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Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

I wake up hung over in my daughter's bed.

I woke up still feeling the effects of last nights excessive drinking. Mouth all fuzzy, brain even fuzzier, head pounding. I lifted an eyelid, seeing pink walls. Where the fuck was I? I opened the other eye. Pink, floral duvet. Then it came to me. I was in Cassie's room. I shook my head, trying to make sense of all this confusion. Why was I in my daughter's bedroom? I turned my head and saw my twenty-year-old daughter sitting next to me, naked. "Cassie what....? Why am I here?...Why are you naked?" I looked down. I too, was naked. "Why am I naked? What the fuck happened?"

"Relax, Daddy. You and Mom got into a fight. She left for Aunt Laura's. You polished off a fifth of rum. I caught Bobby cheating on me, so I couldn't go back to the apartment. You passed out. I passed out. Here we are."

"That's all well and good, Cass, but that doesn't explain why I'm naked, why you're naked, and why we're in your bed."

"Oh, that! Well, I came in crying, and you tried to console me." She handed me a bloody Mary. "Here. A little 'hair of the dog' might help."

I took the drink and downed it in one gulp. I did feel a bit more human afterward. "I seem to remember something about you crying on my shoulder about Bobby being a lying, cheating asshole. But, that still doesn't explain us being naked. Did I throw up on both of us?"

"Not exactly, Dad. We kind of made out in the den and came up here later."

"We what? 'Kind of' made out? What exactly did we do?"

"Well, we were hugging. You were raving about Mom not wanting sex anymore. I was feeling sorry for myself. I was looking forward to a roll in the hay with Bobby. One thing led to another, and here we are."

All the while, I kept stealing glances at Cassie. I knew I shouldn't, but she wasn't trying to hide it, and I just didn't feel like looking away. She was just too pretty. She reminded me of her mother when we were that age. Same red hair, similar do's, freckles, dimples, and, it seems, nicely proportioned breasts, both topped with puffy nipples. My gaze lingered on those for just a bit too long, so I looked away.

"It's all right Dad. You can look. It's not like you've never seen them before. Hell, last night you practically ate them."

"Oh, God. You mean we...."

"Fucked? You bet we did. You are an animal between the sheets. I can't understand why Mom would not want that."

"Oh Jesus, Cass. I'm so sorry. I swear it will never happen again. Just don't tell your mother."

"I have no intention of telling Mom. But, as for it never happening again..." Her hand went to my crotch, surrounding my flaccid cock, pulling on it. It responded almost instantly. She leaned into me, her mouth next to my ear, whispering, "Best sex I ever had, Daddy. And I want more."

"You what? Cass, we can't. You're my daughter, for chrissake."

"I'm not asking for your babies, Dad, just a little more of that amazing cock of yours, along with that equally amazing tongue." She licked my earlobe for emphasis. My cock twitched. "You see, Dad, he likes the idea," Cassie remarked, feeling it move in her hand.

My alcohol befuddled brain seemed to like it too. A little short on traditional father-daughter decorum along with some poor impulse control, I leaned down and captured her left nipple into my mouth and began sucking. Cassie moaned as she clutched my head, making it nearly impossible to disengage. That and her hand kept sliding up and down my fully engaged shaft, and I was soon lost, animal lust taking over completely. I pushed her onto the bed and slid down over her belly, planting my face firmly against her neatly trimmed bush. "So, you want breakfast in bed, Daddy?" she said as her fingers combed through my hair.

I mumbled "Yes." as my tongue slid along her pussy lips, picking up her musky flavor mixed with a little bit of me from last night. Her scent was intoxicating as I worked my tongue deep into her soft, wet folds.

"Oh God, yes, Daddy. Don't stop. I fucking love it!" She must have been as horny as I was, because she was writhing on the bed, moaning, shoving her hips against my face, her orgasm approaching like a runaway freight train. Her fingers dug into my skull as she wiped her weeping cunt against my face. "Mmmm! Ohhhh! Fuuuuuccckkk! Cummmmmiinnnggg! DADDEEE!"

She practically threw me off her, straddling my hips and lowering herself down on my erection. The velvet feel of her still clutching cunt on my cock was like nothing I'd ever felt before. She gave out a short moan each time out bodies smacked together, She grabbed my hands and pulled them to her breasts. I clutched, I squeezed, I rolled her nipples between thumbs and forefingers. "Fuck me, Daddy! Cum inside me! Own my cunt." she panted as she rose and fell, her juices inundating my crotch. The room reeked of sex. Illicit sex. Incestuous sex. I knew it, but I could not stop it. That's not right. I could have stopped it, but, quite frankly, I did not want to! It felt too good to be inside my baby girl. She leaned down, taking my face in her hands and kissed me, her tongue invading my mouth. I sucked on it as my hips thrust upward, meeting her downward. Our mouths were still cemented together when my orgasm hit. Grunting and groaning into her sweet mouth, she ground against me as my cock blasted gob after gob of my cum deep inside her, coating the walls of her cunt with my essence.

My cock shrank, slithering out of her battered pussy, leaving a trail of cum against her thigh. "Thank you, Daddy. I needed that. I wanted you to know, to see in the light of day, where you sent me last night. That was amazing. Spectacular. Undeniable."

I looked up into her eyes and said, "I probably shouldn't admit this, but that was the most incredible orgasm ever."

"Better than Mom?"

"Yes, baby, better than Mom." She leaned over again, kissing me gently on the mouth. Just lips to lips. "Please don't tell your Mother. It would kill her if she ever found out."

"Our secret Daddy.....Under on condition."

I froze, looking up into her eyes.

"I want you to eat me again," she said with a smile. "It's something Bobby does, and it's such a turn on."

"You want me to eat you out ....after I just came inside you?"

"Please, Daddy?" she said, shyly, as she lifted her hips off me, making it possible to shift downward. "I promise to make it up to you."

Shifting down the bed until her musky, leaking pussy was right above my mouth, "If you insist, Kitten." I extended my tongue, swiping a drip of our combined juices from her thigh. Surprisingly enough, it didn't taste bad. I actually enjoyed it. The salty bitterness of my cum and the sweetness of hers combined to make an interesting elixir. Soon, I was licking and sucking while gently rubbing little circles around her clit until she came again.

She hopped off and gave me another deep, sloppy kiss, sharing until it was all gone. Then she went for my crotch, licking up the dregs of our fuck until it too was history.

"Here's the deal, Dad. Whenever you feel the need, call me, I'll make up some excuse to get you over to my apartment, and we will do this again. Don't worry; I'm on the pill. You won't be making grand-babies." I must have looked a bit crestfallen, because she added, with a wink, "Unless you want one."

I smiled at her, bent down a bit, capturing her nipple in my mouth, gave it a good suck, "It's a deal, Cass. Now lets clean this place up a bit before your mother gets home."






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