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Persuading Mom To Pose, Chapter 2

Mom explains her past and he shows her that her history doesn't matter...

Once my eyes had feasted on Mom's big luscious breasts, it was my mouth's turn. I took one of her fat tender morsels into my mouth, sucking and nursing on it like I did as a baby. Mom moaned as she felt my tongue rolling over and circling her nipple and I could feel it harden and grow in my mouth.

I pulled my mouth off it for a moment blowing cool air softly across it and it stiffened even more. I fingered the hard nub and Mom groaned louder. I gently pinched and tugged on it lifting her breasts slightly.

"Ohh. Jimmy honey..." she moaned closing her eyes and laying her head back. Then I moved to her other nipple to give it some attention as well. Mom ran her fingers through the hair on the back of my head as I feasted on her delicious breasts She pulled my face to her harder, wanting me to take more of her into my mouth, groaning and cooing as I licked and chewed on her baby feeders.

After a few wonderful minutes at my mother's breasts, I left them - much to her dismay. She groaned a bit, feeling the loss of my mouth suckling on her. But then realized I was headed south and her groan became a moan of anticipation. I kissed my way over her tummy again, but this time, I continued moving lower, leaving a trail of hot kisses down to the waistband of her red lace panties. 

I stopped there and sat back on my heels, looking up at her. Mom was watching me I could see she was completely enjoying my attention.

"Spread your legs apart," I said.

She bit her bottom lip (which with her red lipstick looked so hot!) and moved her feet apart shoulder width. I trailed my fingertips very lightly up the insides of her thighs and felt her legs tremble at my touch. 

As I approached her panties she began to sway slightly, and I could smell a new "perfume" the musky smell of her lust. My hand touched her panties and moved between her legs in a gentle sawing motion, rubbing up against her pussy lips as she rode my hand.

"Jiiimmmyyy..." she moaned as her hips began to move back and forth against the thrusts of my hand.

She ground against my hand letting me know she wanted more despite her previous objections. Then I held my hand still against her pussy and used my thumb to rub over her clit, varying my technique and causing her to moan again as new and different sensations bombarded her. 

As I worked her pussy with my hand, I began to feel the wetness seep through her lacy panties. I pulled my hand back and saw the dark red patch getting slowly bigger.

"Are you enjoying this my naughty slut? You are sure getting wet!" I said, playing with her. 

"Ohhh God Jimmy!" she moaned. "Oh yes, honey! Yes, I am!"

I put my face closer to her wet spot and inhaled deeply. "Damn Mom your pussy smells wonderful! But do you taste as good as you smell?" I asked her.

"Ohhhhh..." she moaned long and loud, as a shudder ran through her body.

I had found my mother's 'kryptonite'. She loved to be talked dirty to!

"Mom! Why you dirty little slut!" I said, "You like the dirty talk don't you!"

"Oh God son, yes! Yes, I do!" she cried. "It's such a turn on for me. I love to be talked dirty to and called names. names like slut and whore. I like it when my vagina is called a pussy or cunt and tits instead of breasts or boobs. The dirtier and nastier the talk is, the better I like it.

"Your Mom is a bit of a tramp, son. I know I dress nice and I act all classy and ladylike, but that's what it is - an act. Only your father knew the real me... the me I am behind the bedroom doors. The me I am when I let down the act."

I listened to Mom as she talked. This was a side of her I never knew!

"Jimmy, before this goes any further, we need to talk and you need to know a few things about your dear old mother..." she began to explain her scandalous, immoral past.

"Son, I'm afraid your mother isn't the woman you know. I'm not the pure, unspoiled, classy lady that you know me as. Truth is, I'm just the opposite. You see, when your father and I first met, it was at a strip club and your's truly was the headliner that night.

"That's right, son. Mama was a stripper! Not only that, but I was a whore as well. I would take club patrons who wanted a little something extra into the back rooms - the private rooms - and give them a lot more than just a table dance!

"I danced at a club back in Pittsburg in those days. I was young and struggling on my own to make ends meet. My own parent's divorce had caused me to drop out of school, so I had no diploma and couldn't find any kind of decent job. I was a lot thinner and had a better body back then.

"I met your father one night when he came into the club. He sat at a table by himself and was looking a little down. I was on stage and I held the corners of my mouth up telling him to smile and he did. After I was done with my set, I came over to see if he wanted some company since he was sitting all alone.

"He asked me to sit down and we talked and talked. When he left the club that night, I made him promise to come to see me again. Well, he did and he did many times after that. 

