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The incest video interviews chapter 14A

The incest video interviews chapter 14A

Rita runs into three generations of incest (Sort of)

I told Ted that we had finally gotten pregnant, and he couldn't have been happier about it. He was more than ready to have a baby with his big sister. I wasn't showing yet, but he did tell me something. When I did begin showing, that I should take a little hiatus from my experiment. He didn't want me to quit, but to go on an indefinite hiatus. At least until the time was right to continue.

Anyway, after I had sex with my dad, he put me in touch with a friend of his. This lucky bastard got his mom pregnant eighteen years ago, when he was eighteen.

His mom was thirty-five at the time, and now she is fifty-three. Their names are Jack, and Mandy. They had their son, and continued their relationship for all those years. They named their son, Tommy, and came out to him when he was sixteen. They thought by then, he was mature enough to handle the news.

I finally got an interview to do alone. It really just felt more intimate, with just one person asking questions. Although, as always, I would have to give a few dirty details to a few people, and make sweet love to my husband too.

I already knew the answer, but I asked Ted about sex again. He just told me that I was his slut, and nothing could change that. Ted was solid in my book. You could say that, I won the lottery, and found a nonstop oil gusher too. I was set for life, and I couldn't have been happier.

I was anxious to know how it started with Jack, and Mandy, and just how their son entered their sexual lives too. I walked in, and they were all clothed. Mandy was in the middle of them, as they were all cuddling.

"Close family cuddling, always a nice sight to see," I said.

Then, as a mother, Mandy came over to me, and felt my stomach. I guessed I was going to really have to get used to that. Every member of my family had hand prints on my stomach already.

"Are you hoping for a boy or girl?" Mandy pondered.

"I'm just hoping for a healthy baby, since my brother is the father," I replied.

"Well, look at Tommy, he's healthy. Although, I guess in life, there are no guarantees," Mandy let me know.

I set up the camera, and Mandy got back on the bed. Considering how it worked for them, I couldn't wait to have the baby.

"So, how did you two start having sex?" I asked, Jack, and Mandy.

Mandy, and Jack kissed once, and then told me the story.

"Well, before Jack was even born, his dad walked out on me. I was left alone, when I was four months pregnant. I had a few friends help me out every now and then, but that was it. Sadly, my parents had already passed on. Let's just say, it was an uphill battle. The whole time, I had no sex life either. I guessed that no one wanted to get with a mom, with a young son. So, I raised my son all by myself, but after a while, I didn't need anyone else. It was just Jack, and I, and he was there for me. By time he was twelve, he was my BFF. I taught him how to drive, helped him learn to play the guitar, and a million other things. When he was sixteen, I gave him the sex talk. Luckily, it wasn't awkward between us. I told him then, to come to me, when he was ready to have sex for the first time. I told him I'd supply him, and I just wanted to meet the woman. That was it," Mandy explained.

"I waited a few months after I turned sixteen, and introduced her to my girlfriend. My mom really didn't like her, but kept to her word, and gave me her blessings. We had sex, and the next day, my mom just asked me a couple general questions. If I wanted to do it again, and how it was. I told her I did want to do it again, because I loved it. She was happy, so I carried on that relationship for about a year. Then we broke up, and I had a small string of other girlfriends, until I turned eighteen. Little did I know, it had been over eighteen years since my mom last had sex. I was enjoying sex on a regular basis, and she wasn't. To my surprise, on my eighteen birthday, my mom came to me," Jack let me know.

I had to put my hand in my panties, which were already drenched. I always found myself loving the build up.

"I asked him if he was comfortable talking about sex first. He agreed, a little reluctantly. After that, I asked him how his sex life had been. He tried not to cheese, because it had been great. Obviously, he didn't give me every detail, but he gave me some juicy stuff," Mandy said.

"I hadn't had a girlfriend in a couple weeks then, but I knew I find someone else, eventually. So, on my eighteenth birthday, I had no one, but my mom to hang out with. She came to talk to me after we celebrated, and had a good time together. Anyway, I'll skip to when we talked. After I told her about my last girlfriend breaking up with me, she seemed a little pleased. I had to question that, but she said she meant nothing by it. Then she began asking me a lot of sexual questions, like if I preferred missionary, or doggie style. I told her missionary, because I liked seeing the woman's face up close. Eventually, she wanted me opinion on something very personal," Jack explained.

