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The Next Few Weeks

Tags: incest, mother, son

His cock has done wonders for her outlook on life

I'd been in a euphoric fog all weekend. I'd never had orgasms so strong, long or frequent as my son had given me. I was just going through the motions of living because my mind was thinking about the height of pleasure he provided. I felt so contented. I was really calm about the whole thing, which is totally abhorrent to my personality. I guess it was blissful acceptance.

I couldn't find a good time to talk with my son over the weekend given all my other matronly duties, so after everyone had left for work on Monday, I texted him requesting that he come home. He hadn't even gotten to work before he called in sick and turned around immediately.

As soon as he walked in the door, my panties got wet. We sat a the breakfast table where less than an hour before sat my husband and daughter.

Beginning, "I don't really know how to start this conversation, but there's one thing we can't do. I think you know what that is."

"No, what are you talking about? What is it?" he questioned.

"I've reconciled to myself that we can have an oral relationship. We can't fuck! Does that make sense to you?" I asked.

"No, not really! I want all of you."

"I just can't break that vow to your dad. I hope you understand," my voice trailed off.

"I don't like that idea, but if I can have this much of you, I guess I'll be satisfied with that for now."

He stood up, held out his hand, and I rested mine in his. He led me to his father's bedroom. I stood there kind of in a trance as he undressed me. He ran his hands lightly over every inch of my skin. I was tingling with ravenous desire for his tongue. We kissed. I never wanted anything so much.

Our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths stoking the flames of desire in us both. His head dropped to my breast as he began nursing while his hand slipped between my legs. I stroked his hair and held him close as he suckled. Oh my goodness, I was hotter than a summer day in Death Valley.

He leaned me back onto the bed and spread my legs. He began kissing my ankles, calves, knees, thighs and finally my lips. I think you know the ones I'm talking about. His tongue began doing wonderful things to my clit. Things I've never felt before. It had barely been two minutes, holy shit, I was going to cum already.

"Oh my god, how I want you. Make me cum for you!" I screamed. I couldn't stand it any longer as a shiver shot through me, and I pressed my throbbing cunt into his mouth. After that wave had subsided, he stripped.

My mouth ached for his cock to fill it. Once he slipped it in, it felt so good being in there. My tongue caressed his meat's surface like I was performing a tongue surface-mapping. How could I have ever thought that doing this was dirty? It felt so right. I loved feeling it throb as his head flared down my throat. I squeezed his nuts hoping to produce a bigger cum load. I moaned.

"Do you love my cock?"

"Ugh huh, hmmm," I managed to answer.

"You want me to cum in your mouth. Don't you?"

"Oh, yes, please cum in my mouth. I need to taste you." Those words sounded so slutty as they fell from my lips, but I never felt so alive.

He jerked. I felt his cock pulse and push down my throat, then a salty mix of his desire for me flooded over my taste buds. Oh yes, I loved it. He pulled it out. I kissed it like it was the Pope's ring - very respectfully and with reverence for its power.

We spent the rest of the day satisfying each other orally. I had nine back-breaking orgasms, and he had five.

After I finally submitted to his and my desires, I just couldn't get enough of his cock or tongue.

Dinner was over and as usual, my husband was dozing while attempting to watch TV. My daughter was locked in her room with her phone. I began clearing the dishes. It had been two days. I winked and motioned with my head for my son to follow me.

I put the dishes on the counter and ran my hand over the bulge in his pants. I dropped to my knees while I released his rapidly expanding after-dinner dessert. It was exciting knowing that my husband was only a few feet away while I sucked his son's cock. When he came, I let a little dribble out the corner of my lips.

I looked up at him and using his finger, I scooped up that wayward cum into my mouth, saying, "Hmmm, it's so good." I stuck my finger in his mouth, too. I'm sure he thought I was a slut. I didn't care. I just wanted to please him and his cock.


