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On The Back Of Daddy’s Bike

I love our regular Saturday morning ride.

“Mandy, you coming?”

“Be right there Dad,” I shout downstairs.

I love Saturday, it’s the day when Dad and I go out for a ride on his Harley Davidson. It’s a beautiful black bike, with a nice throaty roar when he opens up the throttle. I love the smell of burnt oil that wafts upwards from the cylinders, and the freedom of having your hair blowing in the wind.

My Dad loves it too.


It was Tessa that started me off down this one-way road. Well, in fact, it was Tessa and Jennie. I caught them giggling away in the corner of the school corridor just before History class. Tessa is older than the rest of us because she dropped out of school for a while. She blamed her dad because they have moved around quite a bit with his job. She is well over seventeen and Jennie and I are only halfway there.

Anyway, like I said, I caught them giggling and I wanted to know what was amusing them so much. Both of them clammed up when I questioned them; it was like a red rag to a bull. It took me a good three days to find out what it was. I practically had to beg them to tell me and then Tessa just came out with it.

She told me that she fucks her dad.

I was gobsmacked by the revelation. Jennie stood beside Tessa, not saying much; in fact, she was keeping rather too quiet for my liking. I quizzed Tessa for more information and got far more than I bargained for. Details eventually flowed out of her; juicy details that made me all wet inside. I glanced at Jennie and then back to Tessa. Our conversation was peppered with the occasional expletive as we sat on a bench at the edge of our local park.

I remember turning to Jennie and asking her why she was being quiet. She just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. I listened some more to Tessa’s stories. I suddenly turned to Jennie and asked her outright whether she was fucking her dad. She gave me a half-smile and then nodded.

We all live in a small Cornish village. Our fathers used to work together down the local tin mine, but they’re all closed now. In fact, the whole industry is closed for business – so to speak. Instead of blowing up rocks, my Dad puts them together; he builds walls, not a lucrative job by any means, but it brings in the money and my step mum helps as well.

I know that Jennie was going through a hard time. She was worried that her breasts seemed to grow an inch every day. It was tough for her and I had noticed a pleasant change in her over the last three months; but to put it down to her dad was something else.

I remember thinking that, for a small village, I now knew of two incestuous relationships that were going on under everyone’s noses. I started looking around at the rest of my classmates and wondered about Danny or Dave or Felicity. I shrugged, maybe not Felicity.



After bounding down the stairs I still think of the conversations that we engage in at school. If only the teachers knew. If anyone knew?

Dad is on the bike and the engine is roaring; he’s dressed in his T-shirt and shorts. I jump on the back and tighten my open faced helmet. He insists I wear one even if he doesn’t. It’s illegal not to wear one but he’s never been one for the rules. After wrapping my arms around his chest we whizz off down the path and he takes a slow curve onto the main road. The wind in my face is wonderful, the warmth of the early summer sun is on our bodies and the fresh smell of cut grass makes me feel absolutely wonderful.

I take a deep breath, smile and press my head into my Dad’s back.

I look forward to Saturday. It’s our time.



It was three weeks ago that I started treading the same path as Tessa and Jennie. Now there are three incestuous families in our very small village.

Thoughts of Tessa’s latest indiscretion filled my head. It was Thursday’s chemistry class. I mean, Tessa fucks just about everyone – she doesn’t seem to care about who it is or the reputation she may get. The boys just know she’s there for them. Thursday was Danny’s time. They were both sitting at the same desk writing up their notes. The teacher got all of us to gather round and watch an experiment. He was facing the opposite direction to Tessa and Danny; not that it would have mattered to Tessa.

As the experiment proceeded I caught a glimpse of the two of them out of the corner of my eye. I noticed that Tessa was missing and that Danny was sitting on his own. Then I noticed a pair of feet extending from under the table. I realised then where Tessa was. I remember closing my eyes and thinking what a lucky bastard she was. Yet I secretly wanted her to get caught.

