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Teasing Daddy, 2nd And Final Chapter

She's got her hand in my panties.

I grind myself down on him as he thrusts up into me.

Candy's hot golden piss gushes into his mouth and he swallows eagerly, his cock seeming to stretch the walls of my cunt to the limit.

"God you're a fucking horny bitch," he gasps as Candy stands up and turns round to present her gorgeous little bum hole for his tongue.

I grip my breasts as I ride him, gripping, squeezing and pulling them, my nipples ache with desire. I lift each one up to my mouth and suck at the deliciously swollen buds.

Candy holds herself just an inch or so above daddy's mouth and moans with pleasure as his tongue explores her darling little anus, probing deeply, searching and forcing it open.

I feel his prick banging against the roof of my cunt and I rotate my hips as I watch him with her until she tires of the game and stands up astride him, offering her sweet little cunt to my mouth.

"Ooh Fuck yes," I hiss as she jerks her hips at me obscenely and pulls my face into her groin. She tastes of piss and I lap at her eagerly as daddy slams his cock savagely up into my soaking wet cunt.

His hands grip my hips and hold me still. His face contorts with lust.

"I'm cumming, baby. Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes."

"Daddy, fill me daddy, ooh yes, I'm cumming too daddy. Give it to me, give me a fucking baby, daddy!"

His cock explodes and I can feel the lovely thick spunk shooting into my womb. Spurt after spurt splatters against the roof of my cunt.

I'm still squirming and screaming on top of him, my cunt squeezing his cock, trying to draw out every last drop of his sperm.

Candy comes too and manages to squirt a few little drops of piss into my mouth before we all collapse in a heap.

Daddy takes us out to a local pub for lunch and pretends to be angry when I squeeze his cock under the table.

"Take it out Sandy," giggles Candy. "Give him a blow job."

I start to unzip him slowly.

"SANDY! For Christ's sake."

I pout at him and sit back sulking. “We were going to give you a girly-girly show as well when we get home.”

"Oh yes, I'd like that baby."

"I don't see why I should, though. Now, all I want to do is suck your cock, daddy!"

"You can do it at home and I'll even come in your mouth, deal?"

I pretend to think about it for a minute, then I giggle.


Candy leans over to me and whispers so that daddy can hear as well.

"I've got nine joints in my bag."

"Great, we can get completely stoned on them."

"And there's a new bottle of vodka as well," adds daddy with a grin.

I part my legs slightly as Candy rests a hand on my thigh and leans over to whisper again.

"Just think about it," she says to daddy.

"Two sixteen year old girls, nine joints and a bottle of vodka, can you imagine how fucking horny us two get when we're in the mood?"

"Yes," he laughs, "I think I can."

"My cunt's soaking already daddy," I say softly. "And she's got her hand in my panties."

"Mmm, I'm fingering your little girl's cunt.”

I move to the edge of the seat and daddy laughs as I pick up my half empty glass.

Candy giggles as we hear a gentle tinkling sound and daddy gasps.

"I don't believe you're doing that!!"

"Pass me your glass, daddy," I laugh. "Then you'll believe it all right."

He passes his glass over too and licks his lips as I fill it almost to the brim with my lovely, warm, golden piss.

Candy's gets topped up as well and we all laugh as we raise our glasses.

"Cheers," we say in unison and we drink a toast to ourselves.

It isn't very far to our house from the pub, but we skip in front of daddy and keep flicking our little skirts up to flash at him.

Candy stops and giggles and at first I don't know what's happening, but then I see the lovely warm piss flowing down her legs, the dirty little cunt is actually pissing herself in the street!

We get back home just as her mobile phone rings and she stands in the kitchen talking on it to her daddy as I squat down and slip her thoroughly soaked panties down over her legs.

"Daddy," she giggles. "Is it all right for me to stay at Sandy's house tonight? I think her daddy wants to fuck me."

My daddy pushes me out of the way gently and licks the little droplets of urine clinging to her legs. She clambers up onto the table and sits with her feet up and legs wide open while daddy's tongue eases in between the folds of her glistening wet cunt.

"All right, daddy," she says into the phone. "He's starting already. He's licking me, daddy. He's got his tongue in my cunt."

I take the phone from her hand and say softly.

"Hi, Mr. Jones. This is Sandy. I think my daddy wants to make your little girl pregnant tonight."

I reach out and drape the piss-soaked panties over her face. She moans and I smile as I watch her tongue licking the delicate little garment while she wraps her legs around daddy's neck.

"Why don't you come over and watch, Mr. Jones?" I straddle my own daddy's shoulders and rub my saturated panties over the back of his neck.

"You can watch my daddy fucking her with his lovely big cock while you're shagging me, if you like, Mr. Jones."

I hear him breathing heavily down the phone and I giggle as I dribble some piss over daddy's neck and shoulders.

"Oh yes please, Mr. Jones, I'd like that. It's been ages since any one's been up my bottom!"

Daddy manages to drag himself away from Candy's gorgeous little cunt just long enough for her and I to go up to my room to get dressed up for them both.

We hear her daddy's car arrive and we run down to greet him, we're both wearing our school uniforms, but with stockings under our tiny little skirts.

Candy gets to him first and my daddy smiles as he watches Candy's daddy kissing her lustfully. He runs a hand down over her bottom and I help to guide it under her panties so that he can finger her anus. He moans as I feel a tongue worming it's way into the back of my panties too!

Mr. Jones pushes a finger right into his horny little daughter's bottom while she squirms with pleasure at the anal intrusion and my daddy pushes his lovely rough tongue right up into my bottom.

"Ooh yes, Mr. Jones," I giggle. "Daddy's getting my bottom all wet for your cock."

He growls and taking his finger out of Candy's little hole, offers it to my lips. I suck it eagerly while daddy gets up and pushes Candy onto her knees. His cock is very big and nasty looking and just for a moment, I feel a twinge of jealousy as he pulls her panties to one side and positions his cock against her anus.

But her daddy pushes me down onto my hands and knees beside her and I squeal with pleasure as his cock nudges into my own little bum hole.

We kiss hungrily as our daddies sodomize us and I wonder if life can get any better than this!


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