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Uncle Lust: Part Two

But most of all, I believe he was in his own little world. He was in uncle lust.

Saturday morning, I awoke at seven. I threw the covers off myself and headed to the shower immediately. The hot water and steam woke me up even more. While the hot water traveled down my naked body, a sexual rush passed through my form from the actions of the day before. It had been a while since I had had any sexual contact and my body was yearning for some passion. Hell, my body was screaming for just a good fuck.

 It was going to be a warm day and I knew that I always had an open invitation to go to Uncle Blake’s to bask in the sunlight around the pool. That was what I intended to do. I also knew that Rachel would join me.

 After my shower, I looked in my dresser drawer and started to go through the many bikinis I had. I wanted the right one, the one that would most make me look sexy and show off what I had to offer. I wanted my Uncle Blake to be surprised. No, what I really wanted was for my uncle to be sexually stimulated.

 I settled on the turquoise bikini. One, for the color, and two, for the way it showed off my body while wearing it. It showed just enough to get attention from guys and let their minds wonder what it was I had hiding behind the fabric that covered my most sensual sexual spots. I loved to be a tease at times.

 I looked at myself in the full length mirror hanging on the wall in my room. Turning around and side to side, I smiled at myself and knew the bikini I chose would do the trick. I put a pair of sweat shorts and a tee shirt on and got my bag ready. Grabbing the basic necessities I needed for an outing at the poolside and piling them in my bag, I looked at my watch and it was eight thirty. It was a good time to head over. That way I could spend the day there with Rachel. Furthermore, I hoped to spend the whole day with my uncle.

 I told mom and dad where I was heading and out the door I went. I hopped in my convertible and drove the ten blocks to Rachel’s house. Uncle Blake was standing in the front yard watering the rose garden when I pulled into the driveway. When I saw him, a new sensation enveloped my whole body; a sensation that I had never before felt. It was more of an erotic sensation than that of a sexual sensation.

 I got out of my convertible, and Uncle Blake turned and smiled.I reciprocated and Rachel came bounding out of the front door. She was dressed in her soft pink bikini top and jean shorts. She was smiling and laughing as she came up to me.

 “Well, look at that, me and you both have the same idea today!”

 “Yeah.Today is a good day for it.”

 “It sure is.It will be a wonderful day for it. Mom is out visiting old friends. She won’t be home until late tonight, if you know what I mean.”

 I knew exactly what Rachel meant and the erotic feeling traveled through me even more. What I wanted to happen was going to happen.

 “Daddy, Cammie and I are going to be out lying by the pool,” Rachel yelled to her father and smiled. I caught the smile and knew exactly why Rachel smiled.

 We both went into the house and to the kitchen to get some cold drinks and then headed out the sliding glass door that led to the pool deck. The lounge chairs were there, but Rachel and I opted for the comfort of a beach towel spread out on the concrete deck. At the same time, we both plopped down on our respective towels. I reached into my bag and pulled out the sun tanning oil and poured some in my hand and passed the bottle to Rachel.

 Meanwhile, Uncle Blake had made his way into the house and unbeknownst to us, he watched us through the sliding glass door. He watched me rub the sun tanning oil all over my smooth skin. I could feel him looking. As he watched, I was sure he could feel the spasm that lengthened his cock. And I was right.I turned my head slightly and watched him put a hand down his shorts just to feel his slight bulge. But I could also tell that he did not want get hard by himself; he wanted us to see him get hard. But watching me slide the oil over my hot tender body, all over my slender curves that made me so sensual, he could not help but react normally. I knew that he would be fully erect by the time Rachel applied the sun tanning oil also, so he turned away from the door and headed to another room. I knew he had too. He had to give himself minutes to subside.

 The sun felt good as it pounded on us lying out by the pool. Our skin was glistening as we lied there and conversed about things. Suddenly, we heard the sliding glass door open and the shuffle of bare feet against the concrete of the patio that lead to the deck in front of the pool. Rachel knew that her father would go for me first. He was ready for something fresh.

 I knew that my uncle was kneeling behind me, but I kept my eyes shut. As he touched my bare shoulders, except for the strap that held my bikini top on, I shuddered. His hands felt so good on my shoulders. I felt his fingers massage the curve of my shoulders, around and around, and I started to feel myself get wet. The erotic touches of him made the desire travel through my body and culminate in the place that it meant to be.Rachel lied there with her head turned and watched her father touch me sensually. She, too, I could tell, was feeling the moisture inside her hot pinkness form and glide out.

