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Reunited - Chapter five

Tags: incest

Squat down and open your legs

I made love to Mo after mum had come round from her faint, or rather we feasted on each other as mum sat there open legged and watched whilst swigging champagne straight from the bottle. When we eventually all staggered drunkenly to bed, we were asleep the second our heads hit the pillows!

I awoke first and lay there for a few minutes listening to the wrecking crew in my head. Then I eased Mo's hand off my prick, got out of bed and looked out of the window. It was a slightly dull day, overcast and cloudy and not particularly warm, so I walked down to the deserted beach and jumped into the cold sea. Whether it was the shock of the cold water or just the fact that my system needed a shock, I don't know, but after twenty minutes I felt a million dollars again and went up the steps I'd cut and back into the house.

I could hardly believe that mum and Mo were standing by the cooker frying bacon and eggs, both wearing cut off denims and skimpy white tee shirts. Fresh orange juice was on the table and I even surprised myself by wolfing down a big breakfast with the girls.

"Mo's brother designs and builds swimming pools," mum announced as we all sat back wiping our mouths, "And she thinks if we had one here, it would add thousands onto the value of the house."

"Well yes, I suppose it would," I agreed, "But how much would it cost us in the first place?"

"I suppose we should ask him for an estimate."

so we piled into my car and went over to see him. To our surprise we found him in the same shoe shop where we'd met Mo the day before, but a giggling Mo explained that it was their joint enterprise. Apparently it had been their parent's business, but they'd sold up and gone to live in Spain leaving the shop and the flat to the kids.

Michael, her brother was a good looking youth of about twenty or so, with a ready smile and an obvious desire to please. I liked him immediately, especially when Mo kissed him and I noticed how one hand lingered familiarly on her pert little bottom.

"I thought you designed swimming pools?" mum asked him and he smiled.

"That was dad's business," he explained, "I kind of took over from him when he retired. But when my sister decides not to come home for whatever reason, I look after the shop along with Kimberly here."

He waved a hand towards a young girl who was with a customer.

"I left you a note!" Mo protested.

"Yes dear, but you didn't say you'd be out all night."

"Blame her," she laughed and pointed to mum, "I'll explain later but for now can we leave Kim in charge here, they want you to look at their garden with a view to installing a swimming pool?"

Michael ran upstairs to their flat and met us at the car clutching a brief case.

"It won't be cheap you know," he said and mum laughed, "Don't worry Michael, I can probably afford it."

We spent about three hours measuring, calculating and taking photographs of the garden. Michael said he would need to go to the house he shared with Mo, to work everything out.

"I thought you lived above the shop?" mum asked.

Mo told her that they only stayed there infrequently, "We've got a little place out in the country, too."

"Come with us and stay for dinner," mum suggested and they agreed.

I ran them back to their shop and arranged to meet them there at five when the shop closed before heading home again, where I found mum luxuriating in a foamy bath.

"I need a shave darling," she said teasingly, "And I can't think of anything nicer than to have you do it for me."

My penis agreed with her but remembering what she'd said the day before, I insisted that she wore just stockings and suspender belt.

"You know I always feel horny when I wear them," she said with a smile, "Mo said that she'll be wearing them tonight for me."

"She's a very sexy girl," I smiled, remembering how she'd squealed and let go of her golden offering as I'd ejaculated in her mouth last night. "But she's not a threat mum, she never will be."

"I know darling," she said softly, "But did you notice how close she was to Michael?"

"I saw his hand on her bum, if that's what you mean."

"Yes it was what I meant," she giggled, "I suspect that his hand has been in other places on her lovely little body."

She stood up then to dry herself off and I marveled at her figure. Her breasts still stood proud and unsupported, her nipples hard and inviting.

"See anything you fancy?" she smiled and I laughed with her.

"I fancy everything that I see, but I'm just going down to take that old gate off at the front. I'd like you to bring me a cup of coffee down, after you've put your stockings on of course."

I knew that she was thrilled at being ordered to go out the front like that. Although it was a quiet road, there was nothing to stop anyone at all from seeing her as they went past.

"Bring a towel, water and the razor as well," I said and saw her shudder with excitement.

By the time she walked out in high heels and stockings, I'd wrestled the old gate off and said hello to an old chap walking his dog who'd stopped for a chat. She put the coffee and the bowl down and went back in for a chair and the towel, her gorgeous little bottom wiggling suggestively.