"On his third or fourth time to the club, I was able to convince him to come to one of the private rooms with me. He was very sweet and sort of shy. But once he warmed to the idea.... well, he wasn't the only one who had a good time, let's just say that!

"Anyway, we started seeing each other at the club and then he asked me out on an actual date. He was a real gentleman on that first date too - he didn't expect me to sleep with him, even though he knew I was a stripper and we'd already had 'business sex'. 

"After that, things just progressed and the next thing we knew, we were involved with each other romantically. One day, your father got a chance for a promotion but it came with a job transfer. He and I talked about it and he asked me if I would come with him.

"Well, I'd had enough of dancing and whoring around so I left that life behind and went with him and we moved here to Austin. I changed my ways because I didn't want your father to be known as 'the guy with the stripper wife'. I wanted him to be proud of me - I wanted to be proud of who I was as well.

"So you see, son, your mother has a past. A past I have tried to keep hidden and get away from. But I guess you can't get away from your past. I am still a slut at heart and even though I dress like a lady, my slutty side is always right there, just under the covers, waiting to come out and play. That's why I love dirty talk, I love being degraded and humiliated and made to feel like a street whore... because that's what I am, Jimmy. I'm just a street whore in fancy clothes!"

I sat there and listened to Mom's story carefully. I couldn't believe the things she was telling me! But as I thought about it, some things began to make more sense. Mom never really talked much about her past, just giving me the quickest and cleanest explanations she could.

And some of the things said in the fights between Mom and Dad became clearer too which made me ask her point blank, "Mom, tell me the truth now - it won't make any difference, either way, I just want to know. Did you ever cheat on Dad with anyone? He seemed to think that you did. But did you?"

"You heard those fights, Jimmy? I thought you were asleep when you Dad and I talked about that!" Mom said.

"Well, it was a little hard for a boy to sleep when his world is coming apart!" I said. "But that's the past. Now, answer my question - did you ever cheat on Dad?" I repeated.

"Son, I never cheated on your father ever. Once we had decided to start seeing each other romantically, I was his girl and his alone. I swear to you here and now that I was one hundred percent faithful to him," she said. "I know he believed that I had cheated on him, but that was because he was looking for a way to end the marriage himself. And blaming your whore of a wife for cheating on you just because of her sordid past is an easy out." 

"That's good enough for me, Mom. And thank you for telling me all this about your past. I know it was hard for you - you have tried very hard to keep it from me until now. I guess it was because you didn't want me to think less of you," I said.

"Yes, it was hard for me to talk about this to you. Jimmy, do you think less of me now that you know your mother was a... a whore?" she asked.

I had moved up to sit on the bed next to her as she told me about her past. Now she looked at me waiting for an answer. I saw her eyes fill with tears just waiting to fall at my response. She was so beautiful and I loved her so much.

"Mom," I said taking her hand, "of course I don't think any less of you. I love you just as much now as I ever have. What you did in the past, you did because you had to - you had to eat and you had to survive. I can't fault anyone for that.

"And what you did for Dad, hiding your past and putting on the good little housewife face, that was very admirable too. You did a wonderful job both as a wife and as a mother. I couldn't possibly think anything less of you. I love you with all my heart now just as I always have," I said.

"Oh, Jimmy," she cried as she buried her face in my shoulder.

I rubbed her back as I let her cry. She needed to let it out, to let go of the fear and self-doubt she had held back all these years. So I let her have a good cry and just held her tight until she felt better.

A few minutes later, her sobbing slowed down and she picked her head up off my shoulder. I used a tissue I had picked up off the nightstand and dried her eyes. "Feeling better?" I asked her.

"Yes. You are a good son, Jimmy. How did I manage to raise such a wonderful son?" she asked.

"Well, I had a wonderful mother to teach me," I said. She gave me a weak smile.

"But I want you to do something for me, Mom," I said.

"What's that Jimmy?"

"I want you to promise me that whenever you feel that inner slut coming to the surface, you will let me know okay? That way I can help you take care of it. We can't have that naughty dirty girl running around getting into mischief you know!" I said.

"You gonna help me keep Tiffany out of trouble then?" she asked.

"Tiffany?" I asked.

"Yeah that was my stage name back in Pittsburg," Mom said.

"Well, Tiffany, I may not keep you out of trouble, but I want to be the one you get in trouble with!" I said, with a  mischievous grin. 

"Mmmm... that sounds like fun!" she said, giggling. 

With her fears relieved and "permission" to let Tiffany come out to play whenever she needed to act out, Mom felt a lot less self-conscious and was able to relax now. She didn't have to keep up her mother of the year act when we were alone. We made a deal that when she and I were alone at home and just relaxing, she could be whoever she felt like at the time.

