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Teenagers!!! Pt1

Teenagers!!! Pt1

Sometimes all they need is a firm hand


Anna fumed as she pulled into the driveway almost catching the gate post as she turned in. She couldn’t really complain about her eldest son, Michael; he’d been every parent’s ‘wet-dream’ up until this morning, studious, polite, he even kept his room tidy. Then today he gets himself suspended from school for starting a fight!

She shook her head as she climbed out of her car and headed for the door; it was just as well he lost, it seemed the Headmistress had intimated, even with his grades and spotless record he would have been expelled if the parents of the other child had wanted to press charges for assault.

Chalk and cheese she thought to herself as she opened the front door and kicked off her four inch heels beside all the other shoes of the family. Her precocious daughter was what her own father had called ‘a handful and no mistake’ even if he had spoiled her rotten when he was alive. Ten months between them, Irish twins and apart from the similarity in their looks that was where it ended. Barely a fortnight went by where Caitlin didn’t have to attend a detention for some infringement or other of the school rules.

Anna entered the kitchen noting that even though Michael was at home as punishment he had emptied the dishwasher and a load of clothing was tumbling inside the dryer without having been asked. She poured herself a glass of water as she wondered if it would ever enter into Caitlin’s head rather than just complain when she had nothing clean to wear. She knew her sixteen year old daughter had so far got by on her intelligence but now she was in the sixth form, the year below her brother, she couldn’t imagine her getting away without knuckling down and doing some real work.

“Time to face the music” she muttered to herself and turned to head up the stairs.

Michael’s door was ajar, and Anna wasn’t surprised to see him sitting as his desk, the computer on in front of him and his school books spread open. You’re so not like the average teenage boy she mused to herself before lightly rapping on the door frame.

Her son looked up at her and she stifled a gasp as she saw his discoloured eye and cut lip on his face. Her eyes dropped first to the raw knuckles on his left hand and then to the bruising on his upper right arm and right thigh as he sat there in his Deadpool T-shirt and shorts. “Sorry Ma” he offered with an absolute genuine look of remorse in his dark brown eyes.

Anna sat down on the end of her son’s bed, crossing her legs and reaching down to massage her nylon-ed feet as Michael reluctantly swivelled round in his chair to face her. “You gonna tell me what it was all about, Mike?” she asked without looking up. She suppressed a grin as she watched his feet twist from side to side, hearing a faint squeak from the chair and making a mental note to get her husband to oil it when he got home.

After a number of seconds Michael answered albeit as a mumble, “It was just school stuff, Ma.”

Anna re-crossed her leg and began to work the knots from her other foot, “Just school stuff?” she echoed, “Not sure that’s gonna cut it, Michael” she answered using his full name to denote the seriousness of the situation; “Definitely won’t be enough for your father!”

She heard an audible gulp from her son before he replied, “Does Dad really have to know?” he asked.

“The e-mails come through to the family account, I know he often doesn’t read them all but I can assure he looks at the titles and ‘Five day suspension of your son” is gonna stand out!” Anna nibbled her lip knowing full well that her husband, Sean, more often than not didn’t read the family account and simply waited for her to either forward messages to his work account or simply tell him when he arrived home.

“Oh sh…” Michael snapped his mouth shut preventing the curse-word from fully forming.

Anna released her foot and looked up at her son, not for the first time wishing that he’d loosen up a bit. She knew he would swear in front of/with Sean; his father’s Irish background almost made it mandatory to be able to curse like sailor but at the same time neither would utter a profanity in front of a woman (at least not in public she thought and quashed that thought-train instantly).

Michael sat there, his eyes pleading with her as his fists clenched and unclenched on his thighs. She let her eyes cast across the wounds from his first fight at school. The nurse within her figured the discoloured eye was a badly aimed fist, the bruises on his arm were probably as he held them in front of his face but the large bruise on his thigh, which might have been two or three, she strongly suspected were from shoes stamping on his leg. She shuddered, imagining her ‘baby-boy’ lying on the ground in a foetal position as some ‘big’ bully kicked him.

