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The Perversity of Incest. Chapter two

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Do me Slowly Dave


"Well, that was something else David." she said and reached up on her tip toes to kiss me.

"It made me get a bit wet watching you in action, is that how you always go about sorting disputes out?"

I didn't really want to go into it.

"Wet, as in you know, between your legs?"

She giggled and kissed me again, "You really do have a lot to learn darling and I'm just the girl to teach you!"

"Shall we go and get some food?"

"Yeah and vodka too."


It was then that I noticed just how pretty she was, her long brown hair hung down over her shoulders, making a frame for her face. Her teeth were straight and white and her eyes sparkled when she laughed. Although quite a slim woman, her breasts were full and firm and they seemed to accentuate just how slim her waist was. Below the waist she was a dream, her absolutely gorgeous bottom was perfect as far as I was concerned, it swelled out temptingly and swept down in a deliciously sexy curve to her long, suntanned legs.

"My God David," she laughed, "I feel naked, you've just undressed me with your eyes."

"Sorry Princess," I laughed, "It's just that you're-- well you're bloody perfect."

"My bum's too big."


"My nose is too big."

"Bloody rubbish."

"My hips are enormous."

"Yeah, you're fat."


We kissed again after I'd recovered from her kick on my ankle and went round the local supermarket.

"I'll pay half Dave." she said as we approached the checkout with a trolley piled high with everything she could think of.

"No you bloody won't," I growled, "I've got enough money for both of us until you get yourself sorted out."

"Yes sir," she laughed, "I need to buy a few little things in another shop, coming?"

"Of course."

Whilst I was being extremely patient and nodding my agreement every time she showed me a tiny pair of panties, or a flimsy little suspender belt, I reflected on all the action I'd seen since joining the Regiment. I thought that I'd rather be in any one of those places than standing there with my sister, manfully though I kept at my post, stimulated by the thought of seeing her in those sexy garments.

"Is that it?" I asked as we finally left the shop.

"Just one more place I want you to take me David."

"Okay, where's that?"

She reached up and kissed my cheek, "Bed you fool."

We never made it into bed, in fact we made it as far as the kitchen where she unzipped my jeans and kissed me as she took out my rapidly growing erection.

"My treat David."

After that she didn't speak for a while, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, I thought my cock was in a swamp, a warm, clinging swamp, she slavered over it, making loud, obscene noises. Her fingers stretched the skin back over my swollen dome and her tongue lapped at the delicate skin beneath it.

"Katie." I gasped, but she ignored me totally.

"Katie, Katie darling I'm, I'm cum --."

The ferocity of it took me by surprise, my senses seemed to swim and my legs would have given way if it weren't for the work top behind me, I couldn't believe how calmly she swallowed it, a smile on her lips as she sat back and looked at me.

"Another first?"

"Oh God yes." I felt silly and awkward, but she sensed it and took my hand.

"David I've only known one man, the one I married and you're a million times better than him."

She giggled, "I've known a few women though."

It took us half an hour to put all her stuff away, but I kept sneaking peeks under her skirt so the time went quickly and proved to be a lot more enjoyable than I could have imagined.

"What do you fancy for dinner Dave?" she asked brightly.

"I fancy taking a beautiful lady out for dinner," I said softly, "One who's going to wear a long, flowing evening gown that I saw a few minutes ago."

"I've not worn it yet David,"

Ignoring her deliberately, I carried on, "One who's freshly showered, shaved and perfumed."

She thought about it for a moment or two.

"Can I set the scene darling?"

"You can set anything you like Princess, except the table."

"Okay then," she smiled to herself, "I want a bath by myself and when I shout you, I want you to come upstairs, will you do that?"

"I think I can manage that Katie." I smiled, but she had me wondering.

I poured myself a drink and sat there sipping it lost in my thoughts, I knew I was going to have to completely change my lifestyle if I left the Regiment, but I was determined that I was going to do it. I'd got a goal in life at last, that goal was upstairs in the bath right now!

She seemed to take an age to call me, but when finally she did, I walked upstairs and saw without doubt the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen before,

"Katie!" I tried to say more but there was a lump in my throat.

"Do I look all right Dave?"

Her hair was done up on top of her head, a mini tiara holding it in place, she'd used just a minimum of make up, a little eye liner and a small amount of rouge on her cheeks complimented her dark lipstick. She looked nervous.

