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Pipers Piece

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Please daddy, please


“This cannot be happening,” I thought as I lay awake in the luxuriously furnished bedroom and smoked yet another cigarette.

I stared at the ceiling and tried for sleep, but sleep was the last thing on my mind. It came way after my husband to be at home in the house we'd bought. It came after the good, well paid job I'd given up and it even came after the man in bed with me, the man I'd made love to hours before, the man I was aching for now!

It had all started three months ago with a lawyer's letter from New York telling me that they'd been charged with looking for the daughter of a Mister John Slaughter of Buffalo near New York. If the letter was a mistake I was to ignore it, but if I could confirm that I'd been born in New York nineteen years ago, they'd be grateful if I would call collect.

There was a New York number and a contact name!

"It's him Freddie," I said excitedly. "It has to be my dad."

Freddie had been as excited as I was, he'd helped me all along in trying to find my dad because he knew how much it meant to me.

"Ring them babes," he told me, so I looked at the clock and knew it would be just after nine in the morning in New York. My hands were trembling as I picked up the phone and punched in the number.

They asked me what seemed like a million questions, did I know the names of my late mother? Did I know my father's name? When was I adopted? When was I taken to the U.K?

Then finally, the man said that all his questions had been answered to his satisfaction and thanked me.

"We have to confer with our client miss," and he put the phone down,

It was the very next day when our phone rang, my arm shot out like a striking snake.



It was him, I knew it was him, stupidly I couldn't speak, my lip trembled and my eyes flooded with tears, Freddie took the receiver from me and told him that I was crying.

"Give her a minute," the voice said, "I guess I could cry myself right now, it's been a long time."

Eventually, I pulled myself together just long enough to say "Hi" and then I broke down again and Freddie took over yet again.

He told me later when I was calm enough that I was flying out from Heathrow the following day. John, my dad had asked him to go too, but he just couldn't get the time off work.

"Go yourself babes," he said, "Go and see your father."

We made love that night like we'd never done before, at least how Freddie had never done before. I lay beneath him, my legs wrapped tightly around his back whilst he ploughed into me.

It was nice and I won't deny that I enjoyed it, but I was disturbed that it wasn't Freddie's face that I saw as I orgasmed. I'd never seen my dad, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it was his face I'd imagined.

"Be lucky sweetheart," Freddie said as we parted at the airport and I climbed the steps into the vast jet liner that was take me to where I needed to be.

A million thoughts raced through my head as I sat back in the seat, he might not even like me.

I might not like him, he might be happily married with a big family, I might not like his wife, his kids, my half brothers and sisters.

He might be a down and out, looking for a hand out, no, I told myself, that's being stupid. He'd paid my fare at the New York office, first class too, whatever he was, he certainly wasn't a bum!

It seemed to take forever to get through immigration control at the airport, but finally the lady stamped my visa and said, “Welcome to America.” I was in!

I walked through into the massive concourse and I saw him, head and shoulders above everyone else, I just knew it was him and he saw me too, I don't know how he knew, but he ran towards me and shouted.



Then I was lifted off my feet and crushed half to death by a big bear of a man who smelled of fresh aftershave even through his neatly trimmed beard.

He repeated my name over and over whilst I just held him and cried. People stared at us but I didn't care, he tried to put me down but I clung to him. I didn't want him to put me down, I wanted him to hold me, kiss me and...

Finally, he set me down gently and held both my hands in his massive paws.

"Are you Piper?" he asked softly and I nodded, still unable to speak.

He put a finger under my chin and looked into my eyes.

"Yeah," he said even more softly, "You got my eyes Piper."

His own eyes were wide and as deep a blue as my own, like mine they were full of tears and I knew he wasn't far off crying just like me.

"Daddy," I croaked and he smiled, no he didn't smile, he opened his mouth and a rainbow appeared to light up the whole world.

"Say that again baby," his voice was as deep as I'd always knew it would be and I smiled.

