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Naked & Terrified Ch. 1

Survivalist mother forces nerdy son out into the wilderness naked and terrified.

Russell came home after studying at the library for a few hours and made his way into the kitchen, the pleasurable scent of food hitting his nose. “Mother?” He saw there was an apple pie on the dining room table.

“Hey, sugar! I’m in the bathroom right now, but I baked you a pie. It’s on the table.” His parent, Pepper's southern-accented voice called out from down the hall to the right.

“I see it.” His eyes passed over it. “But I really have to study. Final exams are around the corner and I aim to achieve the highest scores possible.”

“You’ve been studying all darn day, and you’re enough skin and bones as it is.” She laughed. “Now you sit your keister down, mister.”

Sighing quietly, he plopped down at the table pulling the pie close and grabbed the knife beside to cut out a slice. Russell was a bit on the skinnier side with a lanky frame and glasses that made him look like the average nerd. The absolute seriousness in which he took his studies didn’t help his image either, but he couldn’t care less what others thought, as long as he got into his dream school. “It's really good, Mother.” He announced after taking a bite.

“Oh good! I tried a bit of a different recipe, so I was eager to get some feedback.”

He nodded. “Your baking is always exceptional, so you shouldn’t worry about that.”

“You are just the sweetest! Thank you, pumpkin.” Pepper finally emerged from the hall completely naked and made her way over. “Do you taste the cinnamon I added?”

He jumped up, nearly knocking the chair over. “M-Mother, how many times do I need to tell you not to walk around naked!?” His face was red and he was breathing hard.

His thirty-eight-year-old mom’s body was thick but athletic at the same time due to her hobby as a survivalist, often going on nature trips and sleeping outdoors. Her red hair was wrapped in a long, scorpion-like ponytail and was currently trapped between her big breasts, both still round and holding upright despite her age. She had wide hips and soft abs, further adding to her unique body type.

Her pussy had a messy patch of pubic hair at the top and her labia were plump, all the meat neatly tucked in. Russell couldn’t see her ass now but knew from her constantly parading around nude that it was high, tight and just as thick as the rest of her.

“But it’s really hot out and it ain’t like you haven’t seen me naked before.” She put both hands on her hips, smiling. “You can get naked too if it’ll help you feel better.”

“I-I’m not getting naked!” He ripped his eyes away from her voluptuous body and sat down. “D-Do what you want… It’s not like you’ll listen to me anyway.”

“Thank you, darling.” She giggled and went over to stir the large pot on the stove to the right of the kitchen. “Is stew okay for dinner?”

“It’s fine…” He muttered, trying not to look her way as her awesome butt remained in his peripheral vision.

“Good, ‘cause I started on it anyway.” The redhead laughed again. “I would’ve made something heavier but had to wait in the emergency room with your uncle all morning.”

“What?” Russell put down his piece of pie. “Is he okay?”

“He got attacked by a mountain lion on our hike and ended up in a coma.”

“Are you serious!?” He jumped up for the second time.

“He’s fine, he’s fine.” She waved a dismissive hand. “This is the fourteenth coma he's been in and you know he always wakes up sooner or later.”

Russell calmed down, thinking about all the accidents his uncle had been in throughout the years. “That is true… But this is exactly why I don’t like when you put yourself in danger like that.” He frowned. “Why can’t you find a less chaotic hobby?” His expression brightened. “How about I lend you one of my books? You can even get the feel of the outdoors by reading a nature book.”

“But reading is boring.” She stopped cooking to turn and look at him, frowning.

“Please don’t say that to your eighteen-year-old child...” He sighed, pushing up his glasses.

“And I’m not smart as you. All them fancy books would just make my head hurt.”

“I wish you would stop saying things like that, Mother. You’re a very intelligent woman.”

“Thank you, baby...” She gave him a warm smile. “But I really love the outdoors and killin' stuff!” One fist went in the air.

“I give up,” he said immediately.

After dinner was done, Russell retired to his room to continue studying while Pepper settled on the couch to watch her favorite show, Naked & Terrified, where two strangers were tasked with surviving two weeks out in the wilderness; she had actually applied for the show and was currently waiting to hear back from the producers. Deciding to finally call it quits for the day, he closed the thick textbook on the desk in front of him and ventured out into the living room to check on her and found her sleeping on the couch.

The exposed position of laying on her back with her legs slightly spread apart almost made him fall back in surprise, since she was still in her birthday suit. Of course, he had witnessed the busty woman's nude body countless times in his young life, but the sight made his heart race every time. He tried to convince himself that his vehement protests were for her sake, often preaching it was immodest of a woman to prance around in such a state, let alone in front of her son.

