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Today Was Like Every Other Day - Part 3 - Continuing The Daughters Lessons

Did we really do all those things last night?

Waking up on Saturday morning to the smell of plum and cum in the air still, was not what I had expected to have happened just a week ago.

Was I still asleep and dreaming all of this? Did we really do all those things last night?

Looking over and seeing Lynn lying there convinced me it was real. Her tone 18-year-old body lying naked a foot away from me in my bed was almost like a dream.

The smell of plum once again catching in my nose.

I smiled to myself.

I gently slipped out of bed, not wanting to wake her and headed to the bathroom. That morning thing again. I stood there peeing and trying to remember everything that happened yesterday.

The more that came back to me the more guilt I felt. The more the pictures popped in my head as if watching a movie, the more I smiled and felt proud. I was a very mixed up person right now.

I did think to myself that there was no reason to go back in there to get dressed. She had more than seen everything I had to offer.

I headed to the kitchen to make coffee and maybe breakfast. Wasn’t sure if I could eat anything but figured Lynn may be hungry when she woke up. Settled on just coffee for now.

I sat there drinking my coffee at the table and thinking about Lynn. I was thinking about the Lynn of long ago. So many memories were flooding in and out of my mind. I was remembering so many things that I never heard her come into the kitchen.

Lynn was suddenly standing in front of me with a cup of coffee in her hand already. I snapped out of my thoughts and realized she was still naked. I took a second to look at her 18-year-old body once again. It was even more beautiful today to me.

She sat down next to me and continued to drink her coffee. She smiled. She looked me up and down. She smiled again.

“Good morning dad,” she whispered softly “Did you sleep okay?”

“Yes, I did,” I replied in a whisper back to her.

“Good,” she said still whispering.

“How about you baby?” still continuing to whisper.

“I slept great. My whole body was completely relaxed. Best sleep I have ever had,” whispering again.

“Good for you. Why are we whispering?” I asked.

“Sorry. My head is pounding, and everything is really loud for some reason. I figured whispering would help,” she said.

“Oh, I see. Well, I did try to warn you about the Bourbon. I did say it had a kick. Wait here, I have something that will help,” saying as I headed to the bathroom.

I was back in a couple of minutes with some aspirin and Pepto in my hand. I went to the cabinet and found a glass. Then the fridge to find some tomato juice. Next, I reached in the spice rack for different things. After mixing the stuff in the glass I turned to Lynn.

“Take these aspirin wash them down with this drink. It will help your head and stomach just in case,” I said whispering again.

She did what I told her. She had quite the face going on while drinking the mixture. I knew it was not the best tasting, but it worked.

We sat there quietly for about half an hour. We were giving each other silly looks back and forth. Lynn finally broke down and laughed out loud. I followed with my own laugh.

“Ow. Why did you make me laugh?” she said holding her head, “that really hurt.”

“I am sorry, baby. Come here and sit on my lap. I will rub your head to make it feel better,” I told her.

She moved over to my lap and sat facing away from me. I moved her hair away slightly and started rubbing her temples in small circular motions applying a gentle pressure. I rubbed the back of her head with my thumbs at the same time. Slowly working my way in outward motions toward the top of her head and keeping the pressure as gentle as possible. I continued to move all over her head and back to her temples in large circles. This was having an effect on her headache. She was gently moaning and closed her eyes as she leaned back into me resting her head on my chest. I continued to work on her head for several minutes.

Having her warm body against me and the heat emanating from her crotch onto mine was really getting to me. I had to stop working on her for now before I lost total control.

I stopped rubbing her and asked, “Are you feeling better now, baby?”

Still leaning against me with her head on my shoulder, she answered, “Yes dad I am feeling much better now. Thank you so much.”

“Your welcome. Now we should get cleaned up and go find something fun to do,” I said hoping she would agree and get off me quickly before I was rising to the occasion so to speak.

“Can you think of anything you would want to do today that is fun?” I asked.

“The city pool sounds fun. We haven’t been there in a while. Maybe we could go out for lunch or an early dinner afterwards,” she said standing in front of me with a big smile on her face.

“Yea that sounds cool. We should get our showers and head out,” I said.

“Can we get one together?” she asked.

“Are you sure you really want to?” I asked concerned about where it might lead.

“Oh yea, dad, I am sure. I would love to take a shower with you,” she said smiling.

So, off we went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth while Lynn got the shower water ready. She got in first and then I joined in a minute. She was standing under the water getting her hair wet when I got in. I had flashbacks to the day I saw her coming out of the shower still wet. I also felt things starting to stir again. Lynn was quick to take notice.

“Wow, dad! You are starting to get hard again,” she said looking at my crotch.

