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The Perversity of Incest. Chapter Three

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Has the Regiment gone away?

The next day for me began at just before lunch time, I couldn't believe how long I'd slept, but I suppose I must've needed it. Once again I found Katie in the kitchen, this time reading the morning paper and wearing my shirt from the previous night.

"It looks a lot better on you than it does on me Princess," I said as she stood up and wrapped herself around me.

"Rubbish," she said and kissed me, "You looked really handsome last night.

I cupped her buttocks and pulled her against the growing bulge in my shorts, she squealed with delight and wrapped her legs round my waist.

"No panties, you hussy?" I laughed and held her with one hand while using the other one to free my penis, her laughter was infectious as I lowered her down onto my cock.

"Shit Dave," she exclaimed, "I can't believe you, you're not real."

"Well I can't do anything else like this," I laughed, "You'll have to do all the hard work."

She began undulating her hips like a belly dancer whilst we sucked each others tongue.

"Ooh yeah, this is what I've always wanted," she laughed, "A real life fucking machine, all I have to do is to let it sleep, oh fucking hell Dave!"

The cause of her exclamation was my finger insinuating itself in her little anus.

"Is that all right Princess?"

"Push Dave, she gasped, "Oh Jesus, push harder, deeper."

I rammed my finger knuckle deep in her bottom and she climaxed immediately, I was stunned, she clung to me, her heels digging into my buttocks, her arms round my neck, her arse going like a fucking train and all because of my finger!

Eventually she calmed down and disentangled herself from me, she moved like an old woman, but with a smile on her face.

"Sorry Dave, you just found my Achilles heel."

"What, your bum?"

She nodded, "Yes."

"I thought I'd hurt you Princess, you had me worried."

She pecked me on my cheek and straightened up, more like the Katie of old, well of at least two minutes ago!

"It's just something that makes me climax, if you finger my bum, I cum and that rhymes."

We laughed together and I sat down while she made the coffee.

"There's a lot I don't know Katie."

She looked at me and smiled.

"Dave, as far as men are concerned, I know just a little bit more than you, but not much, let's learn together."

"Yeah, it'll be fun."

"It'll be more than fun darling," she placed the coffees on the table, "It'll be fucking sensational."


For the rest of that day it WAS sensational, all we did was make love, as far as I was concerned it was idyllic but after one particularly energetic bout of love making, when we were lying on top of the bed recuperating, she said the words I'd been dreading.

"Has the Regiment gone away darling?"


I sat up and lit a cigarette.

"I doubt it Princess, but I need to get in touch very soon."

"What happened darling, why after all these years have you fell out of love with the army?"

I thought about it for a moment, we weren't supposed to tell anyone what we did or even where we were. I was in my second stint with the Regiment and I'd met blokes in there, fought with them even, done obbos; observation jobs, once very common in Northern Ireland and other places around the globe!) with them and they'd told me their wives thought they were in bloody Germany or even the north of England on some exercise or other.

"A job went pear shaped Princess, that's all, it happened before and no doubt it'll happen again."

"You said you were out David."

"I am." I looked at her in surprise,

"So tell me, I'm not the enemy."

"Bloody hell Katie!"

"I need to know David, if this thing between us is going to work, I need to know."

"If I tell you Princess, will you come with me tomorrow?"

"You know I will, where are we going?"


I felt her hand slipping into mine, somehow it was the most meaningful part of our relationship to date, we were brother and sister, we'd just made love with each other, we were naked on top of my bed, but her hand in mine meant everything to me, so I told her about that night!

"We'd been black darling, I know you know what that means, but I'm just setting the scene, we were in a little place in County Cork called Ringaskiddy. There's a daily ferry there to Swansea, run by a Polish company believe it or not.”

"Go on." she urged me squeezing my hand.

"We knew weapons were coming in just up the coast from there, I'd been there for about five months working as a barman in a bar on the docks called the Harp bar. My story was that I was a bit of a lush, a drunk, it gave me a reason to be wandering about after the bar closed."

"It must have been terrifying." she let go of my hand and rolled so that she was half on top of me, one leg thrown over my hips.

"I enjoyed it Princess." I told her, "Don't forget that in a situation like that, we never contacted the Regiment, forget all that bollocks about controllers and shit like that, we were on our own until we found what we were there to find. Anyway one night I watched a little fishing boat transferring arms onto a series of rowing boats, it was the first breakthrough I'd had and I was dead chuffed, it meant the whole op was justified.”