The gown fitted her like a second skin, but with a split up one side of her thigh, it was cut low at the front emphasising the swellings of her breasts and as she turned for me I saw that the back was non-existent!



She giggled, "You already said that."

"You're gorgeous baby, absolutely bloody gorgeous."

"Honestly Dave?"


The restaurant was almost empty that early in the evening, it was a place I'd never been to before but we had to go somewhere special to show off my girl. People stopped with forks half way to their mouths, men smiled and women stared in envy, the service was immaculate and the ambiance superb, we sat sipping our wine after the meal when Katie said softly.

"David, this isn't just sex is it?"

I looked into her eyes and shook my head, "No Princess, not for me it's not, I love you."

"I love you too my darling, can we dance?"

I hadn't noticed the trio setting up on the little stage behind us and to be honest, I'm hopeless at dancing, but there was no way I was going to refuse this vision anything!

She melted into my arms and glided as I shuffled self consciously around the floor.

"You're embarrassed aren't you?"

I nodded, "Sorry Princess."

"David why didn't you just tell me you can't dance?"

"Because you look so lovely and your perfume, Wow!"

She laughed again and we kissed gently.

"Come on, let's finish our wine."

"Tell me about your girlfriends." I said as we sat down again.

She linked an arm through mine and I felt the softness of a breast against me.

"Well the one he beat me up for is named Claire, she works in an office in Harrow."

"Do you want to see her again Princess?"

"Not if it's going to affect my relationship with you, no I don't think I'd like that at all."

"If it was a bloke." I said quietly, "I'd be dead jealous, I'd feel threatened, but with a woman it's different."

"You'd like her Dave, she's lovely."

"She'd have to be if you say so."

"Just the right thing to say -- again," she laughed, "I'll ring her tomorrow."

I paid the bill and we hailed a taxi to take us home, in the back she snuggled into me and whispered into my ear.

"I've got no panties on, did you know that?"

My penis stirred and I just hoped that it didn't show as we alighted outside our home, it's funny but I was already thinking in terms of "our home" as against mine.

She posed for me in the bedroom by letting the gown slip off her shoulders and drop to the floor, beneath it she wore just hold up stockings and she struck a model's pose.

"Oh God," she giggled, "Just look at that again."

I looked down to where my penis jutted out obscenely.

"It's a present for you Katie." I laughed as we tumbled into bed.

"It's a present fit for a princess," she breathed as I slipped into her wetness, "Slowly Dave, do me slowly."

She made funny little noises in her throat as we exchanged saliva and sucked each others tongue.

"Nobody should be this happy," she said and wrapped her arms tightly around my back, "I want all of you inside me Dave, all of you."

I was moving smoothly, fucking her with slow rhythmic strokes and Katie was digging her nails into my back.

"God Dave," she hissed, "This is fucking brilliant, do it harder darling, fuck me, shag me, shag my fucking brains out."

Her words excited me and I told her so.

"Would you like to watch me and Claire, Dave?"

"She likes me to wear stockings too."

"Oh God Katie," I gasped, "Yes."

"She likes to feel them against her neck while she eats me Dave."

She nipped my ear sharply.

"Her cunt's always soaking Dave."

I was increasing my thrusts now, both in intensity and depth and she was giving out a little squeal with each one.

"It's your cunt I want Katie, your beautiful, hot little cunt, I want my cock in it every night."

"Yes," she hissed, "Tell me how much you like fucking your sister, tell me Dave while you fuck me."

I could feel my testicles banging against the valley between her buttocks, there was wetness there too and I knew she'd be coming soon, putting my lips close to her ear, I flicked my tongue inside it.

"I love fucking my sister, Katie and I'm going to love watching your face when Claire eats you tomorrow."

"Oh fuck yes Dave."

"I want to sit there and masturbate while she's doing it."

"Yes, oh God yes, I'm coming."

"So am I Katie, I'm going to fill my sister's hot, wet cunt with my spunk."

She closed her eyes and bit her lip, blood trickled out as she surrendered herself to my still thrusting cock.

"Dave, Dave, oh fuck DAVE!"

She shook her head from side to side, I felt the nails in my back drawing blood, but it just spurred me on.

Katie was beyond words now, her mouth opened as if she was screaming, but no sound came out. I felt my penis jerk inside her and she convulsed again and again, seemingly in time to my spurts, her eyes opened and she looked into mine, I kissed her bloody lips, smearing her blood over mine.

I didn't care though, it was my blood too and we fell asleep still in our incestuous embrace!


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