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My Twin Sister Rachel

My twin sister and I learn a whole lot more about each other than I expected.

I remember that summer like it was yesterday. It was the summer of 1987 and my twin sister and I had turned sixteen a few months before. We lived in South Africa, which was a very conservative state that had banned all forms of pornography including topless pictures. This was pre-internet so I’m not lying when I tell you that I was a sixteen year old boy who had never seen a picture of a naked woman. The only woman I had ever seen naked was my mother and that was about ten years before.

My grandmother, who lived in England, had just been diagnosed with lung cancer. The parents had decided to go and visit her along with my younger brother, Mike. My sister, Rachel, and I were staying at home because we had our year end exams coming up in a few weeks and we could not afford to take the time off school. We would go visit grandma in a few weeks when our summer holidays started.

It felt strange arriving home from school on that Thursday afternoon to an empty house. My mother and Mike would normally greet Rachel and me when we walked through the front door. Now silence was our only greeting.

“Feels weird,” I said. “I suppose we can do whatever we want without Mom bossing us around. What do you want to do?”

“We could,” Rachel agreed, “But I still want to get my homework done. I don’t want it hanging over me later.”

My sister Rachel and I were both smart and we worked hard for good grades. We pushed each other academically and as a consequence we were amongst the top five students in our grade.

“Aww, don’t be like that,” I complained. “We always do homework when we come home. I’m hot and sweaty and I want to have a swim. Let’s have a quick swim and then we can do our homework.”

“Okay,” Rachel said, “but no more than half an hour, I have a lot of chemistry to get done for tomorrow.”

I quickly changed into my swimming trunks and beat Rachel into the pool.

I watched as Rachel walked to the edge of the pool wearing her navy blue one-piece swimsuit. Rachel was beautiful with gorgeous brunette hair and a very pretty face. She was a trim 5’5” with no excess weight. Over the last twelve months her boobs had started growing like crazy and she now had a very nice pair of size 34C Boobs. I could tell how much interest she was generating at school by the number of guys who suddenly wanted to be my friend in the hopes of getting closer to Rachel.

Rachel dove into the water and surfaced a few feet from me. She grinned at me and splashed water in my face, just like she had done a hundred times before. In moments she was squealing as I tried to catch her to get my revenge. It was a game we played often. I caught her and dunked her head under the water. I then tried to keep away from her as she chased me down to either dunk me or splash me.

After a few minutes I caught her from behind intending to drag her under the water with me. I wrapped my arm around her to get a good grip to pull her down but my hand was higher than expected and I found myself holding her firm boob in my hand as I pulled her under. I was surprised at how nice and big it felt in my hand. I managed to pull her under and then I let her go and surfaced out of breath.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to grab your boob.”

“Yeah, right!” Rachel laughed. “That’s what all you guys say. ‘I didn’t mean to touch your ass, it was an accident.’ But it’s no accident and you’re just hoping to get a free feel.”

I knew Rachel was joking with me and was not upset at all. Rachel and I were as close as only twins can be and she knew I would never do that on purpose. She knew which girls I "had crushes on and I knew which guys she liked. I was very protective towards Rachel and I had recently had a fist fight with a classmate because I had heard him make a derogatory comment about Rachel.

“Who touched your ass?” I found myself getting angry. “I think I’ll have a chat with him tomorrow.”

“Oh, don’t bother. It was Richard and I believe it was an accident. He was so embarrassed when I called him out about it that his face turned bright red.”

“Yeah, Richard is pretty harmless,” I agreed, “but I’ll still let him know, that I know.”

“You don’t need to be so protective of me,” Rachel said. “I can look after myself.”

“I know you can,” I said, “but I know what creeps some of the boys are and they will try to take advantage of you if they can.”

Rachel started moving towards the pool steps. “We should go in and do our homework.”

The house felt nice and warm after the cool swim so I changed into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt before going to the dining room table to start my homework. Rachel joined me a few minutes later wearing a short blue and green tartan mini skirt and a white T-shirt. My eyes focused on her white T-shirt which was clinging her bra-less breasts. Rachel always wore a bra and this was the first time I had ever seen her without one.

"You're not wearing a bra!" I said, surprised.