By the time the experiment had finished, Tessa was walking past the group asking the teacher whether she could be excused to go to the loo. He just nodded, but I saw globules of spunk on the front of her shirt and on the edge of her lips as I went over to her.

I scolded her for blowing Danny in class, but she just smiled and told me what a messy fucker he was when he started coming. I nodded as if I knew. I would like to, but so far he doesn’t seem interested in me.



My thoughts linger on the spunk at the edge of Tessa’s mouth that only I can see in my mind. I smile to myself as I cling onto my dad.

Dad pulls the bike to one side and we slip effortlessly past a truck going far too slow for these roads. I take the opportunity, as the bike dips to one side, to allow one of my hands to snake its way down his torso and into his loosely fitting shorts. It isn’t long before I’m holding his cock. Despite our speed and the rushing air, I know he can feel my hot breath on his neck. I sigh heavily as my small hands wrap around his girth.

It’s already hard; probably has been since he got on the bike. My reminiscing about Tessa has caused me to lose vital pleasurable minutes. Still, I feel a lot hornier now than I did when I jumped on the back of the bike. I love feeling my dad’s cock. It’s absolutely gorgeous; big and strong.

My eyes close and open with every tug I make. I breathe in the country air with every squeeze and I sigh almost every time I move my hand over his hot length.

I dare not think about what he’s thinking about. I hope it’s the road ahead and the cars and the twists and turns, but I know he’s probably thinking about what I’m doing and where his cocks going when we get back.

As I tug on my Dad’s cock, I remember Jennie as she tried to shirk away from my questioning about how she started seducing her dad.



Jennie wouldn’t talk about it until I pressed her on it. Ever since Tessa told me about her experiences, I started looking at my dad in a different light. At the time I was talking to Jennie, I was contemplating having sex with my dad, so I was gathering examples and scenarios that I could likely use to seduce him. In truth, I was hooked on the idea – it was the execution that I feared the most.

It was difficult getting her to spill the beans. But she eventually told me that he caught her masturbating on the bed one afternoon after school. She was more embarrassed about being caught masturbating that than anything else. The second time he caught her he apparently took his cock out and fucked her; telling her that a real one would be a lot better than a plastic substitute.

Of course, Jennie had planned it that way. She was almost as bad as Tessa. In fact, the three of us, known as the three amigos in school, pretty much fuck all the boys when we get the opportunity. Well, all the ones that know what to do with their cocks at that age, which isn’t that many.

When Jennie got going, I couldn’t stop her. She started telling me all about her experiences with her dad. How he took her over the kitchen counter one morning while her mum showered, how he masturbated in the shower on a school day as she watched from the doorway; dressed ready for school and pretending to talk to him about getting a lift because she was late. The best one was how she snuck into her parent’s bedroom at one in the morning and secretly sucked him off as he lay next to her mum, sleeping soundly next to him.

She always seemed rather excited about thinking up new scenarios for fucking her dad. I told her that she would be caught if she kept her indiscretion going at that level. She didn’t seem bothered about it at all. But that’s Jennie for you.



I pull on my dad’s cock which is now getting rather big. The head is almost poking out of his shorts and I cover it with my hand. He has eased up on the acceleration and we are now taking it easy; keeping his distance from the car in front which is an old Anglian that’s pottering along at twenty miles an hour. You see a lot of old bangers in Cornwall. They suit the leisurely twists and turns along these country lanes.

I love the feel of his cock in my hands but I want more. Much more. I want to taste him. I let go of his cock. I slide my left hand up to grasp around his chest and lower my right hand back down to his trousers. There was no getting away from it now, I thought.

With my right hand wrapped around him, I start to wank him; hard and fast. He knows what my right hand is capable of, he experienced that the first time I had managed to seduce him. The difference being that at the time, his cock head was pointing directly at my face.

Fuck! I remember when he came all over my face. He just about fucking soaked me, everything I had on was wet – even my knickers; but that was my fault. His spunk covered my blouse. Some hit my Adam’s apple and slithered between my breasts. I managed to get some of his salty liquid down me by clasping my mouth around his pulsing cock; guiding the rest of it down my throat. It was the most wonderful blowjob that I had ever given anyone. Even if I do say so myself.

