The Family Story Part II

By eric123

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Part two and I hope more to come.

The Family Story Part II

As we got up to my room and I shut my door I looked back at my little sister to see she was not holding her clothes. This could only mean she left them in the middle of the living room. At this time I heard my parents coming in the front door.

“What the fuck! Why didn’t you grab your clothes?” Knowing for sure they would find a pile of my sister’s clothes sitting in the middle of the room and she was up here naked, as I look over her beautiful once more. What explanation could we use to explain why her pajamas were flung about the house, including her underwear?

“It will be ok. Here let me take your mind off of it.” As she drops to her knees and grabs my growing cock. She runs her tongue around my head and kisses the tip. “Isn’t that better? I am sure they won’t even notice.”

“O fuck. That feels so fucking good.” She cups my balls as she opens her mouth and takes half of my now throbbing cock massaging it with her lips and tongue. I grab her under the arms and guide her to in front of my bed all the while her mouth never leaves my cock and sit down. She stands with her perfect ass in the air and I marvel at her body from her bobbing head to my cum running down the inside of her thighs. I place one hand on her breast pinching and pulling her nipple while I run my other hand down her back and grab her firm ass.

At about this time I hear from down stairs my Mom yelling “Lori. Get down her and pick up your clothes.”

My little sister looks up at me with her cute surprised little eyes and asks “What is your little whore supposed to do now? You know she is standing at the bottom of the stairs and I can’t leave your room naked. There is no way I could make it to my room without her seeing me. I don’t want this to end so soon.”

“Fuck!!! Just let me take care of this. But you owe me.” I grab a pair of shorts lying next to my bed and walk to the door. “Lori said she did not feel good and went to sleep early.” Not thinking of the massive boner I had with nothing to hide it but the thin fabric of my shorts. My Mom’s eyes grew and never made it past my waist band and she looked as if she was at a loss for words.

“AAAA ok I guess I will just take care of it.” She did not move from the door way but just stood there staring up at me for what seemed like forever. I could have sworn she knew something was going on. “Well come here and give your mom a good night huge.” As I walked down the steps I realized that my shorts were tented and there was no way anyone could miss the show I was putting on. It was swaying back and forth as I walked down the stairs. My mom’s eyes never left my massive cock and I swear she licked her lips when it was about eye level to her. This must have been what she was so surprising to see… AND SHE WANTS A HUGE?

“Good night Mom. I love you.” As I hugged her good night a plot was spinning in my head. I made sure to press my stiff cock into my Mom’s crotch even though I had to bend down lower then conferrable. I had to bend down like I was going to pick her up. I held it there a little longer then I should and as I started to pull away she leaned into me more. I pulled my head back and as doing so started to move my hips slightly dry humping my Mom! I gave her a kiss on the mouth that once again was a lingering moment. As our lips were pressed together I heard a light moan come from her and I quickly ran my tongue over her lips. “Well I have to get to sleep. You and Dad want to go out for dinner tomorrow, my treat?”

“AAAWW sure. Have a good night.”

Plus I had something unfinished upstairs still unfinished. When I got back to my room I walked into a perfect view of my new little whore on my bed. She had one hand on her nipple and the other rubbing her clit. “What do you think you are doing? You want to start without me?”

“No I just could not get the thought of my big brothers cock out of my mind. I wish it was pumping my pussy full of cum so bad.”

As I walked over to her and bent down between her legs I asked, “You are my little whore right?”

“Yes, I will do anything my big brother says.”

“Anything?” As I run my tongue over her pussy lips tasting her juices mixed with my cum. She starts to rub her clit with a little more excitement.

“YES. Any aw thing you say big brother, as long as you don’t make me wait much longer.”

As I stand up pulling my shorts off and putting her legs over my shoulders, “Good tomorrow we are going out to eat with Mom and Dad.” I put the tip of my cock into her soaking pussy lips and move it up and down making sure to hit the clit with every stroke.

“OOO just fuck me and I will do anything you ask.”

“As I was saying you will sit with Dad and see how far he will let you go during this diner. I will do the same with Mom.”

“WWWWWHAT” At this point I slam my cock deep into her pussy putting her off guard. As I do this I notice her eyes twitch and her body contort.

“You said you would do anything I said. You do want to be a good little whore don’t you?”

“OOOO FUCK. Yes I will do anything my big brother asks. Just fuck me like a little whore.”

“This will be fun.” I bend over my little whore sister and kiss her. Her ass is now in the air and in perfect position for a good fucking. I start to fuck her harder and faster than I have ever fucked in my life. I can feel the juices running out of her sweet pussy and down onto her stomach.

“OOO Fuck you I am cuming. Don’t stop… Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck your little whore sister.”

“You might want to keep it down. You are in bed sick remember. Plus you don’t want to ruin the surprise for tomorrow. We have not corrupted them yet.” Even though I am sure Mom is down there with Dad thinking about someone else.

“OOO” She started biting down on her arm to keep from yelling.

I throw my head back and blow yet another load into my little whore of a sister’s pussy. “O fuck your pussy is so amazing. It won’t be so tight by the time I am done with you.” It seems that family can drain your cock better than anyone else.

Sorry this one is kind of short but it was more as a setup for the next story. I am trying to work more on dialog. Let me know what you think and what can use some work. I am still kind of new at writing stories. Thank you very much.