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Reunited - Chapter Six, Final chapter

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Fuck the party


Wrapped loosely in our towels, we ate our barbecued steaks. I was very much aware of Michaels’ eyes on my boobs as he ate his dinner while working out the cost of our pool. His fingers moved like lightning over the calculator and finally he looked up.

"Roughly, about eighteen thousand, give or take the odd pound or two."

"Yeah that sounds okay. When can you start?"

He agreed to give me a start date later on and he was about to say something when his phone rang. We all tried not to listen but I heard him asking if he could bring two friends.

"We've been invited to a rather special evening not too far from here. Would you like to go with us?"

I nodded and looked at Billy who nodded too, so Michael turned back to his caller.

"Yes, please send the car at about nine."

As it was already after seven, I wondered about going home to change but Mo told us that we could both borrow some things of theirs for the evening. While we went up to shower, Mo told me about the invitation.

"We don't really know how it all started, but it's very, very exclusive. If no-one speaks for you, you just don't get in, it's as simple as that. Because of the price we pay, only the rich can afford to go, so we all pretty well know each other. But I must stress that you must never, ever tell anyone what you see tonight. After you've been to ten parties, you may invite other people as long as you will vouch for them."

It all sounded very mysterious but exciting too, so we quickly showered and dried each other, then she found two pairs of hold up stockings and high heeled shoes.

"Now let's look for something to wear," she giggled as we put the stockings on.

There was something really erotic about sorting through her clothes whilst wearing just stockings and shoes and I thought I did very well to keep my hands and lips off her delicious curves.

"Oh yes, perfect," she said and showed me a long white evening gown to try on, "I hope it fits you all right. I want to wear it's twin."

I did fit me perfectly well especially after she'd took out the built in bra. The front was cut in a deep vee that almost reached my navel and most of my breasts were left naked, only the areole were covered and she moaned with mock lust as she looked at me.

"Fuck the party," she laughed, "Let's have one here, just you and me."

Not knowing much about the forth coming evening, I would have readily agreed, but then I realized that she was joking as she stepped into my gown's twin.

"Wow," I said, "These are stunning."

"And daring too," she laughed, "Look at my bum."

That was no hardship, because the back was cut even deeper than the front. So deep in fact, that the very top of her anal valley could just be seen!

"Yours is just the same you know," she said, "But we may as well show everything we've got!"

I think we were, the slit up the side of each dress reached our hip and the slightest movement would reveal our shaven pussies.

"Oh yes," Billy leered, "You two are the sexiest things I've ever seen before."

Michael said more or less the same thing. Before we could take it any further, the car arrived for us and we all got into the back. Billy slipped a hand into the slit of my dress and whispered that he wanted to eat me.

"Later darling," I whispered and parted my legs to allow his fingers to stroke my pussy.

The house was huge and surrounded by ten foot high walls all around. The driver pressed something and massive electronic gates opened silently to allow us through. It took almost five minutes to reach the house, but as we got out, we saw about five other couples sitting around in the warm evening air sipping champagne and I recognized most of them!

One gorgeous woman in a completely transparent gown wearing a tiny little thong beneath it smiled politely at us all. Then she went back to stroking the sweet little bottom of a toga clad girl serving champagne on a silver tray. Beneath the minuscule little toga she was quite naked and I heard Billy suck his breath in sharply.

"I've died mum. I'm in heaven."

A well known and very high profile politician stood with an arm round the shoulders of a pretty young girl who looked no older then Billy. Her enormous breasts bulged out of a tight black evening gown and her nipples were obviously very sensitive to the ministrations of his fingers under the thin material of her bodice. They too smiled politely at us and carried on chatting.

"That's his personal assistant," Mo whispered, as we accepted a drink from a beautiful young blonde girl with a small silver ring through the one nipple exposed by her toga,

A world famous rock star had his hand up the back of a short dress worn by his companion, another even more famous singer who's bedroom exploits were compulsory reading material on a Sunday morning. She was known for her liking of three or more in a bed sessions with other like minded girls.

I saw Michael discreetly hand over a cheque to a very large bruiser type who introduced himself to us as Bruce and welcomed us to what he called his little gathering. We made small talk for a while and enjoyed the chilled champagne until Bruce announced that our entertainment was ready to begin.

The only light in the room came from a wall light above the headboard of the huge bed on which a young couple lay facing each other. Bruce circulated among us, handing each couple a photo copy of two birth certificates to show that the youngsters had been born sixteen years ago to the same mother from the same father. They were undoubtedly twins and I thought they were without doubt the most beautiful children I'd ever seen!

The boy was quite naked whilst his sister wore only a tiny g-string. I felt the moisture between my legs as they kissed each other tenderly. Anton, (the boy) laid a hand on his sister's breast and she arched her body up to meet him. Their mouths were locked together now and Annette in particular was slurping noisily as she sucked her brother's tongue.

