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Rose's Video: Chapter 9: The Talk With Maria And Lil

Rose's Video: Chapter 9: The Talk With Maria And Lil

After an odd confrontation and Chase leaves, Kate and Rose go to see Maria and Lil.

"So, now that we're all done eating what do you say that we all head to the living room and stick in a movie? How about The Departed? I haven't seen it in a while," he suggested, peeking back and forth between us.

"No, Dad, I think mom and I are in a mood for 27 Dresses, don't you think, Mom?" I asked, glancing at her.

"Yes, Chase, that sounds like the better choice," she replied before she looked back at him. "Sorry, dude."

"Okay," he sighed, leaning back. "In the next life, we should have a boy. I'm constantly getting outvoted here. Movies, restaurants, food we order and everything else," he whined, crossing his arms.

"Well, Dad," I said, placing a hand on his leg. "No one said life was meant to be fair, although, next time, we promise we can watch your movie."

"Okay, Rose," he groaned before he got up and pecked my cheek. "You are lucky I love you."

"I love you too, Dad."

"I'll get the movie ready," he mentioned before he left the dining room.

Suddenly, my mom and I made eye contact. Although, it only lasted a few seconds before I slanted my head down. I knew she was glaring at me, but I couldn't peek back at her just yet. I vibrated somewhat and bit down on my bottom lip, and then she placed her hand on my leg.

She smooched my cheek. "Care to join me on the couch, Rose? We can cuddle together and watch the movie. I'm sure you'd love to have me close to you, wouldn't you? Especially when there isn't anything wrong with a mother and daughter snuggling together."

I took in a deep breath, but stayed silent and didn't make eye contact with her.

"Are you thinking about having sex with me, Rose? There is no shame in it so that you can admit it."

"Mom, this is just a little weird, that's all," I let her know, bringing my head back up. "I ate your pussy after I got out of class today, and dad has no idea. When I think about that, it is just an odd feeling. I don't know why exactly, but it is, Mom."

"The feeling comes from it being wrong and taboo, Rose, that's all," she clarified, rubbing my leg. "It isn't right for us to have sex, but guess what?"


"I've been getting lucky with a young college student. I got my twat eaten out and even got that chick to lick my nipples too; she is freaking sexy. Then I got into her panties too, don't you like the sound of that?"

I maintained my position for a moment as she never stopped caressing my leg.

"There is a smile, Rose. There is no need to be embarrassed, babe. You've seen your mom naked like a thousand times now and had sex hundreds of times now. I'd say that's a win for any woman that finds her mom to be sexually attractive."

"Okay, Mom," I whispered, looking back at her.

"Hey, I'm already watching your movie, are you two coming?" my dad yelled from the living room.

"Your dad is waiting, Rose. Would you like to cuddle with me?"

"Sure, Mom," I answered, attempting to bring my lips towards her cheek.

"Hey, when no one else is around, or we're just around Lil and/or Maria, you kiss me on the lips. You also have to kiss me as your girlfriend, remember?"

"Sorry, Mom," I muttered before I pressed our lips together and placed my hands on her legs.

Afer a few seconds, her hands abruptly came up onto my hooters.

"Mom," I protested softly, backing away. "Dad is waiting for us."

"Okay, let's go," she suggested, putting her hand out. "By the way, I'm not wearing anything under this sundress."

"Holy shit, Mom, you are a perfect mix of an evil chick and an angel," I whispered.

"Come on, Rose, I'm a sexually experienced mom, you can call me an evil bitch if you want. I won't fault you for that."

"Okay, Mom."

I took it, and we held hands as we made the trip to the couch as the movie was already playing. My dad stayed quiet as she lied down first and invited me to lie on top of her. I bit down on my bottom lip for a few seconds and peeked at my dad for a second.

"Come on, Rose, I can't see through you," he pointed out, waving his hand.

I took a deep breath as I saw my mom grin. Then I hurried and lied down on top of her.

"I love you, Rose," she whispered, pulling a blanket over us.

"Mom," I muttered, angling my head. "What are you doing?"

"Getting comfortable, that's all, sweet thing. We can be warm as we watch the movie together, there is nothing to worry about, dear. As you said, your dad has no idea that we're having an affair."

I sighed, but said nothing. I could only guess my mom knew what my feelings were as she wrapped her arms around me and held me close. My head rested on her chest and right shoulder, and she often pecked the top of my head.

'So it has been thirty minutes now, and she hasn't done anything a normal mother wouldn't do, but it is still freaky. My panties are getting wet because I find her breathtaking and I literally know just how good she is in bed. Then to add even more lighter fluid to the already big fire, she decides not to wear anything underneath her dress? Damn it, Mom, I know I agreed to continue this affair, but you are just intoxicatingly hot, and you aren't making this fair at all. It is like you have two guns and I have a plastic knife. How the hell could I ever resist you?'

She plagued my mind as we watched the movie and I still found myself uneasy because of my dad. He was paying attention to the film, even though he didn't want to watch it. I loved him for that, so I just felt guilty again.