"Where shall I sit?" she asked and with a smile.

I told her to place it right beside the entrance where the gate had been. "Squat down on it mum and open your legs wide," I said, "It won't take long."

"Take as long as you like darling," she said cheerfully, "I love showing my cunt like this."

I took my time rubbing the shaving foam in between her legs. Several cars went past, but too fast for them to see anything; if they had I felt sure mum wouldn't have moved. She was in her element, every swipe of the razor around her delicate labia brought a gasp of pleasure from her lips and finally, when I said I'd finished, she shook her head.

"You need to do between my cheeks, darling."

Turning round she presented her wondrous bottom to me. Once again I took my time whilst she pushed her bottom upwards and out towards me obscenely, when I'd finished she calmly squatted over the bowl and urinated right there and then within about twelve inches of the road.

"Now I'm ready for some dirty fun and games," she said with a smile, "I hope Mo is as horny as I am."


She was, or at least she looked as if she was when we arrived at the shop. She was outside with Michael in their car and he signaled to us to follow them. Mo leaned out of the window and blew me kisses as we swung out onto the road behind them. Then as she wound up her window, my mobile phone rang.

"It's me," she giggled, "I've got something to tell you both. I couldn't say anything before because Michael and I have made a pact."

"I already know what it is, Mo," I laughed and for a moment there was silence.

"All right little miss know it all, what is it?" she said after a moment.

"You and Michael."

"Yes, what about us?"

"Well earlier on, my sweet little pussy licker," she giggled at that and waved at me through the rear window of their car, "I saw the way he greeted you."

"What about it?"

"You kissed each other."

"Lots of siblings kiss each other."

"They certainly do," I laughed, "But not many brothers caress their sister's sexy little bottom whilst they're doing it."

There was a shriek of laughter and she called me a bitch, but waved again and just a few minutes later we pulled into the large, sprawling gardens of a huge house and she was out of the car almost before it had stopped.

"We're going to have a barbecue, Sally. We've not had one for ages; come on, I'll show you round, you'll love it,"

She was like an excited little girl and her enthusiasm was infectious. I found myself giggling along with her as she grabbed me and dragged me down into the garden. It was layered and each layer consisted of a lawn with a flower bed that ran down to a tiny brick wall with the next level below. There were four layers and after the fourth one, there was nothing but a beach and the Atlantic ocean beyond. It made my beautiful little cottage seem like a cow shed,

"Oh my," I gasped and squeezed her hand as she moved into my side, "Mo this is gorgeous,"

"Mum was born into money," she explained, "This was her wedding present from my grandparents when her and dad married. It belongs to me and Michael now. But we can't sell it, it's all tied up in trust funds and the like. Anyway, we've got more than enough money to last us a lifetime. But like dad did, we feel we've got to prove our worth and we will, Sally, we bloody well will!"

We left the boys to set up the barbecue while she and I went down to the beach. Their own private stretch of sand was formed by two rocky outcrops which the sea washed over making it accessible only from the sea. It was a perfect spot for naked sunbathing and Mo said the she and Michael often went down there to make love in the open air.

I told her what we'd done that afternoon and she laughed genuinely.

"Weren't you bothered in case anyone saw you?"

"In all honesty, Mo," I smiled and squeezed her hand, "I would probably have cum if anyone had seen me."

"That sounds like a real turn on, Sally," she said, "Mind you sometimes Michael makes me serve in the shop without any panties on, especially if it's a pretty young woman."

"You should have done it with me, I'd have grabbed you there and then." I laughed then I realized that she was staring at my mouth.

"What's wrong?"

"Do you realize that you've got the most kissable mouth I've ever seen in my life?"

Her arms went round me as I turned and her tongue snaked between my teeth. I gasped with surprise and pleasure and I melted as we swapped saliva lost in our own little world.

"Hey you two bloody sex maniacs," Michael and Billy had come down to join us and were standing watching us each with a smile on his face.

"We were going to have a very quick dip while the steaks are on," Michael said and the pair of them stripped off, "Come on, you can give us a show later," he laughed and they ran naked into the surf.

"Arrogant little buggers," Mo laughed, "They must think that everything we do is just for them."

"Oh no," I giggled as I watched her stepping out of her little panties, "Believe me Mo, I do some things for myself!"

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