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Two Birthmarks Reveal a Hidden Secret.

A love story with a difference.

Twenty-five years ago I was in the armed services. During that time I met and fell in love with a woman who was also in the service. We never married and had a wonderful couple of years doing all the things that married people accomplish in their bedrooms. Her name was Pam and we were officers and she was one rank lower than I was. Our relationship was well known in the Mess and everybody knew and treated us as a couple.

We lived in barracks so we spent weekends mainly in hotels or motels, enjoying the outdoor life by day and an intimate life between the sheets at night.

We both loved the outdoors and took every opportunity to bushwalk and hike. We had some favourite places where we could swim and enjoy our penchant for nudity in private. This also permitted us to spend long hours outdoors completely naked and alone and making love whenever the mood took us.

One day, Pam was advised her service skills had been recognised and she was being posted overseas to be trained in a new and secret aspect of her occupation in communications.

She had four weeks to settle her affairs and prepare to be overseas for at least twelve months. I was devastated as we were enjoying being together in every way. The sex we enjoyed was amazing. For those four weeks, we made love as often as we could. I took leave for a week to spend with her away from the base making love as we had never made love before.

On the way back to base in our car Pam mentioned she had forgotten to pack her contraceptive pills. She assured me there would not be a problem as she was in the safe days of her monthly cycle.

A few days later she flew out of the country to her new posting. We were both heartbroken.

I missed her badly and the lovemaking we had enjoyed together.

We corresponded almost daily by email for a month before she claimed our long-distance affair was affecting her intense training, and she was having problems maintaining the frequency of our correspondence.

Then the “Dear John” arrived a couple of weeks later. She explained the course had reached a level that required a high degree of security. She claimed all her personal communications were being scrutinized as a security precaution. She had been warned our unmarried relationship and cyber sexual innuendo was considered a security risk.

The relationship was over.

I was certain she had ended our affair to comply with the directive she had been given. I could not think of another reason.

I soon began to feel the lack of sexual contact with a woman.

I then formed a casual relationship with Julie, who was my driver. Julie had also been aware of my relationship with Pam. Julie was non-commissioned and had hot pants, so we had to be a little more discrete in our relationship. It was purely a sexual relationship. The car became our love nest so Julie and I spent a lot of time in the back seat enjoying some amazing situations and having a lot of fun in the process. She was not inexperienced and she knew more than a few positions achievable only in a car.

My affair with Julie soon went the way of all her casual affairs. She got bored with me. I got a new driver and she was a lesbian. There was no joy for me there.

I never heard from Pam again. I continued to enjoy a number of casual affairs with various women. However, none could replace Pam.

A few years later, I left the services and I bought a hire car and limousine business. The business was mainly providing services for wedding and birthday events, as well as the usual day to day hire car services.

I never married but had continued to have affairs which never lasted more than a month or two. All were, for the most part, sexual, and generally enjoyable. Some were drivers working for me so the availability of new girls was regularly available. One or two suggested marriage and that immediately ended that affair… and her employment.

I was enjoying life, and the company prospered. I was also becoming more discreet in my love affairs. I found it necessary to significantly curtail my intimacies with my employees. It was no secret I had been doing this and a few began to make things uncomfortable for me personally.

The business was getting larger and more difficult to administer so I hired a young female accountant/office manager. She had recently graduated from university. The work didn’t require a highly experienced professional and she would gain experience as she learned the business. She was young and attractive and I soon became enamoured with Terry.

Our computer network had been down for a couple of hours during the day and Terry needed an extra hour or so to update the bookings and complete some invoices on the computer. I remained back with her so as she would not be in the office alone. After she had finished, I suggested we go and have something to eat before I drove her home, and she agreed.

During the meal, we talked about life and its challenges etc and she asked me about my service in the forces. She showed more interest in that aspect of my life for some reason. I considered for a minute she may be wishing to leave us, and join up. She assured me that she had no such intention.

I don’t know how or why it happened but the conversation became quite personal. She wanted to know why I had never married. I mentioned my love affair with Pam and the way it ended, and she was fascinated and asked many questions.