"Daddy," I said again and then he broke.

I felt like a little girl with my tiny hand in his paw as we left the airport and went into the enormous car park. My head came up to just below his shoulders where a mass of long, black hair tumbled untidily around the open collar of a denim shirt. I saw thick chest hair sprouting inside the shirt and I couldn't help noticing his physique as he stopped beside a gleaming new Jaguar.

He pressed something in his hand, the car beeped and the boot opened gracefully. He picked up my big suitcase as if it was a bag of sweets and placed it carefully inside.

"I've got to make a very quick call into work baby," he said apologetically. "But you can come in with me, I need to show you off."

I didn't have a clue as to what he did for a living, but about half an hour later, he turned into a long driveway past a sign that said.

"Slaughter Inc." and parked in a space with his name on the wall on a brass plaque.

We gripped hands again and walked past a uniformed door guard who greeted him with a very informal, "Hi John."

Dad grinned at him and introduced me.

"This gorgeous little lady is my daughter, Red."

Red shook my hand and even took off his hat.

"I'm mighty glad he found you at last Piper," he grinned, "He's been like a bear with a sore ass for the last five years."

Dad thumped him playfully and Red grinned, I just gathered they were old friends. We walked through into a sumptuously carpeted reception where a middle aged lady at the desk rose up and greeted me in the same manner as Red.

"Well thank the Lord he found you young lady, I was about to quit working for the fool, he's been impossible."

"Yeah well, you know where you're well off," dad laughed and swatted her backside as we went through into an office.

"What do you do here dad?" I asked and he laughed. "Well baby, since I found out that you might be in England, I've done very little except look for you. I got about forty people working for me here and I got another thirty offices across the country, but I've called in just to let them know that I ain't doing nothing for the next month, I've got a very important little lady to entertain."

"What, you mean this is yours?" it was a dumb question and I knew it, but I needed to make everything clear as it was told to me.

"Only half of it Piper, well I own 51% of it to be exact, I got a partner who owns the other 49%."

"Are we going to see him?"

"Yeah," he nodded and smiled, "But it ain't a he, it's a she."

"Okay then," I laughed, "Are we going to meet her?"

"Stand there and look at that cabinet," he said, "Press that little button on the top."

I did and it opened up to reveal a well stocked bar with a mirrored rear.

"Say hello to my partner," he said softly and I just gaped at my reflection.

"Who is it daddy?" yet another stupid question.

"I do believe that her name is Miss Piper Louise Slaughter."

My jaw dropped open, I half expected to hear the thump as it hit the floor.

"You mean?" and then the room started to spin...

The water in the glass was ice cold as it trickled between my lips, I sat up and felt ridiculous.

"I think I fainted daddy," I said weakly and Pat, the receptionist helped me unsteadily to my feet.

"He's a fool," she laughed, "I told him that he should have done it differently, it was always going to be a shock."

She looked up at dad and said.

"See, Mister smarty pants, I told you so."

I laughed at the easy relationship he seemed to have with all his employees and they with him. Never once did I hear any of them call him anything else but John, even an hour later after I'd met the entire staff of that particular office, I was still smiling. They were like a big bunch of friends, one guy, I think he introduced himself as Jim, said to dad that he thought they'd got the job to demolish an old apartment building. So at least I knew that we were in demolition or associated with it anyway.

"Right you guys," dad yelled, "We got a plane to catch now, I'll see you all in a month."

It turned out that I owned 49% of the plane we caught and I giggled with pleasure when the pilot let me take the controls whilst dad filmed me. I didn't have a clue as to what the hell I was doing but it was great fun anyway, a dream come true. Just twenty four hours ago I'd worked in an office and my mind was still trying to come to terms with me being a multi millionaire. It was incredible, unbelievable and to my undying shame, I didn't for one second think about Freddie back in London!

His ranch was more like a five star hotel than a ranch, there was a full size swimming pool out the back as well as one inside, (heated of course.) Five beautifully furnished bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom and shower. There were two Jeeps, two horses in a corral and away in the distance I saw another smaller house.

