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Sibling Lovers chapter 2

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Kiss me while you fuck me.

She was still just in her underwear as we waved goodbye to them, shutting the door slowly, she leaned back against it and drew me into her arms.

"So, we're not the only ones."

"So it seems," I said as her lips touched mine. "I wonder if he eats her like I'm going to eat you."

"Oh fuck yes," she breathed into my mouth as I cupped a breast like Peter had done to his sister. "I want my nipples pierced like Sarah." she moaned as I kissed her neck.

"Your cunt too," I said, and she giggled.

I ran my tongue around each nipple, then kissed her stomach, she squirmed as I licked her navel and then the flesh of her stomach just above her panties. Hooking my thumbs into the waistband, I drew them down slowly, kissing each millimeter of flesh as I exposed it.

The heady aroma of her cunt filled my nostrils, I looked up and saw her eyes closed, each hand playing with her own nipples, teasing and squeezing them. She stepped out of her panties and gasped as I lifted a leg onto my shoulder, her cunt was open and practically dripping with moisture. Tentatively, I kissed the wet flesh and tasted the nectar clinging to it.

"Ooh Marky." the curve of a buttock fitted perfectly into the palm of my hand as I delved my tongue in between the folds of her cunt. She wasn't just wet, she was like a swamp, a fragrant, sweet smelling morass, that pulsed with life under my tongue.

I sucked at the pink, wet flesh and drew her juices into my mouth, swallowing and relishing them, she was working her hips now in a fucking motion against my face and breathing very heavily.

I found the pink, swollen nub of her clitoris and sucked it, she squealed and climaxed, filling my mouth with a flood of her juices, her hands were on my head, holding me there, my face jammed against her cunt as she enjoyed the pleasure of her first oral orgasm.

We kissed again, and she sucked her own moisture from my lips and tongue.

"Mmm," she whispered softly. "I wonder what Sarah tastes like." Then she squealed and giggled as I dragged her upstairs.

I was fully erect, hurting even as I shucked off my jeans and the panties of hers that I was still wearing, she lay on top of the bed, legs wide apart and wantonly playing with her glistening pussy.

"Yes," she breathed as I lowered myself down into her waiting arms, neither of us had to guide my penis, it seemed to have a mind of its own, and it nudged gently at the entrance to her cunt. There was just the slightest hint of resistance, a little grunt of pain, or was it pleasure? And I slid all the way inside her body.

"Marky," she gasped "Oh yes Marky, you're in me, you're fucking me, oh yes, oh fucking hell yes."

The feel of the nylon on my back as she wrapped her legs around me was exciting. I was actually fucking my sister, her hands were on my back, gripping me, drawing me in as I began to move in and out like I'd been doing it for years, I even felt the wetness around her cunt against my balls with every forward stroke.

I'd never known my cock so hard. It felt like an iron bar, but having said that, I still felt the soft inner walls of her cunt gripping and squeezing it as she writhed beneath me. I slipped my hands beneath her and cupped the firm flesh of her bottom as she took her hands from my back and wrapped them around my neck.

"Kiss me, Mark," she breathed. "Kiss me while you fuck me."

She sucked my tongue as we kissed and she purred like a kitten when I drooled saliva into her mouth, long strings of it connected us as we consummated our long-standing love for each other.

"Milly," I gasped. "I'm not going to last much longer."

"Neither am I," she purred, "Come on Marky, fuck me harder darling."

She flicked her tongue into my ear and whispered, "Unload inside me Marky, shoot all your spunk into my cunt."

The wet, squelchy slapping sounds grew louder and quicker as we lunged and thrust together in our need.

"Marky," she gasped, "I'm coming, oh, oh, oh!"

She put her feet flat on the bed and arched up at me, her back like a bow.

"Milly." her eyes were wide open and staring, her mouth moved, and gradually a scream rose in her throat. I felt my own orgasm beginning somewhere in my groin, or my brain, I couldn't tell which. Quickly it spread like wildfire and my whole body joined my sister's in shaking and trembling.

"Milly," I shouted again as I erupted, we were both still, very still, only my penis pumping out spurts of cum and her vaginal muscles squeezing me moved, we stared at each other, even as our feelings subsided along with my penis, we stared at each other.

"I love you," we said it at the same time and fell asleep still locked together in our incestuous embrace.

The bedside phone rang, waking us up but Milly got to it first, thereby presenting her gorgeous little bottom to me, she stifled a giggle as I bit her gently and said.


I realized even before I heard mum's voice that it had to be her, she'd given each of us a separate line, putting my ear next to Milly's, I listened in, but she seemed quite unconcerned that Milly had answered.

"Hi darling, I thought I might find you there." there was a laugh in her voice, so she was still pretty cool about us sharing a bed.

"Don't forget to check everything today after Bob's finished will you darling?"

"Okay mum, how's Florida?"