I explained that I didn’t want to be burdened with a relationship where I would make a commitment to be faithful to the one woman should I marry her. I admitted to her that I had engaged in a few one night stands with some of the drivers.

She laughed and said, “I know, that is no secret. In fact, one asked me if you had put the hard word on me, and do you know what my reply was?”

I was waiting for her response.

“I wish.”

I was taken back at her forthrightness and asked.

“Did you really mean that?”

“To be honest. Yes. I have often wondered what it would be like with you. The woman drivers are not always that discreet. Some are quite brazen about discussing their experiences in bed with you. I have heard them in the toilet comparing notes and have often wondered when you would ask me.”

I made a mental note. If they hadn’t left my employ already, they soon would be. My turnover was quite high and they would no longer be sharing my bed.

“I have feelings for you I cannot fathom, and my feelings for you go beyond being my employer. It is something I have been concealing for a couple of months,” Terry said to me quietly so as not to be overheard by fellow diners.

I was without words.

“If you were to ask me now, I would not hesitate to say yes.” Terry continued and took my hand across the table.

Her forthrightness shocked me. I had at times considered what she would be like in bed and imagined some young man or other was probably doing just that. Had she been older I would not have given it a second thought and taken her to bed well before this.

“There is something about you I can’t fathom myself. It remains a mystery to me. However, there is an age difference that I have always considered that would be inappropriate for me to even consider asking you out. In view of your forthrightness and you are agreeable, I will honestly say I would enjoy that opportunity more than you may realise. My answer is a definite yes.” I said slightly embarrassed and the strength of my admission.

I was slightly flustered. I have been propositioned by a few women but to be asked by Terry was something I would never have imagined. I could not believe she had suggested without hesitation that we sleep together.

In order to regain my composure I did not want to appear overanxious, we began to discuss some other affairs between drivers she had overheard and the fact of the twenty-odd-year difference in our ages.

She mentioned I would not be the oldest man she had slept with. She had slept with one of her University professors who was older than I was. I had misjudged her it seems., she enjoys her sex, and with older men.

“I have been waiting for the right time and opportunity. Your invitation to go to dinner with you made it perfect. The relationship will be ‘our secret’ and nobody other than the two of us would ever be aware of anything so intimate between us had occurred. Certainly nobody in the company.” Terry assured me.

Terry quietly admitted that in view of the fact she was well aware I had often slept with a few of the drivers she had considered the possibility of her decision before tonight. What we had decided to do made her extremely happy. She was more than ready willing and able, and I knew she meant it.

She reiterated that some of the women had suspected we were already in a relationship and were convinced after a time and my assurances, that nothing untoward was happening between us.

“Some were quite surprised as we seem to be so friendly in the office.” She confided in me. “They soon realised what I was saying was, in fact, true, up till now. ” And she giggled quietly.

She assured me that should she be asked again, even after we shared my bed, she would emphatically deny any relationship existed other than employee and employer relationships.

I felt that this may only be a once only affair, but one never knows. Only time would tell.

It had been agreed that for the sake of privacy that we would go back to my place as she lived in an apartment block and there were a few nosey women who would not hesitate to make up stories if given any ammunition.

Terry and I hardly spoke in the car on the way. I did notice her looking at me and a couple of times when I looked at her in the car and she just smiled back. Once she put her hand on my thigh but made no move to indicate she was interested in what I had in my pants.

I parked the car in the garage and she waited until I went and opened the door for her. She was playing the lady.

When she got out she immediately put her arms around my neck and kissed me so passionately my cock virtually reacted like a spring and became erect in my pants in a second. She maintained the embrace just long enough to make me feel really great.

I was being seduced by a twenty-something-year-old young woman which was something new to me. It was me who usually did the seducing when selecting women I wished to sleep with. All previous women had been close to my age. I was happy in the knowledge this was not her first experience, more for reasons of our age difference rather than for any other reason.

After she released her arms from around from around my neck, she took my hand and said.

“Lead the way.” She was a woman of few words so far.

We used the lift and were alone and she cuddled into me. When we reached the door of my apartment she stood back so as not to appear too anxious.

Once we were indoors she immediately asked.

“Where are the bedroom and the bathroom? I wish to shower before we go to bed.”