“Do you want me to help you with that like I did last night?” she asked.

“No, it will be fine. Let's just get cleaned up so we can go,” I said.

I reached for the soap and began lathering myself up. Lynn never stopped watching me and eventually reached out to help me. I also reached out to help her. We were lathering each other up now and feeling all over each other’s bodies. She felt even better with the slick soap and water on her. We were working our way down from the shoulders. When Lynn reached my crotch and started working the soap up and down my dick, it sprang to full attention.

With my dick fully hard now and my hands working on Lynn’s body, I was having a hard time standing.

I reached Lynn’s crotch moments later and began lathering it up. I slowly worked my way up and down her slit and sometimes slid the tip of my finger inside her hole. I would use my palm to rub against her clit and spread her lips open a little with my fingers. It felt fantastic from the soap and her juices flowing together. I could tell she was also having trouble standing.

The more I rubbed on her, the less she moved on my dick. She was getting close to climax again. I focused more on working her clit, now with my thumb in a gentle circular motion. At the same time, I continued to use my palm to rub her and still put a fingertip inside. Never allowing my finger to go in more than just the tip was adding to her pleasure and torture. I knew she was still a virgin and didn’t want to spoil that just yet or like this.

Picking up the pace, I added more pressure to her clit. This was driving her crazy. She was moaning loudly, and her legs were trying to buckle. I leaned down and took one of her nipples in my mouth. Gently sucking it in and rolling it around with my tongue. After doing this for a minute or so, I sucked in more of her boob and teased her nipple with the end of my tongue.

The pace of my hand was getting faster by the second. With all the soapy water and Lynn’s juices, I added a fingertip inside her butthole. It slipped in easily and Lynn squealed extremely loud. I knew at this point she was orgasming stronger than she ever had.

Lynn’s hand on my dick had stopped moving and she clamped down as if holding on for dear life. I stopped my attack on her boob and released it. I reached out with my free hand to pull her close and help her stay up. She was screaming and shaking violently for what seemed like minutes. I am sure it was only seconds, but sure felt longer. As I felt her start to calm down, I stopped my attack on her crotch and removed my fingertips from her holes. I then held her with both arms and lowered her to the floor of the shower.

Lynn sat on the shower floor breathing heavy for a minute or two. Then she raised up onto her knees. She reached out and grabbed my dick. Lynn slowly resumed her up and down movements on my dick. She sat very close to it now and looked at my dick in amazement. The soap and water seemed to add to the feel of her hand and was once again working on my legs. As if on cue, Lynn turned me slightly to let the shower rinse off my dick.

With my dick now void of any soap, she turned me back. Lynn tentatively moved in closer and started licking the underside of my dick. I couldn’t say a word. My beautiful 18-year-old daughter was now licking my dick. It was all I could do to keep upright.

Lynn continued licking the underside and then moved to the top. Now she was circling all around my shaft. When she finally made her way to the bottom of my dickhead and flicked her tongue along it, I almost died.

She kept licking my shaft and making her way to the head now. Suddenly her tongue found the slit at the top and laid out flat against it. The precum was oozing out like crazy. She opened her lips and I felt them surround the head ever so gently. I could barely feel her teeth scraping behind them. She didn’t stop there and had my whole head in her mouth in a second.

Lynn’s mouth continued to slide down over the head to the shaft. She had the first two inches engulfed in no time. I thought to myself, this is it she won’t go any further. I was wrong. Lynn kept sliding down my shaft and suddenly had almost four inches in her mouth.

Lynn started to work her way back up. Reaching the top, she headed back down again. She kept going like this for a couple of minutes. She was working herself into a rhythm now. My head and four inches was a great accomplishment for her. Again, I was wrong. She changed her angle of descent and impaled her mouth down all seven and a half inches of my dick. She gagged out loud and backed off slightly. But recovered and tried again.

Once she reached bottom this time, she stayed there. Lynn started working her tongue around my shaft and softly sucked at the same time. She kept this up and never let go. I was not going to hold out long.

Lynn then started her rhythm of up and down on my shaft while sucking and working her tongue at the same time. She was going slow at first but soon picked up the pace. I was breathing so hard and holding onto her head for stability. She was working me over and I knew I would let go any second.

I tried to pull her off me, but she sucked in harder and picked up the pace. I let out a guttural moan and pulled her head in as far as I could get it. I then exploded a giant load right down her throat. She pulled back a hair and the next explosions were in her mouth. She couldn’t handle all of it and it leaked out the sides.

