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The only family, I've ever known. (Chapter One)

Tags: incest

A personal account of incestous relationships.

I walked inside my house. It’s a 30 year old, Victorian style house, in the middle of nowhere. “Dad?” I yelled… No response. He was still at work, I could have checked the garage but, I came in through the back door. I set my bag down on the rocker and decided to take a bath. I drew the water and grabbed the waterproof vibrator from the back of the drawer…. It had been a long day.

My name is Eliza Connie Westerfield, and I am 16 years old. I live with my father Herald, my mother Connie, and my 17 year old brother Sam. My family is very wealthy, and have been every since I could remember. My mother is a teacher and my father is a very astound lawyer. My brother Sam and I are not close whatsoever; we are always nagging each other and never made anything easy for my parents. Nonetheless, we love each other and if necessary we can get along for short periods of time.

My mother Connie is relatively young, only 34… She got knocked up at 17 by my dad, who was 20. My parents got hitched while she was pregnant, so Sam is obviously the broken condom baby. A year after he was born, I popped out! Soon after that, dad graduated from Law School and mom went to a University and got a degree in English and History.

I laid my back on the rim of the tub. The waterproof vibrator that Gabbi had given me was the best gift I had ever received. Gabbi Hart is my best friend; she and I had been inseparable since the 5 th grade. We could talk about anything and everything with no problem at all. She had given me the present after we went on a girl’s trip to the local spa. In one of the magazine’s she was looking at there was an AD for waterproof vibrators. She showed it to me, and we both agreed that those should have been put on the market years ago.

My parents had no clue about this wonderful gift; I figured they would sprinkle me in holy water if they found out. The vibe brought me to my climax and I let out an excited squeal. “Eliza?” The sound of my father’s voice shook my whole body, I almost peed I was so frightened. “Eliza?” I heard again, only it was louder. Quickly I pulled the plug on the tub and stepped out. “Umm, I-I-I’m-” I frantically tried to remove the vibrator from my dripping vag but, I was to tense. The door flung open, “Oh god, I’m-I’m-I’m-” My dad’s eyes were instantly drawn to my vagina, for my hand was pulling the vibe. “Eliza, what in the hell is that?” He stammered. “Ehh, I bought it.”

I had to cover up for Gabbi, if my dad found out it had anything to do with her he’d probably forbid me to see her again. “Give it here, now.” I could tell he was furious… As I pulled the vibe, which was still on, cum dripped off a little at a time. I turned it off and looked at my dad. I drew my eyes to the growing bulge coming out of his pants, and I giggled at the sight. “What are you laughing at?” He hesitated. “Umm, do you find me attractive?”

He looked down to see the growing tent in his pants. At that moment I felt a feeling I never had before. My dad is damn sexy for his age… He works out every day, not only lifting but running as well. Sex is not talked about much in my house; my mom always told me to make sure I was with the right person and that I was COMPLETELY ready to have a child. Other than that, we never spoke of it. I walked closer towards my father, setting the vibrator down the vanity. I reached down to his jeans and unzipped them.

“A-Are you s-s-sure about this?” He stuttered. I pulled the jeans all the way off and he flung his shirt to the ground. I bent to my knees “As long as you are.” I whispered. I grabbed the elastic band on the boxers with my teeth, and pulled them off. He stepped out and looked at me with excitement. I reached my arm out, grabbed his dick, and pulled him in closer. His cock was already dripping with pre-cum when I put my lips around it.

He let out a slight moan as I danced my tongue around his sticky balls. I felt a rush of adrenaline as he clinched my shoulders. My tongue ran up and down the length of his growing cock, as the pre-cum dribbled off. I kissed the end of his dick, and began deep- throating him. “GOD, GOD, GOD! SUCK ME BITCH! SUCK ME GOOD.” I had never heard any of those words come out of my dad’s mouth before and strangely I enjoyed hearing them. He came in my mouth and I forcefully swallowed every drip. His cock deflated and I laid down on the bed with him. My pussy was dripping and something needed to be done about it.

“LICK ME LIKE I’M YOUR BITCH. LICK ME NOW.” I yelled to him… His eyes grew immensely as he rose to his knees and moved in front of me. I pulled my legs apart as he began. He started towards the back, placing a finger in my ass. I immediately almost came, but I hung on. He lapped up all of what was left from the vibe and from when I sucked him. “Oh, Oh, Oh… DADDY!”

His tongue slid around my Brazilian waxed lips. I felt a tingling near my clit and then completely lost control. “Ehh. Ehh. Ehh. DADDY!” I tried to catch my breath as I uncontrollably shook. I felt his tongue enter my vag, and I squealed louder than a pig. He pushed another finger up my ass and my back arched. His tongue dug deeper into my hole and I scratched my nails into his back. “Gahh. DADDY! DADDY! OH GOD, DADDY!” I came with one last nibble on my clit.

“Was that satisfactory my dear Eliza?” My dad laughed as we hopped into the walk in tile shower. The master bathroom shower is a 10 foot by 10 foot tile hot room. It’s completely enclosed with glass doors, a built in waterproof radio, a towel warmer, sinks, and a bench towards the back. My dad opened the towel warmer closet, and brought out a bottle of ‘Warm to the touch.’ “Yes Daddy, It was amazing.”

“Daddy? Since when have you been calling me Daddy?” I giggled and moaned as he rubbed the oil into my back and ass. I moaned, fairly loudly, as he grabbed my left breast. “Do you have a problem with it?” My knee’s wobbled, and I grabbed my father’s shoulders to prevent from falling. He grabbed a bar of soap in the basket hanging from the ceiling and led me towards the bench. “We can’t,” he started to wash off my shiny pussy with the soap he had grabbed “tell your mother about this. We really, really can’t.” “Daddy, don’t worry, I would never, ever tell her.”

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