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Sibling Lovers Chapter three, and Final

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I canTaste Pussy

As we sat enjoying our drinks, I couldn't help glancing at Sarah's legs, they were probably her best feature, and she obviously enjoyed showing them off. A tempting little vee of white between the top of her thighs was the thing that caught my eye, but once again she caught me looking and held my gaze.

"See anything you like Mark?" she laughed, and I felt myself blushing furiously.

"Oh ignore him," Milly laughed. "He's just a pervert." she kissed my cheek fondly. "Thank God."

Sarah got up then and excused herself, saying she was going to the loo, but when she returned and dropped her moist little panties onto the table, I nearly choked!

Peter laughed with us and picked up the thong.

"You look a bit hot Mark, there you go mate," and tossed it to me. "Wipe your face."

Milly and Sarah both giggled as I slowly wiped the fragrant little garment around my face, taking particular care to hold it under my nose to inhale her fragrance. Sarah parted her legs and sat there smiling at me, the beginning of her hairless slit visible beneath the short skirt.

I moaned inaudibly, but thankfully Pete came to my rescue.

"Why don't we go back to the house and I'll show you around?"

I'd never seen anything like it. Earlier on, I compared it to ours, but in reality, we were a couple of hundred thousand pounds apart. The girls drifted off on their own little tour while Peter took me around. The place was incredible, everything looked as if it was antique and Peter assured me that, the conversions they'd had done to the house had cost more than the original purchase price!

"This is my favourite room in the whole place," he said as he led me into a darkened room, flicking a switch, he flooded the room with light, a quick curse and another flick of the switch and the lights dimmed to just a dull glow.

"Sorry," he chuckled. "I never get it right."

"Would you like another drink?" he asked as I gawped open-mouthed around the room, without waiting for an answer, he went to an antique cabinet against the far wall.

"We bought this in Japan five years ago," he said as he pulled out to ice cold cans of lager from the cabinet.

"Sarah spotted it and paid forty-eight thousand pounds for it, I went bloody spare," he laughed. "But as usual she got her own way, it cost us another three thousand to get it shipped over here, Sarah designed the whole room around it."

I could see why, I watched in fascination as he touched a button hidden in the top of the cabinet and soft, low music flooded the room.

"Milly will love this," I said. "It's amazing."

"Talking of Milly," he said softly, "Let's see what she's up to."

He touched another button, and the wood paneling on the far wall slid back noiselessly to reveal what at first I thought was some sort of lunar landscape, but then something moved in it, and I realized it was a swimming pool behind heavily reinforced glass. He hit another switch, and underwater lights came on to display two naked forms clutching at each other in the water.

The forms were Sarah and Milly kissing passionately as they trod water, as the lights came on they swam towards us, two wonderfully naked nymphs and signaled for us to join them.

It was just up a staircase off the study, a little indoor paradise with its own bar and loungers. Low lights all around the walls illuminated pictures of Sarah in various poses, some naked, some fully or partially dressed, but all of them tasteful. There were high stools at the bar, and Sarah laughed as Milly sat on one of them still naked.

"Do you know what you're sitting on Milly?"

My sister looked down to where a few droplets of water had dripped onto the stool at the apex of her thighs.

"A stool?" she giggled, but Sarah shook her head and smiled.

"They're covered with the foreskins of white whales, that sweet little pussy of yours is sitting on the largest prick in the world!"

I could see the look of excitement in Milly's eyes as she wriggled her bottom.

"Wow," she laughed. "That's quite a thought." and she wriggled again.

"Can I have a dip?" I asked.

 Peter nodded. "Of course."

"Nice Mark," Sarah said as I stripped and stood at the edge, my penis pointing the way into the pool. "No wonder your sister is such a happy girl."

I dived in and swam two lazy lengths, the water was warm but cool enough to wake me up after the wine and lager I'd drunk. As I swam to the edge, Sarah stood there holding out a towel for me, but I shook my head and grinned,

"I'd rather stay here" I laughed, "The view's much nicer."

It was too, still entirely and unashamedly naked, she smiled at me, her breasts jutted out proudly, the little rings glinting as they caught the lights, her mound was as smooth as a baby's bottom, her slit moist and inviting, there was no doubt that Sarah was a very desirable woman!

"If I get out now," I laughed, "You'll know what I'm thinking." but I got out anyway, and Sarah handed me the towel.

"That's a lovely compliment Mark." she kissed me on the lips, just briefly and smiled again. "Thank you."

Milly didn't help my erection to subside either by moving forward and backward on the stool.

"I'm in love," she said dreamily and pouted prettily as Sarah slipped back into her skirt.

"Let's eat," she said, and we also got dressed to follow the siblings back out into the garden.