I bit down on my bottom lip and took a deep inhale. 'I'm sorry, Dad, I hope you never find out and hate me, but your wife is one amazing fucker.'

I slowly closed my eyes, and I imagined her eating me out. 'Oh, Mom, you are just something else. Feeling your tongue in my pussy is just mind-bottling, and it has happened over fifty times now.'

I kept my eyes closed for a moment and held her on my mind, but after that, I swiftly felt her hand venture into my panties.

"Mom," I whispered, opening my eyes and peeking towards her. "What are you doing, dad is right there."

"I know, he is enjoying the movie. I saw your eyes closed, could that have been because you were thinking about something rather hard, Rose?" she pondered, slowly rubbing my pussy.

I couldn't answer, so I just leaned my head back and closed my eyes again.

"There is no need to be ashamed, Rose. I'm your mom, and the last thing I'll ever do is judge you," she muttered before smooching my forehead. "I love you as my daughter, my lover, my everything, I swear. There is a reason your twat is so soaked right now, that is because you are insanely sexually attracted to me. Trust me; the feeling is mutual, you are gorgeous from head to toe."

"Thank you, Mommy," I moaned, shaking somewhat.

"Your welcome, sweetheart, but there is never any need to thank me. Not for love, lust, sexual activity, nothing. You tell me to jump; I'm just going to ask you 'How high?', simple as that. I'll do anything for you, Rose, even finger fuck you right in front of your father. Nothing will ever be off limits here, hun."

"Okay, Mom," I moaned, rubbing my body onto hers. "I love those fingers."

She responded by smooching the top of her head and letting my fingers shallowly dig into her slit. I couldn't help, but to vibrate even more and moan slightly too. By then, I found myself not even paying attention to the movie.

Feeling my mom letting her fingers go my pussy with my dad there indeed made more two emotions collide like two trains speeding towards one another, and it took its toll. I loved my dad to no end, but I felt the guilt. Although, the forbidden lust between my mom and I thrilled me to no end.

"Are you going to cum for me, Rose? Just how you had orgasms in your video? Are you gonna have one for your mom right now, as she pleasures you with her fingers? It is alright, you can admit it. There can't be any shame in incestuous affairs, only because the love can soar so far beyond all possible beliefs. I can't even believe how much I love you now. As opposed to a few months ago before I even knew about that video, I love you like literally no one else. Not even your dad, babe. You mean everything to me in every single way. I just hope that my MILF body stays sexy for you. I want your panties to continue to get wet for years to come just from the sight of me."

"Okay, Mom," I let out, rapidly tapping my legs. "I'm sure you will continue to become more beautiful with each passing year."

"Good answer, now cum for me, Rose. Cum as the dazzling angel you are. Don't worry about getting me off, just yourself."

I let my hand out; then as if I wasn't jerking around enough, my mom made me have an orgasm right in front of my dad and had me move as if I was having a seizure. My whole body felt to be in a sauna, and my pussy was the ring leader so to speak too.

I had a full body high, and even after I came, her hand failed to vacate my panties. She still rubbed it, and she left a string of kisses on my head and shoulder. I heard her giggle somewhat too, but she managed to keep it down so my dad wouldn't notice.

After a couple more minutes, her hand calmly slithered out of my panties and came out from underneath the blanket. I turned my head and viewed her taking her fingers into her mouth. My mouth opened up wide, and I enjoyed the sight for a moment.

I had to cheese, and after a moment, her fingers slipped out of her mouth. Then I just kissed her for a few seconds. I cut it short considering that my heart felt like it stopped. I looked at her and bit my bottom lip for a few seconds.

I peeked at "Damn, Mom, I'm losing it around you."

"That's a good thing, Rose, now let's watch the movie before your dad gets suspicious."

I let out a deep breath and just tried to focus on the movie, but of course, my mom sucked my mind out even more. No matter what I tried to think of and do to get my mind off her, it was pointless.

An hour later, my dad rose up off the couch. "Aw, shit, I can't wait until next weekend, because we'll be watching my movie," he moaned, stretching out.

"If you say so, Dad."

"I do, young lady," he mentioned, peeking at us. "Now, I'm gonna take a shower, and I have to go meet Bill and Jake for a few hours. Will you two be alright without me?"

"I think we'll be okay, Chase," she answered.

He strolled to us, and he lowered himself to us. "I love you, Rose," he said before pecking my forehead.

"I love you too, Dad."

"And I love you, my lady," he spoke before kissing my mom on the lips. "I'll see you two later," he announced before walking out of the room.

"I thought he'd never leave," she said before turning my head and angling her head to mine.

She pressed her lips onto mine, but I pushed her after only a few seconds. "Mom, what if he comes back?"

"Come on, ravishing chick, can't you feel the thrill of almost getting caught? I rubbed your cherry right in front of him and made you have an orgasm. Don't pretend that you didn't like it."

"I liked it, Mom, but..." I let out before bitting my bottom lip.

"What, Rose? If there is anything you need to say, then say it."

I calmly rose up and turned to her. I put my hand out, and she took it immediately.

"Mom..." I muttered before I took her other hand. "You're crazy," I branded her before I kissed her.

