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Stuck and punished for it.

Stuck and punished for it.

A sexy mother gets stuck, and her sons take advantage of her predicament

Saturday afternoon, the three boys were all out at the football. I have three sons, Don, Sam and Simon, ages twenty-one, nineteen and sixteen. It had not been easy. bringing them up alone since I kicked their father out many years before, but they had turned out to be great kids. Smart, good grades at school, polite, and all tall and strong.

They only had one fault; none of them could use a vacuum cleaner apparently. No matter how often I demonstrated how it worked, even offering to show them what to do, they still never seemed to master it. I smiled, why should they be any different to most other men?

While they were out I had been in the garden, dealing with some weeds, and picking up a bit of litter that blew in from time to time, so I was wearing gym shorts and an old crop top. I figured that while I was already in need of a shower, I might as well do the bit of cleaning that needed doing.

I had already vacuumed the stairs and landing, as well as my room. That just left their rooms. Don had a room of his own, while the two younger boys shared a larger room. Don's as always, was neat, everything in its proper place, it took me just a few minutes to run the vacuum over the carpet.

As for the other room. I know there was a carpet in there because I remembered paying for one, but opening their door, I could not have told you what color it was, as none of it was visible. What was not covered in clothing, was hidden by books, comics, and magazines.

I cleared all the laundry, putting it in a basket which was there for dirty laundry, obviously invisible to teenage male eyes. The comics and books I stacked on the bedside cabinets, leaving just the magazines. Yes, most were the top-shelf kind, what I suppose would be called soft porn, although why they bothered when there was much better stuff available for free online, I had no idea.

I stacked them neatly, glancing at a few, admiring some of the girls, and wondering at some of the positions they managed to get into. I noticed some of the mags actually had pictures of men, naked and with cocks showing clearly, apparently fucking some of the girls, something I never saw in magazines in my younger days. I started to feel rather horny, and put the magazines quickly into the wardrobe, on a pile of other magazines already in there.

As I cleaned the room, I saw they had a new exercise bench, with a set of lifting weights on the rest over the bench. I had always wanted to try bench pressing weights but never seemed to get round to it, even with going the gym every week or so.  I have to admit that I knew the rules, that you only attempted to lift weights advised by the trainer, and especially, that you only ever bench press when you have somebody with you in case you get into difficulty, so all that happened from then onwards was my own stupid fault. 

So I ignored the rules, and lay on the bench, then started to lift the weights, not even looking to see how much was on the bar. It was okay for the first few moments, I managed to lift the bar far enough that it cleared the cut-outs on the stand. The trouble was, it was too heavy for me and came out of line.

I was not strong enough to lift it that vital few inches to put it back on the rest, and my arms started to give way and the weights slowly settled across my upper body, below the neck, more in line with my shoulders. It was slightly crooked, so at least I had not got all the weight pressing down on me, but enough was there to stop me moving it.

I tried wriggling free but could not move. I was effectively trapped until somebody came to lift it off me. Wonderful. I could not even get my hands free, but by turning my wrist I could see the time. Already past five by my watch, getting on for five thirty, The match was a home game, so the boys would be home before too long.

It was boring just lying there and I must have dozed off, as the next thing I recall is the voices of the boys as they got back home. 

"Where is she?"

"How am I supposed to know?"


I called out, "Yes, up here."

 I don't think they heard, but regardless, I heard footsteps on the stairs, then the bedroom door opened, and Simon and Sam came in.

 "Don, she's in here," called Sam, "You have to see this."

Don came dashing in, then fell apart as he saw my predicament.

"How did you get like this?" he asked, "and how long have you been there?"

"I was just seeing how hard it was to lift the weights," I confessed, " and they kind of fell. What time is it now? I remember it was about five thirty when I got stuck."

"It is quarter to seven now," he told me, "and you are really stuck? "

 "Of course I am really stuck," I yelled, "do you think I would still be lying here if  I wasn't?"

The three finally stopped laughing.

 "What are you wearing, anyway?" Sam asked, "you don't normally wear shorts and top"

"It is an old pair of gym shorts," I told him, "I had been doing a bit of gardening, then I came to do the vacuuming. By the way, can you please not leave those magazines lying around?"

"What magazines," Simon bluffed, "oh the men's magazines?. Okay. Don't see why it should bother you anyway, most of those girls are not a patch on you."

"How could you know what I look like in those poses, or undressed like them?" I asked him, "none of you has even seen me naked since you were toddlers."

"Mom, you have a habit of leaving the computer logged on when you walk away from it," Sam told me, "and Elaine does send you a lot of photos she takes of you."

 I felt myself blushing. I had no idea they knew what Elaine and I got up to.

"As for the poses," Simon laughed, "you are certainly in one now."

"What do you think, Sam?" Don asked, "think she would make the reader's wives page in that bondage magazine?"

"Reader's wives?" Sam replied, "open the legs and get rid of the shorts and she would make the front cover."

"Do you mind?" I asked, "I am your mother."

"That does not make you any less fuckable," Don told me, "and right now, I would guess you will agree to almost anything to get free."

"You wouldn't," I gasped, "you really mean that? What about your brothers? They would not let you do this to me."