"That's where the hands live," he told me, "I'm gonna ride over after supper to tell them thy can have a couple of weeks off now I'm back."

Supper as he called it was barbecued beef steak, fried eggs, mushrooms and hash browns, he cooked it all himself whilst I showered and reappeared in jeans and tee shirt.

"You wanna beer?" he asked and told me to get a couple out of the huge fridge in the kitchen.

"There's enough beer in there to get an army drunk daddy," I laughed as we each took a sip and I smiled up at him as he slipped an arm around my waist and I laid my head against his barrel like chest.

"It's been quite a day daddy," I said and he grinned as he reached into his shirt pocket.

"I started doing this as soon as I found out that you were alive, you know your mom was killed don't you?"

"Yes," I nodded, "Was she pretty, daddy?"

"She surely was honey," he drawled, "But she loved walking on the wild side and that's what killed her."

"Tell me about her," I said as he heaped half a cow onto each plate followed by the rest of it, I looked at my plate in awe and thought that I'd probably be there next week still eating, but dad just laughed and told me to eat what I wanted.

"I got another twenty thousand head or so."

"Tell me daddy."

"Well we was at school together and like me, she weren't too clever, neither of us went to high school.

She stayed at home and worked in her daddy's store while I got me a job fetching and carrying in the oilfields over by Galveston way.

We was both just sixteen when you was conceived, her daddy wanted to shoot me, but I came home with over three thousand dollars that I'd saved and we got married.

I went back to the fields and by the time you was born, I'd saved over six thousand dollars. We was seventeen then and I was making even more money by working weekends with an old guy who owned a little demolition company. I was pretty big for my age and he asked me to work full time with him on a job he'd got near where we lived with your mom's parents. Well I knew I could go back to the fields if it weren't no good, so I gave my job up and drove over to her daddy's shop early on a Saturday morning."

He sighed deeply and his voice betrayed the emotion in him as he went on.

"I seen her getting out a guys car just up away from the store and I found out later she'd been out all night with him."

"What did you do?"

"Aw I slapped him around a bit and got myself locked up for seven days, when I come out she'd gone and left you with her mom and dad, they wouldn't let me see you, can you understand that Piper?"

"No," I said softly and squeezed his thigh, "That must've been awful."

"Yeah, it was, I went on the job with old Jack and took my temper out on that old warehouse we was knocking down. I worked eighteen hours a day, seven days a week, then the guy we was working for said he couldn't pay us. He hadn't sold the land like he thought he was going to. So I gave him six thousand dollars and gave old Jack six thousand, then I went back to the fields, I owned a big plot of land with no idea of what to do with it. I went back a month later and her folks had gone, just like that Piper, they'd sold up and gone!"

I couldn't say what I felt, all I could do was to move my plate away and shuffle up to him, I knew then at that moment just how much he had loved my mother and how much I loved him.

"I looked everywhere Piper, everywhere I could think of but they'd vanished. It wasn't until five years ago that I learned they'd died in a car wreck and you'd been adopted from the hospital where you survived after being treated for a few cuts and scratches."

"A few cuts and scratches?" I hadn't meant to do it, but suddenly I'd jumped up and dropped my jeans.

"Is that what you call a scratch daddy, go on tell me, if that's what you call a scratch, what would you call a serious cut?"

His lips kissing the flesh of my buttock was what brought me down to earth, that and his deep, resonate voice saying softly that it was the nicest butt he'd seen in many a year!

I felt my face going red, bright red in fact and I giggled.

"Well I think you'll agree that it was more than just a scratch daddy."

It had been a deep, nasty slash from broken metal and it had nearly killed me, I'd survived of course, but the scar had grown with me and because of it, I'd never worn a bikini in public.

"Yeah," he smiled, "I'm sorry Piper it looks like a nasty one, but you're a very rich young lady now, go git yourself some plastic surgery."

