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Piper's Piece, chapter 4

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Eat my Slit

We stayed outside for most of the night and got very, very drunk.

Daddy proved to be almost inexhaustible by screwing Rosita after watching me eat her mother and it seemed as though I'd turned Rosa into a lipstick lesbian. We sat together and watched as daddy plowed into her daughter, she kept on nibbling my neck gently and whispering about how nice it had been to feel another woman's mouth on her cunt.

"Most women have got it within themselves to be bi-sexual," I said as I cupped one of her breasts and kissed the swollen nipple. "But they've been conditioned to believe it's wrong."

"It was beautiful Piper."

"You've got a very sweet cunt," I whispered and she parted her legs lewdly for my finger to slip into her wetnes. "You made it easy for me."

Rosita reached up and laid a hand on her mother's thigh, I placed mine on top of hers and tried to move it up higher but Rosa resisted.

"No," she whispered softly, "No Piper, that's wrong."

"So is my daddy fucking me," I replied equally softly."But that's what we're going to do in a little while."

I moved Rosita's hand up and this time her mother didn't resist as her daughter's finger joined mine inside her dripping wet pussy. I saw Rosita whispering something to daddy who grinned and pulled out of her.

"Close your eyes Rosa," I whispered into her ear, "Just give yourself up to what you feel."

She refused to look anywhere else but into my eyes as Rosita tenderly wiped her tongue all the way up her mother's slit.

"Ooh yes Piper," she whispered, "Oh yes that's so nice."

I smiled and kissed her as she laid both hands on her daughter's head and began moving her hips against her mouth.

"See?" I laughed, "I knew you'd like it, she's very good."

I kissed her one last time and then slipped down to the floor, daddy was pouring himself yet another drink. But when he saw me arcing out a long stream of urine, he yelled and ran towards me. He looked ridiculous, naked except for cowboy boots and if I hadn't already been pissing, I'd have wet myself with laughing.

"I like doing it in the open daddy," I laughed as he kissed me, "Is it really dirty?"

"It's very sexy Piper," he whispered and eased his prick into my waiting cunt. "Very fucking sexy baby."

"But I've not finished yet," I squealed. "I'm still doing it daddy."

"Yeah I know," he hissed, "I can feel it."

I was aware of Rosita's bottom only inches away from my face as I met daddy's thrusts with my own and it took only the slightest little movement for me to pull her down by her hips so that I could tongue her pussy. She groaned into her mother's cunt and moved her hips back and forth across my face, her copious juices dripping all the time.

"I ain't gonna last too long Piper," daddy gasped so I scissored my legs behind him to urge him on as I used my fingers to squeeze gently at Rosita's clitoris. He began to growl, a deep resonant sound that told me he was about to cum, then he let out a wild roar almost like a tiger and I felt every jerk, every spurt as he emptied himself inside me.

Rosa by then was well into her newly discovered bi-sexual side and got down on the ground with her head between my legs. She reveled in the taste of daddy's sperm as she sucked it out of me, her legs still around her daughter's neck while I lapped and sucked at Rosita's plentiful wetness!


Three weeks later I took my place in the New York office as joint president of the company. The welcome I received almost left me speechless. Red kissed me like an old friend as did Pat and the latter led me through into my new office.

"I hope you like it, miss." Pat said and turned away.

"Pat," I said sharply, "Daddy told me that you've been with him almost since the beginning, is that right?"

"Yes," she said crisply.

"Well I'm every bit as informal as he is Pat, daddy calls you a friend and I'll be proud to do the same, my name to you and old Red down there is Piper, you got that?"

She grinned and hugged me, "Yeah I got it, every bit as goddam ornery as your old man."

I'd been accepted!

"Pat, I'll need an office for Rosita, she's my P.A, we're looking at going in a different direction and I suspect that we might be spending a lot of time overseas."

"Like England?"

"Like England," I laughed. "I need to sort somebody out over there."

"John said you might," she grinned. "Listen Piper, we got security guys all over this place to do the nasty stuff. Believe me, we've used 'em gal, if you're not sure give me a yell. After all," she smiled, "you're paying their wages."

Rosita joined us the following day and Pat greeted her just as warmly as she'd greeted me Rosita looked around at her name on the door. "This is a dream Piper," she said, her voice almost breaking with emotion, "Tell me I'm dreaming."