Lynn didn’t stop sucking. She let up a little on the intensity but kept it going. My knees were about to go out. I pulled her mouth off me and sat down next to her. She reached up to her mouth and scooped up the dripping cum with her fingers. Sucking them into her mouth, she cleaned them off. She had swallowed every drop of my load.

We both sat there on the floor of the shower looking at each other, breathing hard. We started smiling and slowly caught our breaths. It took us a few minutes to fully recover. The shower was starting to get cold now. I reached over and turned off the water. We still sat there for another couple of minutes.

“Oh my god, Lynn!” I said in between breaths, “Where did you learn to do that? How did you learn to do that?”

“I learned it from you,” she said, “I just tried to picture what you did to me and do as close to it as I could on you.”

“Well you certainly are a fast learner, I will give you that,” I said back smiling.

“Do you really think I did ok, dad?” she was asking with a puppy dog look on her face.

“You did amazing,” I replied.

“Do you still want to go to the pool?” she asked.

“Yea. I need time to recover from that. I am not as young as you think. Let’s get out of here and head out,” I replied smiling again.

I was thinking to myself that I was glad to get a breather at the pool. I really did need one right now. Maybe I was not really as young as I thought I was.

I found swimming trunks and grabbed my wallet. I also grabbed some beach towels from the hallway closet. I figured we didn’t need the folding chairs since they had lounge chairs at the pool.

Lynn met me in the living room with her bikini and rap on. We headed out.

On the drive, Lynn was telling me about school and how glad she was to only have a few months left. Lynn mentioned that she really didn’t know yet what she wanted to do after school. She was thinking about accounting or maybe writing. She told me accounting because she loved numbers and was good at math. The writing was more because she loved to read and thought she could handle writing children’s books maybe.

I was very impressed with her choices and encouraged her to pick the one she liked best. I explained to her that when I was her age I fell in love with computers and knew I would do something in the field. I narrowed it down to programming because I liked the freedom it gave me. I was never a big social person and hated the idea of sitting in an office.

The city pool wasn’t far from the house, so we were there in no time. We both were surprised at how empty it was for a nice Saturday morning. Usually, it is so crowded you can hardly move or swim. We found some lounge chairs and stretched out the towels on them.

Lynn took off her rap and I about had a heart attack. Lynn’s bikini was so small, it barely covered her at all. The top was made up of almost no material and barely covered her nipples and areoles. The bottoms were even less. This was a thong style bikini that had just enough cloth to cover her bush and there was just a string in the back. Her butt cheeks were on full display for everyone to see.

As her father, I wanted to rush over and cover her back up. But I knew she was 18 years old now and I really couldn’t stop her. As her newly appointed sexual instructor, I was very happy to watch her in this outfit. So, I gave in and tried to relax about the whole thing.

Lynn stretched out on the chair facing down. She asked me to put some lotion on her back. I looked around for it and realized we had forgotten to grab it. Lynn just shrugged and said we will just have to leave sooner so we don’t burn too bad. I agreed.

I decided that it probably was best for me to go for a swim. I figured the cold water would help in dealing with looking at Lynn like this. I was right. The water was extremely cold, and I am sure everything I had shriveled up and hid away. I swam around for a little while and tried to not look at Lynn if possible.

I got out of the pool and headed to my chair. I noticed several 16 to 18-year-old teenage boys admiring Lynn and trying to get a better look. They were intentionally walking in front of her on their way to the pool. They would get out of it right in front of her. They were taking extra time on the diving board while staring in her direction. I knew she was having an effect on them. Hell, she was having an effect on me as well.

About the time I got to my chair, Lynn rolled over onto her back. Her 34C chest came into full view. Like I said, there wasn’t much covering it at all. This really got the boys more excited. I understood completely. With Lynn laying like this, I decided to stretch out face down. Just in case something popped up, no one would notice.

We stayed like this for about half an hour, before Lynn decided to go for a swim. With Lynn going into the pool, I decided to roll over and get some sun on my front. I could feel the burn already on my back. With no lotion on, it wouldn’t take much longer to really burn all over. Luckily, Lynn got out of the pool soon and said we should get going because we were both starting to burn. I agreed. So, we left.

We decided to swing through a drive-thru instead of going in. We were both sweaty and smelled like chlorine. It was better for us to go home to eat and get cleaned up again. Plus, we weren’t exactly dressed for a fine restaurant.

We sat and ate our takeout when we got home, then headed to bathroom to get cleaned up. I knew we were both slightly burned. The cool shower water would feel good. I told Lynn to go ahead and get hers first, but she wanted me to help again. I smiled and joined her in the shower. Lynn had quite the outline of her bikini from the sun. She was red all over except some very thin lines where the material was.