Her eyes dropped to his knuckles, “I’m told you threw the first punch?” she asked. The red raw knuckles she studied suggested it either was one hell of a punch or Michael had hit his foe numerous times.

He nodded dumbly, still twisting a little in his chair. Anna studied her son for a moment; he had grown considerably over the past six months, only just three inches shorter than Sean which put him at 5’11”, a full nine inches taller than herself when she wasn’t wearing her four inch pumps. Michael’s only physical passion was cross-country running in which he had won several medals all the way up to his sixteenth year. He’d dropped out of competition to concentrate more on his studies but still ran twice a week and generally at least 10K each time.

“Why?” she simply replied as his head dropped and his messy, black curly hair covered his eyes. The boy was fit but also quite thin, wiry, almost lanky and she couldn’t imagine he’d have much of a punch as all his real strength resided in his long legs. “Why?” she repeated more forcefully.

Michael mumbled something completely incoherent in way of response briefly looking up through his fringe hoping his mother was satisfied. He saw her sitting on his bed, her legs crossed and a set of red fingernails tapping impatiently upon her knee.

“He said something” he blurted out and dropped his head again.

“Wha-” Anna began as the pair of them heard rapid thumps coming up the stairs like a small herd of Wildebeest fleeing from a pride of starving lions.

Michael exchanged a brief look of amusement with his mom at the familiar noise made by Caitlin; Anna quickly resumed her stern look as the familiar voice shouted from the top of the stairs.

“What the fuck were you thinking Mickey?” the high pitched voice cried.

Anna sat still and turned her head towards the door as Caitlin appeared. It was incredulous that a sixteen year old girl, barely measuring five feet tall without an ounce of extra fat anywhere on her lithe frame and wearing the school regulation socks could make so much noise coming up the stairs. She opened her mouth, about to unleash a fusillade of questions at her big brother when she realised her mother was sitting on the end of the bed.

“Oh, hi Ma” she said coyly, glancing over her shoulder down the hall for a second wondering if there was a possible explanation for her last sentence. Anna could see in her daughter’s green eyes that her mind simply decided that ignoring her last remark was probably the best course of action.

“Hi, Caitlin!” she replied, shaking her head and briefly looking down at her daughters legs. The black pleated skirt was designed to reach past the knees but apparently didn’t even manage to reach the middle of her tanned thighs. One problem at a time she thought and turned back to her son. “Not quite how your sister put it, but essentially the same; what were you thinking? What did he say?”

Caitlin leant against the door frame looking expectantly at her older brother, nibbling her bottom lip as her eyes skirted over the bruises on his arm and thigh; she’d half been expecting to see him in a wheelchair after she heard what had happened. She was even slightly proud of him having seen the absolute shiner he’d left upon Mark Chase’s eye.

“Nothing” Michael murmured.

“Look at me!” demanded Anna and her son reluctantly obeyed lifting his head.

“Wow!” Caitlin exclaimed loudly from the door seeing the bruising around his brother’s eye; she stepped forward and leant closer for a closer inspection.

“What?” Anna asked frustrated and turning her attention to her daughter. Again Caitlin’s interpretation of the school dress-code annoyed her; she was quite sure that wasn’t the blouse she had been wearing when she left the house that morning. She stared at her child’s breasts stretching the white cotton and was positive that the item of clothing had been ear-marked the previous year to go to the charity shop. Not only was it at least a size too small, Anna knew that her daughter had progressed to B34 bra size, fractionally larger than her own B32. The buttons strained on her daughter’s blouse as she reached up a slim finger to her brother’s eye.

“I amazed Mickey got off so light!” she said, Michael’s eye twitched as he felt the incredibly delicate touch of his sister’s fingers upon his cheek, slowly outlining the discoloured flesh.

“Light?” Anna replied actually thinking about the five-day suspension.