I took her to my bedroom which fortunately had the bed made and was tidy. No clothes on the floor. My cleaner had been that day thank heavens.

She undressed and made her way to the shower, completely unabashed at her nudity.

As she showered I undressed and waited until she had finished.

I passed her on my way to the shower. She looked me over from head to toe and just uttered one word. My cock was slack and hanging loose.


By the time I had showered she had pulled the bedclothes back and had covered her nudity with only a sheet.

I slid in beside her and immediately she came to me and we embraced. Our kisses were long and sensual. She was in no hurry and was quite happy to spend some time preparing for our intimacy.

She was no novice at seduction and she knew how to make a man feel wanted. Her hand wasted no time in seeking, finding and gripping my hardened cock. Then softly and slowly stroking it a few times. She was obviously a foreplay girl. That took me way back to Pam as she always enjoyed foreplay before sex. Most of my other women were more than anxious to get me inside them.

She did something that Pam also had done in that she ran her finger around my nipples making them hard and sensual. Only one other woman since Pam had done that and it was to squeeze them as I was cumming making my orgasms somewhat more sensual.

I touched her between the legs and found her triangular patch of hair. As I did so she became extremely amorous and I knew the time had come to consummate our relationship.

The sensuality of our relationship together reached the stage where we could no longer delay the inevitable. I rolled over on top of her and she prepared to have me enter her.

Terry lay back and opened her legs and I didn’t hesitate. I took my hard cock and guided it toward her waiting lips and pressed it into her slowly.

As I pressed forward and my hard penis slowly entered her and disappeared into her and filled her warm moist and narrow love channel. I could not help feeling something I had not felt for years as I looked down at her laying there. The sensation that I was getting through the head of my cock as I gradually opened her love canal as it was finding its way deep into her was absolutely awe-inspiring.

I had to stop for a moment to control the urge to cum and ejaculate prematurely. The sensation of our coupling was so erotic and sensual. She was smiling and obviously enjoying the sensation of my penis filling a void in her body that she needed to be filled, and I would say desire.

She had now confirmed, and I believed her when she had mentioned earlier that she would not hesitate to have sex with me. It was something she had secretly desired and had never disclosed. It was obvious she had no inhibitions in doing this with me.

Once my cock had reached its maximum penetration she spoke.

“I have not slept with many men, however, this is the most amazing feeling I have ever had. It's not just the feeling of you deep inside me it is the feeling I am making love with a man, something I have never felt before. Previously it was just sex with guys at university, it was fun and I enjoyed being with them. Being with you like this is a feeling I have never experienced before.”

I had not begun to fuck her at this stage, I was deep inside her and motionless. I lowered my entire body down and our entire bodies were united. I could feel the firm warm flesh of her breasts pressed against my chest. We kissed gently uniting our bodies emotionally and sexually. She wrapped her legs around me and drew me into as hard as she could. I felt my cock touch her cervix I was so far up inside her. We were not only enjoying the sensation of my cock being inside her but encased totally and firmly within her vaginal cavity. We were kissing like young lovers. The feeling was amazing.

She told me.

“Just leave it there for a minute so I can feel it inside me. Don’t move I just want to enjoy the sensation of knowing and feeling you in there. I have never been happier.”

We lay together for a few minutes just savouring the feeling that we were both enjoying deep within each of our bodies. She twitched her Kegels a few times which I could feel my penis respond to. It felt just amazing with it inside her vagina. I had a flashback of making love to Pam who also did similar things.

“Now make love to me,” Terry whispered.

I began to lift and thrust and it only took a couple of thrusts to determine my rhythm and the depth of her body cavity. She responded in a way that I knew she was enjoying what I was doing inside her. I then proceeded to gently fuck her.

The sensation of our two bodies joined as we were and now thrusting together became so powerful and erotic. I believed I had enjoyed every form of lovemaking with the many women who I have shared my bed with, but Terry was something special, different, and almost to the stage of being loving.

This was no ordinary fuck.

I had only ever loved one woman and that had been Pam. Now I had a similar feeling. Was I in love with Terry or was it the emotion of being inside a naked young and beautiful woman who had encouraged me to make love to her.

We were united in a way that could only be described as lovemaking.

