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Virgin Brother

Sexy older sister makes her younger brother a man.

Growing up, my life was a living hell. In the neighborhood we live in, everyone was obsessed with athletic and academic perfection. Unfortunately, I wasn’t an athlete or a genius. My older sister, Jayla, however, was on the gymnastics team and captain of the quiz bowl team.

If it weren’t for her, my life would’ve been much worse. She looked out for me and made sure things never went too far. Whenever pranks did cross a line, Jayla beat somebody’s ass.

One day, after a particularly horrendous prank, one of Jayla’s friends, Elena, helped me pick myself up. We started talking and discovered that we had a lot in common. Eventually, I got up the courage to ask her out, and she said yes.

We went on a few friendly dates, mostly hanging out with her friends, but our first real date was on prom night. It was supposed to be the greatest night of my life. That night, at prom, I caught Elena deepthroating her ex-boyfriend. As it turned out, she only wanted to use me to make her ex jealous.

Catching her with another man’s dick in her throat destroyed me. I sank into an even deeper, dark depression. My grades slipped even lower, and I started losing weight, as I’d lost my appetite. After weeks of pointlessly living, Jayla staged a solo intervention in my bedroom.

“What’s wrong with you?”

I stared at her blankly. “Nothing.”

“Bullshit! Tell me what’s really going on.”

“Nothing; I’m fine.”

“Do you know what F.I.N.E. stands for? Fucked up, Insecure, Needy, and Emotional.”

“Stop watching my Netflix queue.”

She smiled and laughed, but her eyes looked sad. “Seriously, mano; I can’t help you if you don’t tell what’s wrong.”

“Help me?” My entire body filled with rage. “Where was this help after Elena cheated on me?”

“She didn’t cheat on you; you broke up with her. You walked out on her at prom.”

“I walked out on her because I caught her giving her ex-boyfriend a blowjob.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about my ex-girlfriend, your friend, cheating on me?”

“Are you sure it was Elena?”

“Am I sure? She saw me see her see me, and when she saw me, she smiled. Then, he started laughing as he blew his load all over my girlfriend’s face.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve beaten her ass.”

“I didn’t want you to beat her ass; I just wanted to leave.”

“Frankie, I am so sorry.” She walked over and gave me a big hug. “At least you fucked her,” she joked in my ear.

“I never had sex with Elena.”

She stopped hugging me and grinned. “You’re joking, right? Elena’s the sluttiest girl in school.”

“If she’s the sluttiest girl in school, why’d you let me go out with her?”

“So you could get laid, duh. You had to have fucked her at least once?”

“No! She said she wanted to wait until after prom.”

“And you believed her; how naïve are you? Oh my god…” Jayla was dumbfounded. “What are you, a virgin or something; how could you fall for that?”

“I’m not a virgin!” I yelled.

“Frankie?” She looked at me in all seriousness. “Have you ever had sex?”

“Why do you care?”

She grabbed my hand. “If I’d known that, I would’ve never let you go out with that slut.”

I jerked my hand away. “Whatever! I don’t even want to have sex anymore. I’m perfectly fine not having sex for the rest of my life!”

I don’t know why, but she seemed offended. “You think you can live without sex?” She dropped to her knees and grinned up at me. “Let me give you a taste of what you’re giving up.”

Without warning, she yanked my pants down and started massaging the front of my tighty whities. My body tensed as she wrapped her fingers around my soft shaft. Her eyes widen, and she gasped, watching the cotton fabric stretch as my cock throbbed to life.

“Jayla, what…?” I could barely keep my eyes open as she pressed her mouth against my bulge and blew a breath of hot air. “Oh shit…”

She slowly pulled my man-panties down, kissing the length of my shaft until my dick sprang free. As she reached my tip, she twirled her tongue under my foreskin while wrapping her lips around my head. Her warm, wet tongue teased out the first glob of precum.

She pulled her mouth away and smiled at me. “You like having your dick sucked?” Before I could reply, she started stroking my shaft over her face. “Your dick is so big; I have to use two hands.”

I looked down and smiled at the sight of my cock lying across her pretty face. Her hands pumped my shaft slowly, squeezing precum onto her forehead. She opened her mouth and drizzled my slime onto her tongue. My cock throbbed in her hands and coated her taste buds in watery goo.

