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My niece stays the night

She wore a seductive pair of jeans

It was a hot summer's day and my niece had come to visit me. We planned on going to an outdoor concert that night. I thought she was hot but she was about eight years younger than me. I looked at her with lust but never thought it would happen. Her small framed, 5'7" body, tight ass and what appeared to be C cup breasts were out of my league but that did not stop my fantasies.

It was getting late and we were going to dinner first and then to the concert so we had to start getting ready. I lived in a small, one bedroom apartment with one bath so we had to share the bathroom and the bedroom while getting dressed. I suggested that she go first thinking it would take her much longer. I asked her if she would care for a drink. She said yes, and I fixed her a crown and coke and took it to her. She had already gotten into the shower, so I knocked on the door and asked where she wanted it? "On the sink," she replied.

I could open the door and reach the sink without entering and so I pushed the door open and placed the drink on the sink. As I was about to pull the door shut I caught a glimpse of her in the steamy mirror. I was only able to see her outline but that was enough to cause my cock to stir and stiffen.

I went back to the living room sat on the couch. I began drinking my drink and rubbing my cock, remembering the view. I was listening for the bathroom door to open so as not to get caught. I had gotten a full hard-on and even a slight glisten of pre-cum when I heard the door. I stopped and placed a pillow over my lap, set my drink on it and tried to look innocent. She stepped into the room with a towel around her head, as well as one around her body clenching it, revealing her every curve. Standing there still a little wet, she let me know she was out. She walked away towards the bedroom and I could see the towel outlining her perfect ass. I squirmed a little and thought how awesome it would be if she dropped the towel while juggling her drink.
I had to walk by the bedroom door to get to the bathroom. I saw that the door was not closed completely and I caught a glimpse of her bending over, shaking her hair down from the towel. She still had the one wrapped around her but when bent over I could just make out the lower half of her ass. She turned unexpectedly so I had to shuffle towards the bathroom door so as not to get caught staring.

My shower was a little longer than usual. The warm water running across my cock and the vision of her half naked kept me busy washing it over and over until I almost lost a load right there in the shower. I finally got out and began drying off when I heard a knock at the door. She had left her brush in the bathroom. I grabbed the brush in one hand and held a towel in the other trying to cover myself. This was a vague effort as my stiffened cock was pushing against it.

She took the brush and with a grin asked what was taking so long? She asked whether I was playing with myself before she walked away laughing. I watched as she headed back to the bedroom. Upon entering the room she allowed the towel around her to drop just as she pushed the door shut. I got a quick look at that tight ass and now wanted it more than ever. I slipped on some jeans and walked into the den and fixed myself another drink, this one stronger than the last.

She came out of the room dressed and ready to go with a tight pair of blue jeans outlining her perfect ass. A low cut snug-fit western shirt that enhanced the perfection of her tits. Her C cups now were even better looking as her firm nipples were standing at attention. I brushed by her going into the room to grab my shirt and as I brushed her, I let out in a low voice nice. She just responded with a slight grin and a look that made me shiver with excitement.

At dinner we shared small talk about family and friends. We somehow managed to get in to our personal lives and who was dating who. This went on for awhile back and forth. When, out of the blue, she asked whether any of my former dates received the 'approval reaction' that she had gotten from me at the house? I replied, "Not many." I went on to tell her that she was put together great and she knew how to show her hidden beauty. We had a few more drinks and headed on to the concert. While listening to the music, Ann would be jumping around - her ass being so tight it did not even jiggle. Her tits bounced just enough to keep her nipples aroused. The concert was very crowded so I pulled her in close to me trying not to be to obvious of my intentions. She had to have felt my cock as it hardened unrestrained in my jeans as I watched her.

It was getting late so we decided to leave early. We were heading back to the house when Ann exclaimed that she was very hot. Before I could turn on the AC, she had released two of her top buttons on her shirt then pulled at it, untucking it. This caused just enough gapping that I was able to see the tops of her firm breast, hidden only by a shear black bra. As we pulled up in front of the house, she jumped out of the truck. She explained that she was going to get into her pajamas. Little did she know that coming out of my clothes was getting into my pajamas.

I entered the house, fixed one more drink and sat down on the couch. I began watching a movie as she came out of the bedroom. She was in her pajamas which consisted of a loose top and boy shorts that were tight fitting. She sat down beside me on the couch. Her top was low cut and it was obvious that she had removed her bra and was getting comfortable. She asked me if I was going to change into my pajamas? I replied, "I guess so," not knowing what to expect. I decided to play it safe. I pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and a jersey shirt and went back to the living room. She stared at me with a little disappointed look at my choice of sleep wear.