“Oh, you noticed.” Rachel smiled. “I’ve wanted to try being free for a while now but Mom always insists that I wear one. I thought that since the cat’s away I will let my mice play.” Rachel laughed at her own corny joke. I smiled as well and said, “Okay, make sure that you wear it if any of my friends come over. I don’t want to have to smack them because they can’t stop staring at your boobs.”

Rachel sat down opposite me, opened her books and started on her homework. We worked for a couple of hours on our homework. I concentrated on my work but every now and then Rachel did something to distract me like closing a book or yawning. Normally I would glance up at her and then return to my work. On this day I found myself looking at her boobs every time I looked up. Without the bra I could see their shape perfectly. They were almost perfectly round and about the size of a large halved grapefruit. Even though they were quite large they did not sag at all and stuck out good couple of inches from her chest. My eyes really focused on her nipples. Each nipple tented the material at the centre of her boob enough to capture my attention.

I was conflicted because I knew it was wrong to look at my sister like that but I was so curious. The shape was intoxicating, seeing the delightful curves, and the crowning nipples had me focusing more on the beauty of Rachel’s breasts rather than the fact that she was my sister.

Rachel finished her homework, closed her books and stretched her arms above and behind her head. I watched mesmerised as her boobs moved under the T-shirt as she stretched.

Rachel finished stretching and noticed my stare. “Are you checking out my boobs?”

“I’m sorry,” I apologised. I felt like I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar and felt my face turning red. “I can see everything now that you are not wearing a bra and it is very hard not to look.”

“It’s okay,” Rachel assured me. “I don’t mind if you look. I just thought you wouldn’t be interested in my boobs.”

“Well, I’ve never seen naked boobs before and yours are very nice and I can’t help myself.”

“You’ve seen Moms boobs before,” Rachel said.

“That was years ago,” I said. “And I didn’t know that boobs were anything special back then.”

“Oh, I see.” Rachel said. “I could put my bra on if that helps.”

“No!” I said too quickly. “I want you to enjoy being free. I’m sure I will get used to it soon and stop looking.”

Rachel smiled at my quick response. “That’s good, because I’m enjoying not wearing one. I’m going to start making dinner, you can help me when you finish your work.”

A few weeks before I had stolen a six pack of beer from a party that my dad had for his work friends. I was not allowed to drink so I had stashed them away waiting for a good opportunity to try drinking them. With my parents away I knew this was the opportunity I had been waiting for.

After dinner I confessed my crime to Rachel. “I’ve got a secret to tell you, but you must promise not to tell Dad.”

“Ooh, I love secrets,” Rachel said, conspiratorially. “What is it?”

“I stole six beers from Dad’s last party and I want to try one tonight. Do you want one?”

Rachel’s whole face lit up with delight at the thought of doing something forbidden. “Really? That’s amazing, of course I want one.”

I quickly went into my bedroom and came back with two beers. “I just realised that they are warm and beer is supposed to be best cold. I could put them in the fridge and we could try them later.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Rachel said. “Dad has some in the fridge already, just swap yours for his cold ones, he’ll never know we drank any.” We both knew that my parents would have checked how much booze was left so they would know if we had any.

“That’s a great idea,” I said.

We opened our cold beers and had our first sip. At first I did not like the bitter taste but I persisted until I had finished the beer. Rachel kept pace with me and I could tell she did not really like the taste either. I felt a slight tingling in my head and knew that must be the buzz that you get from alcohol.

“How do you feel?” I asked Rachel. “My head is buzzing slightly.”

“I don’t feel anything yet,” Rachel said. “Maybe I need another one.”

I agreed and quickly got us another beer. We had drunk about three-quarters of the second beer when Rachel said, “I feel it now. My head is starting to buzz. I’m also feeling happier than I should.”

“Yeah, me too.”

We talked about our school friends as we finished our second beer and we agreed to save the third for another night.

“What do you think about Susan?” Rachel asked. We had been rating our friends out of ten for sex appeal. “Do you think she’s sexy?”

Susan was one of Rachel’s friends and she was hot. She had long blond hair, a beautiful face, an amazing body and tits almost as big as Rachel’s. Rachel knew that I had a bit of a crush on .

“Susan is an easy ten.” I said.

“Hmm, she is,” Rachel agreed. “She looks even better naked. I’d give her a ten as well.”

“How can you do that?” I asked. “How can you give a score to a girl?” This question had been nagging at me for a while. Rachel seemed to be able to rate girls for their sex appeal just as easily as I could. “When I look at a guy I just see a one. I don’t find anything sexy about guys at all and struggle to tell when you are going to like one or not.”