"Oh it's fantastic, I'm lying here on the beach with Tricia, both of us are frying," she giggled, "It's glorious, we'll have to all come out here, later on. You two will love it."

They made more small talk, but I wondered why Milly didn't mention last night to her. Still, there were other things to think about, like lying beneath her and tasting the sweetness of her cunt again. She tried to squirm away just as I knew she would, but I gripped her hips and held her still as I lapped at the aromatic wetness within her.

She gave up then and rolled her hips, wiping her cunt all over my face and trying not to make any noises other than to speak to mum. Finally, she put the phone down and rolled down to my side, her head at my hips. Her mouth was warm as she took my penis between her lips and licked it like a lollipop, she moaned around it as I licked at the sexy little rosebud of her anus.

"Nice," she whispered and went back to her task. Taking her word as an encouragement, I pushed my tongue into her bottom as deeply as it would go. She tasted different there, still very pleasant and extremely arousing, but slightly more acrid and she obviously enjoyed it immensely!

Moving my tongue back to her pussy, I put just the tip of my finger into her anus, and she moaned again as she slurped on my cock.

"Ooh yes, I like that, do it a bit deeper."

I wormed it in as per request, and she started to tremble just like I had last night.

"I'm going to come, Marky," she hissed. "Oh fuck, oh yes, oh yes, yes, yes, I'm coming... fuccckkk!"

Her furious sucking of my cock coupled with her caressing and gentle squeezing of my balls brought me to a climax too, and I flooded her mouth with my come just as her mobile rang.

"Oh God," she laughed as she swallowed hurriedly, "Here we go again!"

This time it was Sarah asking us to go over to their place that afternoon for tea and drinks afterward.

"She says she's got some news for me, but she said she'd prefer to tell me face to face."

"Or pussy to pussy," I added doubtfully, but she just laughed.

"She's genuine Mark, stop being such a grouch."

Bob was putting the finishing touches to our new apartment, but when he came and presented the bill, he warned us that the new flight of steps he'd put in at the rear of the house couldn't be walked on for another twenty-four hours at least.

"Just to give the cement plenty of time to set properly," he said. "But we'll be round first thing in the morning to take the shuttering away, did your mum leave a cheque for me by any chance?"

"She did Bob, yes, you can have it tomorrow when you've taken the shuttering off and cleaned up all the old paint pots and bits of wallpaper from the landing, we're going out in a minute or so, but we'll be up bright and early in the morning."

He looked at her for a moment and then his craggy face split into a broad grin.

"When you leave school Millicent, you can come and work for me, I could use a good secretary."

Our sixteenth birthdays had fallen several weeks earlier, which meant that strictly speaking, we didn't have to return unless we were going for higher education, which we weren't. Although somehow or other it seemed as though we'd forgotten to mention that one to mum!

"Well that's two job offers you've had squirt," I said over coffee and toast in the garden. "All I want is one for me, and we can break the news to mum."

"You can be my manager," she said grandly and giggled. "All I ask is that you be available every morning for me to sit on your face."

In fairness to Bob, who was a nice chap really, we spent an hour or so cleaning up around where he'd blocked our apartment off from the rest of the house, and then we got changed in preparation for Sarah and Peter to pick us up.

She looked as gorgeous as usual in a pink vest top and a tiny white miniskirt that just about covered her lovely bottom, but then she moved, and the skirt seemed to dance in time to her movements, giving me teasing little glimpses of her white thong sitting snugly between her cheeks.

"Do you think she'll like it?" she giggled as I took her into my arms.

"If she doesn't," I laughed. "There's something wrong with her eyesight, or her taste."

The tooting of a horn announced their arrival, and I followed her swaying hips out to the car for the short drive to their house.

Sarah looked lovely in a simple white summer dress through which I could clearly see the little circles of her nipple rings and Peter was showing his suntanned, muscular frame off in a white tee shirt and white slacks. I had to admit in spite of my reservations that they looked good together and they were certainly not short of money, the house they lived in was worth even more than our was.

Like ours, it backed onto the Thames, the only difference was the little river cruiser moored at their own landing stage. I was impressed, very impressed!

As we walked back up to the house, I found myself getting quite aroused by the outline of a tiny g-string beneath the thin material of Sarah's dress, but Peter brought me back to the present by whispering.

"They're very interested in your sister in Holland, Mark. Sarah emailed her pictures to her publisher this morning, and they're positively drooling over her, I'll let my sister explain."

Over a bottle of wine, Sarah told her what Peter had told me, Milly grinned at me and squeezed my hand as Sarah said that they wanted a properly organized shoot.

"I'm ready," Milly laughed, but the woman hadn't finished yet.

"I have to ask you a personal question Milly before we go any further, well more than one actually."

"No problem, fire away."

"Do you masturbate?"

Milly giggled and looked at me as she replied, "Yes, doesn't everyone?"

"Sure," Sarah laughed, "But how would you feel about me filming you and Peter taking stills?"

She looked at me again as she replied.

"I think that would be sexy."