But the truth was because it forced him to admit the lust he harbored inside for his mother. She’s so beautiful… Russell went over without thinking and got to one knee to get a closer view of her pussy; his dick filled up in seconds. Dammit! Reaching into his pants, he found the hard, long object and began stroking, his breath coming in faster as he imagined pounding her in every position imaginable and filling her with thick sperm.

“Rawr!” Pepper unexpectedly sat up and raised her hands to curl them like they were claws.

Russell fell back on his butt, his expression shocked and flustered. “W-What is wrong with you!?”

She giggled, letting her hands fall. “Sorry, sugar, but I would never forgive myself to pass up the opportunity. Did I scare ya'?” She had a hopeful smile.

“You are so juvenile sometimes, really…” He frowned.

“You know I’m a big kid at heart...” She giggled, then focused on his crotch, his hand still stuffed inside. “But I didn’t mean to disturb your little session. You can keep going if you want.”

He yanked his hand out at once and jumped up. “I-I have no idea what you’re referring to.”

She gave a knowing chuckle. “Sweetie pie, it’s okay what you were doing. The part of the south where I grew up doesn’t really think of incest as a taboo.”

“W-What? Really?” His eyelids went up.

“Mhm. I even dated one of my cousins in high school for a few months.”

No wonder she’s been so free around me. “B-Be that as it may, I have no attraction towards you.” He averted his gaze to the right.

“Oh… I guess I can’t blame you. I’m not exactly a spring chicken.” An awkward laugh left her.

Her tone forced him to look back at her sad smile. “Are you kidding!? You’re more attractive than any girl at my school and have an amazing body! Do you know how many times I’ve masturbated to you – ” He cut himself off at the last second.

Pepper was giggling again. “You really know how to make a gal feel special.”

“Well, of course, you’re special… You are my only mother…” He grumbled, his vision pointed at the floor.

Her expression became even warmer as she watched his nervousness. She then moved to sit back against the sofa and pulled her legs up to her big tits, the position leaving her twat on full display. “Here, darling. You can finish what you were doing. I won’t even look.” She shut her eyes with a happy smile.

Russell's eyes went straight to her full pussy lips and pinkness in the center. Swallowing once, he lowered his pants and pulled out the throbbing hard-on that pulsed violently with veins all over; his stroking increased some minutes in. “Mother, please open your vagina…” The words came out heavy like he was drunk.

Pepper was a bit surprised by the request and opened her eyes to see the mammoth size of his cock and ecstasy-wrapped face. “O-Okay, sugar…” She put two fingers in an 'A' to stretch her labia, still watching his package with awe while he pumped. “Your, uh, penis is a lot bigger than the last time I saw it…” She gave a strained laugh. “Though that was when you were a lot younger…”

He could barely hear her as his sole focus was on the gorgeous sight of her cunt. And soon, an orgasm arrived and semen spurted from the tip of his cockhead.

“Wow… that’s a buncha sperm.” The thirty-eight-year-old released a girlish laugh. “Did it feel good?”

“Y-Yes…” He cleared his throat and quickly put his now, limp dick back into his pants. “I apologize for the mess.” He looked at the white goo on the carpet.

“That’s totally fine, baby. I’ll clean it up. Why don’t you go and get cleaned up, too?” She had a sweet smile.

“T-Thank you. I’ll go do that now.” He zipped away to the bathroom and leaned back to the door was shut, covering his face. I can’t believe I masturbated to my own mother... The images of her legs spread just moments ago flashed through his mind. But it was amazing… He shook his head and cleaned up as planned. Days later, Russell was at his desk as usual when he heard movement from behind. Twisting sideways in the chair and turning his head, he saw the door was cracked open.

Strange. I thought I shut that. He got up and closed it again but was tackled by someone to his bed that was nearby.

“Rule number one, Son - never let your guard down.” His redheaded mother grinned, seizing him in a chokehold from behind as she wrapped her legs around his.

“Y-You promised no more surprise attacks!” He struggled to break free.

She giggled. “I know, but I really needed to practice.”

“I am your son, not your practice dummy! Release me at once, you loony woman!” He gritted his teeth.

“Okay, okay.” She laughed, stood up and offered a hand down.

He watched it as if it was a poisonous snake.

“No more attacks.” Pepper lifted her other hand. “Scout's honor.”

“There better not be…” He muttered and took it to stand, still an unhappy expression on him. “And what practice involves you indiscriminately assaulting your own child?”

She made an ecstatic face. “You won’t believe this, but I got accepted for Naked & Terrified!”