I want him to spunk on my face, right now. A little difficult on the back of a bike, though! I am content to wank and tease him until I get what I want. And I will get it. He knows this and so do I.

Dad turns onto a narrow lane that leads across the granite landscape and heads back in the direction of home. This is our final straight bit of road. Open vistas, single track, no-one coming towards us as far as the eye could see.

I grin to myself as I suck in the country air and although I’m quickly pulling on his cock, a wicked thought creeps through my mind.

I want to get into Jennie’s knickers.



It was a Wednesday afternoon when I looked at her and thought – I want you!

The thought wasn’t all mine, it was her fault as well. On Monday morning, she was buzzing as she bounced into school. She was overflowing with joy and laughing and giggling as she beckoned Tessa and me towards her. We stood in a huddle with her arms spread around both of our shoulders as she whispered and pulled us in close.

“Guess what happened this weekend?” she told us.

We both looked at her and then at each other.

“You tit wanked your dad,” I told her. After all, she did have large tits by now.

“Oh! Come on, much better than that.”

“You let your dad fuck you up your arse,” said Tessa, smiling.

I smiled, I thought that was the one and we had guessed why she was on cloud nine.

Jennie shook her head. “Better than that.”

“Better than that! You let my dad fuck you up your arse,” Tessa said, grinning.


We shook our heads but couldn’t guess what she had done.

“Oh come on, just tell us,” I said, losing patience with her.

“I’ve tasted pussy, and I love it,” she blurted out.

“Whose?” I replied.

“Whose?” said Tessa.

Jennie caught the same question in stereo.


Our mouths opened and didn’t close for about a minute. We looked at Jennie in disbelief and then at each other.

“She finally caught us,” she said, giggling away to herself.

“I had my suspicions that she wouldn’t just let it lie and when she pulled her skirt up and pressed my mouth to her shaven pussy – well I nearly fucking fainted with glee.”

“Jennie –”

We called her name together. And out loud. We hastily looked around us to see if anyone was listening. We seemed to be in the clear.

“It’s been a fucking gorgeous weekend. All weekend as well; every minute of the fucking day – almost!”

I could see that Tessa was a bit put out at that. I think she would have liked to have had a mum, leave alone a sexual relationship with one.



Dad and I are reaching a significant and pleasurable conclusion for both of us.

My hand pumps his cock really fast; restraint only happens when my hand comes upwards and catches on the tie cord of his shorts, stopping me from going further. My grip brushes over the head of his cock before plummeting downwards over his length. I can feel the bike speed up and I keep wishing that he is looking straight ahead. It is a wonderful road to drive along; smooth and effortless on the suspension of our Harley.

I whisper in his ear. “Come for me.”

I hear his groan whizz past me on the rushing breeze.

“Spunk over my hand.”

I didn’t know whether my whispers are getting through; I can hear them. I wonder whether he can or whether the birds and bees behind us are catching our filthy conversation instead.

Somehow, I don’t think it matters because I hear a sudden growl and feel his cock stiffen. The bike slows suddenly before he puts on a little more throttle. His spunk surges out of his cock and over my hand. It pools into his shorts and I never let up until the very last drop is on the outside of his stalk.

My dad’s breathing gets back to normal and the bike, once more, is under his full control. Turning the corner, we slowly come to a halt at the junction of the main road. Quite a lot of spunk has collected in the crook of my hand and I use the fact that we have stopped to prise his shorts open with my left hand and extricate my right from inside – complete with my prize.

I lift my hand to my face and suck and lick as much of his spunk as I can.

Dad cranks his neck around to smile at me.


I nod.

I knew what home meant. My time.

Dad accelerates away as the time approaches eleven o’clock. The time that mum usually leaves to go to the nearby supermarket for our weekly shop. I say nearby, it’s fifteen minutes there and back plus a good twenty minutes, if not more, doing the shopping; long enough for a satisfying fuck, if you know what I mean.

