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The Thunder Rolls

Brooke is scared of thunderstorms and turns to her step-brother for comfort during a storm.
I awoke to the loud crash of thunder, then a bright flash of lightning. I jumped out of bed and snapped my bedroom light on. At the age of eighteen I shouldn't be scared of a little thunder. But I was.

I slipped my robe on, tied the attached rope around my naked waist. I silently made my way down the hall to my step brother's room. I tapped on the door lightly, then entered his room silently. I crawled in bed with him, shaking him slightly.

"Oliver, wake up," I whispered. "Wake up."

Oliver groaned and opened his eyes. His beautiful chocolate brown eyes. "What Brooke?" He grumbled. Oliver wasn't a bad looking man. He was actually quite hot. He was tall, six-foot-three to be exact, with amazing abs. Very fit. He was ninteen. But he decided to move in with his dad when my mom and him got married until he found a job.

I myself stayed at home because mom thought it would be safer instead of moving into a dorm. That and mom has awful detatchment issues. She went through many foster homes as a child, all of which either abusive (sexually and physically) or just plain unkempt for a child to live in.

I suppose I wans't a bad looking person. I had long, dark hair, brown eyes, a nice smile. Sure, I didn't have an entirely flat tummy. But I like not being a stick. There's nothing wrong with being a size 10. My boobs weren't that bad. A size 32 C. But I'm sure every girl aren't very happy with their boobs.

"It's thundering." I mumbled looking down at the sheets.

Oliver sighed. "You're eighteen, Brooke. Aren't you a little too old to be scared of thunder?"

"I can't help it. Please. . .can I just sleep here tonight?" I begged. "Please Oli, you won't even know I'm here."

"Alright, alright. Just, turn around for a minute. Let me put something on." he said. I did as I was told with my eyes covered. I felt Oliver get out of bed as the bed shifted. I kept my eyes covered as I heard him open up a drawer in the far side of his room. Once I heard the drawer shut I uncovered my eyes looking over my shoulder.

I saw Oliver with his back facing me. A flash of lightning shined through his window and I saw his perfect ass. I quickly turned around as my pussy started tingling. He's your step brother, I thought, get a hold of yourself!

"Okay, you can turn around now." Oliver said. I saw he was wearing a white cottom tank top and a pair of boxers. He crawled in bed, pulling the covers back for the both of us. I happily climbed in the bed getting snuggled down under the covers. "Good night." He mumbled sheepishly.

"Good night. Oh and thank you." I blushed. All I heard after that was a low "mhm". I tried to get to sleep. But after seeing Oliver pretty much naked I was extremely horny. I could feel myself getting wetter, my clit began throbbing; begging me to touch it. I rolled over on my side, hoping it would stop the feeling. But no matter which way I turned it kept throbbing. It got worse and worse.

"Will you stay still. . ." Oliver grumbled.

"I can't," I whispered.

"Why not?" he asked, now rolling over to face me.

"I––I can't tell you." I blushed. "It's embarrassing."

Oliver chuckled. "More embarrassing then being an eighteen-year-old petrified of thunder?"

"Yes. Even more embarrassing than that." I sighed.

"Just tell me Brooke. I won't laugh or anything, I promise." he looked directly into my eyes, searching for anything that would give it away. "A––Are you horny?"

My heart dropped to the very bottom of my stomach. I looked away as I blushed and nodded.

Out of nowhere I felt Oliver place his finger under my chin, lifting it up to make me look at him. He brought my face closer to his and pressed his lips against mine. Without even thinking, I kissed him back. His tongue pressed against my lips, I let his tongue past my lips, letting it explore every inch of my mouth.

Oliver pushed me back onto my back, he crawled on top of me hovering over my body. He kissed me once more. "I want to help you. . .can I sis?" Oliver asked tracing a finger from my lips, down my chest, to my waist where my robe was held together. I looked in his eyes. Seeing the lust in his eyes I nodded. He pulled the bow on the robe letting both sides of the robe fall back exposing my naked body. Oliver straddled my hips and took both my breasts in each of his hands. He squeezed them softly, biting his lip. "You have great tits, Brooke." I smiled and blushed, letting his hands explore my body.