She hasn’t stopped talking about that show since signing up half a year ago. “I am very happy for you.” He put a hand on her shoulder. “You will definitely beat their challenge of surviving in the wilderness for two weeks.”

“Thank you, pumpkin.” She gave him a peck on the cheek. “Though there might be a teensy, weensy problem of sorts…”

Russell removed his hand at once, already hearing the favor she had on her lips. “No. I’m not doing it.” He made his way back towards his desk.

“B-But I didn’t even say anything yet!” She pattered over and stood to the side as he sat and started reading.

“Okay, go ahead.”

The thirty-eight-year-old smiled wide and nodded. “Your uncle’s still in a coma, so I was hoping you could go out into the forest to practice for the show. It’s only for a week.”

“No, thank you.”

“P-Please, Russell!” She stuck out her bottom lip. “You wouldn’t let your dear, old mother venture out into the dangerous forest by her lonesome, would you?”

“I’ve personally witnessed you wrestle three bears. While I certainly don’t like you in these type of situations, I know how capable you are.” He flipped a page of his textbook.

“But I don’t wanna be alone…” She continued to pout.

He ignored her, focusing on his studying.

All of a sudden, Pepper's face brightened as an idea hit. “What if I let you touch my vagina?”

“Ah!” Russell tumbled out of his chair, landing on his butt.

She let out a girlish laugh, going down to her knees. “Are you okay, honey?”

He clenched his jaw, trying not to blush. “I’m the one that should be asking that question. What in the world would possess you to offer to show your…” He nervously cleared his throat as both eyes floated down to her gym short's crotch.

“My vagina?”

“D-Don’t say it!”

She laughed and got back on topic. “Because I thought you might want to.” She put a hand over it and grinned. “But you have to promise to come with me to the forest next weekend or you can’t touch.”

Shit! He turned his head to the side, his face growing even redder. “Fine. I’ll accompany you on this little expedition. However, it’s only because I actually worry for your safety.” He looked back at her. “Y-You don’t have to give me anything…”

“Are you sure?” She smiled mischievously; the red-haired woman knew her son wasn’t the most honest person with his feelings, often having to subtly push him to say or do certain things.

“I…” Russell dumbly watched as she sat back and opened both legs to slide her shorts to the side and reveal her cunt. “M-Mother, I said that you didn’t have to…” His breath was hot and heavy as he stared.

“I know… but a deal’s a deal in my book.” She slid an index finger along her warm slit. “Come on, baby. It’s not gonna bite.” She took his hand and pulled him closer.

He resisted at first but soon gave in and scooted forward on his knees to lower his head to it. Next, he mimicked what she'd just been doing and massaged the now, wet line.

“Oh… that feels really good, Russy.” She spread her legs a bit further, watching him with both hands planted back. “Why don’t you try putting a couple fingers in?”

“O-Okay.” I hope I don’t screw this up. He anxiously licked his lips and moved his two fingers to the hole at the bottom of her pussy before pushing them in.

“Oh!” Pepper's mouth opened in surprise at the pleasure she felt by just his digits, them not even fully in.

“A-Are you okay, Mother?” He hurriedly pulled them out, giving her a worried look.

She shook her head and laughed awkwardly. “I’m fine, dumpling… it’s just it's been a while since I’ve had a man touch me, so it was a bit intense…” She grabbed his arm. “But it felt like shooting a deer that you’ve been tracking for a whole day.”


She giggled. “Keep going. It felt really nice.”

“R-Right, okay… excuse me then.” Russell retook position and began fingerfucking her at a steady pace, his pair of fingers darting in and out of her twat; the nasty sounds of wetness sounded louder into the quiet bedroom with each movement as her juices flowed out. “Wow… I didn’t know a woman could get this wet…” His gaze was transfixed by all the liquid, some splashing near his face.

“Ouu…” The busty redhead moaned weakly. “Please don’t say that, sweetie…”

Getting more aggressive, he jammed a third finger inside her hot hole, forcing louder cries of pleasure from her. “Mother, you should see your face right now. You look like a harlot.” I didn’t know she could make such a face… She’s incredible.

“H-Honey…” She wanted to protest but her breath came in too fast, like she was giving birth. “Faster…” She groaned instead.

He did and stabbed his three fingers into her over and over until she suddenly tensed up. Only a second later, a glob of fluid shot out of her already messy vagina.

“Amazing…” Russell stood up and studied his drenched hand. I actually made her cum… He smiled happily, feeling proud. “Did it feel good for you, Mother?”

She was still trying to catch her breath from the powerful orgasm, her face eyes only half-open. “Yes, baby… Thank you…”

He chuckled. That was rather fun. “Just relax, I’ll fetch a cloth to help you clean up.”


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