I couldn’t believe the electric energy flowing through my body as she wrapped her lips around my head again. Her hot mouth soaked my shaft as she engulfed inch after inch, moaning and softly bobbing her head down my length. It felt better than anything I’d ever felt before, but it was also weird. She was my sister, but she was sucking my cock like a slutty housewife.

As much as I wanted her to stop, I wanted her to slide my cock deeper in her mouth. She softly gagged as my pulsating head throbbed against the back of her tongue. I ran my hands through her hair and slid my dick to the back of her throat.

Without hesitation, she swallowed my head and gargled my tip. Her tight neck muscles massaged my tip while her tongue rubbed my shaft. She started rocking her head back and forth, slurping on my cock as her mouth filled with slime and saliva. The sticky mixture oozed out the sides of her mouth and dripped down her chin and neck.

As her mouth tightened, my ass clenched. I could feel a phenomenal explosion building in my balls, and I didn’t want it to stop. It was more forceful than any beat-off session I’d ever experienced. I grabbed two handfuls of her thick, black hair and tried to hold my screams.

She gagged on the first blast of cum as it splashed into her throat. Before she could swallow, three more powerful bursts shot into her mouth. Like a pro, she kept her lips wrapped around my shaft, sucking and swallowing every drop, incessantly bobbing her head until I was empty.

When my cock softened, she slowly pulled away and licked my oozing tip. “Now, you can decide if you want to give up sex forever.” She pumped my cock one last time before kissing my dick and getting up and walking out of my room.

I immediately fell on the bed, exhausted and overcome with confusion and salacity. My mind flooded with questions like, “What just happened? Did that really just happen?” and “Why did I cum so hard?” It was both disturbing and erotic; I honestly didn’t know what to think.

More than anything, I wanted to know how she could do that and not feel weird. Was I a victim or the victor? Would we go back to the way things were before, or did we just cross a line from which there’s no return?

That night, at dinner, I was quieter than usual. Jayla was excited about going to college and couldn’t stop talking about living on her own and living by her own rules. While absent-mindedly eating, I heard my fork scrap against my plate. I looked down and realized I’d eaten all of my food; something I hadn’t done in weeks.

“Wow, I didn’t realize you were that hungry,” my mother commented.

“Neither did I,” I responded.

“Don’t be modest, son. It’s about time you showed some of that Nava virility. Our familia; the men’s appetites extend far beyond plates of food if you know what I mean.” My father smiled and jokingly elbowed me in the arm.

As my mother told him to leave me alone, Jayla smiled and winked at me.

After dinner, alone in my room, I thought about what just happened. She winked and smiled at me, so I knew she remembered what she’d done. The fact that she wasn’t troubled by what we’d done made me think that it was normal.

By the time I fell asleep, I’d genuinely halfway convinced myself that it was okay. I even dreamt about us having full-blown sex.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt so wronged that I convinced myself nothing had happened and that it was all just a horrible dream. By the time I got out of bed, I was back to my normal depressed self. Jayla noticed me slumping around again and followed me into the kitchen.

“What’s wrong now?” she asked.

“I had the strangest dream,” I responded. “Strange isn’t the right word,” I thought to myself.

“What was it about?”

“I dreamt that you…” I shyly suggested something that involved her mouth, and she laughed.

“Frankie, it’s okay; you can say it. I sucked your dick.”

I was shocked. “Why are you saying like that?” I whispered.

“You don’t have to whisper. Mom and Dad already went to work.”

“I don’t care where Mom and Dad are; that’s not why I’m whispering. Why are you saying it like that?”

“How am I supposed to say it? I sucked your dick; that’s what happened.”

I was, again, overcome with emotion. “What the fuck? That really happened?” I fell against the wall and ran my hands through my hair. “How could you do that?”

“How could I do what? It was just a blowjob; it didn’t mean anything. I just didn’t want you swearing off sex because some dumb slut broke your heart.”

“So, you thought sucking my dick would help? It freaked me out; it didn’t help me.” I began to panic, thinking about what would happen if people found out. I was barely surviving the eleventh grade as it was; how the hell would I survive another year? “Why would you do that?” I screamed.

“Do what?” she screamed. “You really need to calm down,” she laughed. She grabbed my hands and pulled me away from the wall. “Do you want to know why I did it? I did it to make up for what Elena didn’t do. Plus…”

“Plus what?”

“Plus, I wanted to suck your dick. Don’t get me wrong; initially, it was all about giving you the experience of a lifetime, but when I saw that big dick…” She bit her bottom lip and moaned.

“My dick is not big.”