“Oh, I don’t really know,” Rachel said. “When I think about kissing a sexy guy I get all excited but if I look at a sexy girl and think about kissing her I also get excited. Maybe I’m a lesbian, but I don’t think so because I’m excited to have sex with a guy as well.”

The beers had loosened our tongues and we were talking about sex and our friends in a way we never had before.

“I’ve heard of people who are attracted to both sexes,” I said. “I think they are called bi-sexual. Maybe you are bi-sexual.”

"Maybe I am,” Rachel said. “Would you like to have sex with Suzan?”

“You and Susan are the two girls at school that every boy at school wants to have sex with. So, just like every other boy I’m no exception.”

“That’s sweet of you to say,” Rachel said. “But I’m not in the same league as Susan.”

“Yes, you are,” I said. “If anything the guys think you are hotter than Susan.”

“Then why don’t any of them ask me out?”

“For a number of reasons,” I answered. “Firstly guys get intimidated by hot girls, secondly you are smarter than all of them which is also intimidating and thirdly they are scared of me.”

“You’ve got to stop scaring them away,” Rachel said. “I’m never going to lose my virginity if you don’t stop, or are you secretly hoping to keep me all for yourself.”

I was puzzled by the last part of her sentence. “What do you mean?”

Rachel had a mischievous glint in her blue eyes when she said, “You just said you want to have sex with me, but I think you want to keep me all to yourself and not share me with anyone.”

“I didn’t say I want to have sex with you!’ I protested.

“Yes you did,” Rachel countered. “You said that ‘every guy in the school wants to have sex with Susan and me, and you’re no exception’”

“I meant Susan not you.”

Rachel’s face became pouty as she twisted my words against me. “So you don’t think I’m sexy.”

“Damn Rachel!” I said, exasperated. “You are very sexy but you are my sister and that means it is not an option for me.”

“So if I was not your sister you’d want to fuck me?”

“Sure,” I said. “Who wouldn’t?”

Rachel burst out laughing. “I can’t believe that I got you to admit that, you must be quite drunk.”

I felt like an idiot and was not very amused. “Very funny. I hope you enjoyed twisting my words like that.”

Rachel was still giggling. “I did. Your face is so indignant.”

I now saw the humour in it and laughed with her. “You got me good.”

We were silent for a few moments and then Rachel said, “You could have sex with Susan if you wanted. Last week she told me that she has a crush on you and fantasized about giving her virginity to you. I could invite her over for a sleepover tomorrow and I’m sure she’d let you fuck her.”

My cock hardened at the thought of fucking Susan but at the same time I felt intimidated by Susan. “I would love to do that but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to try. I like Susan a lot and I’m worried that I will make a fool of myself and blow any real chance I have with her. I don’t even know how to kiss, let alone how to make love to her.”

Rachel considered what I said for a moment. “I think you are right. I wouldn’t want you to embarrass yourself either.” There was a long pause as we thought about the problem. Rachel broke the silence, “Do you remember when we were younger and we used to bathe together.”

I wondered where she was going, “Yes, that was a long time ago.”

“Yes it was,” Rachel said. “But hear me out. I really want us to fuck Susan this weekend and the only thing standing in the way of that is your lack of confidence. We’ve already seen each other naked so we could do it again. You could learn some anatomy so you know where and how to touch her. We could also practice kissing if you liked. That way you will at least have some idea of what you are doing and will know where to put your dick when the time comes.”

“You’d do that for me?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course I would, you’re my brother and I’d do anything for you, but I also get to learn to kiss and see a cock for the first time as well.”

“Okay,” I said nervously. “How do you want to do this?”

“Let’s leave the kissing for later,” Rachel said. “It would feel strange trying to kiss right now. How about I show you my boobs first, you’ve been staring at them the whole night and it seems like a good place to start.”

My mouth felt dry. “Okay.”

Rachel turned to face me and pulled the bottom of her shirt up. It got stuck briefly on her boobs before slipping over them. Rachel’s naked boobs bounced up and down briefly while she pulled the shirt over her head. I stared at the perfect pale skin that had never been exposed to sun light. Her pink nipples looked a bit bigger than a large pea and her dimpled areola was about the size of a dollar coin. Together they formed a perfect crown on top of each white tit. I leaned closer and tried to burn the image into my brain.

