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The Perversity of Incest

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So You're Telling me That You're a Virgin?

"Thank fuck for that!"

I threw my bag on the floor and sat on my favourite stool at the bar in my lounge.

The vodka optic was within reach on one side and the mini fridge containing the coke on the other, I filled a glass with a lot of one and a little of the other and then hit the message switch on the answer phone.

"Hi, it's Katie, can you ring me on my mobile?" she rattled off her number and I rang it immediately, Katie was my twin sister and one of the very few things in this shitty world that I really cared about.

She answered on the first ring as if she'd been waiting.


"Hi, Princess what's wrong?"

"Oh, David."

It poured out of her like a torrent, for a good five minutes she cried into the phone while I listened and tried not to interrupt, finally, the flow ceased and all I could hear was the sound of her sobbing.


"David, please darling."

"Princess you need to tell me where you are"

"I'm in a pub called The Mason's Arms at Harrow, do you know it?"

"I know it, Princess, I'm on my way."

There was a bouncer on the door when I arrived, just to keep the Saturday night undesirables out.

"Sorry mate not tonight." A big hand on my chest barred my progress.

"I'm only here to collect my sister, I'll be out in less than a minute."

He looked down at the five pound note I'd shoved in the top pocket of his tuxedo and laughingly threw it to the pavement.

"I don't think you heard me, friend."

I never did find out what else he was going to say because a straight fingered jab in his solar plexus made him go all funny and he seemed to lose interest in me.

Katie was sitting just inside the bar, already grabbing her bags as she heard the commotion outside.

"I guessed you'd arrived," she said, "it was the thud of him hitting the floor that gave me a clue."

We ran over the road to where I'd left the car, I hit the remote to unlock the doors and we scrambled in, I looked over at her and saw the bruises, the split and swollen lips and the half closed eyes, quite literally, she'd been beaten black and blue!

It took about ten minutes to drive the short journey home, she reached across and squeezed my thigh. "Thanks, Dave, you're the only reliable thing in my life."

I said nothing as I poured her out a drink, vodka and coke just like mine, we weren't just twins, we were soul mates.

"You're not going back Princess."

She shook her head, "No, never"

"You have to give me my head this time."

She nodded and said, "Yes" very softly.

"What was it this time?"

"A girl again."

In spite of myself, I grinned and she grinned with me before I asked.

"My girl David," she said softly, "You know I can't resist a sexy little bum in tight panties."

"Okay," and I took her hand.

"Run yourself a bath sweetheart and I'll give you a massage afterwards, you need some balm on those bruises."

"What I need David is another drink."


Another drink turned into another and then another and the night ended with us both giggling like hell as we undressed drunkenly and fell into bed naked together. We'd done it before and neither of us gave it a thought as we drifted off into a drunken sleep holding each other tightly.

She looked even worse in the morning, her face was swollen almost beyond recognition, the bruises turning to black and yellow.

"Jesus Princess," I said as I sat up and reached for a cigarette, "You look like shit."

"Thank you my darling brother, you know just how to make a girl feel special."

Looking at me, she smiled and kissed my nose, "How long where you working black?"

"How do you know I was working black?"

"Because you stink." she laughed but kissed me again anyway.

"The whole tour," I answered, "Three months."

"Southern Ireland?"

"You know better than that Princess."

"Sorry," she said and bit my ear, "Come and wash me in the bath Dave."

"Right," I said and rolled out of bed, "You run the bath and I'll make the coffee."

She laughed when I took the coffee up to the bathroom still naked.

"My God David, did I sleep with you like that? Look at yourself, you're bloody filthy!"

She wasn't wrong, I'd come out via a fast unmarked car straight to a waiting Hercules transport plane at R.A.F. Aldergrove.

I'd been tired, angry and thoroughly pissed off and as far as I was concerned, I'd finished with the Regiment, no not just the Regiment, I wasn't going to return to my unit, I was leaving, the politicians had won and the people of Ulster had lost!

"Yeah you slept with me Princess, thanks, now let's get each other clean."