Out in public, she was still the classy lady she had been since coming to Austin. That part would never change. But at least at home, she could let Tiffany off her chain and play a bit. And in return, when Tiffany did come out to play, I would be the only one she would play with. Since neither of us had anyone else significant in our lives, it worked out well for us both.

I laid Mom back on the bed gently and then rolled up on one elbow over her. I leaned down and began kissing her again, my hand this time moving to cup and caress her tit, toying with the nipple and pinching and tugging on it a bit to get it excited again. Mom moaned into my mouth as she felt me playing with her again. She had very sensitive nipples and they were definite hot buttons to get her going! She also liked the be kissed on the neck and I took advantage of that as well.

It didn't take very long to get her fire rekindled and soon she was squirming and panting under me. My hand slid from her eager tits down to slip under her panties this time and she gasped as my fingers found the soft damp folds of her perfect pussy lips. She opened her legs for me, an obvious invitation for me to continue.

"Ask me, Tiffany. Tell me what you want," I said, using her old stage name for our games.

"Finger me, James. Finger my wet pussy, baby," she said. And so it was when we played together. I would call her Tiffany and she called me James. That way we could keep our secret relationship separate from our public lives.

My fingers slipped between her pussy lips and into the warm wet hole. I shoved two fingers into her, my middle and ring fingers and then split them just enough so that her swollen clit was trapped between them. That way, as my fingers moved in and out of her, that "little man in the boat" got a ride as well!

Tiffany and I lay on the bed kissing each other with my hand playing in her panties as our making out got more and more heated. Tiffany's left hand covered mine, with her panties between us and she pressed me harder into her crotch. Her other hand was playing with the hard bulge she had found in my pants She unzipped the fly on my jeans and stuck her hand through to get a better grasp on what she wanted. 

"Oh, James, I didn't know you were so... big!" she moaned loudly as she found what she was looking for.

Tiffany wrapped her hand around my cock and gripped it tugging on it as I played in her panties. I could hear the wet squishing sounds my fingers were making in her sopping wet pussy.

"Damn, Tiffany, you are a wet-cunted slut, aren't you?" I said as I pushed my fingers deep into her again.

"Just getting ready for that big, hard, fat cock! I always want to be wet and ready for you, baby!" she said with her trademark smile.

My fingers churning in her wet pussy soon had Tiffany squirming and moaning on the bed. It had been some time since she'd had someone else touching her there. Even though she could get a date anytime she wanted - there was more than an ample supply of guys trying to hit on her and win her affections - she hadn't had anyone she felt close enough to and worthy of letting in.

But with me, she didn't have the same concerns and worries that she had with other men. She didn't have to worry if I was just after her for sex or if I wanted a deeper relationship - I already had the deepest relationship possible... I was her son! She didn't have to worry about me running off with another woman like Dad did - no matter what happened I was always going to be her son. And as sexy and eager to please as she was, there was no other woman I was interested in... no other woman that could come close to my Tiffany!

It really was the perfect arrangement. It had been just the two of us for the past eight years since Dad had left and now we were bringing our relationship to a whole new and exciting level. She got the love and affection that she had been missing - the kind only a man can provide, and I got a hot, sexy woman of my dreams for myself!

Once I had Tiffany's pussy at a slow simmer, it was time to turn up the heat. I pulled my hand out from under her panties and licked her sweet juices off my fingers as she watched.

"Mmmm, you taste so good! But you know, I'll bet it tastes even better straight from the source!" I said.

"Ohhh James, yes! Yes, baby, please! It's been such a long time since I've had anyone down there!" she whimpered.

Knowing now that she loved dirty talk, I wanted to use that to my advantage. "Down there?" I mocked, "You sound like my mother, Tiffany! I thought you were a whore? Let's try that again and this time, talk like a whore should!" 

She gave me a little grin of acknowledgment. "It's been such a long time since anyone has gone down on me, baby. Please, please, eat my dirty whore cunt! Please, I love having my cunt licked and eaten. I want you to taste my sweet pussy. I want to feel your tongue inside my cunt so much! Please, baby, please eat me!" she corrected her speech.

"Now THAT sounds like the dirty whore I thought you were Tiffany!" I said.

I reached up and took hold of her red lace panties and slowly began peeling them down her legs. As I slowly revealed her wet musky pussy, Tiffany watched me for my reaction. I lowered her panties an inch at a time teasing her and relishing in the way she barely breathed waiting to see what I would do.