I had two fingers all the way up into my pussy. Even though I heard this kind of story before, I still found myself being very turned on. I was more than tempted to strip, but restrained myself.

"And what was that?" I wondered.

"She got really close to me, and whispered, 'Jack, if I wasn't your mother, would you fuck me?'" Jack replied.

Then I was cheesing.

"I didn't know what to say to that. I had seen her in her bra, and panties before. I also thought she was an attractive woman, but she was still my mom. Even though she said 'If I wasn't your mother', I was sure I knew what she meant. I couldn't say no, or anything else for that matter for a minute. Eventually, I just told her I would, if she wasn't my mom. That just made her smile, and she leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek. Then we just laid down together for a few minutes. I was just in my shorts, boxers, and a t-shirt. She was in her nightgown, and just her panties underneath. I felt her boobs pressing up against me, and I kind of liked it. I had no idea why, but I did. Little did I know, she was baiting me. She was getting me worked up, and turned on. She had c-cup boobs, and she knew I loved big boobs," Jack explained.

Then he began feeling his mom up a bit, and Tommy decided to join in. So, Mandy had her two sons touching her boobs, and her smile alone, gave that away. I would have thought, that Tommy would have been uncomfortable hearing about how his parents had sex for the first time, but he seemed turned on too.

"Once I knew for sure that he was hot for me, I made my move. I slowly leaned my arm over to his crotch, and put my hand right onto his cock. It was hard to no surprise. I couldn't see it, but I knew it was at it's full potential. Then I looked right at him, and asked him: 'Will you fuck me, Jack?'" Mandy told me.

"She didn't tell me about her giant slump, but as her son, I wanted to fulfill her wish. So, I leaned forward to her, and kissed her. It didn't stop with one kiss, we began making out, and we eventually laid down, with her on her back. I got right over her, and looked at her. I didn't strip myself, or her. I just pushed her nightgown up a bit, and she pushed her panties back. I pushed my shorts, and boxers down. I put my cock right at her entrance, and looked at her. She just told me she loved me, and our relationship would never be the same. I was unsure what that meant exactly, but I just slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. It was tight, as you might imagine. Then I just heard sounds out of her mouth, I thought I'd never ever hear. She was moaning, and letting out giant exhales too. She seemed to be loving it after just a few seconds. I began thrusting my cock, and she told me she loved me so much, that it'd be impossible to describe," Jack explained.

I was a little dazed by that, because it was steaming hot. I eventually noticed that both of Mandy's hands were busy, giving both of her sons hand jobs. Both of them had their cocks out, and she was jerking them off like the world was gonna end in ten minutes. They both had big cocks, but Jack's was a little bit bigger. I guess fucking your mom has that effect. Jack continued the story, but was having trouble getting the words out.

"We made love for about ten minutes, and I felt like cumming. She told me to cum inside her, because it had been such a long time since she felt cum oozing inside of her. I couldn't resist, so I shot my load right into my mom, and I never saw her smile so widely before in my life. I laid on top of her for a minute after that, and then I got off her. I laid down on my back, and she got on her side. She just glared at me, and then I closed my eyes. I was a little out of it, and a couple minutes later, I opened them to see my mom completely naked," Jack explained.

He got that far, but couldn't continue.

"I'll finish, Jack. I asked him if he wanted to have sex again, and he just nodded. So, I leaned down, and took off his shorts, and boxers. I took off his shirt too, and then got right over him. I grabbed his cock, and guided it back into my pussy. I rode him, and had one hell of a time doing it. I had no idea how much I missed sex, until he first put his cock in my pussy," Mandy told me.

As she was finishing that sentence, she got hit with cum, coming from two different cocks. Both guys let out some giant moans, and crashed onto their mom.

"You know what they say, 'Incest sex is like a drug.', and drugs take it out of you. We had sex many times that night, and both of us wanted it to continue. That first night, we didn't use protection. After that, we started using condoms, but I don't think it was gonna make a difference. I'm pretty sure I got knocked up that first night, and I broke the news to Jack. He was happy, but nervous though. He was only eighteen, but I told him we were in this together. I know you are married to Ted, but we never got hitched. Not that we think your marriage is meaningless, or anything like that," Mandy explained.

