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Teasing Daddy

Tags: incest

It makes my cunt wet, daddy.

"Do you like my new skirt, daddy?"

He's sitting at his computer wearing just a towel and surfing the porn sites as I walk into his study and lean against the door-jamb looking at his broad muscular back.

"Very nice dear," he says as he turns round in his chair, then he sees what I'm wearing!

"Oh, my God, Sandy, you're surely not going out like that?"

I giggle and swivel round letting him look at my bottom. I know that my cheeks are peeking out from under the hem of my micro mini skirt, and I also know that he loves looking at sexy young girls in very short skirts.

"Don't be such an old prude, daddy," I laugh, "All the girls are wearing short skirts nowadays!"

"Yes, I know that darling, but bloody hell, I can see just about everything you've got!"

I walk towards him swaying my hips deliberately, my breasts are jiggling provocatively beneath the cut off vest top and the soft cotton is caressing my nipples, teasing them gently into arousal with every movement I make.

"You're exaggerating again daddy, you can't see anything at all, look I'm being a good girl today, I'm even wearing panties!"

As I stand in front of him, I reach down with both hands and lift what little there is of my skirt.

"See? All prim and proper daddy."

His eyes widen as he sees the tiny pink g-string pulled right up in between the lips of my pussy.

"Hardly prim and proper Sandy," he says in a voice that's suddenly gone rather hoarse. "You might as well not bother with them at all!"

"Okay daddy, if you say so."

Before he realises what I'm doing, I've pulled the g-string down to just below the hem of my skirt.

"Oh, look, daddy," I point to his computer screen where there's a picture of a young girl wearing a school skirt and posing just like me. She's got a finger in her mouth and she's looking rather surprised as she realises that her little white panties have slipped down almost to her knees!

"She's pretty isn't she daddy?"

He can't resist looking at the photograph like I knew he would and he nods in agreement.

"Yeah, she's all right I suppose."

"I can pose like her too, look daddy."

He turns round and says softly, "For Christ's sake Sandy, you shouldn't do that you know!"

I'm standing just like the girl in the picture, finger between my lips and the g-string just above my knees.

"Do you think I look sexy, daddy?"

"Aw baby," he can't take his eyes away from me, "You know you do sweetheart and that's half the bloody trouble."

"Why should there be any trouble daddy? I'm just asking if you think I look sexy, every girl likes to be told she's pretty you know."

There's a healthy looking bulge under his towel, which seems to be getting bigger and he sighs again as he shakes his head and returns to his computer.

Quickly, I slip out of the g-string and lean over his shoulder dangling the sexy little garment from my forefinger.

"There you are daddy," I whisper, "I've taken it off now, I think I'll go over to Candy's house and tease her daddy.”


He turns round and looks at me.

"What do you mean, "Tease him?"

I giggle and hold the g-string up to my nose.

"Mmm, I love that aroma daddy, it makes me horny!"

Now the bulge is even bigger, it's beginning to make the towel look like a pyramid!

"Sandy," he growls, "What do you mean by "tease him?"

"Oh don't worry daddy," I giggle, "He isn't fucking me, - - - - yet."

"What do you mean Sandy, by "teasing him?" he repeats.

"I just flash my bottom at him, daddy, like Candy does, you should see her new skirt, it's a lot shorter than mine!"

"What do you mean, does Candy flash at her father?"

"Of course she does daddy, don't all girls?"

"No, I shouldn't think so Sandy, it's not right baby, not right at all!"

"Oh, all right then," I pout at him again, with my best hurt little girl look.

"You're not getting angry with me are you daddy?"

He smiles and takes my hand in his huge big paw.

"No of course not darling, I couldn't get angry with you if I tried!"

"So you still love me then daddy?"

"Of course I do sweetheart, you're my special little angel."

"Are you sure, daddy?"

I'm still doing my innocent little schoolgirl bit again, well it would be innocent if a sexy little g-string wasn't dangling from my finger!

"Yes darling," he smiles at me, "You know I love you."

"Prove it then daddy, prove that you love me."


He looks distinctively uncomfortable as I straddle his legs and sit on his lap facing him.

"Don't ask how daddy, just promise that you'll do something for me."

