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Sins of the Father: Part 2

Sins of the Father: Part 2

Cassie moves back home with my help

It was a good thing we didn't succumb to the temptation of enjoying each other again. God knows I wanted to. I had gotten used to the celibate married life and had forgotten how intoxicating pussy was, even if it was my own daughter's. Instead of dropping on the bed again, we cleaned up, both ourselves and the house. By noon, my wife, Carol, had returned from her sister's. We apologized to each other for the stupid argument, and sat down for lunch. I mentioned to Carol that Cassie was going to come back home for a while, while her troubles with Bobby got sorted out. Carol agreed.  Cassie squeezed my thigh under the table as she said, "Thank you, Daddy."

Carol volunteered to set up the guest bedroom while Cassie and I went to the apartment to get her things. On the way, Cassie again put her hand on my crotch, rubbing my re-forming hard-on. "I owe you big time, Daddy. How would you like me to pay you back?"

Putting my free hand around her neck and fondling her blouse covered breast, I replied, "I'll be collecting my rent weekly, Cass." In answer, she ducked down while fishing my cock from my pants. "Cass! What the fuck?" I stammered, taking my eyes off the road for a brief moment. I watched as her lips ovalled around my shaft while she hummed along with the radio. 

She disengaged for a moment, looked me in the eye, "I'm giving you the first installment of the rent, Daddy." She returned to her task, swallowing at least half of my now fully hardened dick.

"But, Cass, I'm driving," I replied, one hand on the wheel, the other tangled in her hair.

She pulled off again, "Don't you want a little 'road head'?" She started licking my helmet like a popsicle. Trying to concentrate on my driving, I didn't answer. "Oh, my God, Dad. Don't tell me Mom never gave you a blowjob in the car."

"Honestly, Cass, she only blew me once. We were parked. She hated it. Almost threw up. She's never done it since."

Taking my hand off her head and placing it on the wheel, she said. "You drive. I'll suck."

She took me to the root, mildly gagging on me while I tried to concentrate. Lucky for us, there was no traffic. I was all over the road. "Oh God, Cass... so good... your mouth feels... ahhh... so good." She began humming again, sending jolts from my balls to my brain. "Fuck, Cass... You're gonna... make me... cum... if you're not... careful."

She let me slip from her warm, wet mouth, but still licked up and down my length. "When I was sixteen, I used to hear you and Mom fucking at night when you thought I was asleep. I'd finger myself, dreaming it was you fucking me rather than Mom." She licked some more as she jacked on my staff. "Mom was always quiet, but you were not. I could always tell when you came. It was so hot. I tried to cum with you." She enveloped me again, sucking in earnest. I glanced down watching her head bob. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that her hand was down her pants.

I thought to myself, 'She's been wanting this for a long time.' I made a mental note to suck her fingers when we were done.

Her mouth was like wet velvet. My hips started moving, occasionally lifting off the seat to feed her more of me. In my efforts to stay on the road, we were going much slower. "Jesus, girl... I'm gonna... gonna cum... Fuuuuuck!" I stepped on the brake and steered to the edge of the road just as I let loose. My eyes scrunched shut as I grunted, loud and long, my cock spitting gobs of creamy, warm cum into the back of my not-so-little girl's mouth. I stopped cumming but she kept on sucking. She went stiff and I could hear muffled moans as her orgasm swept over her. 

Finally, she let my spent prick slither out of her mouth. She licked her lips, making sure not to waste any of me. She then pulled her hand from her pants, bringing it up to her mouth. I grabbed her hand, redirecting it to my mouth, carefully sucking her essence from each of her fingers before kissing her on the mouth. She was sweet and sticky. I was salty and creamy. We shared each other for a good three minutes before breaking the kiss and getting back on the road.

"I can't believe Mom doesn't suck you on a regular basis. Your cum is soo delicious."

"That's not the only thing Mom doesn't do on a regular basis, Cass."

She put her hand around my deflated shaft. Just the touch of her hand was enough for it to re-harden. "I think I can help out with that, when we get to the apartment," she said with a sly smile on her face. We arrived shortly thereafter and Cass bent down, kissing my crown before stuffing me back in my pants. "We don't want to give the neighbors anything to talk about, do we, Dad?"

"Then you're going to have to be quiet."

"Not much chance of that Dad. Judging by the way you performed last night, anyway."

We were all business cleaning her stuff out of the apartment, so it didn't take very long. We loaded her clothes, books, music, and a few other things in the truck.

Cass said, "Before we take off, can I make you something to eat?"

"As long as it includes you," I said with a wide smile as I patted the front of her shorts.  She hopped up on the kitchen table, unzipping as she did so, dropping her pants on the floor.

She opened her legs showing off a damp spot on the gusset of her green lace boy shorts. "Is this what you had in mind, Daddy?"

I pulled up a chair, sat between her freckled thighs and slowly peeled her panties off her hips. I brought them to my nose, breathed in, and sighed. "You smell so fucking good, Cass."

She smiled, pulling my head in toward her exposed cunt. "I'm thinking I might taste even better."

With my nose pressed against her neatly trimmed bush, I extended my tongue, dipping into her moist valley.

"Oh, yes, Daddy. Eat me. Eat your little girl."

Slurping, sucking, flicking my tongue against her clit, I began working on making her cum.  She locked my head in place with her thighs as she worked her hips back and forth, affording me access to all her forbidden places.

"Oh, Daddy. You're gonna make me cum," she moaned.

"That's the whole point, Princess. Daddy wants you to cum on his face." I insinuated two fingers into her wetness, curling and flexing them deep inside. "Daddy wants to drink your cum." 

"Ohhh Fuck! DADDEE!"

With my free hand, I picked up her panties and stuffed them in her mouth. "We don't want the neighbors to hear, Cass." I went back to work sucking her clit, scratching at her g-spot and mauling her breasts.

"Mmmfff! Mmmmmffft! " she moaned through the fabric as I brought her ever closer to her orgasm. She was thrashing on the table, jerking her hips up to meet my mouth, holding my head tight to her cunt, both hands full of my hair, trying to control my movements. She went rigid, her muffled screams filling the room. Her juices washed over my tongue.

Just as she peaked, my phone rang. I pulled it from my pocket. It was Carol! I showed it to Cass and she grabbed it while pulling her panties out of her mouth.

"Hi Mom... It's Cass... What's Dad doing?... He's... ahh... he's having a snack... Yeah... We'll be home in a bit... Okay... see you then. Bye." Smiling down at me, she pulled my pussy soaked face up to hers for a kiss. "That was close. She almost ruined one of the best orgasms I've ever had."

I smiled, "Glad to be of service, Kitten!"

"I hate to ruin the moment, but we need to get you cleaned up. Can't have Mom smelling my pussy on your breath." 

"Yeah, I don't think she'd be too happy. "


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