Caitlin paused and looked across at her mother, her fingers still touching her brother’s cheek; “Don’t you know who Mickey fought” she asked and then continued without waiting for an answer. “Mark Chase, that’s who! Built like the proverbial, plays something big and scary in Rugby for the school… ain’t so pretty today though!” She turned back to her brother who stared resolutely at his mother sitting on the bed, “Tell you something, bro’; I’m told you only landed one punch but it’s the biggest, baddest, black eye, I ever saw; swear!”

Anna’s chest swelled a fraction before she berated herself for such a childish sense of pride. “So why did you do it. What did he say?” she demanded.

Caitlin stepped back and rested her ass against her brother’s desk, crossing her ankles and arms as the two women waited for the young man’s response. Michael glanced at his sister and quickly dropped his head again before muttering “I can’t remember.”

His sister snorted at the weak lie before clamping her lips together at the stern look from her mother. “Don’t lie to me Michael; tell me what he said, make me understand?” Anna implored before tentatively asking “Was it… a gay thing or something?”

“I’m not gay” Michael responded immediately, “No... no.” he stammered, “nothing like that” he finished with a whisper. The two women glanced at each other as the last part of the sentence was inaudible.

“What was that?” Anna asked softly.

“It wasn’t about me” Michael answered quietly.

“A race thing? About your Dad being Irish?” Anna struggled.

Michael shook his head and then it twitched to the left a fraction as his mother struggled to think what could’ve set off the normally pleasant and polite young man in front of her.

“Was it me?” Caitlin asked curiously having noted her brother’s head movement and having imagined that the eyes beneath the fringe had looked directly at her feet.

Michael remained mute as the two women waited; Anna was a little surprised that Caitlin hadn’t asked again and that her own patience had dissipated first. “Did Mark say something about your sister?” she asked quietly.

Michael shrugged and his sister stepped forward, “What did he say, Michael?” she asked using his full name just like their dad did when his patience was disappearing.

Anna watched her son’s eyes rise up Caitlin’s frame; they flickered as they passed the hem of her skirt. His eyes were shiny though she was sure it wasn’t because he was about to cry; it was anger or something close to it and it was directed at his sister. The idea sprung into her mind; or the way she’s dressed!

Caitlin folded her arms across her chest and even without seeing her directly from the front her mother knew that she’d pressed her breasts together deepening her cleavage without realising and accentuating what she had. Anna nibbled her bottom lip having used the stance herself; boys and men were so easily distracted and her son was equally susceptible as well as his eyes dropped for a moment. She wasn’t sure how Caitlin failed to notice but the younger woman continued her own interrogation without pause; “What did that prick say?” she fumed.

Michael remained stoic so Anna replied instead, “I’m thinking he said something along the lines that you’re a tease or… a slut, Caitlin.”

Her daughter swivelled around instantly to gaze at her mother, “What the f…“ she started and cut off the swear word before it fully formed.

“Is that about right Michael?” Anna asked ignoring her daughter and her son’s head dropped before acknowledging with the slightest of nods. “Your brother was defending your honour, young lady!”

Caitlin’s mouth opened and closed twice before her stance relaxed and her arms dropped down by her sides. “The boy’s a prick, anyway” she muttered before stepping back to lean against the desk once again.

“That’s as may be… but what do you expect to be called when you dress like that?” Anna asked as she stood up and approached her daughter; her eyes roaming up and down the young woman’s outfit.

“I’m expressing myself!” Caitlin shot back in voice at least an octave higher than she meant. She blushed deeply hearing the petulant sound of her own voice.

“Stand up, young lady” her mother ordered and Caitlin’s legs responded almost before her mind had registered the tone. Anna took her daughter’s hand and pulled her away from the desk to stand centrally between Michael and his bed. “This isn’t how you were dressed when you left the house this morning?” she asked rhetorically, continuing before Caitlin had a chance to speak.