"They are beautiful," I eventually said. “I could look at them all night."

"Thank you," Rachel said. "But that is enough for now. It is your turn now, take off your shirt and pants."

I took a moment to overcome my embarrassment and then stood up and removed my shirt. then pushed my shorts and undies down my legs. I stood there and let Rachel look at me. I was glad to see that my hard-on had subsided somewhat and my cock was now standing at half-mast. Rachel leaned forward and looked at my cock with as much interest as I had in looking at her breasts. Rachel looked at the tip of my cock which was pointed directly at her. My foreskin had partly retracted and about three-quarters of my crown was visible.

“It’s bigger than I imagined,” Rachel said. “The last time I saw it, it was like a little acorn. Do you have an erection?”

I was pleased that Rachel thought I was big. My cock was only slightly bigger than average at six and a half inches but Rachel had nothing to compare it to so it seemed big to her. “I don’t have an erection but I’m pretty close, after all the talk of fucking Susan. My cock will point almost directly up and get bigger when I get hard.”

“Ooh, really? I can’t wait to see it.” Rachel reached out and wrapped her hand around my shaft and gently squeezed. “It feels so soft and silky but firm underneath.” She moved her hand up to my crown and ran her thumb over the tip oy my crown. “The tip is also so soft.” I was surprised and shocked that Rachel had casually wrapped her hand around my cock like that. I thought we were just going to look at each other. My cock however welcomed the gentle caress of another hand and started expanding and hardening in her hand with every beat of my heart. “You’re getting bigger.” Rachel instinctively started sliding her hand up and down my cock, jerking me off. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes, it feels really good,” I said, “But we shouldn’t be doing this, you’re my sister.”

I was now completely hard and Rachel carried on stroking me. “No way, this is so much fun. No one will know.” Rachel stopped stroking for a moment and pulled my foreskin all the way back and inspected my purple crown. “You’re so big and hard now. I think Susan is going to love having this inside her.” Rachel continued her stroking. “Will you cum if I keep on doing this?”

Rachel’s talk about me fucking Susan and the wonderful new sensation of her stroking had me right on the edge of an orgasm. “Uh-huh, any second now.” Rachel sped up her stroking. I had been staring off into space enjoying the feeling but then I remembered that Rachel was half naked. I looked down and saw her tits swaying back and forth in time with her stroking. The erotic sight pushed me over the edge and I felt my balls tighten as they sent cum shooting up my shaft. My body tingled and my entire existence focused on my cock.

“Uugh,” I groaned in pleasure as my first blast of cum shot out of my cock and hit Rachel on the cheek. “I’m cumming,” I said way too late to act as any kind of practical warning for Rachel. Rachel pulled back and let out a little yelp of surprise at being hit on the cheek by the first spurt of cum. The second burst of cum lined up perfectly with her open mouth and landed across her tongue. Rachel closed her mouth and pointed my cock downwards away from her face. The remaining bursts landed on her boobs and tummy.

Rachel calmly picked up her shirt and spat the cum into it and then started wiping it off her face and boobs. “Wow that was amazing,” Rachel said. “You made a real mess all over me, you even got some in my mouth.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I should have given you more warning. It just happened so quickly. I’m really sorry about getting it in your mouth.”

“It’s okay,” Rachel said. “It was only a little bit and it did not taste too bad.” A huge smile spread across Rachel’s face as she asked, “How did it feel? Is it better than doing it yourself?”

“It was so good!” I said. “It was a hundred times better. Thank you.” I pulled Rachel close and hugged her, I felt her nipples pressing into my skin as she hugged me back. Her face was against my neck and I felt her kiss the spot where my collar bone joins my neck. It was a light kiss but it sent shivers throughout my body. Rachel turned her face up, our eyes locked together and then our lips met.

It was a clumsy kiss at first. Neither of us knowing what to do. We pressed our lips against each other chastely, then I opened my mouth and Rachel opened hers. Our tongues touched and I experienced the joy of my first real kiss. The tips of our tongues danced around each other sending little bursts of pleasure throughout my body. Rachel’s tongue then entered my mouth and I sucked on it. Rachel liked that and moaned softly. Rachel’s tongue retreated and I pressed forward. Rachel sucked my tongue into her mouth and I understood why she had moaned. Electricity flowed through my body and I felt my cock responding to the erotic impulses.