"Didn't you have any sort of contact, back up or what have you?" she said and kissed my cheek,

"I had a Walther.22 in my pocket, which you saw yesterday and staff at the British embassy in Dublin had been briefed to expect me, that was all!

"My God."

"It's normal Princess." I laughed, "I won't bore you with the jargon, but anyway, once I knew for sure that the guns and stuff were coming in there, I needed to find out their route north, over the border to Belfast.

I quit my job and bummed my way up the N47 as far as Dublin where I dropped a letter in at the embassy and then aimed for Belfast. I got intercepted on route by a scruffy little twat called Joe, he was actually a captain in the Regiment, but a brilliant under cover man. “Watch your back Dave,” he said, “There are ominous rumblings coming from Ringaskiddy.”

(The Regiment wasn't and still isn't, big on formality, boss is the usual address from a subordinate to an officer.)

I asked him what sort of rumblings but he didn't really know, apparently because I'd left my job the day after a long awaited shipment had arrived, someone had actually made two and two add up to four!

"Joe told me to rendezvous with the R.U.C. at a V.C.P. (vehicle check point) south of Armagh City, I walked up to it and told the police sergeant who I was, he handed me an ear piece, a throat mike and a sterling sub machine gun, I ask you, a bloody sterling! Then he let me use the phone and I called the boss in Belfast, he admitted that we were flying blind.

"All we know Dave, is that a grey Bedford van with a red front offside wing is carrying the stuff northwards, there can't be too many vans answering that description and the chances of him crossing where you are are very fucking slim. I reckon we chalk this one down to experience, but the Peelers have handed control of the province over to us for this one just in case.”

 The sergeant tapped my shoulder then and told me we'd hit the jackpot, "It's approaching at speed," he said, “We'll put the lights on it and the speakers, but stand by up here, you may well have to stop it yourself.”

They did put the lights on it, they put the speakers on it, but the drunken youth driving his dad's van was too pissed to realise the danger he was in, the voice in my ear piece came through loud and clear, "Stop it, it must be stopped."

"Oh Dave, I'm sorry."

"Let me finish Princess" I said, I don't know why, but I needed to say it, absolution? I don't know nor do I care.

"It was a grey Bedford all right, but it had a red nearside wing, what are the fucking chances of that Katie? I emptied a magazine into the van, reloaded and emptied the second one."

"They died, the pair of them, a seventeen year old youth and his fifteen year old girlfriend."

I didn't realise I was crying until I felt the softness of my sister's breasts on either side of my face.

"I'm sorry Dave," she was crying too, "I didn't mean to put you through that, I'm so, so sorry darling."

"Don't be, Princess, don't be sorry, he should have stopped, he didn't so now he's dead, that's life."

I laughed at what I'd just said, "Will you come with me?"

"Try and stop me."

She asked me then about the financial situation if ,when I left the Regiment.

"Well I don't really know sweetheart, but I joined the army when I was seventeen, I'm twenty seven now, I'm free to leave, that's for certain but as for how much I'll get, I've honestly no idea."


As it turned out, I'd only got fourteen thousand to come and my C.O. was extremely unhappy.

"Leaving?" he yelled, "Fucking leaving? What the fucking hell do you mean, leaving?"

"I'm resigning from Her Majesty's Service sir."

He wasn't just red in the face, he was fucking purple!

Colonel Fairweather wasn't my favourite C.O. in fact I considered him to be the worst Rupert (officer) I'd ever served under, he'd never seen action at all and I was sure that the medals he wore were for being first in the N.A.A.F.I. queue every morning.

"With respect sir," I nearly choked on that, "I really don't give two fucks whether you like it or not, I'm leaving sir, I'm going, I'm gone."

I saluted his adjutant, a veteran who'd lost an arm in the Falklands and got a wink in return, a smart about turn, something a British soldier never forgets, a quick shout of "Sah" and I was out of the most feared, most secret, most talked about, most written about Regiment in the world!

We spent all the rest of that day with my old mates in Hereford, they were gob smacked, completely unable to believe it.

"You're fucking joking." said one.

"Fuck off you wanker." said another.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah,” said a third, "See you on Monday."

But in the pub that night where I'd arranged to meet them all, every one of them agreed that the little lady clinging to my arm was worth more than the Regiment and it's history,

"Go for it you tosser."