“Not big? Mano, your dick is huge.”

“It’s not huge. It’s the same size as the guys in porn.”

“Yeah, that’s fucking huge; all those dicks are fucking huge. Most guys have six-inch cocks. Yours is closer to eight inches; eight thick, long inches.”

“If my cock was that big; I would have a girlfriend and wouldn’t need a pity suck from my sister.”

“It wasn’t a pity suck. And if girls knew about big your dick, they’d be trying to jump on it all the time.”

“But they don’t, and they aren’t. So, thanks for the pity talk, but I’ll stick with my original plan. But don’t worry; if I ever want to have sex, I’ll just guilt trip you into pity fucking me.”

I pushed her out of my way and got some leftovers from the fridge. With a plate of food in hand, I went back to my room and slammed the door shut.

Over the next few days, I stayed away from Jayla, changing my routine just enough to avoid her. I couldn’t get over the fact that my sister felt so sorry for me that she decided to suck my dick out of pity. Every time I thought about forgiving her, I was overcome with anger and shame towards myself.

About a week later, while studying in the library during lunch, the prettiest girl in my Chemistry class, Stacey, came over to me. She had the biggest smile on her face and a devilish look in her eyes.

“Hey, I’m Stacey.”

“I know. I sit behind you in Mr. Turner’s class.”

“Do you ever think about fucking me from behind while you’re sitting behind me in Mr. Turner’s class?” I genuinely did not know how to respond to her question. Before I knew it, she was showing me a dick pic someone had sent her earlier that day. “Is this your dick? Can I feel it?”

Again, she didn’t wait for me to answer. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the quietest part of the library, where no one could see or hear us. Stacey pulled my cock out, dropped to her knees, and thrust her mouth onto my soft manhood. Within seconds, I was hard and throbbing inside her sucking mouth. Her tongue danced around my shaft as her lips puckered and massaged my engorged veins. As I felt the back of her throat, she gargled my enlarged head.

The gentle squeeze of her throat and her hot, wet mouth overwhelmed me. As she pushed my cock all the way down her throat, my balls erupted and sprayed the back of mouth with thick ropes of cum. She held her mouth around my spewing shaft, desperately trying to suck and swallow all of my jizz. Her mouth overflowed, making her gag and choke as her throat filled with cum.

I pulled her off my cock and groaned as I continued gushing, spraying her lips and face with slime. She hungrily licked the cum off her lips before slurping off the cum that oozed down my shaft.

“Mmm, your cum is so thick and sweet,” she moaned. She licked my cock clean until I was soft. “Call me,” she whispered in my ear before leaving with some of my cum still on her face.

I fell against the bookshelf behind me, trying to figure out what just happened. Then, I remembered she had a picture of my cock on her phone. After thinking about it for a second, the only person who’s ever seen my cock is Jayla, but wouldn’t everyone know she took the picture?

The more I thought about it; the more I didn’t understand. I spent all night trying to figure out how a picture of my dick ended up on Stacey’s phone. After a while, I convinced myself that it was someone else’s dick pic, and it was the beginning of another prank. But, why would Stacey give me a blowjob?

Slowly, I started thinking about the blowjob she gave me. Then, I couldn’t stop thinking about the difference between her blowjob and the one Jayla gave me. If I'm honest, Jayla’s was the better. Even though Jayla only sucked my dick out of pity, Stacey just didn’t have as much talent. After a while, I realized I was thinking about my sister sucking my dick again, and it wasn’t making me feel weird.

That weekend, I decided to confront Jayla finally. After our parents left for work, I stormed into her bedroom. I wanted to catch her off guard and expose the real reason she sucked my dick, but when I entered her room, her magnificent beauty stopped me in my tracks.

She was lying on the bed in nothing but an oversized shirt and the tiniest black and white polka-dotted panties. Her dark caramel skin tone looked golden contrasting against her light green shirt. When I got closer to her bed, she tossed her goddess-thick hair over her sexy shoulders and stared at me with her green eyes.

“Are you talking to me again?”

Instead of words, a deep grunt erupted from me. It was more of a growl, as my eyes trailed her sexy curves, poorly hidden by the loose shirt. Her cute, plump ass looked tight and bubbly under the polka-dotted lucent satin panties. I wanted nothing more than to lean down and bite her on the ass.

“Frankie?” She quickly realized why I was staring. “Is that the Nava hunger I see in your eyes?” She pushed herself up onto her knees and pulled her shirt halfway up her body, revealing her sexy navel ring. “Fuck me, Papi” she seductively moaned.