"I know," she agreed while kissing me. "It is part of my charm."

After another thirty seconds, I gently pushed her off me. "Mom, I don't mean that as a compliment. How can you want me so badly even after dad kissed you like that?"

"Well, because you are you, sexy daughter. It is you; nothing more, nothing less. If you want to condemn me for my feelings for you, fine, but in the end, you want me in the same way."

"Although, you decide not to wear anything under that dress, you confess that to me just before we head to the couch to cuddle and then you decide to finger fuck me right in front of him. It is like I'm addicted to chocolate and you are dangling a giant bar right in front of me. How am I supposed to resist you? And you also keep mentioning how much we love each other, so you know fully well what you are doing."

"Only because I want you, and certainly want you to want to be with me for as long as possible. Even if you find another woman, I want you to bring her to me and let me make sure she knows how to pleasure you properly. We can let them know just how much we love each other, just like Maria and Lil."

"And I do love you like that, but this is like the biggest thing going on in my life right now, and I can't even talk to anyone about it except for them. It isn't fair."

"I know, but the best things in life come with prices. They aren't always free; I'm sorry to say. How about we go talk to them? They are the only two, so let's take advantage, babe. Maybe if you hear about the hot sexy action from another mother/daughter combination, maybe it'll renew your interests a bit and make you not feel so bad about your dad. I'm sorry if you feel that way, you know I'd never want to make you feel uncomfortable. I've never felt this way about a woman, and you are also my daughter."

"I know, Mom, you are just proving my point."

"Hey, if loving you is a crime," she mentioned, putting her arms up. "Then lock me up and throw away the key. Well, have someone else do it because I want to be locked up with you, Rose."

"Shit, you are impossible, Mom," I stigmatized her before kissing her again. "Let's get the fuck out of here."

"Watch your mouth, woman."

I shook my head, and then we both headed out. We didn't even tell my dad where we were going. We drove directly to Lil and Maria's house where I was sure they were hanging out naked. I saw the chemistry between them as they kissed each other, so all bets were off. Anyway, we showed up a few minutes later and went right to the door.

"Mom, aren't you going to knock?" I asked as she just opened it.

"No, she is your godmother, so we're past the knocking thing," she replied, walking in there. "Also, you had sex with her, remember?"

"Okay, Mom," I said, taking her hand.

She escorted me into their house, but we were quiet though. I scratched my head for a moment as we made our way towards the living room. Anyway, a moment later we slowly approached it, and she just poked her head out there.

"What are they doing, having sex?" I whispered.

I couldn't see her face, but after a moment, she brought her head back. "No, they are just making out, but they are naked, angel," she muttered, peeking at me. "I want you to look at them."

"When they don't know we're looking?"

"Yes, I want you to see what I see: us. They are intimate and loving when no one else is around, Rose. They can have sex, walk around nude, kiss each other and it isn't weird at all. That is us, but maybe we're a watered version of them. With your dad around, we can't be authentic. We can't be the best us while I'm still married, but I promise you, sooner or later, we will be."

"Are you saying you are going to get a divorce?"

"I don't know, but I do know I want you, and that can be us," she whispered before she glanced back out there again.

I couldn't resist the temptation to peek out there too. I quietly lowered myself to my knees and crawled towards the end of the wall beneath her.

Suddenly, I saw their lips come apart. "I love you, Mom, and you've really only had sex with Rose and Kate? That is unreal, how could you be so good at pleasuring?"

"Well, you get my panties drenched every time I see you, Maria," Lil responded, bringing her hands to Maria's boobs. "I can't wait until you have big breasts like mine, so I can watch you jog and see them jump up and down," she mumbled, caressing them. "I bet you never thought your mom would say that."

"No, Mom, but your hands feel wonderful on them."

"I did have great sex with Kate and Rose, but I must say, you crush them. In the way you eat me out, lick my nipples and of course, love me. I know you are my real daughter, but damn, you are good," she commended Maria as she lazily lowered herself down onto the floor.

"What are you doing, Mom?"

Then we couldn't see Lil's head, but we both peeked at each other for a moment. We both licked our lips, and I had to rise back up with her. We didn't hear anything from either of them as we just looked into one another's eyes.

She took my hands in hers. "I'll never stop feeling the way about you the way I do, Rose," she whispered before she kissed me. "One way or another, I want this to happen with us."

"What are talking about, Mom?"

She aimed her head back out there, so I slowly turned back too.

"Maria, I love you," Lil said as I saw her move her hand towards Maria. "Your dad gave me this ring years ago, but I know who to give it to you now. I want you, Maria, and no one else. Only because you own my heart now, so I want to commit to you. I want you to stay in my bed forever, or at least until I can't be here with you anymore," she explained before a pause. "Maria, I know I'm your mom, but will you marry me and make me yours?"

We saw Lil's hand move, so we were sure that she pushed the ring onto Maria's finger.

"Yes, Mom, I love you," Maria cried before she placed her palms on both of Lil's cheeks and kissed her.

My mom turned me back to her. "They can't legally get married, but they are committed to one another now."

