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Pipers Piece chapter 3

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Fuck me, Daddy


"You call this a shack?" I laughed as we rode up to a long, low sprawling house. Daddy flicked a key at the high stone wall fence and the gates slowly opened to admit us.

Two snarling German shepherds greeted us and Rebel shied nervously, but daddy dismounted and threw his reins to me.

"Heel," he shouted and snapped his fingers. "Heel."

Both dogs obediently sat but growled uncertainly at me.

"Stay there," daddy said and opening a saddle bag, took out two large and very smelly racks of beef ribs.

"Give them one each Piper," he said softly, "But keep telling them no until they take it from your hand."

If Rebel was nervous, I was terrified and it was one very frightened young woman who held out the beef.

"No," I said as they lunged forward "No." and they sat back on their haunches jaws slobbering with anticipation. Tentatively I held the meat out and each dog took theirs gently from me.

That was all it took, I was their friend from that moment on and I felt good when daddy told me that I was the first woman he'd ever brought up here.

"You seen what I called it?" he asked and pointed to a sign by the front door that read, "Piper's Piece."

"Oh daddy, it's wonderful." I hugged him tightly and one of the dogs even left his meat for long enough to sniff my backside.

"He likes you Piper," daddy laughed as he shooed the dog away and we took our bags inside.

"So this is your idea of a shack is it?" I asked after we'd eaten and sat there enjoying a brandy.

"It's yours baby," daddy said. "When we get to Houston some day soon I'll call the bank and git the manager to tell you exactly what you got and what you ain't got."

"I've got everything I want right here daddy." I went and sat on his knee, "I got a big, bear of a father and a sexy hunk of a lover all rolled into one."

"Yeah but I need you to know about the business so you can take over when I retire."

"Daddy!" I giggled, "You're only thirty six, why are you talking about retiring?"

"I'm quitting next year Piper and I'm gonna take myself off and go all round the world. I'm gonna go to places I've only ever read about or seen in the movies, I'm gonna go to London and see the Queen. I'm gonna go to India and see that there golden palace and I'm gonna walk on the great wall of China."

"Are you going by yourself daddy?" I asked and he grinned.

"You offering?"

"You know I am," I laughed. "Now how about we have a shower because I need to shave it's starting to get itchy down there/"


"You know where daddy." then I leaned forward and put my lips up close to his ear, "It's my cunt daddy, my hot, horny and very wet little cunt, this little girl needs her daddy to shave it for her."

He growled sexily and stood up with me still in his arms, his lips parted under the pressure of my tongue and he carried me effortlessly upstairs as we urgently swapped saliva.

The shower was just the right temperature, water from the twin heads cascaded down over us as we stood beneath it. Our mouths locked together, his huge erection in my hand and his fingers gently exploring between the folds of my cunt. I started to masturbate him slowly drawing the loose foreskin back over the dome of his prick and he moaned into my mouth. Letting go of his prick, I slipped both arms around his neck and ground myself against him, he cupped my buttocks in his huge paws and lifted me up.

"Fuck me, daddy," I breathed softly and without either of us touching or guiding it, I felt his prick nudging against my slit.

"Ooh yes daddy," I moaned as I sank down on his monstrous prick. "I was born for this, I was born to take your cock."

"Tell me where you like it baby," he said and began to move his hips back and forth sending his penis sawing in and out of me like a knife through butter.

"You like me to say it don't you daddy? You like to hear your little girl being nasty."

"I like how you whisper it in my ear," he grinned shyly. "It's so fucking hot."

Allowing him to lift me up whilst still keeping him inside me, I told him exactly where I liked it.

"In my cunt, daddy," I whispered. "I like my daddy's big, nasty cock in my cunt."

"Oh Jesus baby," he grunted and increased the pace of his hips.

"And I like daddy's hot tongue there too, in my cunt."

Faster and faster he worked, each upward thrust sending a jolt of ecstasy to my brain as I clung to him like a limpet.