“What?” After pulling my eyes away, I demanded to know, “Why’d you really suck my dick?”

She let her shirt fall and laughed. “Seriously, mano? I already told you.”

“No! You told me some bullshit to make me feel better. Now, I want to know the real reason.”

“You already know the real reason; both real reasons.”

“So, I’m just supposed to believe that girls are suddenly lining up to suck my dick? This isn’t a setup to some fucking prank?”

“What girls?” Her eyes got big, and she smiled. “Who else has sucked that dick?”

“Oh, like you don’t know. Why else would one of the hottest girls in school even look at me?”

“Frankie, I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about, but good for you. What’s the slut’s name?”

“You know damn well Stacey sucked me off in the library. I just want to know why. What are you up to?”

“I’m not up to anything; I don’t even know Stacey. And I definitely don’t know why she randomly sucked your dick in the library.”

“Oh really? You don’t know anything about the dick pic or how fast she made me cum?”

“No, but again, congrats on another BJ, mano.”

“Jayla, I’m not playing. Why did Stacey suck my dick and where did that picture come from?”

“I swear to you; I don’t know. I’m just glad to hear you haven’t given up on sex. How was the blowjob?”

“You seriously don’t know anything about a prank or a setup of any kind?”

“I swear. Now, answer the question; how was the blowjob?”

“Eh,” was all I could say.

“Eh? What was ‘eh’ about it?”

“Eh, it wasn’t as overwhelming as the one you gave me.”

“What do you mean ‘not as overwhelming’?”

“Well, hers wasn’t as explosive. When you sucked my dick, I nearly passed out.”

“Did you just compliment my dick-sucking skills? Does this mean you’re not upset about the blowjob anymore?”

“No, I’m still upset, but I’m mostly upset because it was a pity suck.”

“It was not a pity suck. I loved sucking your dick, and I’d happily do it again.”

I don’t know why or how, but I suddenly dared to say, “Then do it; suck my dick again.”

We were both surprised by my belated empowerment. I pulled her closer, dragging her knees across the sheets as she wrapped her soft fingers around my semi-hard shaft. She stared into my eyes and raised her eyebrows as my cock hardened in her hand.

She used her other hand to run her nails up my scrawny frame, lightly tickling my nipples as she graved across my chest. When her hand reached my neck, she softly pulled my lips to hers. At first, I froze, still bewitched by her masterful hand and a little shy about French kissing.

“Don’t be shy; give me some tongue,” she moaned. I quickly slid my tongue against hers, and she quickly pulled away. “Too much tongue.” After a few more pointers, I was kissing her the way she wanted to be kissed. “Put your hands up my shirt and gently massage my titties. Don’t paw at my tits!”

I slowly slid my hands up her shirt, over her tight waistline and felt the soft flesh of her Latina tits. I remembered what she said, but when I felt her bare breasts, my hands went crazy. They childishly twisted her perky tits, promptly making her groan painfully.

“Seriously, mano! What did I just say?” She let my cock go and grabbed my wrists. “Gently massage; not brutally twist.” Again, I slid my hands up her shirt, but this time, I obeyed and lightly massaged.

Once she was hot and moaning in my mouth, she wrapped her hand back around my throbbing cock. Softly, she stroked beads of precum onto her fingers. The gentle pressure of her strokes sent chills down my legs, making my knees wobble.

Enthralled by her stroking hand, twisting tongue, and soft, warm body, I was overcome with manliness again. I lifted her arms and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her dark brown nipples. Without a word, I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth.

She moaned and rubbed the back of my head. “Now, you’re getting it,” she sighed. She leaned back and let me taste both her cinnamon-brown gumdrops. When her nipples were aching, she moaned, “You want to feel a real blowjob now?”

“I knew that first one wasn’t real,” I remarked.

She felt my heart beating in my cock, thumbing in her hand as she stroked. Her fingertips slowly teased their way to my balls as she sat on the edge of the bed. As her tongue stretched out and flicked over my tip, my dick swelled and shot a string of precum across her face.

I shrieked as the slime splashed in her eye. “My bad, chica,” I whimpered.

“It’s okay. It’s not the first time I’ve had cum in my eyes.”

I was glad she wasn’t angry and turned on by the sight of my goo on her face. Her eyes sparkled as she looked up at me and smiled. My cock throbbed again, oozing slime on her tongue as it passed over my head again. More goo oozed from my cock as she wrapped her soft lips around my head.