"So, what are you saying? Do you want to divorce dad and marry me?"

"I don't know, but would you have me if I did ask you, Rose?" she pondered, shedding a tear. "I mean, we're kind of married. We go on dates, hold hands, and cuddle all the time too. Although, if I asked you if I could put a ring on your finger, would you let me?"

I had to shed my own tears and kiss her for a moment. "Yes, Mom. If you wanted it that badly, I'd say 'Yes.' to that."

 "Good to know, darling," she let out before she wrapped her arms around me. "Shit, they are still making out, they must be serious about each other. They must love each other like no one else, do you know what I mean, Rose?" she asked, prior to letting her right hand come onto my crotch.

"I know what you mean, Mom," I muttered, closing my eyes halfway.

She wasted no time to undo my shorts and let her right hand slither into my panties. It went all the way down, so she was touching my whole vagina. She also rubbed her boobs on my back in slow, but recurrent strokes.

"Do you like that, Rose? Feeling your mom finger fuck you again while we both watch them make out? A mother and daughter so close that they sincerely want to have sex with each other for the rest of their lives? Meaning when Lil is in her sixties, and Maria is in her forties, they will still want each other like that?"

"I love that, Mom," I moaned, closing my eyes completely.

"Do you still want to sleep with me in twenty years?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Good, because I love this pussy you have down here. Even with your hair down on it, it is quite smooth, and you can get soaked rather quickly. I swear, I've masturbated at least a thousand times just thinking about me pleasuring you with my fingers. Not kissing, actually fucking or anything else, just finger fucking. May I confess something, Rose?"

"What, Mom?"

"Even before your video, I thought you in that way, only because you are intoxicating. It isn't even fair that incest is illegal, because I should be able to get you into bed without it being a felony. A daughter like you doesn't come along all the time, so I feel cheated when I can't tell anyone else just how much I love you. I also feel that way because I've never gotten to wake up next to you either. Well, not naked after having sex the previous night. The best I got was cuddling after the sex in that hotel room. I want you to sleep in my bed and take our relationship to it's peak."

"Okay, Mom," I sobbed, shimmering around somewhat. "Holy mother fucking shit, you have the touch."

"Thank you," she whispered before smooching my cheek and placing her other hand on my tit. "The only thing that would make this hotter is if they started having sex, don't you think?"

"Yes, Mom."

She continued pleasuring me nonstop for a moment. I couldn't see anything that was going on, but I felt her kissing me too, so I wasn't sure if she was watching them anymore. At the moment, I didn't care.

She knew just how to smash my defenses, and make me throw caution to the wind too. In the end, I just knew she'd be worth it. Whether it all led to a shit load of drama or not, I was under the incestuous spell and was no remedy for it.

I abruptly turned to her. "If you want to marry me, Mom, then propose," I cried, placing my hands on her butt.

"Maybe I will, but not right now. I want it to be romantic, we're both dirty ladies, but we're still ladies that like romance, right?" she pondered, placing her palms on my shoulders.


"If you have me, Rose, then I want to make it magical for you. I want you to remember it forever, so we'll be more bonded than most real married couples," she explained before she kissed me. "Our incestuous love is more important than anything else. When I look at you, I just see our happy future, whether your dad supports us or not."

 "Okay, Mom."

"What are you just speechless?"

"I'm closer to the idea of you having enough to say for both of us."

"I'm sorry, beautiful daughter. I tend to be a chatterbox around people whom I'm just crazy about."

I nodded and kissed her again. Our lips stayed together, and we both encased our arms around one another too. Still, we didn't know what Lil and Maria were doing, but we were content with each other for the moment.

"Are you two gonna come in here, or just stay out there forever?" Lil asked out loud.

Our lips immediately separated. "I guess they can see us, sweetheart," Kate whispered.

I calmly took her hand in mine and kissed her once again. "Whether I want to be or not, I'm crazy about you too, Mom," I whispered.

"Good, but may I make one request?"

"What, they are waiting."

"Don't even stop thinking of me as your mom, or stop calling me 'Mom,' fair enough? I might be sending mixed signals now, but I'm your mom first and then your girlfriend."

"Okay, Mom," I answered before I turned around and we both went into the living room with them.

I couldn't help, but to grin somewhat with my head down. Although, we managed to sit down.

"You can look at us, neither Maria or I am hiding our naked bodies, but I'm guessing you didn't come to see us nude."

I couldn't deny those words, so I peeked over towards them. "Wow, Maria, you are even more stunning than I could have possibly imagined. Damn, your mom is a lucky woman."

"Thank you, but you may come over here and feel them if you'd like, Rose," Maria offered, leaning up somewhat and lifting her melons up too. "I don't mind being felt up by sexy ladies, and I'm pretty sure our moms would like to see that," she stated before she glanced back at her mom. "Wouldn't you agree, Lil?"

"Hey," Lil whined, pushing Maria gently. "If Rose has to call Kate 'Mom', then so do you."

"I'm sorry, Mom," Maria responded before kissing her. "It won't happen again."

"See to that it doesn't, or I won't buy you that Barbie doll you've been wanting."