Again I realised this was no ordinary fuck. Each time I had been with another woman it had been pure sex or plain fucking. Once we had cum the feeling diminished, it was over – until the next time.

The only exception that I would have considered was when Pam and I made love all those years ago. I had never felt the same with any woman apart from Terry as I was feeling now. I shivered with the emotion of us doing what we were doing together and enjoying it in a way that had escaped me for all those years since Pam.

We didn’t talk, we just lay there and continued to make love. She was obviously enjoying everything we were doing as she often repositioned herself to be more comfortable or to enjoy the feeling of having my cock thrusting inside her. I had now controlled the urge to cum and was enjoying the feeling of my cock inside her warm, wet, wonderful vagina. Together we made love as a couple for at least ten minutes before Terry began to feel the urge that her climax was imminent.

“I want to cum,” she gasped. “I am close ... Fuck me hard.” She pleaded.

I immediately lifted the speed of my thrusts and she began to murmur and utter the soft sounds that women make when they are close to an orgasm. I continued to thrust as fast and as hard as I could.

Then she cried out with joy.

“I am cumming…Oh, Fuck me…harder…Fuck me… Fuck me harder… faster… faster, please don’t stop… fuck me. Oohhh, fuck me. I’m cumming … I’m cumming … oh shit, I’m cumming. Ahhhh. Ahhh…Ahh. Oh, my God… your cock feels amazing.”

Then her body shuddered and shook a number of times. She lifted her ass off the bed to meet my thrusts then collapsed back. Her chest and breasts were heaving and she was gasping for breath. Terry’s body was glistening with sweat. She was satisfied ….and exhausted

I continued to thrust deeply into her, I had yet to cum. Our bodies were slapping together audibly. Within a few moments, I too was grunting and the sensation of my cock head rubbing against the wet and wonderful pink tunnel of love that immediately had me spurting ropes of my warm and sperm-free semen into her. My flow was powerful and strong. I had not felt like I had ejaculated as hard as this for many years. My balls were aching from the exertion and the physical motion they had been engaged in whilst I fucked her and thrashed against her perineum.

The both of us were to put it crudely ….Well and truly fucked.

I collapse on top of her, then slid off her sweaty body and lay beside her. We had both given it our all. I took her hand in mine as we both recovered our breath and enjoyed the euphoria of what we had both accomplished together.

This was not been an instance of me fucking her; this was the pair of us fucking each other for all we were worth.

Fortunately, I had maintained my physical condition and knew how to share and enjoy a great fuck.

Both of us had shared not only a great fuck but an emotional experience with each other. It had been some time since I had been so physically satisfied by a woman.

After some minutes of just laying there and enjoying the post-euphoric sensation I had enjoyed, she rolled toward me and kissed me on the cheek.

“That was the most wonderful experience of my life,” she said softly. "Never before have I enjoyed doing that with any other man or woman."

I was taken aback a little.

“How many women have you had in your life?” I asked.

“Only two. My first experience was in my last year at boarding school. This girl had taken a liking to me and kissed me one day. I was a little embarrassed and confused. No other girl had ever done that. Afterwards, she asked me if I liked it.”

“And?” I questioned.

“I was confused as I did feel something when she did it. It was the first time anybody had used their tongue when I kissed them. I had kissed a couple of boys when I was younger but they were pecks compared to what she did.”

“Kissing French was the way we described it,” I replied.

“After that experience, she told me I needed to learn to kiss properly, and as you referred to it, kissing French,” Terry explained. "The girl asked me if I'd like to learn, as no boy would like me unless I kissed like that.”

Terry continued, “I was curious and I did feel something when I felt her tongue go into my mouth the first time, so I told her I wouldn’t mind if she showed me again. So she said she would come over and get into my bed after lights were out to teach me.”

She carried on, “That night she did as she promised and she taught me how to kiss properly. She was not silly and she realised I would be aroused and before I knew it she was fondling the nipples on my emerging but tiny breasts. She slipped our nighties off and were naked. I was so aroused I just let her do what she wanted to me.”

“And?” I questioned her again.