 I began to moan from Uncle Blake’s touch.Rachel watched the expression on my face.It was an expression of pure joy. The feeling I got from my uncle’s fingers on my hot skin was overwhelming and I reeled in the tingles that traveled through my body. He kept rubbing over my shoulders until I felt his actions, thinking he could go further down my body. When he felt my body give in a little more to his touch, he moved his hands a little further down.
 I felt his fingers glide over my skin further down my front side. His hands felt good as they traveled further.I knew that he wanted to feel my breasts. And I wanted him to feel them also. I wanted to know that I was pleasing my uncle. I wanted him to know that he was pleasing me. Rachel watched as her father moved his hands down lower on my upper most part. As she watched, she began to feel her own body, trying to simulate the actions of her father’s hands on me. And she was doing a very good job at it too.

 Uncle Blake felt safe in running his hands over my bikini covered breasts. They were not huge, but average and most of all, perky. Slowly, he ran his hands over my breasts, barely cupping them. He felt how soft and firm they were through my bikini top. He could feel the puffiness of my nipples under his palm. His hands felt wonderful on my chest and another soft moan escaped my lips. Rachel watched as her father felt my breasts and she started to feel her own in the same manner.

 Then he began to squeeze slightly. The firmness in his hands was beginning to make his cock swell.I could see that through his shorts. He did not want that to happen just yet so he stopped. He still wanted us to see his cock rise. He did not want to be fully erect when I first saw it. I knew he wanted me to bring him to full attention. It was a chore for him to hold back, but he did and felt his cock subside to its normal state.

 Neither I nor my uncle noticed that Rachel was feeling herself, more than her breasts, until she groaned a sexual sound. I looked at my cousin and saw that she was feeling one of her breasts and her other hand was down between her legs. Her father looked at her also and smiled.Rachel sensed that we were watching her and stopped and removed both of her hands. As she did, I caught a glimpse her hard nipples showing through her bikini top. Upon seeing that, I felt more desire run through my body. And I did something I thought I would never do.In instinct, my hands rose and touched my cousin’s nipples that were poking out through her bikini top. Rachel moaned and then took her hands and ran them on the inside of my bikini top, feeling the bare skin of my breasts. Before I knew it, I was topless and my uncle was now between me and my cousin.

 He was kneeling between us, Rachel kissing him on the neck. The strap of the bikini top around Rachel’s neck was now untied and dangling, exposing her round just as perky breasts. I reached around to Rachel’s back and untied what was left of the other strap and threw it to where my top laid on the concrete. Her father watched and could not believe that he was surrounded by his topless daughter and me, his niece. I could tell he was beginning to feel like he was in a sexual heaven. The only thing that would make it better was letting me get him hard.

 Suddenly, I got to my knees and brought my hands to Uncle Blake. Tugging at the shirt he was wearing and pulling it over his head, I then ran my hands down his broad chest, covered in hair in places. I circled one of my fingers around his nipple like he had felt my breasts through my bikini top. Rachel reciprocated by running her finger over his other nipple. I was enjoying it, and I knew that I would only enjoy it more by doing one other thing. Before I knew it, my free hand had run down inside his shorts and started to feel around.I felt his soft cock. It felt like a damp sponge in my hands. I could also feel how big his cock was. It was so much bigger than that one guy I had been with. God, I wanted to make it hard.

 I mumbled to my uncle, “I want to make this hard,” as I wrapped my fingers around it.

 “I wish you would,” he said.

 Rachel smiled and said to me, “You’re gonna love it!”

 I slid my hand out and began to unbutton his shorts and pulled the zipper down. As I folded the fabric of his shorts down, the outline of a neatly trimmed pubic region was showing. The first thought I had was that young guys only did this. I could not wait to see it in all its glory.I also could not wait to see his cock in all its glory. Pulling down his shorts, his cock flopped out. I was amazed. I had never seen such a big soft cock before. That one guy I had been with was nothing compared to my uncle.Uncle Blake had a good three or four more inches. I could only imagine what it looked like erect.

 Slowly, I slid his shorts down further so that he could come out of them. As I did, I saw his flaccid cock flop from side to side. Rachel watched it also. Rachel stood up and pulled her bikini bottoms off, exposing her shaved smooth kitty, the plump outline of her slit showing perfectly. It was damp with her sexual juices. She then looked at me and I knew why. She did not want to be the only girl out here with her father that was naked. It was only fair. Her father was already naked, now she was naked, and that only left me. So, I stood up and tugged at the strings of my bikini bottom and let it fall to the concrete beneath me. Like Uncle Blake, I exposed my perfectly trimmed triangle shaped pubes, with the point leading down to my sweet spot.

 Uncle Blake stood naked, his cock still flaccid as I kneeled down in front of him, and Rachel stood beside him, rubbing her hands over his shoulders and still kissing his neck. I slid my hands over his stomach and down through his trimmed pubes until I found his cock. I rubbed down the top of his soft cock and back up the underside. He moaned slightly and I felt the blood begin the rush to it. His cock began to lengthen and thicken.I was making my uncle hard.