“The skirt is easy; rolled up around the belt, an old trick.” Anna commented as she laid a single fingernail upon her daughter’s shoulder from behind her. Caitlin shuffled on her feet, her hands clenching the hem of the offending skirt guiltily. “But, darling daughter, you give far too much away! You’re giving the boys a full show without them having to work for it; hell it’s almost a cardinal rule” Anna grinned at the thought that maybe somewhere someone had written all the unwritten rules.

She slowly walked around her daughter; raising an eyebrow at Michael who had started to grin now that the onus had shifted from him. The smile instantly disappeared as Anna stated “Don’t worry, we’ll get to you, son!”

She stood in front of Caitlin looking down at the shortened skirt, “Simple really, if the boys want a glimpse of your panties you gotta make sure that they actually need to lower their head as well as their eyes, get them to work for it! Darling when you’re sat down the whole world can see what you have to offer!”

Anna almost stopped there as she watched Caitlin bite her bottom lip and look all of her sixteen years ‘young’; Did I ever look so naïve? She wondered to herself.

She let her eyes rise to the blouse her daughter was wearing; “Now the top… I’m quite sure this one was put in the charity bag last year! The one you wore this morning fitted you… appropriately!” she smirked as she stared at her daughter’s chest slightly surprised that Caitlin wasn’t wearing a black bra beneath for the contrast. The white cotton was stretched almost to breaking point and the material bowed between the buttons affording an easy glimpse of a very familiar lacy white bra beneath. “Did you wear this one under the other or get changed at school?” she asked.

Caitlin mumbled incomprehensibly and Anna lifted her hand up placing the pad of her finger beneath her daughter’s chin to raise her head. She didn’t have to ask a second time as the young woman repeatedly clearly, “At school.”

Anna glanced at her son whose eyes immediately rose to his mother’s; “That’d be a sight, wouldn’t it Michael!” she stated, “I imagine Caitlin here and her friends in the toilets all stripping off, getting changed into their…” Anna paused pondering the right word; “Tell me what word did Mark use to describe your sister?”

Michael’s eyes widened and his mother watched his Adam’s apple bob as he visibly gulped. “Horny… slut” he whispered.

“Louder please Michael so your sister can hear” Anna instructed.

“A horny slut” he repeated and then added before his mother could continue, “gagging for it.” His hands were clenched together across his lap covering the swelling within his shorts he was feeling incredibly guilty about. In his head he wasn’t at all sure if it was the opportunity his mother had afforded him to study his sister’s provocative attire and the body beneath or actually his own mother. She had always been a strong woman, still attractive with a good figure, nicely rounded and always dressed very stylishly for work or formal occasions.

He had known all of this and if he had been asked these were the answers he would have given, albeit with a bright crimson face as he blushed. The woman he had known all his life had changed somehow, his sister’s dress probably the catalyst; in these last few minutes as she conducted this strange interrogation which he suspected was shortly going to be focused on him. She was still stylish, still attractive and yet as he felt his cock hardening further within his shorts he knew Mark’s final words about his sister, before he landed that single punch, also applied to his mother.

Caitlin stood between her brother sitting behind her and her mother standing in front; a turmoil of emotions running through her head. All at once she felt angry and ashamed as her mother criticised her dress, she felt frustrated to be treated like a child and that the world was unfair and unjust. It’s Mickey who’s been suspended, not me she thought bitterly and yet her mother’s close inspection of her clothes, her criticism of the amount of flesh Caitlin chose to reveal had her heart racing. She desperately wanted to ask the experienced woman before her just how could she get the boy’s eating out of her hand.

She felt a tremble run through her frame and was shocked that her defiant sense of self had seemingly evaporated and that her body was reacting almost independently of her mind. Her flesh was tingling, Goosebumps erupting at random and her rock-hard nipples literally ached as she felt the gusset of her lacy panties getting steadily damper with each moment she stood there.

Anna gazed into her son’s eyes, partly in order not to look down at his hands covering his lap and what she suspected might be concealed within his shorts, but she could see that he also had something else to add. “What else did he say about your sister?” she asked.