“She touched me down below and I knew what she was doing then. I had been masturbating for a couple of years myself so I knew what was happening. However, this was the first time I had let another girl touch me like that, or a boy either. I didn’t reject her and before I knew it she had her fingers inside me, kissing me and then told me to do it like that to her.”

“Was she a lesbian?” I asked.

“I had no idea what that was. I was eighteen, a virgin and completely inexperienced. I had been fostered by a very Christian family and sex was never mentioned. All I had heard was playground talk. I had never experienced anything like what she was doing.”

“Why were you fostered? I asked.

“My mother had me out of wedlock, I was informed. I know nothing of her. I have only one photograph of her. It seems she was in the army or something, as she is in uniform.” Terry explained.

Then she went on.

“This girl and I began to become very friendly if you know what I mean. We began to kiss and masturbate after lights out quite often, and then one night we got caught.”

“Wow, what happened to you then?” I asked.

“She was expelled, and I was treated like a leper, and nobody would have anything to do with me. It seems they didn’t know what to do with me. My foster parents had gone overseas, that was the reason I was in boarding school. A solicitor was responsible for all my affairs and my schooling was being paid for through his office. They claimed to have no contact with my mother. Everything got too hard so I remained at the school.”

“How long were you at that school?”

“For another year. I was brighter than average and in a year ahead of my age group. After school, I began a university course and lived on campus. Again paid for through this solicitor. After I graduated I found a job and an apartment.”

“Did you ever meet this solicitor?”

“Once when I turned twenty-one. He got me into his office one day to sign a heap of documents and I suddenly had a big investment account and a lot of money. I was told it had been bequeathed to me by my mother.They wouldn’t or couldn’t help me make contact with her. I never met or heard of my mother again. I only have this one photograph my foster parents gave me begrudgingly when I went to boarding school.”

“I am so sorry for you,” I told her.

“Don’t be I have learned to be self-sufficient and I believe competent in what I do. I gather you are pleased with my work to have me work there for as long as I have.”

“After tonight I am even more impressed with your work, be it behind a desk or in bed. Tomorrow you get a raise in salary.”

“I hope you don’t think I am trying to do anything but be friendly tonight. I don’t want to be anybody special. I am happy for us to be like this but I don’t want it to progress any further into a deeper relationship. I will be happy to do this again here in your apartment if you would like me to. I have never enjoyed anything like what we have just done, but that will be all.”

“I don’t think I could argue with that,” I replied I was not going to get into a discussion with Terry about relationships or her job in the office. I was happy just to be with her in bed and do what we had just done – again.

“Do you mind if I go to the bathroom, I need to have a pee and give myself a bit of a cleanup. You filled me with so much cum, its beginning to leak out onto your sheets.”

Terry then grabbed a tissue from the bedside table and pressed it to her pubic area and then got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

I heard the shower run and she obviously was cleaning herself up. I hope she had not decided that was all that we would be doing and want to go home.

When she returned I was laying out on the bed and was not going to say anything. Then she came to the side of the bed and without a word knelt and took my limp cock in her hand and then placed her mouth over it.

I sat up but she didn’t release me

She took my cock out of her mouth and told me.

“Lie back and enjoy this. Not every man gets this treatment from me.”

Then she replaced my now almost erect cock back in her mouth and ran her tongue around the rim of the head of my cock.

I was in heaven. She obviously had done this before and whoever taught her was an expert. She was performing her task perfectly. I had often had my cock sucked by other women but she was amazing. Like her fucking ability, she was far better than average.

She continued to suck and stroke my cock and every now and again take it out to tell me how she was enjoying it. She told me.

“Don’t worry about cumming in my mouth. I can handle it.”

I continued to let have her pleasure off me and I took about even or eight minutes of having my cock in her beautiful mouth before I began to feel my balls getting ready to unload another load of my steamy cum.

“Get ready,” I told her with a sense of urgency.

She looked up into my eyes and I could detect a smile even with my cock filling her mouth. Her dark brown eyes had an effect on me that I couldn’t handle. I could not restrain myself any longer. My cum spurted from the eye of my cock in a torrent. She had an effect on me that caused me to cum harder than I could ever remember, as I had done when I was fucking her.