He kept saying I was rich and I suspected that the book he'd taken from his shirt had something to tell me, but I bided my time and slipped my arm through his again.

He lit a cigarette and carried on with his tale.

"Well it was two years after I'd bought that piece of land that I was contacted by a property developer who offered me a hundred thousand dollars for it, I took it of course "

He laughed then and as I looked at him, I saw a lonely man, a very big, very handsome man, but a very, very lonely one.

"I upped him another twenty thousand, packed my bags and went on up to the big apple. I used twenty five thousand dollars to buy an old freight yard just up in Buffalo.

I hired me a couple of guys, old Red at the office was one of them, we worked in that yard for five months, ripping up them old tracks. I sold them for forty thousand dollars, I never looked back Piper. Old Red's been with me ever since, the old fool could have retired years ago and should have, he's the richest door man in America."

"He's lovely," I said and he guffawed.

"Lovely, he ain't Piper, but he's been a damned good friend to me. We've gotten drunk together, gotten laid together, oops, sorry sweetheart, I mean we entertained ladies together."

"You're blushing daddy!" I laughed and he grinned.

"Yeah I didn't mean to say that, I ain't used to having a pretty lady around."

At last he picked the book up and passed it to me.

"Like I said baby, I started doing that ever since I knew you'd lived and I vowed to find you."

I opened the book and saw it was an old bank deposit book, there were no withdrawals, just regular deposits every month of at least a thousand dollars.  I felt my eyes filling with tears as I looked at what represented a father's love for his child, a child he might never have found, but this man had had only one aim in his life and he'd found me.

A sudden surge of love for him ran through me and I sat on his knee and buried my head in his neck, all he did was to hold me and hug me, he smelled of cigarette smoke, but at that moment I thought it was the nicest smell in the whole world.

"Thank you doesn't really do it, does it daddy?"

"No." he agreed, "But holding my little girl on my knee sure beats anything else I've ever known."

I kissed him then and it wasn't a little girl kissing her daddy, it was almost a lover's kiss, I wanted it to last, but it couldn't.

"Thank you daddy." I said softly and picked up the book again.

"Turn to the last page Piper," he said huskily, "That's all yours and you can do what you like with it."

The grand total in that little book was two million, five hundred and forty two thousand dollars and it was all mine!

I'd come to America to find my father and he'd made me rich! The tears flowed again of course, but he sat and waited and held me until I just couldn't cry any more and suddenly I wondered what I was crying for.

He was embarrassed by my reaction and a little surprised I think, he squeezed my hand and swatted my backside as I got up.

"Ever ride a horse?"

I shook my head, "No, but I'll learn."

We walked over to the corral and he fetched two western style saddles out of a barn and showed me how to saddle up.

"That one's yours Piper, he's called Rebel."

Thank God he was docile and daddy was patient with me, but finally after three unsuccessful attempts to climb into the saddle, daddy picked me up effortlessly and deposited me on the horses broad back.

We rode slowly over to the distant houses where he introduced me again to all the hands and their families, they fussed around me like I was royalty and it was getting dark by the time we unsaddled the horses back at the ranch.

I was unbelievably tired and I'm sure I was asleep the very second I crawled into the huge big bed.


"You planning on staying there all day?"

He was sitting on the side of my bed, a big jug of fresh orange juice in his hands and a smile on his handsome face.

Without a second thought, I sat up and kissed him and only then I realized I was naked, very gently, he picked up the single sheet and handed it to me.

"Sorry sweetheart," he said gruffly, "Are you gonna phone that feller of yours?"

I wanted to kiss him again, but he got up and left me to dress, my phone was downstairs so I just pulled a robe on and went down to call Freddie.

I was fully aware that the robe was short, hardly long enough to cover my bottom and I knew my nipples were pressing against the thin material as I picked up my phone.

"Use the land line Piper," he said softly and I knew his eyes were on me.