I remembered her breath being hot, but it felt hotter that time. As she engulfed more of my cock, her mouth watered and soaked my shaft much more than the last time. Her lips wrapped tighter, stroking my girth harder as she bobbed her head back and forth. She even moaned differently.

As her head bobbed faster, her tongue twirled in her mouth. Every bumpy inch stroked and massaged my shaft with precision and purpose. Her hands squeezed and jiggled my balls, building my load and making me moan more.

She sucked me deeper into her mouth, rubbing my head against the back of her throat. I ran my hands through her hair and grabbed the back of her neck. She swallowed inch after inch until her lips rested against my crotch. She held herself there, sucking and swallowing as hard as she could, massaging my cock with her entire mouth.

When she couldn’t breathe, she slowly slid my dick out, allowing all the slimy strings to stay connected. Globs of sticky saliva and goo gushed from her mouth, drenching her lips and chin in slime before most of it dribbled down her neck and plastered her chest and stomach.

She, again, laid my cock against her face. “I love sucking this dick,” she squealed. Before I could respond, she stroked a few globs of precum into her mouth. “Your watery goo taste so sweet, Frankie.” She licked the goo off my tip and moaned, “Kiss me.”

She lay back, pulling me on top of her. That was the first time I tasted my slime, but inside my sister’s mouth, it tasted delicious. I loved the taste so much; I plunged my tongue into her mouth to get more.

I broke our kiss to stare into her green eyes again, and she grinned at me. “Ready for your next lesson?” I leaned down and kissed her softly. “Kiss me lower,” she commanded.

Obediently, I began making my way down her body, softly kissing and biting down her neck and chest. I stopped at her jiggly, soft tits and sucked her nipples again. She rubbed the back of my neck, as I wrapped my arms around her waist and lightly bit each nipple until she moaned. Her body trembled with exhilaration as my teeth gently pinched her cocoa nubs.

When she begged for more, I continued kissing my way down her body until I came across her sexy belly button. After making her stomach clench from kisses, I hopped my tongue through her belly ring and gently pulled. She moaned and ran her hands through my hair until her body quaked with anticipation.

Anxiously, she pushed my head towards her heavenly aromatic vulva. The thin, satin polka-dotted fabric did nothing to conceal her intoxicating fragrance. I pressed my lips against her wet panties and hummed, vibrating her sweet-smelling slit. She aggressively pulled my hair and whimpered, begging me to stop teasing her.

I slowly slid my fingertips into the band of her panties and pulled them down. Her blissful scent filled the room as the lingerie fabric revealed the prettiest caramel pussy. She let go of my hair and stared into my eyes as I slowly pulled the satin up her legs and over her feet. Our eyes stayed locked as I leisurely kissed and licked my way back up her legs until I felt her sopping bush against my lips.

Unlike the girls in porn, Jayla had a thick, barely kempt bush. Only the outsides were neatly trimmed; the rest of her bush was wild and curly. Not all of her pussy was covered in hair, just the part right above her clitoris; a long, wide stripe of gorgeous Latina landscaping.

On instinct, I slid my tongue the length of her slit. “Wooh!” she squealed.

“Is that your clitoris?” Before she answered, I licked her clit again. “I know what to do.”

As I leaned my head down and wrapped my lips around her twitching hood, she grabbed my face and pulled my mouth away.

“No, you don’t.” She let my face go and sat up. “First, that’s not a good pussy-eating position.”

I begrudgingly moved off of her and kneeled at the edge of the bed. She moved closer to the edge and placed her legs on either side of me. Her heavenly scent lured me back to her juicy flower, and I stared doe-eyed at her pussy until she instructed me to do otherwise.

“Here,” she handed me a pillow. “Kneel on this. I don’t want you complaining about your knees halfway through.” I put the pillow under my knees while she placed a pillow under her lower back. “Second thing you need to know: there’s more to woman’s pussy than her clitoris.”

She grabbed the back of my neck and guided my mouth. “You smell so good,” I groaned.

“All you guys say that,” she joked. “Now, don’t just lick my clit; lick my entire pussy. Find every hot spot you can.” She pulled my face into her wet cunt. “Thoroughly lick and kiss and suck every part of my juicy cunt until you hear me moaning hard. After you find all of my hot spots, find my pussy’s rhythm; build me up before you go after my clit.”