"That one I asked Santa for fourteen years ago?" Maria chuckled.


"You're nuts, lady," Maria disgraced her as she turned back to us. "So, what does bring you to here? Are you here to confess that you are in fact having an affair?"

 My mom took a deep breath. "Yes," she answered, bringing me closer to her. "I'm having an affair with Rose here. I think it became clear when we checked into a hotel the third time solely to have sex. Oddly enough, her dad is sometimes just gone for no real apparent reason, and other times he won't go away. There are times when I just need to strip my daughter naked and fuck her doggie style."

"No kidding? So Chase still has no idea about this?" Lil questioned.

We both shook our heads no, but I certainly couldn't stop looking at Maria's boobs. 'Damn, I think her melons are even perkier than mine. I'm pretty sure we're the same age, but we do have different genes though. On the other hand, my mom and Lil have about the same size rack. Shit, I don't know, but now I'm seeing Maria, maybe I'm developing a crush. Well, considering how good Lil was in bed, I'm not surprised she has such a hot daughter.'

"So, you both are sneaking around having incestuous sex all behind his back?" Lil pondered.

"Yes, and would you rather us not say 'Congrats.'?" Kate wondered.

"Oh, you bitch," Lil giggled, waving her hand. "Go ahead, Maria, show him that rock I gave you."

Maria rose up and nonchalantly made her way over to us. She put her hand out, and I couldn't help, but to take it in both of mine. I brought my head back somewhat and nodded.

"My mom has been wearing it for over twenty years, but she gave it to me. Well, you horny voyeur tarts were watching, weren't you?"

"Yes, but congrats, Maria. At least your mom wasn't already married," I pointed out, prior to standing up with her.

I couldn't refuse the opportunity to check out her body up close and personal. I started down at her toes and slowly made my way up back to her smiling face. I had to vibrate a bit and bite down on my bottom lip too because I knew my mom was eyeballing me.

Although, a few seconds later, I felt her get up and come behind me. "It is alright, Rose. You are blooming into my rose, so you don't need to be ashamed if you find Maria, Lil or any other woman attractive. Damn, Lil, I guess we both have quite alluring daughters. If I wasn't committed to Rose and Maria didn't have your ring on her finger, I'd be tempted to attack your daughter right now."

"Why don't you two get naked?" Maria wondered, placing her hands on her hips. "Let my mom and I see something too."

My mom and I glanced at each other for a few seconds, but of course, I saw the smirk on her face. I didn't know what to say exactly, so I looked away for a moment. My pussy felt to be as wet as monsoon, but I still found myself uncomfortable.

"Come on, babe, you've already had sex with Lil, and we all know Maria would love to see your nude body. Just let them both see it, there is literally nothing to be ashamed of, okay?" Kate asked, prior to taking off her top.

I viewed her strip herself in about a minute.

As she was naked, she observed me eyeballing her. "Lil and I already know you have a dazzling body, so prove our point to Maria too."

"Fine, Mom," I groaned, breaking eye contact.

I took off my top as well and then undid my shorts. I stood up, they fell and then as I let them see in just my undergarments, Lil got up and closed the gap between us as well. She got behind me and brought her hands to the sides of my panties.

Maria couldn't help, but to bring her hands to the back of my bra. "On the other hand, I have seen your naked body in that video, Rose. Although, I'd love to see you up close and personal too if you don't mind. By the way, you have an elegant and fantastic mom too. So, I guess we were both born lucky."

"Fine, lascivious women, you two may strip me."

"Thank you," Maria mentioned, unclasping my bra as Lil lowered my panties to the floor.

I stopped out of them and stood completely naked. After thirty seconds, I saw Kate get up and come over to us. She stood on my right side and smooched my cheek. I couldn't help, but to twitch somewhat and let my juice out too.

"There is nothing weird going on here, it is just two sets of mothers and daughters standing here nude," Kate pointed out before slowly came to my ear. "I think both you and Maria might have crushes on each other. Maybe you two should explore that possibility together."

"Mom," I protested, turning my head to her. "I'm not cheating on you."

"That's why I love you," she mentioned, bringing her palms to my butt. "You are in it to win it, and I'm your prize," she said before kissing me. "Words can not express how much I treasure you, Rose. You are my everything, and more. I know incest is wrong deep down, but look at Lil and Maria here, They adore each other too, and nothing will change that. They could have sex with literally hundreds of other people, but they'd still be committed to each other."

"Are you saying you want to see me have sex with Maria?"

"Maybe, would you like to see me become intimate with Lil?"

I glanced at Lil's figure for a moment. I saw her rubbing her boobs up and down a few times, and my eyes closed marginally. The love and lust just transformed all four of us it seemed, and I just wasn't sure again what would come of all of it.

Maria turned my head back to her and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Rose, I've had more sex with my mom than all my past sexual partners combined. In fact over double combined," she informed me, pressing her tits onto mine. "I've never masturbated to another human being more than you though, sexy lady."

"Oh, what the fuck ever," I moaned before I grabbed onto her neck with both hands and glued my lips onto hers.