Both were completely hairless around their groins and Anton's prick stood up proudly as Annette reached for it and grasped it eagerly in her tiny hand.

The politician was practically drooling as he watched Annette forsake her brother's lips to kiss her way down his chest. Anton moaned lowly in the back of his throat and lay back as she licked his upright penis like a lollipop and took each testicle into her mouth.

"God I fucking love this cock," she said as if to herself before taking it deep into her mouth.

We could all see her mouth as she sucked, her cheeks hollowing out then filling. Anton moved up pushing himself into her mouth. He reached out again for a breast and squeezed it gently.

Lifting her face up from his penis, she spoke directly to Mo, "I've seen you here before. Will you come and take my g-string off please?"

"I'll be glad to," Mo answered eagerly and stood before the kneeling girl. "It's very pretty," she said and stroked Annette's slit which was clearly visible through the thin material.

Annette smiled and stood up enabling Mo to ease the tiny garment down until she could step out of it.

"Keep it and remember me until next time," she said and smiled again as Mo wiped it all over her face, "And please bring your beautiful friend again."

She stepped back to us then and watched as Annette stepped back over her brother's upturned face. I envied him the view he would have right up between her tanned thighs and even into her gorgeous little slit.

"God I wish I was in his position," Mo said as if reading my thoughts. I nodded and moved behind her, putting my lips to her ear.

I whispered softly, "If I was him and you were above me like she is, I'd have my mouth wide open."

She smiled and shuddered as I slipped a hand into her dress and stroked a heavy breast.

"I'm going to hold you to that, Sally."

On the bed, Annette had lowered herself down until her cunt was on her brother's mouth. She squirmed and writhed as his tongue explored her and then she turned around with her back to us so we could see his tongue slithering over her tight little anus.

Mo leaned back into me and I felt her hand slipping into the slit of my dress.

"You're soaking, you dirty bitch."

"Not as wet as I'm going to be when I get you home," I whispered.

Annette turned around again and bent from the hip to engulf her brother's cock in her mouth.

The gorgeous woman I'd seen earlier was leaning back against the wall with the same little serving girl slurping noisily at her cunt. The expression on her face was one of pure enjoyment as she watched the show and stroked her little friend's hair lovingly.

"She took two of the girls home with her from the last party," Michael whispered, "And rumour has it that she paid them both rather a lot of money. They seem to be keen for a repeat performance"

I felt his hand join his sisters at my cunt as Annette stood and turned round to lower herself down onto her brother's pric. Another toga clad girl was giggling in Billy's arms as she stroked the enormous bulge in his trousers. I leaned towards him and kissed him wetly and sloppily and then nodded my approval at the girl.

Anton lunged upwards into his sister's cunt and she screamed in ecstasy. The politician ejaculated into his young assistants mouth and Annette went into spasms of sheer delight. Even from where we were, I could see his spunk gushing out of her pussy as she rode out her orgasm!

It was just getting dark when the car dropped us off, but we were all horny as hell. Michael had stopped just short of frigging me to orgasm in the car, leaving me wanting more. Michael and Billy disappeared into the kitchen for champagne, while I stood in the garden swapping saliva with Mo.

"Remember what I said earlier?" I asked her and slowly pulled away from her to lie down on the grass.

She stepped over me and stood for a moment with one foot on either side of my head.

"God, you're such a fucking dirty slut, Sally" she said as she slipped out of her gown and lowered herself down.

Her cunt was already leaking and the first few drops landed on my chin. Opening my mouth, I put both hands under her bottom and gulped down her offering. I was in paradise, the paradise I craved where a young beautiful woman was using me, abusing me even.

My legs were jerked roughly apart and I felt a penis nudging at my slit. I gasped and jerked as it slid easily into my wetness and I saw Billy naked and feeding his prick into Mo's greedy mouth. Michael used me roughly just how I liked it, his prick plowing into me deeply and savagely. Mo grabbed my hair as she ground her dripping cunt down onto my mouth.

I screamed into her slit as I came and then screamed again as the prick left my hole and moved downwards. I felt a sharp stabbing pain and his movements became faster as he sodomized me brutally. Reaching up, I found my son's balls and squeezed them gently. He jerked and moaned holding Mo's head as he filled her mouth with his cum.

Everything then was like one long orgasm. Michael roared out a string of obscenities and filled my rectum. Mo bent down and kissed me, letting long strings of my son's spunk dribble out into my mouth. And I writhed in ecstasy as Michael ate his own seed from my anus.

I can vaguely recall Billy carrying me up to bed and fucking me again until I could come no more and I fell into a drunken but satiated sleep in his arms. I can definitely recall thinking that finding my son was the best thing I'd ever done!

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