Adhering to her advice, I softly flicked my tongue inside the folds of her blossomed vulva. She tasted sweet and warm, like a honey-caramel pie. Instinctually, I wrapped my hands around her thighs and pulled myself deeper into her sweetness.

She let go of my neck and fell back as my tongue searched her labia, licking across her lips and over her folds. I lightly tapped the edge of her twitching entrance, just to hear her moan and make her hips quiver. The more my tongue and lips explored her wet pussy; the more it felt like I was making mouth-love to her cunt.

I looked up and watched her squirming like a worm. My tongue darted into her sweet cunt for just a second before licking around her twitching hole. Her hips bucked and slid my tongue back inside her, forcing me to taste the full range of her sweetness.

I pushed my tongue deeper, tongue fucking her until her thighs were shaking against me. Her heavenly elixir streamed out of her and into my mouth as I lightly sucked her hole. She quivered and bucked against my face, throwing her pussy into my mouth as she filled with ecstatic elation.

When she reached down and grabbed two handfuls of my hair, I slid my tongue up her slippery slit and struck her clit. Her moans turned erratic, signaling her rush towards an orgasm. As I wrapped my lips around her pulsing hood, my tongue slowly circled her little hot spot.

Her body tightened as her pants turned to screams. “Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!” she screamed in Spanish. Her sexy cries of Spanish passion filled the room. “Don’t stop,” she yelled. “Keep going; make me cum!” I felt her wet labia vibrating as she filled with euphoric ecstasy. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming!”

She forced my mouth off her clit as she twitched out of control. Her hands protected her hypersensitive pussy while her orgasm whipped through her body. I softly kissed up and down the insides of her thighs until her body was only slightly convulsing. After a few more minutes of aftershocks, she pulled her hand away from her engorged, dripping pussy.

“That was mind-blowing,” I moaned before kissing her still trembling pussy. “Your pussy tastes sweeter after you’ve cum.”

She lifted her feet onto the bed and sat up on her elbows. “No one’s ever made me cum like that before,” she giggled. “You’re better than all of my ex-boyfriends combined.” As I drank from her sweetness, she pulled me away from her cunt. “Leave it wet; I’m going to need all that juice.”

She pulled me on top of her and shoved her tongue in my mouth, tasting herself. We both moaned as my hard shaft pressed between her throbbing labia. My cock oozed copious globs of precum between her twitching lips.

“Please, let me fuck you,” I begged between kisses.

“Why do you think I told you to leave me wet?” she laughed.

I stepped out of my briefs as she moved to the center of the bed. She opened her legs and ran her fingers up her dripping slit. In seconds, I was on top of her again, kissing and moaning in her mouth. Almost immediately, her swollen pussy lips wrapped around my throbbing shaft like a hot dog bun.

She kissed me again while rubbing her slippery pussy up and down my enlarged shaft. My dick oozed profusely, coating the inside of her folds with more precum. Her extraordinarily wet thighs and bush rubbed vigorously against mine as we grinded.

We groaned like wild animals as we coiled and kissed. In the throes of our manic grinds, my cock slid against her opening. As our bodies rhythmically swirled, my hungry cock slipped into her slippery tightness.

“Holy shit!” she squealed. “You’re so fucking big!”

I looked down and saw only the tip squeezed inside her tight pussy. “You can take more?” I laughed.

She looked down and rubbed the outsides of her swollen vulva. “Go slow,” she moaned.

My cock was throbbing harder than it’s ever throbbed before, but I managed to slide the rest of my oozing head into her twitching cunt. She moaned as my bulbous tip stretched her tight hole, soaking her silky walls with precum the deeper I pushed. Her lustrous grip wrapped salaciously around my girth, overwhelming me with a burning desire.

With four inches to go, I thrust my full length as deep as possible. Within seconds, my over-eager dick was pushing against her cervix. She violently dug her nails into my stomach and pushed me away.

“I said go slow,” she groaned while curling up in a ball and covering her pussy.

I leaned up and watched her squirm. “I know, but your pussy feels so fucking good. What’s wrong with you; you should’ve loved that?”

“You hit my cervix, cabrón.”

“Don’t girls like that? Whose dick has ever been that deep inside you?”

She looked up at my smiling face and slapped me. “It’s not funny; that fucking hurt.”

Immediately, I felt terrible. “I’m so sorry; I thought chicas like that shit.”

