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"Our Singular Duality"

You are silhouetted for a moment in the doorway, your soft curves a feast for my eyes before the light clicks off.

You are lying in our bed, holding back the covers, impatient to have me beside you.

You slide in beside me, moving up against my naked body. You snuggle my neck, breathing in deeply, smelling my arousal, "Mmmm, someone is..."

You grasp my head in your hands and pull me to your face, your mouth on mine, silencing my words. Our tongues meet and fiercely swirl, fighting to a draw for dominance.

You slide your hand across my breast, down my belly and drag finger tips hard through my silky hair. I spread my legs, and your fingers glide over my clit, and I jerk with darts of pleasure. You dance your fingers between my lips, already open and wet.

You push my head back and glare into my eyes. "Don't tease me! Not tonight! Fuck me, fuck my cunt!"

You hook two fingers against my hole and drive them in until your palm is pressing flat against my cunt. You pull them back and slam them in again, your hand pounding my clit with each stroke.

You are digging your fingers into each side of my head, your body shaking and thrusting against my driving hand. When I feel you starting to stiffen, I pull my fingers out and bring them up to my mouth. You groan and open your eyes, furious for me to go on.

You smirk at my agony and slide your soaking fingers into your mouth, sucking them with relish, "Mmmm, so tasty, I want more. Turn around, I want you on top."

You scramble around and lay on me, legs either side of my head and your cunt floating like a glistening orchid above my face. You press your face between my legs, trying to push them open to your hunger, but I deny you.

You grasp my ass, a cheek in each hand and pull me down close to your face. "God, your cunt is so beautiful, so open and ripe!"

Your tongue takes a long, wide stroke between my lips and swirls at my opening, then flicks further up.

You jerk and moan as you feel my tongue feather across your ass hole. "Mmmm, someone else feeling naughty tonight?"

You pull me further down and pull hard on my cheeks, spreading them wide and opening my anus to your desire. You circle its puckered edge with a wet tongue tip, then spiral in until you slowly start pressing, feeling it relax, allowing you entrance.

You are squeaking with each push of my tongue deeper into your pink rosebud. Your hands frantically pull my legs apart, scratching my thighs. You drive your head into my cunt, enveloping my throbbing clit in your mouth, sucking and swirling it with your tongue in a fevered frenzy, dragging its shaft with your teeth.

You snap back your head and thrust up your hips at my assault. You push a thumb into my cunt and slide a finger up to stroke my swollen clit. You take a wet finger and fuck it into my ass, alternating strokes between your hands.

We are incoherent now, our minds and bodies melting into uncontrolled carnal motion. Our joined cores wind tighter and tighter until we shatter at the same instant, as we always have since that single cell split into the two perfect copies that are you and I.

We slowly release our holds as the last rippling waves of orgasm pass through us and lay side by side, painting each others face with gentle kisses.

The silence of our repose is broken by a gentle tapping at the door.

"That's enough, girls, get some sleep. School tomorrow and only two weeks before you graduate... don't want to spoil your perfect record now."

"Okay. Night, mom."

"Night, mom"

"Sweet dreams you two."




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