Picking up the receiver, I dialed the code for the U.K. and our home number. After waiting several minutes, I replaced the receiver and turned towards dad, but he'd stepped outside presumably to give me some privacy.

"How far is the nearest town daddy?" I asked and he grinned through his cigarette smoke.

"I asked for the plane to be here at one o'clock," he laughed, "I thought you might wanna go shopping."

Oh God, that lazy smile of his was driving me mad, I knew I was getting wet down there from just looking at him.

"Yes please," I said feeling like a naughty little girl, "Freddie must be out somewhere."

"Yeah," he agreed laconically and looked like he was going to add something else, but instead, he suggested I showered and changed before the plane arrived back for us.

I went into the shower after shaving the stubble off my pussy and under my arms, vaguely I wondered about Freddie, but there was far too much going off here for me to dwell on him. I heard the plane landing and then a car drove off, I wondered what it was, but as soon as I'd dressed in a short skirt and a thin summer top, I went down and saw dad at the controls.

"I got me a license," he laughed as I climbed in, "I done got it about ten years back and I gotta log a certain amount of hours annually to keep it."

His accent was pure oilfields, but his clothes were top drawer, everything that is except the battered old Stetson that his earphone had flattened to his head,

"Can I get some boots like yours daddy?" I said and he leaned right over to kiss me.

"Piper, I showed you that little old book, well you got three times that much in another checking account, you don't need to ask your old daddy whether you can git sump'n or not!"

He moaned and groaned and griped all afternoon as we went from store to store, but I suspected that he was enjoying every moment of it. His face glowed with pleasure in every store, I even dragged him upstairs in one store to the ladies lingerie. He laughed uproariously as I held a succession of minuscule g-strings up against my hips asking for his opinion.

All I had to say was, "Charge it to my account." and as soon as they knew I was daddy's daughter, it was yes ma'am, no ma'am, three bags full ma'am. But I decided to follow in his footsteps and told everyone that my name was Piper, not Miss Slaughter.

I knew that had pleased him because everyone in town knew him and called him John. I reckon I must have spent over twenty thousand dollars in four hours, but I was high and it was a far better high than I'd ever had from the joints Freddie and I smoked at home!

After landing back at the ranch, daddy taxied the plane almost up to the door and it took us half an hour to unload everything.

We'd eaten in town so I asked if I could swim in the pool outside.

"Sure you can sweetheart, you got a swimsuit?"

"Oh no!" I giggled, "No I never bought one daddy, still you've seen me in my knickers before and survived."

"I have?" he looked puzzled until I reminded him that he'd kissed my bottom the day before.

"Oh," he said and gave me that infuriating grin of his again, "How can I tell you that I'd forgotten such an unforgettable moment?"

"That was quite a speech for you daddy," I laughed and plonked myself on his lap.

"I'm not shy if you're not."

"No, I ain't shy sweetheart," he said softly and made absolutely no objection when I knocked his Stetson off and kissed him!

We went just a little bit further that time, I allowed my lips to linger on his and I actually licked his bottom lip with my tongue before I ran giggling to the edge of the pool. I dropped my skirt, took off my little top and posed for a second in just my skimpy little panties before stripping them off too and diving in!

I surface, coughed, laughed and then trod water while I looked round for him, where the hell had he gone? I felt cheated. I'd wanted him to look at me, to see me naked. Then I screamed as the water erupted and he leapt up, a mass of hair and those incredibly bright blue eyes that he'd given to me!

I squealed with laughter and suddenly I was in his arms his thick, black chest hair tickling my breasts, his hands on my naked back and his mouth on mine.

"Daddy," I breathed into his mouth, "Daddy yes."

I wrapped my legs around him opening myself to him, I felt his erection nudging against the entrance to my cunt and I looked into his eyes.

"Please daddy, please."

"No!" he almost shouted, but it had been what I'd expected and I covered his mouth with mine.

"Love me daddy," I breathed and sank down onto his erection!



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