As we kissed I touched her breast. It felt so soft, smooth and firm in my hand. I found her nipple and lightly pinched it between my fingers. Rachel moaned again and sucked harder on my tongue. We spent a few more minutes learning to kiss while I fondled Rachel’s breasts. I became more adventurous and kissed the tip of her nose, her jawline and then her ear.

Rachel giggled when she felt my hot breath in her ear. “That tickles but it feels good.” I kissed her neck and then sucked lightly on her skin. “Oh, that feels really good. Don’t stop.” I now had a destination in mind and started making my way down Rachel’s neck towards her breasts. Rachel sensed what I had in mind and guided my head towards her aroused nipple. I instinctively sucked the hard nipple into my mouth and explored it with the tip of my tongue. “Oooh, I like that.” Rachel held my head in place as I enthusiastically suckled on her breast.

We were still standing and I had to awkwardly bend over to reach her tit. “Let’s get more comfortable,” I said and pulled Rachel onto the floor with me.

Rachel lay down on her back with her legs bent and positioned a pillow from the couch under her head. I made myself comfortable and started exploring her breast with my lips while my hand massaged her other boob.

Rachel wanted more and guided my hand away from her breast, across her belly and placed it over her white cotton panties. I let her nipple slip out my mouth and watched what she was doing. Her short tartan skirt was conveniently flipped up onto her tummy allowing unrestricted access to her most private area. I was eager to explore but I did not know what to do so I just rubbed my hand over her panty-clad mound. Rachel, unimpressed with my efforts, placed her hand over mine, and then guided my middle finger to her clit.

I felt the nub under my finger as she moved it back and forth over her clitoris. “Rub like that,” Rachel instructed. I moved my finger experimentally. “Yes, just like that.” I soon got the hang of it. “Oh yes! That’s it,” Rachel enthused. I sucked her nipple into my mouth again. Rachel groaned in satisfaction. Eager to feel her pussy without the panties in the way I slipped my hand into her panties. I moved my fingers through her pubic hair and found her clit again. “Mmm, that feels better,” Rachel purred. “Why don’t you take my panties off?”

I moved between Rachel’s legs and placed my hands on either side of her panties and pulled them downwards. Rachel lifted her ass into the air briefly and allowed them to slip off, she then pulled her knees up to her chest allowing me to slide her panties down her legs. Rachel kept her knees on her chest and spread her legs for me.

“Do you want to have a closer look?” Rachel asked.

“Yes please,” I said and moved to within a few inches of my first pussy.

Her pussy hair was fine and dark and lay flat against her skin. Every hair seemed to point at the treasure below. Her pussy lips were open slightly and I could see her clit hood sticking out between them and a little lower the petals of her inner lips protruded slightly between the outer lips. I instinctively knew that those petals guarded the entrance to her vagina. Knowing that Rachel would not mind, I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. The lips opened easily and I saw the glistening wet entrance to her vagina. The fragrance of her pheromones was intoxicating and I knew without a doubt that I needed to taste her glistening juices. I stuck out my tongue and licked all the way up her slit.

“Oh my God,” Rachel exclaimed. “Please do that again.”

I happily licked her pussy again. The sweet and slightly salty taste was delightful and licked up the length of her slit a few times before sticking my tongue deeply into her tight vagina. Her pussy surrounded my tongue and rewarded me with her tasty juices. I fucked my tongue into her pussy for a while until Rachel’s hands grabbed the side of my head and guided my mouth back to her clit. I teased her clit with my tongue.

“Just keep doing that, I’m going to cum soon,” Rachel said.

I did as instructed and quickly learned what she liked.

“Feels so good,” Rachel said. She held my head in place and stretched her legs down the side of my body. She groaned loudly and tilted her hips up towards my mouth, forcing her clit deeper into my mouth. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Don’t stop!” I moved my tongue faster. Rachel clamped her legs together around my head and groaned, “I’m cumming!” Violent spasms shook Rachel’s body as she clung to me.

I delighted in knowing that I had caused the huge orgasm that Rachel was experiencing. I continued teasing her clit with my tongue. Rachel’s orgasm subsided and she released the pressure on my head and then pushed me away.

“Stop!” Rachel said. “I’m just too sensitive right now. Come kiss me instead. I want to taste myself on your lips.”