"Oh yes, I would," Sam told me.

 "Me too," said Simon, "so long as we get our share of the fun."

I wriggled, trying to move by myself, but I was still stuck fast.

"I don't seem to have much choice, do I?" I admitted. "so what do you want?"

"Oh, I think the three of us can help ourselves to what we want," Dom told me, "I just need to know that you agree with anything we do."

 I looked at each of them, seeing the smiles, as well as hope mingled with lust, and I couldn't help feeling so horny.

"Okay, anything," I agreed, "now are you going to let me up?"

"Not just yet," shouted Simon, "I got to get some pics of her like this."

The others laughed, as he grabbed his smartphone, tablet, whatever it is called. He took a couple, one being a full body shot showing my face, no doubt blushing as I always do when embarrassed. Then he stopped.

"You know, I think Sam's suggestion was pretty good, didn't you?" he asked Don.

Don thought for a moment, then told him, "Go ahead, I have no objection."

"What about Mom?" Simon queried, "should I ask?"  

"Simon, look at her," Don told him, "she is hardly in a position to object, is she? Besides. you just heard her agree that we could do anything we wanted."

Simon looked at him, his still-young face lighting up. "Anything?" he whispered, "oh wow."

Sam stepped forward to help him, and they slipped off my trainers, pulling my gym shorts down, sliding them off one foot and then the other. I had put on a thong to do the gardening in, to stop a damp patch showing through the light grey fabric of the shorts, in the event of me sweating or feeling horny.

With hands that seemed to tremble, Simon slid that off me too, leaving me naked from the jogging top down.  There was silence as the three lads took in the sight of their sexy Mom almost naked, and certainly helpless.

"Talk about fuckable," murmured Sam, "oh fucking wow."

"Might as well finish the job," decided Don, moving towards me.

By squirming and twisting, he managed to get my top pulled up as far as it would go, gathered just below my neck, so I was more or less totally naked, tits on display as well as pussy.  Sam came to me, wrapping some gauze bandage around each wrist, then around the bar, so I was now tied to the bar with the weights still attached, unable to move my hands.

Catching on to the idea, Don went under the bench. wrapping the sports bandage around one ankle, then reaching under the bench for my other ankle, and wrapping them together with the bandage, so my knees were splayed wide apart around the flat surface of the bench. The three stood up to admire their handiwork. More stunned silence.

Then, "Christ, is that hardcore porn or what?" asked Sam.

Don merely nodded, while Simon took pics from all angles. Dom was first to kneel by my side, a hand stroking over my wide open pussy. I squirmed helplessly as he stroked harder, his fingers sliding inside me briefly before coming out wet.

"Oh yes," he exclaimed, "you two need to feel how wet she is."

His brothers knelt nearby, taking turns in dipping their fingers into the wet slit. Simon slid his fingers back in, sliding them in and out, and smiling as he made me squirm.

"Simon, have you ever..oh my God," I tried to talk but was having trouble getting the words out, "have you ever had a girl?"

"Only kissing and playing around so far," he admitted, "but it looks like I am going to find out what it is like very soon now."

"You would really, you would really fuck me," I managed to gasp,

"Oh shit, yes," he told me, "so would every one of my mates who ever saw you. Why do you think so many call here for me?"

 I wanted to ask why but Don started rubbing my clit, and nothing else mattered except the fact that my three horny boys were making me come, and that I was helpless to stop it, even if I had wanted to, which I didn't, and Oh God. I exploded, coming long and hard for them, vaguely aware of Sam taking picture after picture as I screamed my pleasure.

The three of them smiled as they watched me trembling as I came down from the climax.

"Well, have you had your fun yet?" I asked, hoping to God they would say no, "will you be untying me now?"

They laughed. "Mom, you really think we are going to be satisfied with one climax from you?" Don asked me, "how many times have we heard you moaning about how men never bother with foreplay nowadays? We got lots of time."

Sam kneeled near my head, while Simon got between my legs. Don suddenly clicked his fingers, and went out of the room, while Sam began teasing my tits, nibbling the nipples, and squeezing the firm boobs, while Simon bent his head to my soaking slit.

I expected him to just take a few token licks, to be able to boast to his mates that he had eaten pussy, but he surprised me by pulling the outer lips open with his hands, then licking all the way up the slit, teasing the clit at the end of each stroke. Heaven knows when or where he had learned to do this, but Oh God, he was so good at it.

I was squirming helplessly as he teased me, giving me the best oral sex I had enjoyed in a long time, certainly the best from a man. Oh wow, no way a sixteen-year-old virgin was making me come with just his mouth, this was impossible. Impossible or not, he did it, pushing harder into me as I grew more aroused, and finally squeezing the clit hard between his lips, and I was coming for that talented tongue.

 I had been that focussed on my pussy-eating boy, I had not even noticed Don return.

"So are we ready to enjoy our sexy porn-queen Mom yet?" Don asked, "or do we want to make her come a bit more first?"

"I just made her come," Simon told him, "that is two she had already."

"Well, we don't actually have to let her come," Don told them, "we could see how hot and horny we can get her, how desperate we can get her without letting her come."