"What about your brother?"

"What about me?" I put in.

She smiled and cleared her throat before sitting back in her chair.

"The really big money is in showing your birth certificates to prove that you are in fact, brother and sister."

"That's not a problem." Milly giggled, but Sarah hadn't finished yet.

"No of course not." she took another sip of wine. "How would you feel about being filmed while you made love to each other?"

Milly didn't hesitate. "Beautiful," she said softly, "I'd fucking love it."

"What about you Mark?"

I hesitated, knowing what I wanted to say, but fuck it, it had to be said.

"I think we'd be leaving ourselves wide open to blackmail, you know our mum is loaded." I let the rest hang in the air while I studied their reactions.

Peter grinned and went into the house while Sarah played with her drink, Milly looked daggers at me, and for my part, I just wanted a big hole to appear in the lawn so that I could jump into it.

Peter re-appeared carrying a camcorder just like the one we had at home, passing it to me. He said, "Do you know how to use one of these?"

"Yes, we've got one just like it."

"Right, aim and shoot."

Sarah was already on her feet unfastening the rear zipper on her dress, slipping it from her shoulders, she went into her brother's arms, and they kissed deeply, his hands went down onto her bottom as she squirmed against his groin.

"The envelope on the table in front of you," She said as Peter went down on his knees and pulled the tiny g-string down with his hands, "It's got our birth certificates in it."

Her brother stood up and stripped off his tee shirt while Sarah sat back in her chair and spread her legs wide.

"He's going to fuck me now, while you watch and film it, you can take the film back with you."

Running a finger down into her glistening slit, she licked her lips as Peter stepped out of his trousers, his penis was enormous and jutted upright almost to his stomach. Beside me, I heard Milly's sharp intake of breath as Sarah leaned forward to take him into her mouth.

"Oh fuck yes," Milly whispered, and I risked a quick glance at her, just in time to see her feet up on her chair and one hand inside her panties.

Sarah gobbled and slurped on her brother's cock as he put both hands on her head and stood like a statue, his face a picture of ecstasy.

Pulling away from him, she sat back again, and Peter dropped to his knees, Sarah's mouth went into an O shape as he nudged his giant cock against her pussy lips.

"Oh fuck yes," she hissed as he pushed and the lips of her cunt opened to accept him, "Can you believe that his wife left him because of this?"

She reached out to grip his back as he began to move in and out.

"The silly bitch could have had both of us."

I looked across again at Milly, her face was flushed, her eyes bright and her hand was moving quickly now inside her panties.

"I want her Mark," she whispered softly. "Please say you'll do it."

The uncomfortable bulge in my trousers told me that I'd do it anyway.

"Yes," I whispered in reply, and she went back to watching and playing with herself, a smile of anticipation on her face.

Peter was moving faster now, fucking her deeply, each thrust of his hips bringing a squeal from her mouth, she crossed her ankles behind his back drawing him even deeper into her body.

"I'm cumming," she squealed. "Oh fuck yes, I'm... I'm... I'm cummminggg!"

Peter seemed to be nearly there too, his face contorted, sweat dripped from his face, his buttocks clenched and he let out a roar as he emptied his heavy balls into the squirming woman's body.

Beside me, Milly jerked as she came too and smiled sheepishly at me.

"Just a little one Marky."

I put the camcorder down on the table and said to them that I didn't think it was necessary to keep the film, but Milly grabbed it from the table.

"Well I want it anyway," she giggled. "I'm going to start a collection."

Sarah laughed as she stood up, the sperm trickling down her thighs.

"I take it that you're convinced then are you?"

"I think so, wow," Milly laughed. "You've got a great sales technique!"

Sarah excused herself to go up for a quick shower while Peter asked if we liked barbecued steaks.

"I like to take advantage of the warm weather," he said with a smile. "We could go down to the pub for a quick drink and then come back for a barbecue if you like."

Milly clapped her hands gleefully and hugged him.

"We love barbecues don't we Mark? But I need to nip home first."

"Why?" I asked, then burst out laughing when she whispered that her knickers were all gooey and she needed to change them!

Peter couldn't help laughing too as he'd overheard and sent her up to see Sarah.

"She'll sort you out," he grinned.

She did more than that. They appeared about twenty minutes later in identical outfits of semi-sheer white vest tops and very short denim mini skirts. Milly was smiling, and from the way she held Sarah's hand in hers, I guessed that something had happened between them.

It wasn't until we reached the pub garden and Peter went in for the drinks that she told me.

"She didn't just lend me these clothes Marky," she whispered as Sarah blushed. "She insisted on helping me on with a little g-string of hers."

A vision of them doing that flashed into my mind, and I shifted uncomfortably as I became aware of a stirring below.

"Well isn't that what friends are for?" I laughed. "I just wish I could have been there."

Sarah looked up and laughed, a deep throaty chuckle that had my hair practically standing on end.

"The night's not over yet Mark."



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