Oliver climbed off of me to look at my bare pussy. He opened my legs and crawled inbetween them, putting my legs on his shoulders. He hooked his arms on each side of my hips, the pulled me close to his face. He held my hips in the same way as he leaned his head down to kiss the top of my pussy. I watched as he stuck out his tongue, licking down to my throbbing clit. He lapped at it playfully, causing me to arch my back and moan. It was when he had hardened his tongue and began flicking my clit furiously with the tip of his tongue that drove me insane. I had to put a pillow over my face to muffle my screams.

I couldn't think straight. I could feel the most powerful orgasm begin to erupt. I bucked my hips uncontrollbly. I tugged his hair letting him know that I was about to cum. I pressed the pillow harder over my mouth as he moved his tongue up and down my clit faster then I knew was possible. Finally, with one last muffled scream and one last buck of my hips, I exploded into the most intense orgasm of my entire life.

I removed the pillow from my face, breathing hard. Oliver brought his head up and smiled. I looked down and saw that he was hard as a rock. He noticed me looking and pulled his boxers down, revealing his erect, circumsized, eight inch penis. I smiled back, reaching over to wrap my hand around his dick. Admiring it. He moaned softly as I started moving my hand up and down his shaft. I ran my thumb over the head which was covered in pre-cum teasing him. "Oh fuck, Brooke." He hissed in pleasure. I smiled at his reaction and looked up at him.

"I want you to fuck me, Oliver." I whispered.

That was all it took. Before I could even blink Oliver had me on my back again, he shreaded his shift off and moved between my legs. "Are you sure?" He asked. I could see the lust in his eyes.

"I'm positive. It's not like I'm a virgin. I lost my virginity when I was sixteen, Oli." I sighed.

"I know but––"

"Just shut up and fuck me Oliver." I cut him off. "Fuck my brains out. Please? I'm so horny."

With that Oliver pushed himself inside my pussy, stretching me open. I moaned, biting my lip. He looked up at me with a concerned look on my face. I moved my hips up to push him all the way into my pussy. He gasped and held my hips still. "Holy fuck, you're tight." He moaned.

He grabbed my hips again and started to move his dick in and out of my wet, aching pussy. I moaned with each thrust. He quickly picked up the pace, pounding his hard cock in me. Oliver reached down and covered my mouth with his hand, muffling my moans and screams. I held onto his arm as he fucked me senseless. I gripped his arm, letting him know that I was going to cum again. Not daring to open my mouth.

"I'm gonna cum, Brooke." Oliver gasped.

"Cum in me, Oli." I moaned. "Cum in my pussy."

Oliver got another few hard, deep thrusts in before his cock exploded deep into my pussy. I felt his cock twitch as thread after thread of hot cum shot inside me. He collapsed on top of me with his dick still inside my pussy. We were both breathing hard. After we had calmed down, he pulled his now semi-limp cock out of me followed by his cum oozing out of me.

"You're not going to get pregnant are you?" Oliver asked.

"No. I've been on the pill since I was fifteen." I mumbled.

I was so exhausted.

But not exhausted enough to realize that the thunder had stopped and I had just let my step brother fuck my brains out. My eyes popped open and I sat up, pushing Oliver off of me onto the other side of the bed.

"What the fuck?" he asked.

"Oh my god. . .what if mom finds out? She'll kill us both!"

"She's not going to find out. We're not really related." Oliver said, rolling his eyes.

"I know, but still. Oliver, you're my step-brother. That kinda counts as incest." I was scared that I would ruin his life and end up putting him into jail just because I couldn't control myself.

"No one is gonna find out unless you tell, Brooke. Just don't tell a single fucking soul about this."

"I won't." I whispered.

"Good girl," Oliver cooed. He opened his arms, inviting me in.

It was at that point that I realized I had a decision––shake hands with the devil and continue this relationship, or do the right thing and tell mom about the incident.

I cautiously rested myself up against Oliver who kissed the top of my head lovingly, shaking hands with the devil.

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