She never flinched and I looked down to see her concentrating on taking my load of cum and swallowing once or twice before she settled down to milking the remaining cum from the shaft of my cock with her hand and licking the head of it clean.

I wasn’t saying a word. I was still in raptures from the way she had sucked my cock and swallowed my cum.

She removed my cock and looked up at me.

“I think you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

“Is there anything you can't do perfectly?” I asked.

She laughed and then got back up on the bed and knelt at my feet. She remained there until I was recovered from that amazing experience.

“Now it's your turn,” she said.

She crawled up and straddled me. It was obvious what was to occur next. I was going to lick her out. That is something I know I do well and never have a complaint from any of the women that I have done that for.

I lay there and looked up at her labia that were spread and now slightly puffed and pink. Her inner lips were contained within her outer lips and she was as perfect as I could have ever imagined.

Then I noticed a small birthmark to the right of her labia I had not noticed before. It was slightly concealed by her patch of hair.

I brushed her hair back to expose it further. That mark was almost identical to the one Pam had been born with. The sight of it stunned me a little. I was being transported back in time. Pam’s was more visible as she trimmed her pubic hair. Twenty-odd years of memories came flooding back. Pam and I had many times commented on that mark. It was unique in my opinion. I had studied it closely so many times.

I hesitated for a moment. I could not believe two women would have the same birthmark. It was too much of a coincidence.

“That is a lovely little birthmark you have there,” I commented.

“A few people have commented upon it. Some of my nudist friends have said how beautiful it looks and how unique it makes me. In summer I trim my bikini line right back to my pussy. Then it's more visible.”

“You are a nudist as well?” I enquired.

“There is a lot you don’t know about me.” She laughed.

“I want to know all about you… every little detail.” I said.

“Later… you have a job ahead of you at the moment. We can discuss me and my birthmark after you have done for me, what I have done for you.”

She then moved up and over my face and lowered her beautiful pink labia to me and I licked the length of her slit.

Her birthmark could wait for another day.

Terry began with a sigh of a contented woman as my tongue licked her exposed slit.

“You are right on target.” She said softly as she settled down for me to perform my task of once more bringing her to her climax.

I began to lick the beautiful smooth moist skin surrounding her vagina, I could detect that musky scent of a woman. She was a woman in every way.

I raised my hands to fondle her firm and perfect breasts as I sucked on her very tasty cunt.

As I licked her I sensed the taste of my cum that I had filled her with earlier. Even though she had showered I had obviously filled her to the brim and I know the force of my spurt was greater than my normal ejaculation. I had obviously forced it well into her body and the remnants were now running back. I had no problems with what I was tasting. I was performing on one part of her that was in my opinion absolutely perfect. In the back of my mind, It felt like I had been here before, and I knew that I had not.

She maneuvered herself from time to time to get my mouth and tongue where she enjoyed my treatment upon her and achieve the best sensations from my performance. She had indicated that she was rather inexperienced but from what I was sensing she had learned how to gain the most pleasure from sexual contact either using a mans fingers, cock or his mouth and tongue. She was either a natural or had been well schooled, I hoped the former.

I worked on her and then began to give her my special treatment. One that all women seem to enjoy and is guaranteed to make them cum sooner than later.

I sucked on the sheath of her clitoris and exposed the little pink nub of her clit.

I rubbed my tongue over it and she responded as most women do and flinched at the touch of my tongue.

“Oh shit, what did you do then?.” she said as she shuddered with the effect of my tongue massaging her clit.

She then pressed her vagina down harder on my mouth to get a better sensation or to ensure that I didn’t release my hold on her.

I continued to lick her clit and she responded as most women do.

“Oh fuck … that’s bringing me on.I am going to cum… get ready.” She said as she wriggled and squirmed as my tongue lathered her clitoris.

Then she released her pent up emotion and she came. In doing so provided me with a taste of her that I had not previously experienced. It was as if she was cumming like a man. It wasn’t a spurt. It was a flow of moisture that was similar in texture to, but different from, male cum, only clear. It also tasted quite different. I licked and swallowed it. It was a unique experience for me.

I had not experienced other than the normal moisture that women can make when aroused. This was different, it was something new. It was not unpleasant and I was curious. I began to lick the juices from her vagina as they flowed slowly from within her.