"Let go of me daddy," I hissed, "I can get it up further."

"Oh yeah baby." and he let go of my bottom.

"AHH YES," I squealed as his prick actually touched the roof of my cunt. I felt it pushing against the soft, tender skin and then the climax hit me, I squealed squirmed and writhed. I bit daddy's neck and then he hissed that he was coming too and the splattering of his hot spunk inside my pussy sent me spinning into yet another climax!

Half an hour later, daddy was relaxing on the deck of what he called "The shack", I'd already placed a chair out and asked him to fetch a large bowl of hot water and a razor.

He moaned through a very wide grin as I came out in just high heel shoes and black seamed stockings.

"Come on daddy," I laughed. "I want a drink, your naughty little girl fancies getting half drunk and completely, all the way fucked."

"Yes Ma'am," he laughed and went into the kitchen to oblige me.,

"Who feeds the dogs daddy, when you're not here?"

"I gotta family up yonder," he waved vaguely over my shoulder, "They come down every day and feed 'em, the mother cleans whatever needs cleaning and the daughter feeds the hounds."

"Do they by any chance drive an old pick up truck?"

"Yeah why, oh shit?"

The gates had swung open and a beat up old truck had driven up into the grounds completely unseen and unnoticed by him. Quickly, I asked for his shirt and put it on before running indoors and upstairs for a robe. I came back down again and found him chatting with a rather striking woman who I guessed to be about his own age. Further back in the yard a younger woman was feeding the dogs and laughing as they kept leaping up to take the tins of meat from her even before they'd been opened!

"Rosa," daddy said. "This here is my little girl Piper."

Immediately, she took me into her arms and hugged me.

"Thank the Lord he found you, Piper," she said in an echo of daddy's New York office. "I reckon he was just about ready to give up and be a lonely old man, getting even more ornery than he is now."

"I doubt that Rosa," I laughed. "Not with someone like you around to keep him on his toes"

Daddy poured out two more drinks and Rosa called her daughter over to join us. I'd pretended not to have noticed her, but in truth I'd hardly taken my eyes off her since I saw a flash of her tight white panties as she'd bent to feed the dogs.

There was something about the way she shook my hand, something about the way her dark eyes flashed at me as she held my hand just a fraction longer than usual. And there was definitely something about how she squeezed my hand as daddy introduced us.

They say, it takes one to know one, well coupled with my in built feminine intuition and the way she smiled as daddy told me her name, I knew that Rosita and I might just become friends, very good friends!

"I bet your daddy was pleased when he found you wasn't he?"

It was a trite question, but possibly the only thing she could think of in the circumstances, I could tell just from looking at her that she knew too.

"I think it's fair to say that he was pleased, Rosita."

I looked over to where daddy was laughing with Rosa, his eyes caught mine and closed briefly, very briefly to tell me that he was switched on, he knew what was happening.

"He's a very handsome man, Piper," Rosita said softly. "And very generous too."

We made small talk for a while and they had a drink with us before saying that they had to get back.

"Will you come over for supper before you leave?" Rosa asked and we agreed that we would. I was treated to another quick flash of white as Rosita climbed into the pick up and I felt a surge of lust rushing through me, no doubt aided by daddy's hand on my bottom beneath the short robe!

"They like you," he said as I slipped the robe off again and sat in the chair.

"Which of them have you fucked daddy?" I asked with a smile and put both legs up onto the arms of the chair; "Rosa? Rosita?"

He grinned and his eyes flashed. "Both of them, Piper," he laughed. "At the same time."

"Rosita likes girls," I said and he nodded.

"Yeah, I saw the looks you were giving each other."

"I'd like to watch you fucking Rosa."

"You wouldn't be jealous?"

"I doubt it daddy," I giggled. "I'm hoping that Rosita would be keeping me busy."

"I could call them up on the phone and ask them if they wanna party."