 Rachel watched as her father’s cock came to life. She reached over his shoulders and began rubbing his chest as I continued to make her father’s cock rise. I was sure that he was not only getting stimulation from me, but also from his daughter and that helped with the situation. Finally, to make my uncle fully stiff and erect, I wrapped my fingers around his cock and began to squeeze and stroke slightly.In less than five seconds after doing so, Uncle Blake was at full attention.

 I was amazed at his size.I knew I probably should not have been, but I was young, still only eighteen and I had only been with that one guy, so seeing another cock was a surprise. I never knew that a man could have an erection so big.I had watched porn before. Rachel and I had watched it together, but I guess we had watched the wrong ones. Even the men in those that we had watched were not as big as my uncle. I only had to guess that my uncle was at least seven inches, a good eight at best. And his thickness was just as big.I had to say his cock was at least three inches around. I was getting more wet at the thought of having him inside me. But I was still fresh and had not had a cock inside my tight pussy in a long time. I wondered if I could take my uncle deep inside.

 I stroked him slowly with one hand as my other found my clit. I had to feel myself. I could feel my clit wanting to come out of hiding. I had to give it some attention. My uncle moaned from my touch, and I looked up and I watched Rachel start feeling her pussy. As I massaged my clit and watched my cousin run her finger over her plump sexual lips, I began to feel the juices flow even more. I was on the verge of an orgasm.

 I began to feel the spasm pass through my body on its way down to my now almost dripping slit. I could not help but moan louder as the tingling feeling moved closer to its destination. Rachel could see it too. She knew what was going through my body. She also knew that it was going to be intense. I did not have to tell her anything. We were like sisters, and she knew exactly what was going on.

 I knew it was going to be intense when my orgasm hit. As I had not had sex in so long, my body was craving it. Wanting it.Begging for it. Uncle Blake could see that I was about to cum. I could feel that it was going to be strong.It was going to be stronger than any orgasm I have ever had. My fingers were still wrapped around my uncle’s cock and my other fingers continued to circle a rhythm on my clit still. I felt the spasm move lower and I could feel the pulses of my clit on my fingers getting stronger and stronger. I was about to explode.

 “Hmm, my sweet cousin is getting close. Go ahead Cam, let it out. Let that orgasm overtake you,” I heard Rachel say as she still fondled her father in places.

 And it did. I felt my pussy pulse faster against my fingers, my clit get even harder and pulse just as much, and then I felt the feeling finally hit its destination. I moaned out loud as I let the orgasm come forth.I took my hand from my uncle’s cock as I came. I sighed, “Oh shit,” as I came and felt the warm fluid spurt out of my hot pussy and onto the concrete below me. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had.It felt so wonderful as my pussy contracted and then pulsed a warm stream of pussy juice out. It was the first time that had ever happened. I had no idea that I could do that.

 I looked down at the puddle under me. It had splattered all over the concrete. I was amazed and I still felt my pussy dripping. My body was hot and tingly. Even though I had an orgasm that propelled me to new heights, I felt the need to have something inside me. I needed my uncle’s cock inside me.Iknew I would have no problem taking him in now. Just like a book, my uncle read my mind, as Rachel did so many times and before I knew it, I was swept up by his big frame and pulled over to a clear spot. As my uncle picked me up, I wrapped my legs around him and I felt him press his hard cock into my body, right in line with the entrance to my pussy. I felt the blood pounding inside it as it pressed into my skin.

 Rachel followed behind with the beach towel in her hand as my uncle carried me to the clear spot that obviously satisfied him. My cousin spread the beach towel on the concrete and before I knew it, my uncle had laid me down upon it. I was now at his mercy. Instinctively, I spread my legs and awaited his entrance into me.

 He was positioned between my legs, kneeling, and I looked up to him and his cock was rock hard and pointing in the direction of my wet orifice. Rachel had positioned herself beside me and was now rubbing my side, my stomach, and moving her way up to my breasts. Her hands felt as good on me as if they were my own. Uncle Blake grabbed his cock, moved his body lower to me, and I felt him guide the tip over my notch, up and down. The tip of his cock felt warm as he glided it up and down my sensitive slit. I was more than willing to take him inside me. My pussy wanted to just grab the tip of him and pull him inside.

 Rachel watched and rubbed my skin and waited for her father to penetrate me. Up and down a couple more times my uncle slid the tip of his hardness over my pink opening and then finally, with such gentle slowness, Uncle Blake plunged his hard cock into me. I whimpered as I felt his thickness touch the pliable supple walls of my personal cavity. As he lunged inside further, Rachel cupped my breasts and gently massaged. The feel of her hands on my breasts and feeling the ridges of my uncle’s cock inside me was overwhelming. Then my uncle started his thrusts.