Over the next hour we emptied the tub twice and refilled it twice and even then we stood beneath the shower together until finally, she pronounced that I was clean.

"Now I'll have that massage bruv."

She lay face down on a big towel and I straddled her bottom filling my hands with baby lotion and trying to ignore my penis resting on the gorgeous little bottom beneath me!

Her back was covered in bruises, her shoulders and upper thighs too, I decided that I'd be paying her husband a visit very soon. She winced every time I touched a bruise, but every time I did it, I kissed the spot afterwards, my cock was fully erect now, erect and angry.

"No." I told myself, "Think of something else you bastard, she's your twin sister for Christ's sake."

I thought of the rolling VCP on the lonely border road, the car that we knew wasn't going to stop, the order in my ear piece, "Stop it."

I did all right too until it was time for her to turn onto her back, I'd expected her to be sleepy, languid even, but the second I straddled her again her eyes widened.

"Oh Dave," she said softly, "That looks magnificent, have I done that?"

"Sorry," I muttered but she giggled and reached up to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and her thighs around my hips.

"Stop fucking with my mind David," she breathed, "And fuck me instead."

I won't pretend that I hadn't wanted to make love to her, she was a gorgeous woman, she always had been and she was the reason that, at the ripe old age of twenty-seven, I'd never married.

I sank into the warm wetness between her legs and for at least ten seconds we clung together, both climaxing, me shooting into her and my sister writhing as she accepted my seed.


"I'll second that," she giggled after we'd calmed down, "That must be the shortest screw on record."

"I've wanted to do that ever since we were little," I whispered and she nuzzled into me.

"Well, why did you wait?"

"I just thought that you needed to do your own thing Princess, you know me, the least pushy man you've ever met."

We made love again then and it lasted a lot longer than the first time, I wanted to see her eyes while I was inside her, wrapping her legs around me, she pulled me down.

"Kiss me, David, kiss me while you fuck me."

She whimpered as our tongues dueled, she lunged herself up at me as we exchanged saliva and she dug her fingernails into my back as she started to cum.


My own orgasm began in my toes, a kind of tingle that ran up my legs to my groin.

"Katie," I gasped and stiffened as I erupted, "Oh my God, Katie."

It felt as if I was never going to stop pumping, Katie clung to me, squeezing me with her vaginal muscles, drawing every last drop from me and crying softly.

"Wonderful David, you're what I've wanted all my life."

"Well I'm here Princess and I'm not going anywhere."

"Is that a promise Dave?"

I nodded and kissed her neck.

"I've finished Princess, I'm out completely."

"Say that again Dave," she said and sighed softly as she felt me beginning to stiffen again, "My God, it must have been a long time."

"It has," I said softly and felt the wetness of her pussy again, "It's been forever, Katie."

She giggled and nipped my ear.

"So you're telling me that you're a virgin?"

"Yes Princess, that's exactly what I'm telling you."

"Oh David, David, David."

She gripped me tightly and began to undulate her hips against me.

"Love me darling, promise me that you'll love me."

"I love you Katie and I always have done!"

It was early afternoon before I awoke again, the bed beside me was empty so I pulled on a robe and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

I knew what she meant about a sexy little bottom in tight panties, it described hers perfectly. The tee shirt, my tee shirt was white and the little panties were black, she looked delicious and she squealed with pleasure as I stood behind her and cupped her breasts.

"Hi," I said and inhaled her perfume, "Come back to bed."

She spun round and we kissed hungrily, I slid my hands down onto her bottom and inside her panties as she opened my robe.

"Shit David," she breathed into my mouth, "You're insatiable."

"Yeah," I lifted her up onto the work top and sank down to my knees,

"I've never done this before either," I said as I eased her panties to one side and swiped my tongue up the whole length of her slit.

She was gasping and laughing, one hand on my head and the other one kneading a breast, rolling the nipple between forefinger and thumb. The aroma of her cunt was like an aphrodisiac to me, I pushed my tongue right into her and scooped out her copious juices.