"Shave me first daddy, I'm horny now."

"You were horny before," he laughed and squirted some cream between my legs.

I moaned softly as he shaved me expertly but carefully.

"I never thought I'd be doing this baby," he grinned as he wiped me tenderly and leaned forward to kiss my slit.

"Me neither," I giggled. "But it's very, very sexy daddy, now ring them."

Punching in their number, he asked if they were up for a little party.

"I'll burn a few steaks," he laughed. "And we can have a few drinks, waddya say?"

I couldn't hear the reply so daddy handed me the phone and said.

"Rosita wants to know if you're as sexy as you look."

"Hi Rosita," I grinned up at daddy. "Why don't you come over and find out for yourself?"

"We're on our way," she laughed and I gave the phone back to daddy.

It took them less than ten minutes to return and I was back in the chair as before while daddy was pretending to shave me again.

"Oh my God!" Rosa said as she got out and stared at my obscene display.

"Hey it's party time!" Rosita laughed and took daddy's place between my legs. "You've got a really pretty little pussy Piper," she said softly and kissed me right on the little nub of my clitoris! "I think I'd like mine shaved like that."

"Allow me." I got up and kissed her full on the lips, if she was surprised, she didn't show it, her tongue snaked out and slithered between my lips and she moaned softly in the back of her throat.

Sinking slowly down, I slid both hands up beneath her skirt and gripped the waistband of her panties.

"I think we need to see what's to be done," I said and began to pull them down. She rested a hand on my head as she stepped out of them, her face a picture. I held them to my face and inhaled her aroma then passed them over to daddy who was standing with Rosa just watching us.

Rositas pubic hair was as black as that on her head and her labia were thicker than mine, thicker but just as sweet. She sighed as I kissed her clitoris in return and then covered her mound with cream.

She looked every bit as obscene as I'd looked as she put both legs up over the arms and her little pink tongue kept flicking out over her full, red lips. I began to wield the razor while next to me, I saw daddy kissing Rosa with one great paw down the front of her low cut blouse. She was rubbing the front of his jeans and as Rosita and I both watched, she unzipped him and took out his thick, gnarled penis.

He was fully erect as usual and both women squealed as I leaned over to take it into my mouth.

"Mm, yes," Rosita said as she watched me sucking my father's cock. "This promises to be some party."

Leaving daddy's prick in Rosa's safe hands, I returned to my task and finished shaving the sexy girl before getting closer just to check that I'd done it right!

"Ooh, Piper, yes." she moaned as I used the fingers of both hands to part her labia and lick gently at the soft, pink flesh within.

 "It's beautiful, Rosita," I said and delved back into her warm wetness, her heady aroma filled my nostrils as she squirmed beneath me and gripped my hair. She wasn't just wet, she was positively soaking, I loved it and used my tongue to scoop out as much juice as I possibly could.

I became aware that daddy and Rosa had sunk to the ground next to me and then Rosita pushed me away and shucked off her dress. She didn't need to say anything, I lay down and watched as she turned to face my feet before lowering her sweet little cunt down onto my face again.

We spent the whole night slaking our lust. Rosita and I came off twice before rolling apart and getting ourselves a drink. Daddy was powering into Rosa who scratched at his back as she came for the second time under his prick. He got up then with a shy grin and looked amazed as I took his place between her legs and sucked out all of his cum.

"NO, PIPER NO!" She squealed, but in spite of herself, her fingers gripped my hair, "No please no, I don’t do this, Piper. No, ooh you’re making me cum again.”

She squirmed and heaved, bucked herself up off the ground and arched her back as she climaxed, then sank back down with a smile on her pretty face.

"You're very naughty, Piper," she said softly. "I've never done anything with a girl before."

"You enjoyed it though didn't you?"

"Mmm yes," she giggled. "It was a different kind of orgasm, more intense somehow."

"The first of many," I smiled and kissed her tenderly.



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