I took my time and planted kisses up her belly as I made my way up her body. Each nipple received a little kiss before I moved up to her lips. As I made the last movement towards Rachel’s lips, my hips moved between her wide open legs and I felt my hard cock brush against Rachel’s pussy. Rachel’s hand grabbed my cock guided it away from her pussy and pushed it down between her ass cheeks. I moved the rest of the way up until our lips touched. Rachel ran her tongue along my lips and then slipped into my mouth.

Rachel said, “I can taste my pussy on your lips.” We kissed again. “So, can I invite Susan over tomorrow? If you do to her what you just did to me, she will be begging you to fuck her.”

“Yes you can,” I agreed. “But why are you so keen for me to fuck her?”

“Actually, I was thinking that we could both have sex with her,” Rachel admitted. “I’ve also had a crush on Susan, but I’m not sure if she would let me kiss her or do anything else. If we plan it just right, I know she will have sex with you while I watch and then I’m hoping that I will be able to join in. We could be a brother-sister tag team.” Rachel’s idea was so exciting to me that my cock twitched violently against her ass. Rachel laughed, “You clearly like that idea.”

“I do,” I said with a husky rasp in my voice. “It sounds so hot. Do you really think your plan will work?”

Rachel considered her plan and said “I think it will. We will have to work out the details of the plan, but right now I’m worried about you.”


“Well for my plan to really work, you’ll need to be able to fuck her for at least a few minutes. I think you are just too excited for the plan to work properly. Earlier when I played with you, you lasted less than a minute. Could you imagine if that was Susan’s pussy instead of my hand? I don’ think you’d have lasted ten seconds.”

I knew she was right and thought of a solution, “I could try think of something gross while doing it. I’m sure that would help.”

Rachel considered, “I suppose it could help but I’m not sure. We could practice, I’m sure that will help.”

My cock twitched again as I comprehended what Rachel was proposing. “Rachel, we can’t fuck. You’re my sister and what we have done already is bad enough. Fucking will take it to a whole new level.”

"Don't be silly,” Rachel laughed. “We’re not going to fuck. You can just put your cock in a little and get used to the feeling so that you don’t cum. I don’t think it will count as fucking as long as you don’t move too much.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “That sounds a lot like fucking to me.”

“Well maybe it is,” Rachel conceded. “But no one will ever know and you need the experience or my plan will never work.”

“Okay,” I agreed. “If you are sure you want to do this then I’m happy to try. What do you want me to do?”

“Yes I do, let me help.” Rachel reached between our bodies and guided my cock to her hot entrance. “Okay I’m ready, just push in a little bit and then stop. Okay?”

I could not believe this was happening. Ever since I was twelve years old I had dreamed about this moment and had wondered what it would feel like to put my cock into a pussy. I felt the tip of my cock brush Rachel’s pussy lips as she guided me. The moment had arrived and I pushed forward slowly. My hard cock easily parted Rachel’s virgin outer lips and found the entrance to her vagina. Her slippery, hot pussy lips wrapped around and clung to my crown as I entered in. The feeling was unlike anything I had imagined. The wet, slippery heat felt so good that I had to resist the urge to push myself all the way in. I pushed a little more and felt my cock forcing Rachel’s vagina open as I entered. Rachel’s pussy lips had welcomed my cock but her vagina resisted my intrusion and grudgingly allowed the head of my penis into the tunnel entrance. It was harder than I had expected but the pressure being applied to my cock by Rachel’s vagina felt fantastic. I knew I would have to stop soon as the novel feeling of my cock pushing into Rachel’s virgin pussy was starting to overwhelm me. I wanted to stay a little longer and go a bit deeper, so I pushed harder and something that was resisting my cock gave way and I slipped in another half an inch.

“Owe, that hurts!” Rachel cried out, her face a grimace of pain. I immediately shifted my weight preparing to pull out. Sensing my intention Rachel grabbed my ass with both hands and said, “Don’t. Just keep still.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked “Is it because you are a virgin?”

“Yes. You just broke my hymen and it stings a lot. I think if we wait a little the pain will go. Kiss me, I need the distraction”

I kissed Rachel, letting out tongues touch and glide over each other. Her wet tongue pressing against mine felt so alive and sensual. The pain slowly vanished from Rachel’s face as we kissed. Rachel’s pain had also distracted me and realised that I was in no danger of cumming.

“I think I’m okay now,” Rachel said. “Does my pussy feel nice?”