"Oh, yes, dear, daughters. Just like that, make out with one another like the godsisters you are," Kate moaned, pushing her body onto mine.

I kept my eyes closed, but then I felt Maria being pushed onto me too. So, I could only imagine that we were in a four-woman sandwich. I couldn't help, but to value the feeling. My mom implied that she wanted the whole scenario to take place, so I had to oblige to make it happen for her.

After a ten minute make out session, Maria's lips drifted off mine. "I know we aren't sisters, Rose, but is it wrong to wish we were so that we could have incestuous sex too?"

"Maybe, you sick, hussy," I branded her, taking her hands in mine.

I escorted her to the couch she was sitting on a little while ago and had her sit down first. I sat down next to her on her right side as I knew both of our moms were watching us. I couldn't help, but to make the sight great to watch.

I got close to Maria and placed my right hand on her pussy. I immediately began rubbing it and let my other arm go around her too. I watched her face, but she couldn't look back at me. Her head slanted back and jiggled around a bit also.

She was not shy about letting out her juice either, which all just made it so much hotter. From our moms loving us so much to my crush going up another level, the hot scene fell into place. I never thought I'd be doing this, despite that we kissed each other when I first found out about her and Lil.

"Fuck yes, Kate, our daughters are together. Come on, Maria, let those small fingers out off that leash and please Rose with them. Make your godsister know just how much you like to thrill a woman," Lil moaned, staying close to Kate.

"Fine, Mom," Maria whined, bringing her head back up.

Her hand instantly dropped to my slit and attacked it for me: moving her hand even faster than mine and in all directions too. After only twenty seconds, we closed the gap between us entirely, so our boobs and our foreheads came together gently.

"Give me another kiss, Rose."

I pressed my lips onto hers, and I was sure we both closed our eyes again. I didn't even picture that she was my mom, for some odd reason, I was attracted to Maria. I didn't even try to comprehend it; I just enjoyed the gratification.

Feeling her fingers assault my pussy and her lips rub onto mine for over ten straight minutes was amazing. The emotional spike from her appeared to be just as powerful as the ones I got from my mom.

'The best theory I can think of is that our moms love this.'

Then I heard the floor creak, so I had to open my eyes.

I let my lips off hers. "Mom, is this wrong? It doesn't feel wrong, but is it?" I asked, peeking at her.

"No, of course, Rose. You are allowed to attracted to other people," she stated before she leaned to me and kissed me. "I'm your mom, and I'd..."

"Never judge me, right?"

"Yes, and I'd expect you to return the favor. Now, quit looking at me, and enjoy your godsister, Maria is one a sexy one," Kate mentioned before going back to Lil.

My mom placed her hands on Lil's shoulders and then kissed her too.  I watched with Maria for a moment, but our fingers ceased movement by then. I could only guess we both enjoyed the sight of seeing our moms together.

Although, after a moment, she turned to me and I nonchalantly did the same. "Our moms seem to have a thing together too, Maria."

"Good, now why don't you exercise your desires to be with me?" she wondered before she pasted her lips back on mine.

She slowly lied down and had me follow her down. Our bosoms came together, and the passion between us seemed to soar. Regardless of why, I certainly liked it and found myself more than intrigued. I was turned on, and rather eager for more.

We made out for over three minutes before my lips parted from hers. We just stared at each other for a moment and said nothing. The intimacy was perfect, and then her hands came over onto my butt.

"Oh, fuck yes, Lil, shove those damn fingers up into my snatch," I heard Kate moan.

Even hearing that didn't make me break eye contact from Maria. I kissed her again, and then I calmly made my way down to her pussy. That made her come up onto her elbows and watch me ever so carefully.

"My mom has made me easy to please, Rose, so I'm sure with your experience, you can make me feel like a whole new woman," she proposed, caressing her boobs.

"And you don't mind having me pleasure you even though your mom put that ring on your finger?"

"No, not when it comes to you two. Now make me cum just like you do for your mom."

I blew her a kiss and lowered my head to her twat. I let my tongue out and gradually allowed it inside her in a single movement.

"Holy shit, babe," Kate moaned, coming down towards me. "Somehow, I've never been this attracted to you than this moment. Eat that sweet pussy, Rose. Eat it like you are going to town on mine," she let out, getting close to me and placing her hand on my neck.

I did just that and made damn sure to give our moms an excellent show to view up close and personal. I licked Maria's twat like a pro and even used my lips as a rubbing tool on her mushy pussy lips. She had a little hair down there that was finely trimmed and even lick that too.

Then I closed my eyes and tried to just focus on Maria. As much as I loved being on display, I desired most to be a good fuck for Maria. Regardless if I'd ever see her again like this, I found myself determined to screw her even better than my mom.

"Yes, sweetheart, just like with me, you don't need to bring your fingers into the equation, you just need your lips, tongue, and lust to make sure you get any woman off. You are perfect in every single way, Rose, I swear," Kate praised me, gently laying her breasts on my back. "I've never been prouder of you either. You've never been with her, but you are on your stomach in front of her with your mouth on her pussy. Sexy move by you, sweetie."