We again lathered each other up. Lynn started on my crotch again while I started on hers. I decided we needed to stop and finish it in the room. So, we washed off the soap and dried off. Then headed to my room.

I told Lynn to stretch out on the bed face down, so I could put some lotion on her. I knew it would help with the burn. I found the lotion and climbed on the bed alongside her. The Aloe lotion was very cold, and Lynn jumped a little when I put it on her back. I rubbed it all over her shoulders, back and made my way down to her butt. Since her bikini didn’t cover much, I had to rub her whole but with the Aloe. I have to say, I was enjoying the whole experience. Her body felt so great in my hands.

When I was done with her backside, I had her turn over. I began working the lotion in at her shoulders and continued down to her 34C chest. I rubbed all over her boobs but never touched her nipples. She was starting to get a little excited. I continued down her stomach and made my way to right above her bush. As I worked the lotion in above her bush, she was getting more excited and breathing a little labored now. I didn’t touch her there but continued down her thighs to her feet. Working my way back up each leg she started parting them. I knew she was really getting excited now by the smell of plums in the air.

I had made my way back to the top of her thighs now with both hands. I leaned in and flicked my tongue on her slit up high. She moaned and grabbed my head. I continued to flick my tongue along her slit from the top to the bottom. It was beginning to open slightly on its own now. So, I licked the open area lightly. She was moaning more now. I knew I was not going to stop until she climaxed again for me. Continuing to lick the open area, I slid my fingers up her slit and pushed the lips apart slightly.

My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own as it worked up the slit to just below her clit. I flicked all around it but never touched it. I knew this was driving her insane. I could tell by how hard she was pulling on my head now. Still avoiding the clit for a few more seconds, I worked up and down the slit and stuck my tongue in her open hole. I pushed in as hard as I could, trying to get as much in as possible. Then made my way back up again. Her moaning was once again loud enough that I was sure a neighbor would hear her.

I had her where I wanted her.

I laid down on the bed facing her crotch. Grabbed her by the legs and flipped her on top of me. I dove in again with my mouth. Lynn squealed and laid down across my body putting her face at my crotch. She reached out with her hand and grabbed my dick. Slowly she started jacking me up and down while moaning from the assault I was giving her crotch. I slid my hands between her legs and pulled apart her lips with my fingers. This gave me the perfect view and angle on her clit.

She was still moving her hand up and down on me when she lowered her head to my lap. Lynn began a slow and methodical licking of my dick. Up and down she went, slow at first and now picking up the pace. I continued to lick and gently suck on her clit. I began a soft nibble on the tip of it. This was pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Lynn sucked in my dick and used her tongue to continue working on the underside of it. She was sucking with more pressure every few seconds. I was near the edge myself. Lynn lowered her mouth all the way down to the base and began a rhythmic up and down sucking action. I was about to lose it.

I sucked on Lynn’s clit hard now and flicked the tip of my tongue against it. I stuck two fingertips inside her hole and slowly worked them in and out. Lynn was moaning loud even with my dick in her mouth. She sucked harder and faster now. I continued my torture of her clit and hole until I felt she was ready.

Once I knew she was at the verge, I stuck a fingertip in her butthole and set it in a matching motion with my other fingers. I was finger fucking her butt and crotch at the same time. I never let go of her clit and worked my tongue and mouth as fast as I could on it. In a matter of seconds, she clamped down on my dick with her mouth. She screamed loud with my dick still in her mouth. Her legs clamped around my hands and face. She had a violent shake starting and bucked her hips down on my face hard.

I was right there with her and timed my eruption perfectly. My hips drove up and into her mouth as far as I could get it. I let go with numerous streams of cum going down her throat and in her mouth. There was too much for her to handle again. It was flowing out the sides of her mouth and dripping down on my lap.

Lynn coated my face and mouth with juices from her crotch. I was also coating her throat and mouth with my cum. I couldn’t believe how much we had both just came on each other.

Lynn tried her best to clean up the mess I had made but couldn’t get it all this time. I also continued to try and clean her up as well. She eventually stopped shaking and released me. She also released my dick that was going soft quickly. Both of us were breathing so heavily you would think we just ran a marathon.

Lynn rolled off with a little help from me. We laid side by side, gently rubbing each other’s bodies with our hands. After catching our breaths, I moved up and laid face to face with her. I began gently kissing her on the lips and rubbing her hair. She looked so beautiful and was glowing.

Lynn slid over and snuggled up to me with her head just under my chin. I began rubbing her back softly. And started rubbing mine until she drifted off to sleep. I decided it was not a bad idea to grab some sleep. So, we laid there in each other’s arms while I continued to rub her back.

I drifted off to sleep within minutes.


To be continued… for sure…





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