I can feel the hardness of his cock beneath me, only the thickness of the towel separating us, I think that if I sit there long enough, he'll be able to feel the moisture from my cunt seeping through onto his cock!

"Please daddy," I touch my lips to his and wrap my arms around his neck.

"I'm not going to ask you to fuck me daddy, that wouldn't be right would it?"

His hands go round my back and rest lightly on the swellings of my bottom.

"No darling, it wouldn't, would it?"

I flick my tongue cheekily in between his teeth and grind myself down onto his erection.

"I love your aftershave daddy, it makes me feel all funny."

I kiss his neck and inhale his masculine odour, beneath me I feel his cock responding as I move myself slowly, almost imperceptibly along the shape of it.

"It makes my cunt wet daddy."

"Stop it, darling, you mustn't do that."

"All right daddy, but please will you do just this one little thing for me?"

"Okay you little minx," he laughs uncertainly. "What is it?"

I flick my tongue into his ear and push my breasts against his chest.

"Put my panties back on for me daddy."

"Oh Sandy," he raises his voice and I start to cry.

"See daddy, I knew you wouldn't do it, you don't really love me at all, you only said you did to please me!"

He pulls me to him as I wet his chest with my tears.

"Don't cry sweetheart, I do love you, you know I do, stand up darling and I'll do it for you."

Standing up and wiping away the crocodile tears, I hand him the sexy little garment.

"Thank you, daddy."

He sighs resignedly and kneels at my feet as I raise one foot off the floor for him.

"Sandy, you must promise never to tell anyone about this, you know."

"Don't be silly daddy, of course, I won't."

I step into the g-string with one foot and lift the other one to help him.

Between his legs, the towel is standing almost upright, his erection must be painful.

"Candy likes doing this for me daddy."


"She likes helping me back into my panties daddy, after we've made love."

"You and Candy?" he looks amazed.

"Oh, I thought you'd know daddy."

"Know what?"

He's sliding the g-string up over my knees, I notice his towel starting to become unfastened, only the length of his cock, keeping it from dropping to the floor.

"About me and Candy, daddy, we're lovers, not gay, but bi-sexual, we like girls as well as boys."

I lift my skirt right up round my waist for him and giggle.

"Well not boys daddy, boys are silly and childish, we prefer men, real men, middle aged men with fit bodies and hairy chests."

His face is only inches away from my cunt now, I'm sure he can smell my arousal.

"Why men Sandy, what's wrong with boys your own age?" his voice is barely audible and he doesn't seem to notice the towel slipping down to the floor.

"Oh come on daddy, you know very well why, with a boy, it's all over in a couple of minutes, he snogs you, if you're lucky, shoves his hand up your skirt and fingers your pussy. If he's sober enough to know where it is, he shoves it in, grunts a few times and comes, that's it, job done! But men daddy, proper men, with big strong arms and muscular chests, well they can keep going for ages and they're usually a bit kinky too!"

"Sandy," he whispers, "You're not telling me that you're –, well, you know?"

"Oh daddy, of course, I am, I love fucking and anyway I'm sixteen you know."

I don't think he notices that I've inched forward slightly whilst talking, he's far too busy sliding the little scrap of lace up over my hips and staring at my hairless little cunt!

"Do you think I've got a nice pussy, daddy?"

He makes a kind of choking noise in his throat as he fits the string into the valley between my bum cheeks.

"It's beautiful darling," he says softly, "Absolutely gorgeous."

"You can smell it can't you, daddy?"

I move another inch towards him, I can actually feel his warm breath on my skin now.

He nods and gasps as I reach out with a foot and run it up and down the length of his cock.

"Does it smell nice, daddy?"


Placing both hands gently on his head, I ease him towards me.

"It tastes nice too, daddy!"

He moans softly as his lips touch the delicate lace, I see his nostrils flare as he inhales my fragrance and his cock jerks under my foot.

"Eat me, daddy," I breathe, "Eat my hot little cunt."

I push my hips against him, his tongue worms inside the sexy little g-string and slides easily into the groove between my cunt lips.

"Oh daddy yes," I croon. "That's it, oh fuck yes, taste me, taste my cunt juices, daddy."

