.

'And he is keeping his eyes directly on mine, what a romantic.'

After another moment, I noticed he spawned a single tear on his face. I didn't say anything as I wanted to keep it silent for as long as possible. We both knew we'd remember every single second of our first fuck session, and I wanted to make it perfect.

Although, the last domino fell in his mind. "Shit, sis," he moaned, slanting his head up. "I'm cumming now," he warned me before he began jerking around somewhat.

"Fuck it, shoot it in there, but don't break the condom," I reminded him, scrubbing his ass.

He couldn't look back at me, but I could tell he was having the time of his life. I gawked at him the whole time and just waited for him to get out all of his seed. I had no idea how much he could unleash, but I knew it would be a lot.

I worried somewhat about a little bit escaping and getting into my womb, but I was too turned on to order him to get off me. I just let it happen and enjoyed every second of it also. Feeling his body rub onto mine while he twitched was paradise.

"Celica," he sobbed. "I swear I love you, respect you and want nothing, but the best for us. You are not a slut, but my sister."

"I know," I agreed, bringing my hands to his face. "There is no need to cry," I informed him before I leaned up and kissed him. "We love each other, that's all that matters."

His arms went around me, and his hands landed on my lower back. "So, you like me like that too?"

"Maybe, now let me down."

He calmly let me go, and I sat down.

I brought my hands to his dick. "Oh, look at that full condom," I observed, pulling it off him.

I held it up and saw it all.

"I love you, sis."

"I can see that," I mentioned, prior to tossing it in the trash. "Now lie down with me," I requested, lying down on my back.

He granted that request, and I laid my head on his chest. He encased his arms around me and planted several kisses on my head too. We enjoyed even more silent intimacy, and I kept a smile on my face the whole time.

After thirty minutes, I calmly got up off him and peeked his way. "How do you feel now? You know after you had your fantasy granted?"

"Words still can't express my feelings, sis."

"Are you ready to go another round, and maybe a few more after that?"

He arched his back up and placed his palms on my boobs. "Yes, Celcia. I promise I'll last longer next time."

"By the way, you can fuck me any way you want, and I'm not gonna feel like a slut. It doesn't count for incest because the people already love each other. You didn't have to take me on a date, but it was lovely of you though," I let him know before I got over his lap.

I grabbed his cock and guided it to my twat. "I only had one condom in my purse, so try not to cum inside me, Todd. Enjoy my melons too," I suggested, enveloping my arms around him.

"You are crazy, Celica."

"I know, so quit talking, and enjoy the sexual nirvana of fucking your sister, Todd. You can have me all you want, but you have to let the pleasure soar though. I want us both to experience the peaks of our sexual lives with one another. Brother and sister, together and loving one another in ways most people just can't understand. We'll be a power couple if you fancy, as long we keep loving each other. So, please, treat me as your girlfriend, and let me know when you want to have sex. I know I'm making a speech right now, but I hope you can forgive me. Let's just say I think our hearts are intertwined."

"Okay, twin sister," he whispered, placing his palms on my butt. "I'm going to enjoy you riding me right now."

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