“No, we don’t fucking like that shit.” She rolled back over, slowly rubbing her plump, wet lips. “Go slow this time,” she demanded. My shamefully bulging cock dangled inches from her quivering womanhood. “Don’t ram it in there; wait for my pussy to stretch and get used to your size.”

I grabbed her thighs and watched myself slowly push into my sister’s hot haven. Her pussy was super tight, wrapping around my dick like liquid velvet. Every muscle in her cunt vibrated inexorably as inch after inch breached her heavenly honeyed-hole.

Again, I felt my entire body charge with virginal passion; the thrill of finally fucking a woman consumed me. I wanted nothing more than to grab her hips and start thrusting like a machine. She saw my body flexing and squeezed my cock with her commanding grip. Though her powerful squeeze reminded me of her instructions, it also fueled my ever-increasing fervor.

When I felt her soft, soaked pubic hair intertwined with mine, I leaned down and softly kissed her. She responded to my kiss with a sensual grunt, letting me know how good my cock felt inside her spasming slit. I calmly lay on top of her, carefully burying my cock deeper while getting into a thrusting position.

“How should I fuck you?” I asked.

“Fuck me slowly; let me feel your girth,” she lightly whispered.

Following her instructions, I carefully pushed my hips forward just enough to make her moan. When her hips jiggled and tensed, I lightly pulled back until only my oozing head stretched her. When she quivered and clawed at my stomach, I cautiously pushed forward until I felt her hips tremble. She whimpered and shrieked as my girthy inches slowly and repeatedly augmented her constricting, mellifluous cunt.

I planted my hands next to her head and matched my thrusts with her moans. When her body arched, I pushed forward slowly; when she trembled, I pulled back slowly. Again, our bodies found a harmonious rhythm. She slid her hands down my back and cupped my ass, adjusting the angles of my thrusts.

Suddenly, I felt my balls tighten. “I can’t hold it,” I groaned. “I’m about to cum!”

She ran her quivering hands down my sides and put them on my hips. I felt her softly pushing on me, but she was convulsing so hard; I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to do. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her moans turned to high-pitch shrieks.

“Oh fucking god,” she moaned.

Her entire body rattled beneath me, quivering wildly. She held onto my hips and dug her nails into my sides as she came. Her orgasm nearly pushed me into my own as her pussy tightened, her grip stroking my cock from tip to base.

Her orgasm didn’t last long but was powerful enough to make both our bodies shudder. Despite my building load, I continued pumping, thrusting into her tightened, cumming cunt. Before my orgasm erupted, she pulled my hips into hers.

“Hold still,” she whined. “I’m going to teach you how not to cum so fast.” She warmly rubbed my back while massaging my cock with her tightness. “Let your dick get used to being inside a pussy. Feel how my muscles stroke and grip you.”

“You’re the best teacher in the world,” I groaned while savoring her tightness.

“You’re too cute,” she replied. She planted a soft kiss on my lips before wrapping her arms around my neck. “Ooh, shit, that felt good,” she moaned, as my cock throbbed and shifted inside her. “Wait! Guys always start thrusting too quickly and end up cumming too fast. Just stay still until you calm down.”

I laid my head on her shoulder and felt her pussy twitching around my girth. Every inch her gripping hole squeezed and massaged my shaft, pushing thick globs of precum out into her welcoming haven. My dick palpitations increased, causing pain as I struggled not to blow my load inside my sister’s hot cunt.

“What if I cum inside you?” I scarily asked.

“Don’t worry; I’m on birth control.”

Once my cock throbbed normally, I continued pumping her pussy. She instantly responded by tightening again, stroking more burning hot precum-lubricant into her slippery slide.

“Fuck me faster, mano.”

With her permission, I grabbed her hips and started thrusting faster, rocking the bed a little. She opened her legs wider and placed her ankles on the back of my knees. Her trembling hands rested on my arms, using them as braces as her body filled with euphoric ecstasy. This time, I watched closely as she bucked and rocked her pussy on my thrusting cock.

We struggled to maintain our kisses as she whimpered harder, begging in Spanish for me to fuck her harder. Spellbound by her instructions, I leaned up and thrust deeper, slamming my dick into her hot cunt, all while maintaining pleasurable respect for her cervix.

The bed rocked harder and squeaked as our bodies bounced and bucked on the old mattress. Sounds of our wet bodies echoed around the room; the smacking of our wet crotches, louder than anything. Our sweaty bodies swayed and smashed as every deeply penetrating collision pushed us closer to the edge.