"How do we do that?" asked Simon, "I never heard of that."

"Watch," Don instructed them, "we use these to start with."

He showed them some of my vibes. So that was where he had gone, rooting in my bedside cabinet. He took something and I felt pressure on the entrance to my butt-hole, then a strange sensation as something was slid in. I knew what he had found, my vibrating butt plug. The bastard. I wonder if he knew what kind of effect it had on me.

When he had finished pushing it in, I was feeling full in my bum, and he turned it on, watching as I squirmed, and when he slid the vibe into me, I did not think it would fit. He turned the vibe on, keeping it on about number three out of twelve, enough to stimulate but nowhere near enough to let me come.

"Wonder if she is ticklish?" mused Sam.

"No, I'm not," I yelled quickly, hoping to stop him trying. 

"Really?" Sam asked, laughing, "let's find out."

At least my feet were out of the way, but as he ran his hands over me, joined by his brothers after a moment or two, somebody discovered my ribs, and under my arms, both areas incredibly sensitive to tickling, as I knew from long experience. And they found that by crouching down, they could still reach my feet, the soles exposed to their tickling fingers.

They amused themselves for a while, watching as I squirmed and wriggled helplessly, whilst laughing so much that tears rolled down my face. The squirming only made the vibe stimulate me more, but still not enough for me to come. By now I was starting to feel the need for a climax, but the boys seemed in no hurry to give me one.

"Is she ready yet," Simon asked, impatient as ever, "how will you know, Don?"

Don reached for the vibe, sliding it in and out a few times, while I tried to suppress the need to scream. "Nicely wet," he told the others, "but not quite there yet. Maybe I need to turn in up a little."

He turned the dial, felt like number five or six, and I was having real trouble staying in control. When their hands started stroking, tits, bottom, inner thighs, I could feel myself starting to slip, and could not stop a soft moan escaping my lips. I saw them smile at each other as they kept teasing me. Eventually, I gave in.

"Don, please?" I begged, "Please? I need to come."

"Sorry," he replied, "did you want something?"

 "Don, please, you know what you are doing to me," I told him, "please, fuck me if you want, just let me come?"

"Just me?" he queried, "that seems a little unfair on my brothers."

"Any of you, all of you then." I begged, "but please, I am begging you."

"Who wants first go?" Don asked, "Simon, you're the youngest."

Simon needed no further telling, he had his pants off in seconds and knelt between my splayed-open legs. My bottom was at the end of the bench seat, so it was easy for him to slip into me, burying his cock as deep as it would go. Meanwhile, Don was kneeling near my head, his cock out and nudging my cheek.

"You would take advantage of my being stuck?" I asked him, "you would actually make me give you a blow-job?"

He laughed. "Bloody right I would," he told me bluntly, "why not? I dreamed about it enough."

What choice did I have? I opened my mouth, allowing him in, then felt the cock swell nicely as he started face-fucking me. My nipples were being nicely nibbled by Sam, and Simon was shafting me smoothly, seemingly without rushing, his hands gripping my hips as he rammed into me.

Don was groaning as I sucked and teased his cock, and then he pulled away, obviously close to coming. When he saw the vacant hole, Sam took his place. Don moved down to near Simon and started rubbing my clit gently. I could see Simon was near to coming, and he began thrusting harder, and I felt myself starting to come. 

I held back as long as I could, but Don rubbed harder, and then I felt Simon explode inside me, his cock twitching as he emptied himself, and that was enough to send me into a screaming head-back climax for them.

As soon as Simon pulled out, Don was inside me.

"Don, No, wait," I started, "Give me..."

The words ended as Don slammed into me, almost taking my breath away, and not letting me come down from my climax, so I was starting to come in seconds. He was not stopping just because I was coming, he was too aroused to care about anything apart from coming inside me, so he banged away, rough-fucking me until he lunged hard, totally impaling me on his cock as he came, and I was squirting as I finally hit the very top.

As I recovered from coming so hard, I was vaguely aware that one of them was wiping me with a towel, and another was untying my ankles. I thought I was being released, but I was wrong. Sam was talking to his brothers, and I felt my legs being raised higher by the two lads, and Sam was rubbing his erect cock along my wet slit.

I was starting to get nicely aroused when the rubbing stopped, and I felt the butt-plug slid out, then pressure on my tight and rarely-used butt-hole.

"Sam, no, you wouldn't?" I called, "I am your ..."

The last words were replaced by a moan as my tight ass was invaded by his erection, sliding slowly into me all the way to the very limit until it filled me, then pumping smoothly, ass-fucking me while the brothers held my legs up and apart. Then, Simon handed the leg to Don, and kneeled at my side, nibbling a nipple and clit-teasing me with his fingers.

The unaccustomed butt-fucking was having its effect on me, and  Simon's teasing took me over the edge so I was coming yet again, as Sam filled my back passage with his cum.

As the boys finally took the weights off me, helping me sit up, I held out my arms for a group hug. Then I was led into the bathroom for a shower, with lots of help from my horny sons. As they all helped dry me, I had a feeling I was not going to be using my vibes quite as much in the future. At least not by myself.





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