Terry realised what she was doing and began to apologise, and began to pull back.

“I am sorry, that doesn’t normally happen. I have only done that once before when I was with another woman. I don’t know what causes it other than it only happens when I have an orgasm when somebody is giving me oral.”

“Don’t worry, whatever it is, is OK. I can handle it. I haven’t seen or tasted it before either. You are giving me something I have never experienced before. I am enjoying it. “

After I had licked her dry she climbed off me and we lay together once more. I put my hand over and massaged and manipulated one of her nipples.

“Oh god,” she uttered. “I just adore that. It really does things for me.”

I continued to play with her nipples for some time until she said.

“Can we fuck again? I really want it again. That stirs me up no end.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. This time she got up on her knees and said.

“Let's try it like this. It's my favourite position.”

I immediately got behind her and I mounted her as a dog would mount a bitch.

As my cock slid in between the cheeks of her ass I gave her a friendly slap on her cheek.

“Is there no end to the ways you treat women. I have never had such an experience with one man at any time doing everything you and I have done tonight. I am enthralled with you.”

I slapped her other cheek and she pushed herself back to take as much of my cock into her as she could manage. I was pressed hard against her cheeks of her ass and watched as her little brown asshole puckered before my eyes. I licked my finger and rimmed her and she pushed back again. I slipped my finger just inside her ass and I had about one joint in and she said.

“That’s far enough. Now rub me there.”

I did as instructed. My cock was still embedded in her cunt but I was not thrusting, I was now providing the desire she asked for and rimmed and plugged her asshole gently.

“I don’t know about you, but I have never had a man or a woman that has given me so much pleasure in one night ever before. I have never had anybody do to me what you have done to me tonight. You are amazing.”

“To be honest I have only ever done something similar to what we have done, or doing, with one other woman. It is as if I am reliving my youth again. The last time I achieved anything like what we have done tonight was with Pam twenty odd years ago. It is as if I am reliving those days. You are every bit as interesting and wonderful as she was.”

“Thank you for being so honest. I have never enjoyed myself as much as this either another man or woman before either. I am glad I can provide happy memories of your days gone by. I think you actually loved that woman.”

With that, I began to fuck her as I had fucked many other women doggy style. She came gently once and I continued to fuck her until I was ready to cum.

Once I had cum we stopped.

We lay down together and once more held hands and gently kissed each other on the neck and ear from time to time. She had been warm and had sweated a little. She had worn some scent earlier that day and it was now adding to the perfectness of her presence. We were both more than satisfied with what we had done together.

Terry said. ”I think we should go to sleep. You have to take me home very early before we start work tomorrow. I need a change of clothing.”

With that, I cuddled into her back and spooned with her. Before I went to sleep, however, in the back of my mind was her birthmark, the coincidence and fact she was born with that fascinated me.

The following morning I dropped her off at her home early and said I would send a car to pick her up at 8.30.

From that day on we never referred to what had happened, outside my apartment. I never bought up her birthmark with her again. I was frightened I might learn something that would concern me greatly.

Over the next couple of months, we met discreetly at my apartment at least two or three times a week. She never left the office with me and always before or after me and drove to my apartment parking in the basement. She now had a key to gain entry. We began to have occasional weekends together in the mountains using an Airbnb property. We were both unable to exist without each other. The both of us became engrossed in our secret affair and the lust we shared together. The age difference had been forgotten.

We were in love and we had discussed the possibility of marriage and decide the age difference was too great and that we would continue to live separately but meet as we did. There were a couple of times I partnered her to functions but it always appeared as if we were business partners, which in fact we had become secretly. I had made provisions for her to receive an income apart from her salary from the company and would in time own the company on my passing.

One morning, I received a call from her telling me she was unable to come into the office. She had contracted a virus and the doctor had ordered her to bed for a couple of days. She had taken one of the cars home as her car was in for some repairs. I told her I would come around and pick up the keys and the car. I didn’t want to send one of the drivers.

When I arrived I went up to her apartment and she let me in dressed in her dressing gown. It was the first time I had ever been there. She led me to the bedroom where she had the car keys.