Michael’s lip trembled for a second or two and he looked away as he spoke clearly, “He said she’s a great cock-sucker…” he looked back up to stare into his mother’s eyes again; “and seriously fuck-able!” For a brief moment Anna’s son held her gaze and she completely understood that the final words, whether they were true or not about the boy from school, were being directed at her by her own flesh and blood. She forced herself to turn away, shocked by Michael’s statement and her own thoughts as she wondered if her son’s cock was as thick and long as her husband’s.

“Front and centre, Michael!” she ordered even as her mind was in complete chaos. She bit down on her bottom lip as she eventually remembered that the image of her son’s shaft ploughing into her pussy was wrong; was in fact completely illegal. She faced his bed and could see herself bent over the end with her skirt pulled up, her stockings and suspenders and her soaking wet lace knickers stretched between her knees framing her ass and quim ripe to be fucked.

She heard the squeak of the chair and two soft foot falls and knew her two children now stood side by side. Anna did her best to compose her face before she turned back to see the pair of them, their heads hung down with their eyes covered by their fringes. There was close to twelve inches difference between them in height and that simple fact let loose some strange thoughts within her. Michael’s cock had been utterly taboo but now Caitlin’s tiny fists clenched at her sides sparked scenario’s she’d never even contemplated even in her early twenties, her ‘experimental ‘ phase with several lovers of both sexes.

She quickly moved behind her two children to lean against the desk as she felt a trickle slip from beneath her drenched underwear and drip slowly down her thigh towards her stocking top. Her own hands were balled into fists and her chest heaved as she simply wanted to think of a fitting punishment for Michael and for Caitlin (whether she deserved one or not) and flee to her bedroom to satisfy the burning ache within her loins.

Although she had occasionally played the Dom with Sean, she was always more comfortable as the Sub. As a senior nurse in the largest hospital in the city she actually wielded more power than her job title suggested; junior doctors soon learned to listen to Mrs Kelly and during major incidents the consultants were more than happy to be directed by her knowing that her years of experience and vast knowledge would get the best and most efficient use out of them. It was a cliché but when she got home the last thing she wanted to be was in charge, especially in the bedroom.

For all that, at this moment, the desire rose within her to punish the two teenagers before her, to control them; to use them as her rising lust demanded.

Damn you Sean she thought cursing the long hours her husband worked; the fact was that it was rare for him to arrive home before nine in the evening and generally dog-tired as well. It would be at least five or six hours before she had access to a nice thick cock to fill her aching pussy and although her toys often gave her many orgasms and even sometimes multiple ones at that, they just weren’t the same as a real piece of meat slamming into you in whatever position. Five hours till I have ‘his’ meat she thought and looked at her son with his hand folded in front of him obviously still covering his crotch, Caitlin’s fingers were timidly pulling at the hem of her skirt in a vain attempt to edge it down.

“Hands by your sides, now!” she ordered and her daughter immediately released the pleated skirt. Michael’s frame jerked visibly, something that wasn’t lost on his sister and she looked to her side curiously. “Now Michael” his mother repeated and he reluctantly dropped his hands; Caitlin’s eyes lowered and opened wide, her jaw dropping as she saw the state of her brothers crotch. “And eye’s front and centre!” Anna commanded.

Caitlin gazed at the lump in her brother’s shorts, staring in disbelief that Michael had got an erection in front of his mother and herself. She licked her lips sub-consciously as she drew her eyes away obeying her mother’s words and then only considering the state of her own underwear. What the fuck is going on? she thought to herself and yet squeezed her thighs tight together and felt her panties dampen further.

Both siblings were entertaining similar thoughts to their mother simply wanting whatever decision and punishment she chose to be over so they could both be left alone to satisfy their own lusts at the earliest opportunity. Michael’s cock throbbed and ached within his shorts and he knew that once everyone had left his room his load would be shooting into a tissue (or two) after very few pulls on his length. Caitlin was praying that her mother would head downstairs and that she could sneak into her parent’s bedroom and borrow her mother’s Rabbit from her bedside drawer. If it wasn’t possible she’d have a shower and rely on the wonderful water pressure and adjustable shower head to bring her off!

