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Stacey and David: Episode II - Just The Two of Us

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Cindy leaves but the fun doesn't end...

‘So how did it feel?’ Cindy asked. ‘Did you like sucking your brother’s dick?’

‘Yes…it was really good. It felt right, you know,’ Stacey explained.

‘God, he is so fucking hot. I really want him to fuck me. I just feel like going back upstairs and doing it all over again,’ Cindy expressed.

As much as Stacey enjoyed sucking David’s dick beside her best friend, she began to feel like that she wanted David all to himself with her out the picture.

‘Hey, I better get a move on and head home. Let me know if you want me to come over again and play with David.’

‘Sure thing, Cindy.’

Cindy left the house and Stacey headed back upstairs and knocked on David’s door.

‘Can I come in?’ she asked.

‘Yeah,’ David replied.

She came inside and sat down next to David on the edge of the bed, who was reading a magazine.

‘I take it that she is gone now?’

‘Yeah she just left.’

‘Soo…. How did you enjoy you’re shower…honestly? Did you like me sucking your dick and Cindy making you cum on her face?’

‘It was so good get this attention from Cindy, she’s really something but I feel a little guilty about you.’


‘You are my sister, I’m here to look out for you and protect you. Not to be sucked off by you.’

‘I get that but I think there is a connection between us that we formed in the shower. No matter how morally wrong people think it is.’

‘I felt that too. I’m attracted to you. You are beautiful. I love you’re blonde hair, you’re smell and you’ve got a really sexy body. I was picturing you naked with Cindy when you had my dick in your mouth.’

‘You’ve never seen me naked have you?’

‘Nope. I have only ever seen you in your bikini from holidays.’

‘How about…I show you everything. I know you would like it.’

‘I don’t know...I would love it but I’m not sure…it wouldn’t feel right.’

‘It’s all up to you. I want it but if you are really uncomfortable, I can leave.’

‘Don’t leave...let’s do it – I want to do it.’

‘You want me to take my clothes off?’

‘Yes…yes ok.’

With a smile on her face, Stacey took off her t-shirt, showing David her bra that contained her 34C breasts. She started to tease him by rubbing her breasts together gently causing him to grow an erection in his shorts.

‘You want me to take this bra off for you?’ she whispered.

‘Y-yes, I really do.’

Stacey unhooked her bra and slid them slowly down her chest, revealing more of her tits to him. David nervously started at them waiting for her to drop it down to the ground.

‘I bet you’ll love them.’

As she said those words she pulled her bra away from her much anticipated breasts and threw it on the ground, showing Dave her firm little nipples.

‘Wow, sis.’

I knew you would like them.Go ahead, touch them.’

With shaky hands, David reached over and grabbed her little sister’s breasts for the first time in his life.

‘They feel – really good.’

Stacey looked down at his pants and giggled. ‘You’re hard again already.'

'Hmm - yeah. Well, I can't help it, you are just so hot and this is turning me on.'

'How about I take these shorts of for you. I bet you are dying to see my ass.'

'Yeah, you're not wrong. I've always thought you had a nice ass.'

Stacey stood up from the bed, turned around and slid her pants all the way down to her knees, showing off her incredible round ass that her brother craved to see.


Stacey bent over and started to rub her smooth ass and spanking it gently to please Dave.

‘Oh god, I’m so horny, sis.’

‘I can tell. Do you want to fuck me?’

‘I really do – I have that burning urge inside me. I don’t care about the consequences that could happen.’

‘Are you sure, bro?’

‘Yeah, let's do it. I want to fuck so much.'

Completely naked, standing in front of Dave, Stacey summoned him to stand up with her. He stood up and stared at her body again. Stacey took of his t-shirt and started rubbing his muscular body, focusing on his abdomen.

‘I’m glad you work out, I love all this manly muscle you've developed,’ she complimented.

‘Well, I try my best to keep in good shape.’ Dave modestly.

‘Your chest is so smooth, I love it.’

David’s cock was rock solid looking as though it would pierce through his shorts. You could tell from his face that he desperately wanted his little sister to suck on his dick one more time.

Stacey made her way down his chest and grabbed on to his shorts and slowly pulled them down, letting his raging hard dick pop out for her.

‘Are you really going to fuck me with that? It’s big!' she exclaimed

'It isn't that big but yeah, I'm putting this in you.'

'Let me suck you again for a second first, I want to taste that cock again.’

She got down on her knees and wrapped her mouth over his cock once more.

‘Hmm, it’s good. Now how ‘bout you fuck me now.’

‘Stacey got on her hands and knees on the bed with her ass sticking out. ‘Come get me Dave.’

Dave got on the bed, behind his little sister and started to caress her ass. ‘You’ve got a really sweet ass,’ he said squeezing her ass tight.

‘Put it in me. Fuck me with your big cock.’

David slipped inside his cock into his little sister’s tight cunt getting a loud groan from Stacey.

‘Oh fuck – fuck my little cunt.’

As she pleaded, David started to thrust in and out of her pussy and he held on to her hips, slowly getting into a good rhythm.

‘How’s that sis?’

‘Mmm so good, keep going.’

David started to pull on Stacey’s hair and pulling her head back as he gained momentum. Stacey was continually moaning as her pussy was being pummeled by her brother’s dick.

'You're so wet inside.'

'That's cause I'm so fucking horny!' she screaming. '

As David kept fucking Stacey, he could feel his throbbing cock feeling really good, as though he was about to unleash a explosion of cum. Stacey was grabbing on to the pillows on the bed, wailing. 

‘I’m so close, sis.’

‘Cum on my face – fuck.’

David about to blow, took his cock out and rapidly rubbed it. In an instant Stacey turned around and faced directly at his cock.

'C'mon, Dave, fucking cum on my face for me.'

‘Mmm - I'm gonna cum - fuck - fuck...' David spurted another huge load of warm spunk all over her sister's face. Dripping from her face she licked all the cum she could reach.
'Finish me off, please. Finger me, it won't take long.' she groaned.

Stacey lay on her back with her legs spread out for David. He got licked his middle finger and put it inside her warm, soaking wet pussy.

'God, faster - faster.'

David rapidly picked up some speed and started to fuck her again, making her groan again.

'Fuck - almost there. Keep going - faster - FUCK - OH GOD -'

As Stacey screamed from her orgasm, David could feel her pussy pulsating and cum flowing on his finger. Breathing heavily Stacey curled up and lay on her side.

'So how did that feel?' David asked.

'That...that was was so intense. Thank you' Stacey panted. 'Can you lie down with me for a moment?'

'Sure, sis.'

David got in beside her and snuggled in. 'That was really good. The shower was great but this... unbelievable.'

'I love you David, you know that, right.' she whispered.

'I know, I love you too, sis. Always have,' he replied. 'Do you want to come down stairs and grab something to eat and watch a movie?'

'I just want to rest here a bit longer. I'm so tired,' she yawned.

David understood and continued to snuggle in with her, smiling away about how good of a day he had. Stacey fell asleep in a few moments and David got up, threw the covers on her to keep her warm and kissed her on top of her head and left to go downstairs.

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