The swell of Sarah's sexy little bottom was just visible beneath the tiny skirt as we walked behind them and I knew that Milly was itching to be seduced by her, or was it the other way round?

"You know we'll probably make love don't you Marky?"

"I hope so," I leered.

"So you won't mind?"

"Absolutely not."

"What about if we wanted you two to join in, how would you feel about that?"

"Do you love me, Milly?"

"You know I do." she squeezed my arm against her breast.

"So let's have some fun."

While Peter lit the barbecue, Sarah put some music on and began swaying sensuously to a Rod Stewart track, with closed eyes she ran both hands down over her breasts and down onto her hips.

Milly got up and went behind her, her hands found Sarah's and she began swaying in the same suggestive manner, both skirts had ridden up over their thighs displaying two beautiful and very moist little slits.

They entwined their fingers, and together they caressed Sarah's breasts, the older woman smiled dreamily as together their fingers found her nipple rings and pulled at them gently, the smile became broader as my sister touched her lips to Sarah's neck and kissed her tenderly.

Their hands moved down again to her waist and then slowly traveled back up, taking the vest top with it.

Milly cupped Sarah's breasts and rolled the nipples between her fingers as Sarah's hands disappeared behind her back. A low moan from my sister's throat told us where her friend's hands were and what they were doing.

"Jesus Christ," Peter moaned softly as he put four steaks onto the glowing charcoal and turned back to watch as Milly's hands slid down over his sister's stomach again. She'd turned her head towards Milly, and their mouths were glued together, their tongues exploring. Milly's hands were on the front of Sarah's thighs now gripping the hem of her skirt, slowly they moved back upwards and inwards until they made a frame for Sarah's beautiful little slit.

Sarah made a noise as Milly's fingers found their target and parted her silky cunt lips. The glistening little nub of her clitoris reminded me of a miniature penis as Milly strummed it like a guitar, I was so completely engrossed in the eroticism being played out in front of me, that I didn't notice at first that Peter was urging me to get up.

"Go on Mark, taste her, hurry up she's about to come."

I moved like lightning and dropped to my knees between her feet, the very second I sucked her clitoris into my mouth, she squealed, climaxed and filled my mouth with a mixture of her juices and god knows what else!

Swallowing eagerly, I continued to suck on the little nub, I put a hand between her legs and joined my fingers with hers in scrabbling at Milly's dripping cunt. She closed her legs on our hands and climaxed too and slowly the girls sank down in a heap on the lawn.

Sarah was a bit embarrassed about squirting, explaining that it only happened when she was really incredibly aroused, but she smiled sweetly when I said that I'd enjoyed it immensely.

"That's nice of you to say so, Mark."

"Sarah," I said, I knew she was just being polite to me. "I did enjoy it, I really did!"

"I think he did Sarah," laughed Milly, "Believe me, I know him well enough to know that he's speaking the truth."

Temporarily sated, we ate out steaks while Sarah told Milly all about her photographic business and other little sidelines they had.

They had an office in Holland, Amsterdam to be precise and two-night clubs, one in Amsterdam and another in Rotterdam and they had a large complex in Jamaica similar to the Hedonist set up there.

But this one was solely for those closely related to each other, the charges for staying in this complex were astronomical, but people were only too pleased to pay them, in return they were guaranteed absolute secrecy and privacy for the length of their stay.

The clubs also catered for incest lovers and once a month a "special cabaret" act was arranged which was why she'd wanted to see our birth certificates. But the bulk of their massive earnings came from the photographs which were published in magazines they owned and films featuring only mothers and sons, brothers and sisters or dads and daughters, or any combination of those.

"Basically, we're rolling in it," laughed Peter.

Sarah added. "We leave the day to day running of the various businesses to our managers, God knows we pay them enough, but just occasionally we run into people like you two, young, sexy and good looking and we can't resist acting on it."

"What she means is," Peter put in, "Is that her pussy rules her head particularly where sexy young girls are concerned."

"But you spoiled it for us," Milly pointed the finger at me. "We were just getting going when you butted in."

She was giggling though, and Sarah reached over to take her hand.

"I've got a little idea, Milly," she said softly.

"Why don't we go for a bath and whatever, while Peter takes Mark up the river to our favourite little pub, you can pick out a few toys from my collection."

"I like the sound of that Sarah," Milly said shyly and turning to me, she said haughtily. "At least we won't get interrupted this time."

Peter allowed me to steer the little speedboat up the river to the pub Sarah had mentioned and I was thrilled to bits when I ran in smoothly alongside the small pier jutting out from the bank outside the pub.

The garden was full of couples enjoying the warm evening, the lads in shorts and tee shirts and the girls seemed to be trying to outdo each other to see who could wear as little as possible, we went inside where they were packed in like sardines listening to a group up on the small stage.