 I felt my back move back and forth as my uncle pounded slowly into me. The rhythm was methodical. He timed his thrusts with his daughter’s hands upon me. I sighed heavily as both of them attacked my body. As my uncle continued his rhythm inside me, I began to feel my cousin. I reached up to her and felt her nipples.They were hard and erect and as I tweaked them, she moaned. She ran one of her hands over my neck to my face and suddenly leaned down and touched her lips to mine. I tasted a sweetness that I had never tasted before.It was the first time I had ever kissed another girl. It was mesmerizing. Somehow, my hand drifted down her body as she continued to kiss me and Uncle Blake continued to slide in and out of me. I found her pussy with my hand and felt her clit.I t was hard and sensitive. As I did to myself, I circled it and she began to sigh against my lips as she continued to kiss me. I felt the juices start to flow out of her and onto my fingers.Then she laid back. As she laid back, I felt my uncle slip out of me and then move over to his daughter.

 I watched as my uncle made the transition to his daughter. His cock was wet with my pussy juice. Rachel spread her legs and without hesitation, Uncle Blake shoved his moist cock into her. I leaned over on my side and started to touch Rachel like she touched me. Her breasts bounced with each stride her father made into her. My hands cupped her breasts as she did mine and I massaged hers. She sighed as much as I did. Then I started to kiss her.Her lips still tasted as sweet. As I kissed her, my eyes glimpsed to my uncle and I could see the tension on his face. I looked down Rachel’s body as I continued to massage her breasts and I could see the grip she had on her father. I watched the outline of her pussy lips envelope her father’s cock. It was a beautiful sight.

 Suddenly, Rachel began to arch her body, her back digging into the concrete below her, and she sighed heavily, “Daddy, I’m going to cum! You are going to make me cum!” Her father began to pound into her harder and quicker.Rachel began to turn her head from side to side, and she said again in another heavy sigh, “I’m cumming.God, I’m cumming!” and Rachel arched her body back down, made a low growling sound and her father exited her and so did her orgasm. In an ooze of sexual liquid, Rachel groaned her climax and let the orgasm exit her hot canal in a running flow.

 Before I could even react, Uncle Blake had grabbed my knees and pulled them apart and he was back inside me. I could feel the gooeyness of Rachel on his cock as he slid inside me again. With a whimper from my uncle invading my hot cavity again, I clamped down on his hardness with more desire. I felt every ridge of him inside me more than I had before. I could feel him even harder than he was when he was first inside me. I knew what that meant. But I did not want him to cum inside me.I wanted to see him cum. I wanted to see him ejaculate all over me. I wanted to feel his hot stickiness on my skin.

 “Uncle Blake, please don’t cum inside me,” I said through hard rapid breaths. “I want to see you cum. I want to see you shoot your load all over me. I want to feel the warmth of you all over me.”

 Rachel lied beside me, still, recuperating from her orgasm, but still watching her father fuck me. Uncle Blake did not say anything to me as I spoke what I wanted him to do. He just pumped into me a few more times, hard thrusts at that, and then he pulled out. He kneeled in front of me, grabbed his large rock hard cock with one hand and started to stroke. I lied there, watching him stroke. He started to moan louder and louder.I knew he was about to cum.

 “Ready, Cammie? Ready for my cum?” Uncle Blake blurted out through deep moans.

 I just shook my head up and down and smiled. I watched my uncle stroke a little harder, watched his balls lift and tighten towards his body, and then, as he stroked down one last time, he held his hard cock, the head a deep red color, and the I saw the first spurt of white jet out and I felt the hotness of it land between my breasts. The second stream landed in the same spot and the third just below it. My uncle continued to cum in succession, each spurt a little shorter, until he had expelled all he could. The last dribble landed on my triangle shaped pubes. Rachel reached over to me and started to drag his cum with her fingers, starting at my pubic hair and working her way up between my breasts. As she did, I watched the last bit drip from my uncle's cock, as it started to subside. He relaxed his body by sitting all the way down on the concrete, his cock now dangling softly.

 Rachel brought her finger up to my lips, her father's sexual juice all over it, and I took her finger inside, tasting my uncle's cum. It was sweet and salty at the same time and tasted wonderful. He sat there and watched his daughter feed me his seed. He smiled as she did. Then Rachel kissed me again, while she ran her hands through the rest of his cum on my body. Still, my Uncle Blake just watched us.

 Rachel and I were both quite sticky so we got up and ran to the pool's edge and dove in. Uncle Blake watched us as our naked bodies pierced the water. I swam a little ways out to the middle of the pool and turned around and smiled to him. I treaded water as I ran my hands down my front side, washing off my uncle's orgasm.I watched him watch me do so. I could read on his face he was happy. He had not only shared his daughter. He had shared me, his niece. He was enjoying the moment of having had both of us. Now, he was enjoying the moment of me and Rachel in his pool.But most of all, I believe he was in his own little world. He was in uncle lust.

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