He licks all the way down my slit, from my clitoris to my anus as I grind myself against his face. I feel his big work worn hands on my bottom, pulling my cheeks apart, a finger moves slowly around the little hole there and I moan with pleasure.

"Lie down daddy," I pull back from him as he looks at me in surprise.

"Please daddy lie down," and I quickly step out of the soaking wet g-string.

His cock stands up obscenely as I slide a finger into my cunt, I see a trickle of pre-cum glistening as it runs slowly down the length of the huge, thick muscle waiting for me.

Standing above him, I place one foot on either side of his head, he groans and reaches for himself as he looks up, directly into my glistening pink wetness.

"You really like my cunt, don't you, daddy?"

"Sandy!" he moans as I bend my knees slightly.

"Tell me, daddy, tell me you like my cunt."

"I do darling, I love your cunt."

Behind him, the door opens silently and Candy steps into the room, she stops with a look of sheer delight on her face, then closes the door softly and leans back against it, smiling at me as she slips the coat off her shoulders.

The ridiculously short skirt doesn't even cover the tiny yellow panties, the ones I'd peed through before leaving her bed earlier, she slips a finger under the wet material and blows me a kiss as I allow a few little drops of urine to trickle down the inside of my thighs.

I hear him gasp and he begins to masturbate slowly.

"Do you like that as well daddy, do you want some, do you want to taste your little girls piss?"

"Oh baby, yes," he whispers and runs his hands up onto my thighs. "Yes, I'd love that darling."

"Candy loves it too daddy, she loves me to piss in her mouth."

I lower myself down a few inches further towards his face.

"Her daddy likes it as well you know."

I release another trickle and watch as it dribbles onto his chin, his cock jerks again as he scoops it up with his tongue.

"Do you know what they did last night, Candy and her daddy?"

His hands are gripping me, urging me downwards.

"Tell me, Sandy, tell me all about the horny little cunt and her daddy."

I look at Candy as she unfastens the tie-side panties and holds them to her face, her tongue snakes out and licks the whole length of the gusset.

My cunt is almost touching his mouth now as I continue to look at my kinky little lover pleasuring herself.

"She pissed in my mouth daddy and then I spat it into her daddy's mouth."

"Sandy!" he hisses and opens his mouth as I relax my bladder muscles.

"He was fucking her at the time daddy, his great big hard cock was in her cunt, her hot, wet, beautiful little cunt!"

My hot golden piss flows into his mouth as I settle down on his face. behind him, Candy spurts some of her own sweet piss into her cupped hands and wipes them across her face!

"I sucked his cock, daddy, after he'd fucked her, it was yummy, all sticky and creamy."

He's gulping rapidly now, determined not to miss a drop of my golden offering, I'm on the brink of an orgasm, but I don't want to cum, not yet!

"I'll do that daddy, after you fuck Candy, would you like that, would you like me to clean your cock daddy?"

"Fuck yes Sandy, yes, I'd fucking love that baby."

Candy has three fingers in her cunt now, pushing her tiny panties into her sweet little cunt, a trickle of piss runs down the inside of both her thighs.

"Would you drink her piss as well daddy?"

"God yes," he gasps, "I'd love that baby, I'd fucking love to shag the dirty little bitch."

I beckon to her to come forward as she stuffs the last scrap of nylon into her slit.

"And will you fuck me as well daddy, will you fuck your little girl while she's pissing in your mouth?"

I move forward slightly so that my puckered anal hole is over his mouth.

"Yes darling, God yes, I want to fuck you so much, baby."

I shudder as his tongue opens my anus and licks around inside it.

"I'll do something else as well daddy."

I smile at my lover as she opens her legs wide.

"I'll suck your cock after it's been in her bottom daddy, after you've shagged her dirty little arsehole!"

"Oh fuck yes."

I stand up again and move back, watching daddy's face break out into a big wide grin as he looks up and sees Candy standing directly over his face, like I'd done earlier.

Squatting down just above his face, she dangles one of the ties from her panties between his teeth.

"Pull it," she says nastily and giggles as her piss soaked panties ooze out into his mouth!

She kisses me hungrily as I sit down again and immediately impale myself on his beautiful big cock.

"Oh fuck, Candy," I breathe into her mouth.

"He's doing it, baby, my daddy's actually fucking me!"


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