We are about five hundred yards away from home when I see mum’s car pull away at the junction to our house. I watch with glee as it speeds away from us towards town. A little part of me feels guilty, but she is only my step mum, though I always called her mum.

With my hands around my dad’s chest, I hug him hard and even pat his trousers causing the remains of his spunk to soak into the cotton fabric.

As we pull into the driveway of the house I immediately jump off the bike, trying to pull dad with me. But he's having none of it. He always looks after the bike and starts to wipe it down and park it properly. In fact, wiping it down would have been necessary because I’m sure my juices cover the back seat.

By the time he catches up with me, I am standing by the door to the utility room. I pull his shorts down around his ankles, kneel on the floor and take his creamy cock in my hand, lifting it to my mouth to suck down hard on the head.

I revel at how quick it grows and I pull on it some more before standing up.

We never make it to the lounge or the kitchen or upstairs to the bedrooms. He bends me over the washing machine and promptly shoves his cock deep inside me. It is heaven and just what I need.

I moan and groan quietly as he fucks me hard. Even when the house is empty I always try to keep quiet, it is a habit I have got into, just in case.

Dad deposits his second load of cum inside me as he lets out a huge groan. I come almost immediately after he does, and while it is a delightful orgasm, I really want to ride him on top, with me being in control.

“Come in here,” I tell him as I start to walk into the lounge, half pulling my top over my head when I catch sight of some unexpected movement in the back garden through the patio doors.

I freeze. In fact, I am horrified. My mouth falls open and the muscles in my stomach become an intense knot of panic.

Dad was right behind me with a huge grin on his face; his cock erect, and swinging to and fro in front of him.

I quickly pull my top back down; turn and place my hand on his chest, pushing him backwards. I am shaking my head frantically and pointing to the back garden with my thumb. I then point upstairs and whisper in his ear.

The look of shock on his face is a picture but he disappears up the stairs pretty sharpish.

I finally compose myself and wander out to the garden.

“Mum – what are you doing here? I thought I saw your car drive off as we were getting back.”

“I let Angie borrow it. Her car has broken down and she was desperate to pick up Jennie from the sports centre.”

I nod approvingly. I bet she was desperate, I thought.

“She’ll be back soon. I can then drive them home before going shopping. You want to come with me?”

“Yeah, OK,” I reply, in shock more than anything.

I feel gutted and relieved, to say the least. Gutted that my forty minutes of licking and fucking has been cut short and very much relieved that she wasn’t in the lounge or kitchen when I was being fucked over the washing machine.

I nod and agree with myself that both of us are very lucky indeed. I then realise that I have given her approval to take me shopping with her. Why the fuck didn’t I say that I had homework, or something like that to be getting on with?

When Jennie and her mum arrive back at our house, I can’t help but smile at them. I guess that her mum doesn’t know that I know what they get up to. I was even wondering whether they had a quickie in the car on the way back. It was something I was going to have to ask Jennie about on Monday morning, for sure.



Monday morning came around too fast. Jennie, Tessa and I swapped stories, yet again. It was a great source of amusement. Except for Jennie of course, as she was getting it off with both her parents and no longer needed to hide anything from either of them.

Somehow, I couldn’t see my mum joining in our fun. Hell, she hardly had sex with my dad. Well, that’s his story and I have to agree with him; unless she’s quieter than me.

Jennie’s dad, Tom, and my dad regularly meet down the pub about twice a week for a bit of socialising; talking about the old times, the mining, the camaraderie that they once shared. I sometimes wonder if they talk about what they’ve done at the weekends; compare stories, that sort of thing. Jennie and I have often wondered whether either of them has ever slipped up and nearly mentioned their time fucking their daughters. It’s so easily done – isn’t it!

One day – I’m going to have to find out.

As we broke for lunch, I watched Jennie leave the classroom and my eyes were drawn to the hemline of her skirt.

I so much want to shove my head up there – it hurts to think about it.

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