When she picked up the keys from the bedside table I could not help but see the photo that she had beside her bed.

“Who is that?” I asked her picking up the photo.

“That is my mum, I believe. It is the only photo I have of her. It was given to me by my foster parents when I was sent to boarding school. Obviously, she was in the Army as she is in uniform. I have never met her and that is all I have of her to remind me of who my birth mum may be. My birth certificate says that my father is unknown. I would say she didn’t want him to know she had his baby if she even knew who my father was. My foster parents and the solicitor had tried to trace my birth parents for me, but they got nowhere.”

I was shocked. The person in that photo was Pam, my lover of twenty odd years before. I had once owned a copy of the same photo.

I made no comment and wished her a speedy recovery and left.

On my way back to the office I thought long and hard about what I had just learned. I had often referred to my lover of years ago as Pam when referring to her when I was talking to Terry. When Terry talked about her mother which she had only done on one or two occasions she referred to her as ‘my birth mum’. To Terry, her mother was the foster mother she had been brought up by.

Now I realised how Terry came to have an identical birthmark in exactly the same place. The coincidences were adding up, and my mind was in turmoil. The thought of what may be the truth frightened me. We had never discussed Terry’s birthmark after that night I first noticed it months ago despite me seeing it on a very regular basis. I just considered it a freak of nature. Maybe other women had similar markings.

I perused her HR file and found her birth date was exactly nine months after Pam had left to go overseas. My middle name is Terrance. The coincidences were overwhelming.

Fortunately, I had time to think and consider the ramifications of our relationship before I had to face her again.

I was in love with and sleeping with my own adult daughter and completely unaware of the fact.

She was, I believed also in love with me. Our love had developed into something far greater than paternal. She more often than not encouraged and initiated the intimacy in our sexual relationships as did the woman I now believe is her mother. Like Pam, she is an adult and mature woman and knew what she was doing. The love affair between us was mutual.

Terry is having an intimate and love affair with a man old enough to be her father, and I am convinced I am.

Fortunately, I didn’t see her for the next three days. I did ring each day to check on her. My mind was in turmoil.

I lay awake at night for hours considering my options.

I decided after much consternation I would say nothing and continue to love and sleep with her. The person I now believed was my own daughter.

She would never know, and there was no chance of her becoming pregnant. I had a vasectomy some years earlier to prevent any “accidents on purpose” by my female employees with any ideas of a future with me.

I had made Terry aware of this so as she could cease taking contraceptives early in our relationship. I could not father a child with her or anybody else. It had not been the case when I was making love to Pam.

In order to dispel any possible thoughts or doubts about our relationship, I decided we would live together as man and wife and move to a new locality. Terry, I am sure, would be more than willing to do that. Maybe my employees call me a dirty old man having a partner half my age. I bear that title proudly.

The age difference in our relationship had been raised and discussed many times before. It would be forgotten and never raised again. She would live as my wife, unknown to her, with her own father.

The business would pass to Terry on my death. I had my will changed to reflect this. I was not going to say a word. She will never know until my passing.

If it were possible to love her more than I already did, I would do so proudly. She now means more to me now that at any other time.

She is my own flesh and blood and I will break any law to continue to love and live with her as man and wife. Nothing will change that.

The fact we are intimate will continue and be of no consequence. The riddle of the birthmark has been solved in my mind, and the truth is known only to me. It will always be there to remind me of Pam, my first true love, as will the love and birthmark I now share with her daughter. This was one thing that I would never be sharing my knowledge of with Terry.

The only people that won't is surprised are “our” employees who have always suspected we were sleeping together anyhow.

Whatever others think of my incestuous relationship with my own (adult) daughter does not concern me should it ever become known. I love Terry and I will always do so and for more reasons than one, and I know she loves me in exactly the same way. I have loved two women in my life like no other, and ironically they are mother and daughter.



This is a true story. I was privileged to be told of this as the man wanted to confess his misdeeds and be aware that somebody other than himself is aware of the relationship after he had passed on. He is a very close friend but we were never intimate. I have told it in his words and only used a little literary licence in places where I believed it would enhance the story and not change the truth. His name is never used. The female names have been changed. He is extremely happy with what I have written.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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