She licked her lips and tried to muffle her moans. The deeper my dick stretched her pussy; the harder it was to muffle her screams. Eventually, she stopped trying to conceal her enthusiasm, and she screamed loud and proud, filling the entire house with her cries of orgasmic passion.

Her little, perky tits jiggled on her chest, her hard nipples rubbing against me. She dug her nails into my skin and scraped down my arms, leaving passion marks as her body tightened and convulsed. Every passing second brought harder contractions as her dripping pussy squished and queefed. As her moans deepened, her toes curled, and her legs shook uncontrollably.

I leaned down and bit her ear. She grabbed the back of my neck and held my head, moaning as my thrusts drove her pussy crazy. We bucked and arched, as I hammered my cock faster and deeper; yet, we stayed away from her forbidden deep.

She pulled my hair and screamed as my cock invaded her depths further. Just before hitting her cervix, her pussy tightened and stopped my pounding cock. Her body went insane, bucking and curling wildly, consumed by passionate lust and overwhelmed with jubilation. My cock struggled to continue thrusting into her silky snatch as she ascended into the most blissfully orgasmic rapture.

In her elated state, she screamed my name, begging me to make her cum harder. I buried myself deeper and rocked the bed harder, slamming the headboard into the wall. Her body jumped in pain as I, again, struck her cervix. The pain quickly turned into blistering pleasure, intensifying her rapture. She hollered in pleasurable pain as my girthy length brought her immeasurable delight.

“Don’t stop; don’t stop!” she yelled.

I slid my hands up her trembling figure, feeling her tremor-ravaged body quake until I reached her waist. She groaned as I slid my hands to her back and pulled her against me, holding her tightly and tirelessly stroking the deepest part of her sweet, slippery slide.

As she squealed and jerked beneath me, her pussy vibrated my pounding cock from base to tip. My balls constricted, and a gut-wrenching knot tightened my stomach. She could feel my throbbing dick swelling more and squeezed her convulsing pussy.

“Cum inside me, Frankie! Don’t hold back,” she shrieked. “Fill your sister’s cum-hungry pussy!”

Before I could react, my balls tightened and forced all of my cum through my swollen cock. As I pumped into her wetness again, thick streams of jizz flooded her honeyed hollow. She squealed as she felt the hot liquid plastering her silky walls.

“Oh Dios mio, Jayla,” I screamed. “This feels fucking great,” I cheered as my dick pulsed, releasing another rope of cum. Her wetness turned gooey as she continued cumming on my gushing cock. “Oh mierda, I can’t stop cumming,” I yelled as my balls continued firing rope after rope.

Her pussy convulsed and tightened as she filled with cum. She arched her back and bucked her hips into my thrusts, further milking me. Every time my dick pulsed, I felt her twitching pussy’s tight grip quivering around my gushing head.

My cock swelled more, becoming so engorged; it hurt to thrust. I pulled my spewing my cock out of her twitching cunt and stroked it as hard as I could. With every stroke, thick ropes of cum flew from my tip and landed on her.

She looked down and moaned as I continued blowing hot seed all over her body. After firing more than five more big ropes of jizz, I stroked harder and shot cum on her face. She jumped and flattened as cum splashed her face; some even landed in her mouth while she moaned.

The sight of her cum-drenched body filled me with delight. My orgasm seemed endless, blowing stream after stream until she was nearly drowning in my man goo. She giggled and rubbed the cum into her skin like lotion while moaning for me to cum harder. Cum continued flying out of my dick like a geyser until my balls hurt.

When my orgasm finally subsided, I slid my softening cock back in Jayla’s hot, goo-leaking pussy. Once inside her warmth again, my cock sprang back to life, throbbing inside her. She moaned as she felt my dick diving deeper into her cum-flooded cunt.

“Dios mio,” she moaned. “Where did all this cum come from?” She laughed, displaying her cum-covered body.

“Your perfect pussy pulled it out of me.”

She reached down and rubbed her cummy pussy lips. “Can you cum like that again?”

I swirled my hips against hers, twirling my cock inside her silky hole. “Only one way to find out.”

I kissed her cum-coated lips, tasting myself in a thicker quantity. She returned my kiss and pulled my body against hers.

“Oh, and by the way…” She broke our kiss and grinned at me while biting her tongue. “I did send Stacey that picture,” she laughed.

“Good,” I groaned. “Now, I get to fuck her too,” I laughed before slamming her cock into her sweetness.

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