Anna sat down on Michael’s chair, the now familiar squeak issuing from the wheels. Her teeth bit down on her lower lip as she spread her feet apart and the slit in her skirt spread over her thigh revealing her stocking top and her painted nails scratched upwards along her thigh. Her eyes roamed between her two children, noting one very pert ass beneath a skirt and one pair of strong wiry buttocks within a pair of shorts. “What am I to do with the pair of you?” she asked.

The two of them glanced quickly at each other before returning their eyes to the various posters affixed to the wall above Michael’s bed. Neither of them uttered a word, their teenage minds almost fully preoccupied with their own horniness.

“Hmmm… cat got your tongues?” their mother asked rhetorically. Her eyes fixed on the back of her daughter’s thighs noting how her muscles were clenching rhythmically. Guess that makes two of us who are... gagging for it she thought, a grin spreading across her face as her fingers slipped through the slit in her skirt. “Exactly how many detentions have you had Caitlin, for dress code infringement?” she asked as she felt a shiver run straight to her pussy as her nails scratched at the bare flesh above her stocking tops.

The young woman pondered her answer for a few moments before answering, “Almost all of them, mom.”

“And what about you Michael… your sister has at least managed to never get suspended. What is it, testosterone got you having to prove yourself?” she asked as her fingers crept closer to the heat within her crotch. The chair creaked again as she spread her feet wider; she saw her son’s head twitch as he wondered what was going on behind him.

“I guess…” he answered, his hands twitching beside his hips with the intense desire to do something about the hormones flooding his system.

“Does it bother you that your sister dresses like a… what was the phrase?” she asked before breathing deeply as she allowed her fingernail to skirt up alongside mound, pulling at the edge of her saturated knickers.

Both women heard Michael gulp before he answered, “A horny slut!”

“Well, does it bother you?” his mother asked again.

He nodded in reply and then answered quietly “Yes.”

Anna felt a shiver echo from her hot wet quim and dragged her nail across her mound, biting her lip as it caught at the lacy material along the contours of her lips. Both of her children heard the tremor in her voice as she simply replied “Why?”

Michael’s cock throbbed within his shorts, his mind in uproar as he lied; “I don’t… like the way people look at her.”

“Do you believe your brother, Caitlin?” Anna’s finger, now damp as her juices oozed through her underwear pressed into her cleft; stifling a moan.

Caitlin shook her head and looked down at her brother’s crotch. His swollen cock was making a tent out of his trousers and a tiny damp spot denoted the tip where his precum had leaked through. “No,” she whispered.

Michael turned his head and stared at his sister’s head and her eyes gazing directly at his crotch; he felt it twitch beneath her gaze. In his mind he admitted the truth and imagined her dropping to her knees in front of him, pulling up her skirt and offering him her pussy to fill with his meat.

“Why?” asked their mother from behind them as she pushed her panties inside her pussy, this time a tiny moan escaping from between her lips; “Is it because he has an erection right now caused by you… and your slutty attire?”

Two gasps escaped from the teenagers at the admission of truth, both of them nodding and their hand shifting away from their sides slowly. “Yes” Caitlin breathed and slowly edged up her skirt at the front for her brother to see as she watched his fingers wrap around his shaft defining it through his shorts.

Anna pulled her finger from her dripping slit, feeling her lacy underwear tear slightly as her fingernail caught. The chair squeaked loudly as she stood on shaky legs and inspected her shiny digit. “So what am I to do with the two of you? Punish you for your past bad behaviour or bribe you for future good behaviour?” She brushed her wet fingertip along her lips tasting the sweetness of her pussy upon it.

Michael glimpsed a flash of his sister’s underwear before she dropped it back down when they heard their mother stand, his own hand reluctantly releasing his throbbing length before returning to his side. The two siblings looked into each other’s eyes and replied simultaneously to their mother.

“Reward,” answered Caitlin.

“Punish,” replied Michael.


to be continued...



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