Someone spoke to Peter, and he turned around, a smile on his face to shake hands with a lad who looked about as old as his pretty girlfriend of about the same age.

He brought them a drink as well, and when we went outside to escape the crush, he introduced them as John and Jacky.

"Two good friends of mine," he said with a smile as I shook hands with them too, from the way Jackie was looking at him, I guessed they were more than good friends.

"So did you enjoy it in Amsterdam?" Peter asked, and they nodded but glanced at me with apprehension.

"Don't worry," Peter laughed. "Mark knows the score, his sister Milly is at home with Sarah now."

"Lucky girl," Jackie laughed softly. "Is it party time?"

"Why, do you fancy one?" Peter said, and when the couple nodded eagerly, he punched a number into his mobile phone and walked a few paces away to speak to his sister. He came back with a smile on his face.

"Come on then, let's party."

I showed my new found expertise at the controls of the little boat and bragged unashamedly to John as Peter stood beside Jackie, his right hand casually caressing the curves of her bottom through the thin summer dress. At one stage he even slid his hand up beneath her skirt, but she just giggled, and John didn't seem to care!

The girls were standing holding hands on the landing stage when arrived, and I couldn't help showing off to Milly, who immediately christened me Barnacle Bill the sailor as I tied the boat up.

Jackie was first off and kissed Sarah on the lips lingeringly and squirmed sexily against her as Sarah cupped her bottom.

"Jackie, meet Milly," she said when they pulled apart.

"Hi, Jackie." Milly held her hand out, but the horny girl ignored it and kissed her on the lips.

"I can taste pussy," she giggled. "Give me more."

Their kiss quickly grew in intensity as they held each other tightly and explored with their tongues.

"Ooh Milly, you sexy slut," Jackie moaned into her mouth. "You haven't got any knickers on."

"Well," Milly laughed and wiggled her bottom against Jackie's hand, "If you're feeling overdressed, I'm sure my brother will help you out."

I didn't need any more encouragement, Milly held her new friend's dress up around her waist while I stared just for a moment at the tight French knickers clinging sexily to the pouting mound of her cunt!

Jackie giggled as I eased them down slowly, but the giggle turned into a moan as Milly joined me and together, we kissed the sweet-smelling flesh just above her completely shaved slit. A sharp intake of breath beside us made me look, Sarah was on her knees with John's rock hard penis in her mouth, he was naked already, and Peter was just stepping out of his trousers.

I turned back then to my task and together, my sister and I sucked the ever-increasing moisture from the pretty teenager's pussy, suddenly there was a squeal, and Milly found herself sitting on Peter's massively erect penis.

"Oh fuck yes," she moaned as the monster slid easily into her hole. "Fucking hell!"

Jackie sank to the grass and unfastened my jeans, my cock sprang out, and she squealed as I pushed her onto her back and struggled out of them.

"Come on then Mark," she hissed, hands stroking her little hole, "make me come, fuck me, baby."

I wasn't sure how long I would last, given the sheer perversity of the situation, but I eased forward anyway and sank into the wet, receptive warmth of her cunt, she moaned with pleasure and fastened her teeth onto my neck.

"I like it rough Mark," she hissed. "And you're not hurting me yet."

I reached down, cupped her bottom and lunged forward into her wetness, her teeth nibbled at my earlobe then I felt a sharp pain as she bit me.

"That's what I want Mark," her eyes were wild, but she smiled sweetly and raked her nails down both sides of my naked back.

"You fucking bitch," I hissed and without even thinking about it, I drew my hand back and slapped her across the face. She lunged back up at me, her pubic bone grinding into mine, "That's it, do it again Mark, hurt me, FUCKING HURT ME YOU BASTARD."

She came as I slapped her again, her eyes closed and her mouth opened, she arched her back, and I felt the muscles of her cunt squeezing me. Still, her nails dug into me, but I realized the pain was driving me on, I came almost completely out of her and held it there for a moment as I felt the sperm rising inside me.

With an animal grunt I drove forward, she screamed and came again as she felt my sperm splattering against the walls of her cunt, then I felt her relax, and a smile came over her sweat washed features.

"Not bad Mark," she said softly and drew my face down to hers, her lips were soft and yielding against mine, and her breath was sweet.

"How old are you?"


"Oh my God," she giggled. "In that case, I'll revise my opinion, you were fucking great."

Beside us, Milly was lying in Peter's arms, a smile of satisfaction on her face and on the other side of them, John and Sarah were resting too after what seemed to have been a rather wet sixty-nine!

"Right,” said Jackie as she kissed me and stepped back into her knickers, "Where's the party?"

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