She said, "I thought you might be sporting a sexier outfit!"

I replied that my sexy outfits were for special occasions. Her face frowned and she replied, "I'm not special enough?"

We did not last long on the couch before the alcohol took it's toll. Both started to drift off to sleep. I recommended that we go onto bed - which she agreed. I told her she could have the bed I would take the couch. Again she looked at me strangely. "Why would you do something so stupid? Your bed is big enough for both of us - so come to bed."

Crawling into the bed next to her was so what I was hoping for but I wasn't sure how to approach. Before I could make a move I heard a light snore and looked over at Ann. She had fallen asleep. I laid there wondering what I could get away with? Was she a light sleeper or heavy? I decided not to chance it so I rolled over away from her and drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken early by Ann's arm wrapped around me. Still asleep, she had managed to roll up against me. She had laid her arm across my mid section. Her hand suspended right over my cock, not yet touching but close enough. I immediately became aroused and very erect when I saw how close her hand was. Now the head of my cock was right up against her fingertips. I tried to shift but it only caused her hand to drop down closer. Her hand was right on top of my now throbbing erect cock.

Just as I thought that I had to think of a way to escape, I felt her hand clench around my shaft. She started to massage my cock. Her warm hand and gentle motion was enough to cause the tip of my cock to moisten with pre-cum. I now could not do anything but lay there and enjoy the time. She slowly started to awake more and more. As she did, she began to rub me harder and faster until I almost came. She slowed down and pushed against me, causing me to roll onto my back. My cock, now standing like a pole waiting for a flag was poking thruough my boxer shorts. She slid down without saying a word and started to lick my cock's base. She then worked her way up to the tip, which was coated with pre-cum.

She paused for a moment and with her tongue flicked the tip of my cock, savoring the wetness she had caused. She began to moan lightly, positioned herself over me and began to insert my cock into her mouth. She positioned herself so her ass was in the air facing me. I could see the outline of her glistening pussy and the fine little bush of hair that remained after her shave.

I reached up and pulling the shorts to one side, I started to rub the outside of her pussy lips. I began letting my fingers drape across her clit, but not stopping to pay it much attention as yet. She became so wet I could see the juices dripping from her pussy. I stopped the wandering fingers at the opening of her pussy and slid two of them inside her. She let out a moan and clenched her jaw, which had my full cock in it which made me flinch as well. She turned around and said, "Enough of this shit. I am tired of competing with your boxers!" With that she pulled them down around my ankles and on to the floor. I told her this was not a one sided show, so she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing the perfect C cup breasts, with a dime shape set of nipples. Then she wiggled her shorts off and stood before me, naked and sexy.

I grabbed her, pulled her on to the bed slid to my knees on the floor between her legs. Taking her wet pussy lips into my mouth, I sucked them until she could not stand it and began to squirm. I moved my attention upward to her beautiful clit, where I immediately took it between my teeth and gently bit down. She tried to pull away! I clamped down harder, making her stop. Then I took my tongue and spread the wet hot lips and began to suck, nibble and lick her clit. Bouncing wildly now, she screamed that she was coming with a quivering voice. She began coming hard and my face became drenched.

She pulled me up to her and kissed me, tasting her juices all over my lips and beard. She then rolled me on my back and said that it was my turn. As she slid her dripping wet pussy down on to my hard cock, she said, "Fuck me! I want you to fill my pussy with your hot cum!"

She began riding me like a cowboy on a bronc. After a few minutes I decided to take the lead, and in one motion I rolled her, flipping her to her back, never skipping a beat. I shoved my cock in as far as I could. Wanting to go even deeper, I took her legs, spread them wide and over her head. I began fucking her like there was no tomorrow! Pounding so hard, our flesh slapping against each other with each thrust.

I could feel my balls swelling and Ann said that she could feel it inside her.

"Fuck me harder! Fill me with your cum!" she demanded. I pounded her harder and faster. Then all at once, I felt myself coming. There was so much that it squirted from around my cock. She started screaming as she began to come as well. Her juices were flowing everywhere, as if a hot sprinkler hose had busted. Finishing up with a few more thrust, I stopped. Resting with my cock slowly withering inside her hot wet pussy. Before getting up, Ann pulled me close, kissed me and said next time to fuck her at the concert!

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