"She's doing it for a fucking bet."

"She doesn't look simple minded."

I took it all in good humour like it was intended and all the time Katie's hand was in mine, or my arm was round her waist. It wasn't until we checked into the hotel I'd booked for the night that it hit me, I was out, I was out of the only job I'd known and I feared for the future!


Mum and dad had given me and Katie up for adoption because they were far too young when they got together and did what kids have always done. We were adopted by a lovely couple, John and Linda King, who gave us what they'd hoped they'd be able to give their own children, sadly though they were unable to have their own, so they lavished all their love and affection on us.

Dad (as I called him) was pleased with my decision to join the army and when after a stint in the Paras, I went for and passed selection, he was almost beside himself with pride!

"You can't tell anyone dad." I'd told him, "I shouldn't even have told you."

"Don't worry David, look at this." and he pulled out an old photo album, in it were lots of old pictures of him and a mob of other blokes, all in uniform and all wearing the sandy coloured beret with the now famous winged dagger on it.

"Why didn't you tell me you'd been in?"

"It didn't seem important lad." he grinned, but it was important to me, being an ex squaddie, he knew what passing selection meant, how important it was.

"Go for it David." was all he said.


We returned home and went down to the local pub for a badly needed drink. Katie had on a light summer dress and I thought she looked lovely in it. Underneath she was wearing a pair of those minuscule little panties that she'd bought the other day. 

I knew that because I'd held them for her that morning while she stepped into them! As well as the panties she wore a sling bra that just about covered her nipples.

"Katie," I whispered as we sat down, "You're fucking gorgeous."

She spluttered in her drink and nearly choked on it with laughter.

"You've got a way with words haven't you David?"

"Sorry Princess, but I just wanted to tell you that."

She leaned into me and I smelled her perfume, "Well how about telling me in bed?"

It was beautiful, I took her dress off and lay her on the bed still wearing the bra and panties, I wanted to feel the panties against me when we made love.

"Let me get on top David." she whispered and eased both breasts out of her bra.

"Oh yeah," I grinned as she pulled the panties to one side and sank down on my erection, "You look gorgeous like that Katie."

"Like what?"

"Sitting on my cock."

"It feels gorgeous darling," she said and began moving up and down slowly, "I can feel every inch of you going in."

She leaned forward and dangled a breast over my face, I caught a nipple in my mouth and nipped it gently, she squealed and told me to do it again to the other one, as well as nipping it, I took as much of it as I could and sucked it.

"Mmm that's good Dave," she sighed, "I love having my boobs sucked like that."

"Does Claire do it too?"

She giggled and began moving faster on my cock, "Yes and she loves me to suck her nipples."

"Ring her Katie," I said, "Ring her and invite her down here."

"Do you mean that?"

Gripping her hips I began to lift her up and down.

"Yeah, I really want to watch you both."

She grinned and her nipples seemed to go suddenly hard.

"You know what I'd like David?"

"Tell me." I knew she was going to come at any minute, the flush on her face told me so.

"I'd love you to come all over us both as we're kissing."

"Oh fuck yeah."

"I'm coming Dave, oh God yes."

I lifted her up, held her there for a second with my cock just inside her pussy and then rammed her down again.

Her scream would have brought the neighbours running if I had any and she collapsed on top of me using her vaginal muscles to milk me.

"Jesus Dave," she gasped, "That was something else."

"She's a bit kinky you know." she said as we lay together smoking.

"In what way?"

"She's got a bit of a fetish about panties."

"Hey this gets better."

"And there's something else too."


"Have you ever heard of water sports?"

"Yeah sure I have, water polo, synchronised drowning and all that stuff."

She roared with laughter.

"Oh David, my lovely, lovely David, no not that sort of sport, she likes wetting herself."

"Wow, really?"

"Lot's of people are into it."

"Are you?"

"I've done it." she admitted and blushed.

"Well what're you waiting for?"

She looked puzzled until I picked the bedside phone up.

"Ring her you sloppy tart."

( Author's note, The place Ringaskiddy exists as did the Polish ferry company, when I last came over to the UK from Southern Ireland, I travelled on that ferry and was astounded to read in the next days paper that a couple in a cabin not far from mine had been killed by escaping gas fumes! Some of our English readers may remember it, It's a matter of public record! Working black means under deep, deep cover, usually in a foreign country, if you're caught, you're on your own!)

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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