"Godmother, just shut up, my godsister is in the zone, and doesn't need you to pull her out, even through you giving her kudos," Maria ordered Kate, bringing her hands to my head. "She is devouring my cherry right now."

"Better than me, Maria?" Lil questioned, lowering herself down with her.

"Of course not, Mom, you are my queen," Maria told her before kissing her.

Their kiss lasted for about ten seconds, and then they both peeked back towards me. Our moms stayed close to us and rubbed our bodies sensually as well. All the while, they examined the sexy action as if it was a crime scene.

As I looked directly into Maria's eyes again, my hands rose up, and I grabbed onto her jugs. Even as they were significantly smaller than either of our mom's, they still felt quite elegant. I squeezed them as firmly as I could without making her uncomfortable.

My mom wrapped her arms around me, and Lil slowly had Maria rise just enough so she could slither right underneath her. Then they both leaned back on the arm of the couch and kept their eyes on me.

Lil's hands came right onto mine and had them rest there. Meanwhile, my mom let her palms stay right on top of my nipples as well. She left a long string of kisses all over the top of my back and neck. Even though I was cheating, she seemed to be cheering me on a bit.

"Make this angel cum, Rose," she whispered. "Do it not for me, you, her or Lil, but because you live for this, don't you? You have the gift to make a woman feel good, and I'd never fault you for doing that."

'I still feel slightly bad though, Mom. Stop being so supportive and just have some more fun with Lil, bitch. Maybe I want to see you be unfaithful to me too. Did you think of that? Two sets of mothers and daughters cheating in the same room, don't you think that is hot?'

I didn't get my answer, but I did get a few tears to emerge from my tear ducts. The emotions in the room were entirely valid and reliable as hell too. I couldn't completely wrap my head around the whole thing, but I got Maria to love it, and that was good enough for me.

"Yes, yes, yes, Rose," Maria moaned, scrubbing Lil's body with hers. "You are close to making me cum. Do it, and then I want our moms to lick all the lady juice all off my face. You'll do that for me, won't you, Moms?"

"Yes, of course, we will," my mom replied before she blew Maria a kiss.

Even as I didn't need them to close the deal, I brought my fingers to Maria's already drenched slit and let them up in there deep. My tongue already had a backstage pass to it, but yet, I shoved my fingers in there as well.

I moved them around nonstop for over ten minutes as my tongue never stopped jamming around in there too. I let it fling all over as my fingers massaged her pussy walls. They were slick as ice, and perfect for me too.

"Fuck, Mommy, she is good," she whined, angling her head back and scrubbing my head even more. "I love you, Rose. You are the closest thing to a sister I'll ever have; you are phenomenal."

I let my face go back and forth numerous times too, which made my tongue hit her even harder. The results quickly showed as Lil had to encased her arms around her to ensure Maria wouldn't take us all down to the floor.

That seemed to pay off as I actually let my tongue in deeper, made my fingers back out, and I sucked her lips into my mouth. I grinned as much as possible when she nearly found herself in a sexual trauma so to speak.

"Shit, crap, cunt, bitch, fuck me!" Maria yelped, fighting to break free from Lil's grip. "Damn it, Rose! You are one great pussy eater. Fudge, Mom, she is perfect."

"Damn right she is, Maria," my mom muttered, planting a string of kisses on my neck and shoulder. "You have no idea how much I love seeing you with another woman, Rose. Yes, use that tongue just like that. I hope you don't feel like you are cheating, because you are pleasing me, that's all. Maira has that cum plummeting out endlessly, so I certainly hope you take full advantage and drink all you can. There is no reason that Lil here should have full access to the cum tap between her daughter's legs."

"Kate, I love you just as much as your daughter here, but shut up. Crap, you are worse than my mom."

Suddenly, my mom lifted herself off me and slowly made her way around me and went to Maria. They failed to utter a word, she just leaned towards Maria, moved Lil's hands off Maria's knockers and placed hers on them.

'Now Maria is licking her lips, Mom. Just kiss her already. Do it like the horny MILF you are.'

Then my mom laid the top half of her body on Maria's and slowly pressed her lips onto hers. I almost immediately felt Maria jiggling around a bit. That only made me want to pleasure her even more, so I even took more of Maria's pussy lips into my mouth.

"Oh, fuck," Maria moaned while kissing my mom and slapping the side of the couch. "I can't praise you two enough."

I took pride in that and started sucking on Maria's actual lips down there. I also couldn't help, but to shimmer my head back and forth. That made my tongue jump around ceaselessly all around, which seemed to make her feel even better.

I couldn't actually see them making out, but I formed the image perfectly in my head. Considering how much I had kissed my mom at that point, I found myself in the perfect position where I could picture her doing anything.

I closed my eyes. 'I can also envision Lil just smiling lustfully closely watching my mom and I pleasuring her daughter. I'm sure my mom and I would do the same in her position. Of course, I'll never tell my mom, but Maria does have a slightly better pussy to eat than her. At least Maria here keeps her hair short down here. Well, I'm fucking my mom nonstop, so I should be able to tell her to trim hers a little bit.'