A few days later, I'd been reading some erotica about family relations; needless to say, it had gotten me all worked up. It was late, and I thought everyone was asleep. I headed for the laundry hamper and a pair of mom's dirty panties to jerk off into. As I walked past the study, I noticed the light on. Mom was at the computer reading an email. I quietly slipped up behind her and kissed her neck. She let out a gasp; however, that shocked look quickly became a mischievous smile.

I turned her chair around and pulled her up. I slid her shorts and panties off and laid her on the table while spreading her legs. To keep her quiet, I stuffed her panties in her mouth and began licking her slit. It wasn't long before she had one, then another orgasm back-to-back. We kissed.

The study is located between my parents' bedroom and the living room. My sister's bedroom is on the opposite side of the hall. I think the proximity of potential observers made it even more exciting. Mom knelt, slipped my cock out and began sucking me. Watching her head slide over my cock got me so hot that I took her head in my hands and began fucking her mouth.

My cock was disappearing into her wetness. I was out of control and was fucking her hard. She was moaning and stroking my nuts. She took it like a pro and swallowed every drop. I never knew she was so sexual. Based on what I'd heard through the walls, she wasn't like this with my dad. We both retired to our respective bedrooms satisfied.


My son informed that he'd be traveling overseas on business, and he'd be gone about a week. I was a little depressed when he left. The sun didn't seem to shine as brightly. The birds' songs weren't as cheerful. Cookies weren't as sweet. Something wasn't right.

I realized that I'd begun to look forward to our little trysts and secret glances across the breakfast table. I didn't wear panties to breakfast anymore just so I could let him look at me. I loved seeing the bulge in his pants knowing that I'd caused it. That made me feel so desirable and such a seductress, which I'd never been in my life.

Time was creeping at a snail's pace. Masturbation did help pass the time, but it wasn't as pleasing as his tongue. I couldn't help thinking about how it felt when he licked me or how his cock felt resting in my mouth. I loved his cock, especially when I coaxed an orgasm from it.

Hmmm, I had begun looking forward to tasting his cum. It was like I was sucking power from him. It seemed to invigorate me and made my juices flow. I guess I was becoming a succubus of some sort. Well, at the least, I was becoming a cock sucker and a pretty good one, according to my son.

He finally made it home on Sunday. Since he had worked over the weekend, he got a half day off on Monday. As we all sat at the breakfast table, my only thought was when are my husband and daughter going to get the hell out of here. I wore panties today so that he could see how much I was looking forward to our time together. They were thoroughly soaked.

Thank god, they finally left. We nearly ran to my bedroom. He always liked to take me on his father's bed. I don't know why. It must be a guy thing.

"Oh son, you don't have any idea how much I missed you."

Smiling, "I think you've missed my tongue," he replied.

As my hand rubbed his bulge, "That's not all," I smirked as well.

Suddenly he pushed me down on the bed and began ripping my clothes off except my panties. He took my bra and tied my hands to the headboard. Oh my, this was new. It just excited me more.

He slowly pulled them open, saying, "Holy shit, look at all this precum ooze you've made. I bet you're so fucking hot that you can't wait for me to lap this up. Can you?"

Begging, "Yes, please. It's been a whole week. Nothing makes me feel as good as your tongue. Please do it. Please," I replied.

He spread my legs and began. The first one took only a couple of minutes. It felt so wonderful. It was like getting a fresh soul. I felt refreshed at last. The second one was even better because it lasted longer and was like a wave that flowed over me with ripples at first, followed by a stirring and then crashing with a thunderous flood of emotions and tingles. It was one of the best.

He quickly sat on my chest and stuffed his cock down my throat. He seemed a little wild and in a frenzy, like I'd been all week. I guess he missed me, too. I couldn't move as he fucked my mouth. 

I am always the mistress of the house. I wear the pants in this house, but the way he treated me was so different from my normal position; I was excited and confused by it all. He took my soaked panties and held them over my nose. I felt so submissive. I loved it.

"Do you smell how hot you are for my cock?"

With a mouth full of cock, "Ugh huh!" was all I could say.

He came instantaneously, saying, "Don't swallow it."

We kissed and using my tongue, we shared his cum between us. Oh my god, this just got me flowing again. How I love his cock.


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