"David, I'm coming again, oh fuck David, DAVID!"

I felt her shaking with the power of her orgasm and a flood of tangy liquid filled my mouth, it seemed as if she tried to pull away, but I held her there while she spasmed again and again until finally, she managed to push me away.

"For fuck's sake David," she laughed and shuddered again, "You're incredible, do you know that you eat pussy like a girl."

I wasn't sure about that one until I stood up and she pulled me into her arms.

"It means you're amazing," she said with a smile,

"You taste amazing", I laughed with her, "If I'd have known you tasted and smelt like that, I'd have done it ages ago."

"I wish you had." and we kissed again until suddenly she pushed me away.

"Enough," she laughed, "Come on, do you realise there isn't even any milk in the fridge? There no food whatsoever."

"I'm never here." I protested and watched in fascination as she straightened her panties.

"Hey, you shave!"

She slipped the panties down again so I could see her cleft.

"Yep," she agreed, "I certainly do."

"I'd love to do that for you."

"Mmm yes please," she giggled, "Oh wow what a lovely thought, me sitting in an armchair, a leg over each arm and my big sexy brother kneeling down shaving me! Will you be naked?"

"Anyway, you want me." I laughed.

"Yes, naked I think."

"With a hard-on?"

"Oh God, yes, of course."

We went up to my bedroom to get dressed then and I realised she only had a couple of bags.

"Where's all your clothes and stuff?"

"Er, it looks like it's just pulling up outside."

Looking out of the window as I struggled into my pants and shoes, I saw a big van pulling up, her husband at the wheel and a couple of his cronies beside him.

"Stay here David," she said worriedly, "there are three of them darling"

"Go down and meet him Kate, keep him talking and when the shit hits the fan, get down and stay down."



He was full of himself when Katie opened the door, he thought I wasn't in!

"I guessed you'd run to your big, brave brother's," he sneered, "Well you can fucking well stay here 'cos I'm not having you back, you're nothing but a cunt loving little dyke."

"I can think of one cunt that I never loved," she said softly, "And I'm looking at him now."

"Just be careful girl," he said menacingly, "The hero's obviously not here now, so I might just give you another slap."

I'd got desert boots on so he never heard me coming round from the front of the house, I opened the passenger door of the van and in the same movement, dragged number one bully boy out by his hair, a fist in his face and a boot in the groin put him in the land of nod and without stopping to look, I grabbed Peter (her ex) by the throat.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm here." I hit him in the stomach, but still held onto his throat.

"In the flesh," I hit him again.

"As large as fucking life." I hit him either side of his head with the edge of my hands, he joined his pal on the floor as I whirled round with a Walther.22 in my fist. Like most of us in the Regiment, I had a personal weapon, the Walther was mine, not really a killer pistol, but still deadly at close range in the right hands.

The barrel took half his teeth away when I shoved it in his mouth.

"Keep coming feller, just keep fucking coming." Funny enough, he chose to be still, bloody hell he made the statue of Liberty look animated, apart from the yellow piss running through his jeans that is!

Still holding the gun in his mouth, I told him exactly what I expected him and his mates to do.

"Have you got that?"

He nodded and I took the pistol out of his mouth.

"Katie fetch a bowlful of cold water please."

Bully boy number two began emptying her stuff out of the van as Katie returned grinning with the water, it woke the other two up and I explained pleasantly that I expected them to assist their friend while me and my sister had a cup of coffee.

Whilst she made our coffee I chatted amiably to Peter and told him that I expected him to be generous when selling their house.

"Very generous," I said. "And by the way scumbag, do NOT cite Katie's enjoyment of her lady friends when you file for divorce, got that?"

A surly nod told me that he understood.

It took them about ten minutes to empty the van into the kitchen, then I told them to fuck off.

"Oh, by the way gentlemen, you know what I am, what I'm in, so just let me tell you something, My mates love a bit of fun with scumbags like you three, so if I see you anywhere near here again, I'll let them have their bit of fun, bye bye.”

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