As her pussy came into view I stopped and just looked at it. It was perfect. The lips were neatly tucked inside, and just the edges of the fat swollen lips peeked out. Her clit also poked it's little head out to see who was there. She was definitely wet too - her panties wanted to stick to her because of her dripping honey. I licked my lips as I could only imagine the sweet treat waiting for me.

I continued after a moment or two, pulling her panties down and off her legs. I brought them to my nose and inhaled her scent deeply, causing her to groan as she saw me enjoying her aroma. Then I handed her panties to her.

"Here, Tiffany, see what your pussy smells like, what the dirty sopping wet cunt of a cock-craving whore smells like. Doesn't it smell wonderful?"

She held the wet garment to her nose and sniffed it as I had said.

"Ohhh, God!" she moaned, taking deep breaths of her own lust-scent. As she savored her own sweet perfume, I moved down between her legs right about knee level. Spreading her legs wide, I began slowly kissing my way up the insides of her thighs alternating sides and moving up a couple inches at a time. 

Once I reached about halfway up her thighs, I began throwing in soft little love bites along with the kisses just to keep her off-guard and keep her anticipation high. 

"Oh God, James! Ohhh fuck, baby, please hurry! Please, I want your mouth on my cunt now!" she pleaded.

I raised my head and saw the look of consummate need on her face and I smiled. This was what I wanted from her. This was the place I needed her to get to in order to make her mine.

I knew that Tiffany had been without a good hard fuck in a very long time, and now that the very fuck she so longed for was imminent, her patience was as delicate as a spider's web!

I finally reached her steaming drooling cunt just as she was about to lose her mind. I placed my arms in such a way that she would be unable to close her knees and clamp down on my head because I knew that would be her immediate reaction. I held the lips of her glistening pussy open and the looked at her before beginning my feast.

"Are you mine, Tiffany? Are you my dirty, filthy, little cock whore?" I asked.

"Yesss Pleeeease, James!" she broke down, sobbing now. "Pleease James, I'll do anything you want! I'll be anything you want me to be! Just please, please eat me. Please fuck me!"

I couldn't stand to see her cry. She may be Tiffany my little whore, but she was also my mother and seeing her in such anguish was more than I could bear. I leaned down fastening my mouth firmly over her greedy aching pussy and shoved my tongue as deep into her as I could get it to reach.

"OH FUUUCCKKK, JAAMMESSS!" Tiffany screamed. As I anticipated her legs tried to slam shut instinctively but my arms prevented it and my fingers kept her pussy open as I furiously licked and lapped at her like I was in a pie eating contest! Which in a manner of speaking I was - only it was her sweet "pie" I was eating!

Tiffany scratched and clawed at the bed sheets, she reached up to grab the headboard, she tried to push my face deeper into her cunt. But everything she tried only made me work harder to drive her insane. She arched her back and twisted her hips - anything to shake me off her and relieve the exquisite torture my mouth and tongue was doing to her pussy. But nothing helped. I was locked onto her and I was going to eat my way clear through her!

Tiffany writhed and squirmed and twisted for only a few minutes before her first orgasm caught her by surprise, coming on like a runaway freight train and hitting her before she really knew what was going on. 


Tiffany poured out her sweet juices as she bucked up at my mouth and ground her cunt on my greedy tongue giving me thanks for getting her off.

As she suffered the throes of her "petite mort" - her "little death"- I pushed her anguish to even higher level when I shoved two fingers deep into her spewing cunt, palm up and then curled my fingertips up to hook them behind her pubic bone and rub her spongy g-spot. It was a trick I learned from one of my previous girlfriends and it never ceased to bring her crashing orgasms when I did it. I was hoping the same trick wouldn't fail me with Tiffany... and it didn't!

"OH FUCK, JAMES! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING AGAIN, BABY! OHHH!" she screamed out as a fresh flood of juices poured from her. The wet stain under her ass doubled in size as she poured her love out and it ran down her legs and down the crack of her ample ass despite my trying to lap up as much as I could as fast as I could. But I couldn't begin to keep up with her pussy's production.

After two good hard back-to-back orgasms, Tiffany collapsed back on the bed panting like a winded dog. I crawled up next to her and she cuddled up under my arm. I let her rest for a bit and slowly her breathing returned to near normal and she could relax. 

"My God, Jimmy," she said using my real name. "I haven't cum like that in ages! Thank you, baby, thank you for showing me I still could!"

I leaned my head over and kissed her as she put her hand softly on my cheek.

"I'm just glad I could give that to you Mom. I always want to be able to make you feel good... make you feel wanted and loved," I said.

"Oh Jimmy, sweetheart, I never have to worry about that with you, baby," she said.




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