“It feels amazing,” I enthused. “It is so hot, wet and tight all at the same time. I can feel you pressing in on me from all sides. How does it feel for you?”

“It felt good at first,” Rachel said. “But then it was painful. Right now I can feel you inside me a little but it does not really feel like anything. Why don’t you try moving around a little?”

I slowly withdrew my cock half an inch and then moved forward half an inch. Rachel’s vagina walls clung to my cock as I retreated and then resisted as I moved forward. I repeated the movement a half a dozen times.

“Oh yes,” Rachel said “That is starting to feel really good. Don’t stop.” I started rocking a little faster. “Yes, faster.” Rachel placed her hands on my ass again and pulled my ass towards her, encouraging me to go deeper. “Deeper please!” I complied and pushed in another inch on my down stroke. “Yes,” I withdrew an inch and a half and then enjoyed the sensation of the longer stroke as I pushed back in. Rachel’s hands encouraged me to go deeper and I slid in another inch. More than half of my cock was now inside Rachel’s tight pussy.

“Deeper, I want it all! Please!” Lust consumed me as I placed all my weight behind my cock and forced Rachel’s tunnel open. Our pelvises ground together and I could not go any deeper. I could not imagine anything better than the feeling of having my cock as deep inside Rachel as I could get it.

“Oh that feels so good Jason.” Rachel purred as she held deep inside her. “I know we said we were not going to fuck, but I want you to fuck me now. Please make me cum.”

“I’d love nothing more,” I said as I withdrew my cock as far as I dared and then plunged all the way back in. “Oh fuck that feels so good Rachel”

Rachel moaned in response. I then built up a steady rhythm as I fucked Rachel’s pussy. After a couple of minutes Rachel started moaning loudly every time I sunk all the way in. Her vagina walls squeezed tightly against my cock.

“Don’t stop,” Rachel said. “I’m close to cumming.”

My own orgasm was not far off, but I concentrated on holding it back long enough for Rachel to cum. I pumped harder and faster.

Rachel groaned, “Ohh, I’m cumming.” Her legs wrapped around my thighs and she grabbed onto my ass holding me deep inside her. She moaned deeply as her vagina walls squeezed my cock with every spasm.

The intensity of her orgasm pushed me towards the edge of my own orgasm and I felt my balls start to tighten. I tried to pull out but Rachel clung to me tightly and lifted of the floor with me as I tried to pull out. I panicked as I realised I was about to cum inside Rachel. “Rachel! I’m about to cum. Let me go.”

“Yes, please!” Rachel responded without letting me go.


“Cum inside, please.”

My orgasm hit with the force of a tropical thunder storm. My body tensed as I drove my cock back into Rachel, pressing her against the floor. Ecstasy and bliss flooded through my body as the first wave of semen erupted from my cock and shot deep into her cervix. I groaned deeply in pleasure as my orgasm overwhelmed my body.

We lay like that clinging to each other for a few moments until a slow dread started to overcome me. I had cum inside Rachel. What would happen if she got pregnant? There would be no way to explain it. “Rachel, why did you make me cum inside you? You could get pregnant!”

“Don’t worry,” Rachel said. “It’s been three weeks since my period, so there is no chance of me getting pregnant.”

I felt relief at Rachel’s assurance but was still concerned. “How do you know? Are you sure you can’t get pregnant?”

“Relax. Mom explained how it worked when I first had my period. The first two weeks after the period is when you can get pregnant. There is a very small chance after that.”

“So you could still get pregnant,” I said, feeling concerned again.

Rachel considered what she had done. “There is a small chance, I suppose. I know what I will do. Caleb has had the hot’s for me and I think he is cute. I will invite him over on Sunday and let him fuck me. I will make sure he cums inside me too, that way if I do get pregnant I can blame it on him. You can watch us and walk in just after he’s cum and pretend to be really pissed. He won’t be able to deny anything if I do get pregnant because we both will be witnesses.”

I felt relief at her devious plan. “I like your plan, I can even give him a black eye so everyone at school will know something happened.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Rachel agreed. “But don’t hurt him too much. I do like him.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

“Speaking of plans,” Rachel said as she took charge. “We need to figure out how we are going to get Susan to have sex with us. You also need more practice, I think you only lasted about three minutes so you’ll have to do it again before going to bed and then again tomorrow morning before school.”

The end of part 1.


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