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Tugging Sumter

She loved how the hard ridges of his erection felt in her hand.

Mandy lay her naked twenty-two year old body beside her brother Sumter, like she did every night. Mandy loved sharing a room with him. It brought them closer together. Her body, smooth and just as shiny as glass, was lit delicately in the dim light of the room. It was just enough light to make her body glow in all the right places.

Her breasts, not small, but definitely not medium either, were a mix between the two and looked like soft creamy hills with tender peaks that bloomed a delicate pink shade even in the dimness that surrounded her body.

The smooth mound between her legs puckered and the soft delicate line under it puffed its lips gently outward as always. However, they stuck together like glue until they were moist enough to part.

Tonight though, was not going to be about her. Yeah, Mandy knew she was going to get wet. She always did when she decided to please Sumter. That was because she was not only pleasing him, but also pleasing herself. Mandy just loved teasing her brother's twenty-four year old cock.

Sumter lay beside Mandy, his long legs stretched out barely touching hers, and his soft cock lay bent over his testicles. The pale light of the room highlighted his penis's precisely cut head beautifully. The slight pink shade came out delicately as the round contours of its tip rolled evenly to give it perfect form. Mandy was going to love making it hard as she always did.

Mandy rested one arm on Sumter's chest and traced a hand on the inside of his right thigh with the other. His skin was warm to the touch and she could feel the shiver travel through him as he reacted to her touch. It was just what Mandy wanted.

She looked up to Sumter's face as she slid her hand down to his balls. Mandy loved how perfectly round they were as her fingertip slowly traced a trail over them. As she did, they crinkled and began to move naturally from her sensual touch. Not only did his testicles move, but is penis flipped sides as it began to stir. Mandy knew she would have her brother standing at attention soon.

Sumter moaned as his sister brought his cock to life through her gentle touches. Mandy watched as his soft penis began to fill with blood and elongate with the pressure that would keep it hard. Slowly, Sumter's cock lifted from his testicles and semi-arched with a heaviness as its spongy tissue flowed with red. Then Mandy blew gently on his balls. That was enough to finish the hardening process.

Mandy smiled as Sumter's penis was now attentive. She loved the shape of it; the thick roundness of his erect cock with its ridges so distinct; the veins that popped out along his seven inch length; yes, Mandy could just lay there and stare at her brother's long thick girth and be happy. However, making Sumter cum would make her ecstatic.

Mandy ran her fingertips along the underside of his erect length, following the tender center raphe that flowed down and divided his sack containing the items that would propel the fluid she so longed to see. Sumter sighed heavily from her soft touch. Mandy loved when he did that. It told her she was doing something right.

Mandy then opened the bottle of warming massage oil and dipped her finger in it. Slowly, she trailed that finger over the fleshy ridge down the center of his long hard cock, covering that sensitive line until it shined.

Sumter moaned, both from Mandy's finger tickling a trail over his raphe line and from the heat of the warming massage oil. Mandy knew just how to tease him and it was working.

Up and down with her fingertip, she ran it along that tender line God had provided him. The heat from her fingertip combined well with the warming massage oil. Little by little, Mandy covered his whole erection with the oil and made it shine using only her fingertip. She was readying it for her whole hand.

Sumter was now beginning to moan even more as the warm liquid penetrated the pores of his hardness. His balls hung loosely, swaying to the temperature changes of the room and also from the stimulation. Mandy could not wait to make them tighten in their sack and have them deliver what she was working to get.

Without giving Sumter any warning, Mandy wrapped her long fingers around his thick long hard cock and began stroking him slowly. She loved how the hard ridges of his erection felt in her hand. She felt them roll between her fingers as she gripped him with a slight tight grip. The massage oil not only warmed his skin, but made her hand glide naturally along his length. He moaned as Mandy hoped he envisioned it was her wet pussy around him. That would be another time. Tonight, she wanted to see Sumter cum.

Mandy began to tug faster on Sumter's now really hard cock until she found a rhythm that she could tell he really liked.

"That's it Mandy. Like that. Oh fucking yeah!" Sumter announced with his eyes closed.

"You like that big brother? Does my hand feel like my warm wet pussy?" Mandy asked with a devilish smile.

"Oh yeah, little sister, so hot and the grip is so tight. Just like your pink walls are surrounding me!"

Mandy felt her pussy get wetter the moment her brother finished that statement. She could feel her personal lubrication run the length of her personal crease and drip slowly from her attentive clit. However, it did not stop her from saying, "Mmm, and you're so hard! I love how stiff it feels in my hand. How red your hard head is getting. You're getting close aren't you big brother?"

"You'll soon find out baby sister! Don't stop!" Sumter said and closed his eyes as he felt the onset of his orgasm form.

Mandy felt his extremely hard cock begin to throb in her hand, and even though Sumter was as hard as steel, Mandy was amazed that he became even harder in her grip. She had felt that same feeling of him inside her pussy many times. She let go of him for just a second to look at his throbbing sexual appendage. Mandy could have hung a twenty pound weight from it and Sumter's cock would have stayed upright. God, she loved it when she made her brother that solid.

When she wrapped her hand back around his erection, she began to stroke him at the same pace, but his reaction was different. She knew why.

"Nuh uh, Mandy. Slower, please. I want to really feel it when you make me cum."

"You're close now. I can tell," Mandy said as she assumed slow even strokes.

"Uh huh. Keep going. Oh God, keep going," Sumter said through very heavy breaths.

Mandy gripped his hardness with a tender but forceful touch and watched as his sack suddenly began to tighten around his balls, forcing them up into his body. Mandy knew Sumter was getting ready to spew.

Mandy kept stroking slowly and suddenly a dollop of clear pre-fluid dropped out heavily onto her fingers. Then Sumter groaned and tensed his body.

A moment later, Sumter reached down with his hand and stopped Mandy from stroking and moaned as he let his spunk fly. Like a volcano erupting, Sumter came in hot long streams that shot high into the air. When they landed on Mandy's arm and hand, her eyes widened at the size of his load.

"Mmm, so hot and thick and so fucking much! I love it when I make you cum Sumter. So freaking sexy!" Mandy announced as she tugged on Sumter's cock a few more times until she had milked him completely.

Sumter relaxed as the last drop dribbled out and his penis begin to soften.

"Did that feel good?" Mandy asked her brother as she stood. When she did, she felt her own hot core drizzle down one of her legs.

Sumter looked up and saw the glistening trail trickle slowly down his sister's smooth leg. He smiled as Mandy spread her legs slightly and knew he could not help touching her.

Mandy shuddered as Sumter's finger slid through her hot wet crease of love. She sighed heavily and knew it was going to be her time to cum. Sumter was beginning to return the favor.

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