"Don't worry about it, I get it," I let her know.

"Sorry, but I gotta do something for Tommy, Jack will finish the story," Mandy said.

Mandy got onto her stomach, and leaned toward Tommy's cock. She took it in her mouth, and he began cheesing.

"Fuck, I love you so much, mom," Tommy let out.

"So, you can talk?" I asked.

"Well, it's their story," Tommy told me.

"Are you really okay letting her blow you in front of me?" I wondered.

"Just don't post this video on Youtube, or Redtube," Tommy replied.

"I'll resist the urge," I said.

Mandy began going up, and down on his cock, and he let out some passionate moans. My eyes were glued to them, but Jack finished the story.

"We had our son, and lived as husband, and wife, even though didn't get married. We slept together, and held hands in public. To our family, and friends, I just got a girlfriend pregnant, and she walked out on me.
I got a lot of false sympathy, but that was that. When she was big, we had to stay out of sight from them constantly. Now we're a threesome," Jack said.

I came in my panties while he was talking, but I managed to contain myself. There something missing though.

"Okay, but obviously, at some point there some heavy confrontation. Considering, your mom has your son's cock in her mouth," I brought up.

Tommy, and Jack laughed a bit.

"Well, you are up, dude," Jack said to Tommy.

As Tommy heard that, he couldn't hold it anymore.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum now," Tommy let out.

Mandy kept his cock in her mouth, and had him cum down her throat. She swallowed it completely, and I was a little surprised by that.

"Damn, she is a swallower," I said.

It took a minute, but as Tommy came down from his high, he finally told me how he got involved his mom, and dad.

"They told me about their relationship last year. At first, I thought they were screwing with me. They told me that story, but not in so much detail. They told me how much they loved each other, and loved me too, so I took their word for it. Eventually, they showed me the family tree. I was baffled after that, but it really didn't change anything. Anyway, she told me when I wanted to lose my virginity, to come to them first. They wanted to supply me, and tell me what to expect exactly. That's what they told me to begin with anyway," Tommy explained.

"Something tells me that wasn't what happened exactly," I replied.

"No, not exactly," Tommy mentioned.

Then everyone was silent for a minute, and they were all grinning.

"Would you tell me what happened already?" I yelled quickly.

They all just laughed.

"I was in my room, and then my mom came in just a robe. I wondered why, and then she got down on her knees. She got very close to me, and kissed me right on my lips. It was a short, but good kiss. She told me that she wanted me to lose my virginity to someone that truly loved me, and wouldn't judge me at all. Considering what I knew about her, and my dad, the light bulb went off quickly. She slowly took off her robe, and let me see all of her naked beauty. She is a total MILF, and I couldn't say no to her. She slowly got on the bed with me, and undid my shorts. She grabbed onto my cock, and gave me a hand job. I only lasted for about thirty seconds, and then I came. After I did, she began undressing me. She got close to me again, and told me I was gonna become a man when she was done with me," Tommy explained.

I was cheesing, and I couldn't take it anymore. I took off my shirt, and shorts. I wanted to strip completely, but I resisted. Then Tommy got onto his knees, and so did Mandy. Tommy stuck his cock right into her pussy, and began thrusting it. My mouth was watering, and then I knew it, I was addicted to this stuff. I get couldn't enough. I had seen it so many times, but yet the appeal never disappeared.

"So, after we had sex a few times, my mom told me that I could fuck her anytime I wanted. My dad wasn't completely on board with that, but he eventually agreed to that. A few weeks into it, my dad began to get a little jealous. He wasn't pissed off, or anything like that, but there was definitely a little bit of tension. By then, I guess I was kind of hooked. I loved having sex with my hot mom, like I said, she is a total MILF. So, I came up with the idea, to have a threesome. They were both a little reluctant, but agreed. They both just enjoyed it a lot more than they thought they would," Tommy explained.

I couldn't resist any longer, I stripped completely. I let them all see the beauty that every member of my family had enjoyed before.
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