"Daddy put you on the payroll two weeks ago Rosita." I passed her over her pay check, "Tell me that's a dream too."

"It's a mistake Piper," she said disbelievingly, "It must be, how much is he paying me?"

"He's not paying you anything Rosita," I laughed. "The company is and believe me gal, you'll earn your thousand dollars a week."

"I ain't never seen that much money before in my life."

I closed her door with my heel and took her into my arms to kiss her, "We work a month behind here with wages, you'll get another one next week with twice that amount in it."

"I'm going to cry,"

"No you're not, we've got work to do."

The work saw us landing at Heathrow just two days later and a limo dropped us at the Hilton where we'd booked a suite. We hadn't planned anything for the first day, so after showering and freshening up, I took my lover cum assistant out for some retail therapy in the west end of London. In all her nineteen years she'd never worn stockings or filmy lingerie and she went for them like a kid in a sweet shop.

We both bought a couple of evening gowns too and back in our suite, she insisted on wearing hers for me over new fully fashionable silk stockings, a lacy little suspender belt and even tinier panties than the ones I wore. I was naked except for panties under a little robe and I couldn't help slipping my hand inside them as she paraded for me.

"You look gorgeous darling," I told her as she poured out two glasses of champagne. "I'm suddenly very wet."

"That's just how I like you Piper," she laughed. "Wet and juicy."

I fretted about her large breasts falling out from her bodice as she handed me my drink and proposed a toast.

"Work colleagues and lovers."

"Wet and juicy pussies," I added and we drained our glasses.

She took her gown off then whilst I refilled our glasses and set up my laptop to show her the film that daddy had showed me earlier that month,

"This is who we're looking for," I told her. "My was to be husband, Freddie, and my once best friend, Sandra, I don't suppose that they'll be at our house but that'll be our first stop anyway”

"Eat me Freddie," Sandra said on the computer chair, "Eat my fucking slit."

I hadn't really wanted to watch the whole tape, but I wanted Rosita to know what they looked like. Two sets of eyes are always better than one and anyway, I was curious as to why he preferred her to me!

"She's very pretty isn't she?" Rosita said as she sat close to me, her naked breasts pressing into my arm.

"She's a fucking slut," I said vehemently and then giggled. "Yes I suppose she's quite pretty."

"But she didn't like you to squirt?"

"That was Freddie," I corrected her, "She loved it, she often used to watch me on the toilet."

I was embarrassed then and covered it with a giggle, "She liked to watch me taking a pee."

Her hand was on my thigh as we watched Freddie eating out my ex-lover whilst still playing with his cock.

"I think I'd like to do that Piper," she whispered and gently pushed my knees apart.

"What sit on Freddie's face?"

She squealed with laughter and punched me playfully on my shoulder. "No, I mean I think I'd like to watch you taking a pee."


"Yes darling," she whispered, "I really would."

"I'd like to sit on your knee while you sit on the pan and do it through my panties onto you," I told her and sighed as I felt her fingers caressing the front of my panties.

"That sounds perfect," she whispered and kissed me. "Should we have more champagne?"

"Lots more."

They were fucking now on the screen and I thought how boring it looked compared to what me and daddy had done or the fun we'd had with Rosita and her mother. To me it just looked like straightforward sex, no frills and precious few thrills. There was something I noticed though, she kept her panties on throughout, something she often did with me and I wondered if she had a secret little fetish.

I mentioned it to Rosita and she agreed that it was unusual.

"But you said that you wanted to piss on me through yours, Piper."

I thought about that for a while and I had to admit that I liked the sexy little garments, sometimes when I'd been with Freddie I'd look at another girl in the street or a pub and I'd imagine a tiny scrap of nylon barely covering her pussy.

"Perhaps I'm a fetishist too?" I suggested and sighed as she slid a hand up between my legs.

"Perhaps you're just a very sexy girl who likes to be feminine," she whispered as her fingers slipped beneath my panties. Her breath was warm and champagne flavored as we kissed. "And who likes other very feminine girls too."

"I'm glad I found one then." I replied into her open mouth.

"Yes, you found one who wants to get her tongue inside those pretty little panties."

"Mmm, yes."

"And into your sweet little cunt." her finger slipped up into my wet pussy, "And there too while you're on your knees." she prodded another finger gently against my anus.

"Oh God yes Rosita."

"In that case, don't you think it's time we went to the to the toilet?"

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