As time went on, Maria seemed more and more likely to break free from her mom's grip. That only made me want to please so much until she couldn't take anymore and did indeed go nuts.

'Take it, Maria, take it as the godsister you are to me,' I thought, tonguing her clit frequently. 'I want that lady juice, so you better give it to me.'

After another moment, my mom calmly got off Maria, and then Lil slithered her way out from underneath Maria too. They both got onto their knees and oversaw us. I couldn't resist the temptation of looking right back into Maria's eyes.

Maria looked right back into mine again. "We definitely do have great chemistry, Rose," she pointed out, caressing my head. "And our moms seem to like each other too; we can hear them kissing, and they are great moms. Mine does have the gift for eating a woman out, but you are giving her a run for her money."

"Well, her mom is doing the same right now, Maria," Lil moaned.

We both peeked over at them, and my mouth came off Maria's snatch. "Fuck, Mom, I'm speechless."

"I know, babe," she answered, failing to look at me. "Let's be a great mother/daughter combo and make this mother/daughter feel good."

"Fair enough, Mom," I added before going back to Maria's slit.

I couldn't help, but to look over there from time to time. To see my mom's tongue inside Lil's twat was yet another reward just from doing my video. It set off endless perks and allowed me to explore nearly everything in the lesbian sexual world.

Evan as I enjoyed the sight of my mom and Lil having fun, I made sure not to let it distract me from pleasuring Maria. I couldn't suppress the urge to shed a few tears too, because everything seemed to be perfect.

"Yes, Rose, just like that," Maria let out, leaning her head back. "Let our moms see me cum all over your face. I want to see every single move made by you to get me off."

I reached up and grabbed onto her jugs again. I applied a lot of pressure to them right away and made damn sure she felt good too. I had already felt perfect, but between everyone in the room, I found myself on a sexual mission to please my godsister.

I swear I felt her heart beating through her snatch, which added even more fuel to my sexual fire. She pulled my hair, and I heard her moaning more and more as time went on. I couldn't just keep her contained by squeezing her boobs, so again, I just found myself wanting to keep going until the end came.

No matter how tired my tongue got or how sweaty I seemed to become, I couldn't help, but to keep going. Watching Maria's every single move was quite erotic too, from how she caressed my head to how much she moaned and praised me.

"I love you, Rose, please don't ever change. Even if our moms are completely screwed up, then so are we. I want all four of us to stay like this, because we're all incredibly hot," she let out, scrubbing my head.

'I love you too, Maria. Now I'm going to do something for you, I haven't even done for my mom,' I thought before letting my tongue come onto her clit.

I gave it a gentle and firm lick from top to bottom. It lasted for only a few seconds, and the results came: Maria instantly yanked on my hair and screamed, but it was worth it.

"Fuck yes, Rose!" she roared scrubbing the couch with her back. "You are making me cum now!"

I stayed right there and waited for the juice to blast out onto her intended target: my face. I never licked my mom's clit before, or even that woman's from the video, so I wasn't sure what to expect exactly.

Although, then Maria rose up. "I love you, Rose!" she screeched before her juice bolted out like a waterfall and I closed my eyes.

It felt even more relaxed than I imagined, and it felt to be so much sexier too. As if the whole taboo aspect just got a massive dose of steroids added. Feeling Maria's cum submerge my face as our moms watched did create the ultimate fantasy.

I couldn't say for sure just how long it took, but I only needed a few seconds. All the time that went on after that was just a bonus. With each drop, I felt the love expand a little more for her, and it drew me further down the rabbit hole.

After I couldn't feel any more juice coming out, I slowly leaned up and tried to catch my breath. I didn't wipe my eyes, so I kept them closed for the time being. Although, I abruptly felt two tongues on my face.

"Is it safe to say our moms are cleaning up my face right now, Maria?"

"You could say that," Maria muttered. "Damn, you are even better than I imagined, Rose."

"There is nothing I won't do for people I love."

After three minutes, I felt their tongues part from my face. Then I opened my eyes and saw Maria smiling at me. I also peeked back at our moms for a few seconds. I heard nothing from anyone for another couple of minutes, but then my eyes landed back on Maria.

She took her hands in mine. "Mom, would it be alright if I saw Rose again sometime?"

"Sure, honey, but could we do something else first?" Lil pondered, placing a hand on her butt.

"What, Mom?"

Suddenly, they both switch sides, took the other daughter's hands.

"We think you should both have some fun with your godmothers," Lil mentioned to both of us, glancing at me. "Rose, care to join me on this side of the couch?" she inquired, peeking over there.

Maria and I looked at each other for a few seconds, and then we slowly came to each other and kissed.

After twenty seconds, my lips drifted off hers. "What do you think, godsister?"

"You are going to start calling me that now?"

"Well, we've had sex now, sis, and we're both hooking up with our moms, so why not?"

"Okay, deal, but you don't steal my mom away, and I won't steal yours either, fair enough?"

"Yes," I agreed before I kissed her one more time.

I turned to Lil and got onto her lap. Maria followed by example a few seconds later. Then our moms placed their hands on our butts, and we pasted our lips onto theirs.

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