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Visiting Her Son At University.

Visiting Her Son At University.

A bored Mother visits her son who is away at University.

Elizabeth had a week off work, and nothing to do. It was a case of unclaimed leave which had to be taken by a certain date or she would lose it. Being a single parent, she had nobody to spend the time with, but also, nobody else to consider, so she decided to visit her son, Mike, who was away at University.

People had trouble believing her when she told them she had a nineteen-year-old son, telling her she looked too young to have a son that old. Always so flattering to a woman in her late thirties, when she is told she looks younger than she is.

It was a long drive, so she planned to spend a few days in that area, booking into a hotel not far from the college, and indulging in a couple of days of shopping and sight-seeing while Mike attended classes.

It was late afternoon when she arrived at the University, having stopped for a meal at lunchtime, and another brief break earlier in the afternoon for a much-needed coffee. Mike knew she was coming for a few days, she had sent him a text, and he had given her directions to his room, so she knew where to go once on the University grounds.

He seemed pleased to see her, hugging her to him when he opened the door to her. She looked up at him once he had released her. Over six foot tall, well-built and handsome, he dwarfed her own five foot two. Even in heels she only came up to his shoulder.

"Hey, Mom," he exclaimed, "you are looking younger than ever. Being seen with you will really boost my reputation as a red-hot lover on campus."

Liz laughed at the outrageous flattery, at the same time feeling a tingle of arousal, and a tiny touch of fear. Had he guessed her guilty secret? That she had been having erotic dreams about being enjoyed by him since he was almost seventeen?

"You got here earlier than I expected," he confessed, "I have not been to the shop yet, and I am out of milk."

She started to tell him it was fine, but stopped, realizing he would need it for more than just a drink for her.

"I will just nip out for some," he told her, "make yourself comfortable while I am out. I won't be too long."

"Actually, Mike," she interrupted, "I have been driving since early morning, and really could do with a shower if that is okay with you?"

"Of course it is," he told her, "you will even find some clean towels in there, only put them out an hour ago."

He went out, leaving Liz alone. She looked around the room, noticing a table, four dining chairs and a couple of old but comfortable couches. Doors leading off the room to two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small kitchen. So it looked like he had a roommate sharing the accommodation. He had never mentioned any roommate.

She wondered if it was a female. That would not surprise her. She turned the television on, just for the background noise, and went into the bathroom, surprised to find it so clean and tidy. He had changed since he lived at home. Unless it was his roommate who kept everything so nice.

She was not sure which room was Mike's, so she closed the curtains in the living room and stripped off in there, putting her clothing on a couch for putting back on later. She enjoyed a nice hot shower, the jets of water refreshing her as well as cleaning her. For a moment, with the water running between her legs, she was tempted to enjoy a quick climax, but managed to resist the temptation, as Mike would probably be back before long.

She dried herself, wrapping the towel around her. It did not hide too much, but it was only to go to her clothing in the living room. At home, she rarely wore clothes in the house, unless she had company. She went back into the living room, stopping dead as she saw two black boys sitting on a couch.

She started backing away, but too late. They had already seen her. One of them rose and came towards her.

"Hey, looks like Mike has moved up to the big league," he mused, "you are certainly a different class than his usual pick-ups." 

His friend came over, the two lads walking around her, examining the slim sexy body covered in just a towel. Both boys were near to Mike's height, so she felt so vulnerable, a feeling not helped by her state of near-nakedness.

"I am Vernon, Mike's roomie, and this is Daniel," he introduced them, "looks like Mike has been hiding you away from us. You do know that roomies share everything?"

His voice sounded like liquid velvet, and she could clearly see the bulge in his jeans. Elizabeth shook her head dumbly, wondering what to do for the best. She certainly did not want to embarrass Mike by letting the lads, and probably the whole University, know that his Mom had come to visit. She decided to play along with their incorrect assumption.

"Hi, I am Liz," she stated, holding her hand out, "a friend of Mike's."

Vernon took her hand, pulling her towards the couch, and Liz found herself seated between the two lads. She was thankful that she was not wearing her thin blouse because by now her nipples would have been sticking out like bullets, she was so aroused. What with seeing Mike, thinking of her erotic dreams, and now being sat half-naked with two gorgeous black studs.

The lads started teasing her, pulling at the towel, pinching her ribs and seeing how sensitive she was there, stroking hands up from her knees towards the edge of the towel, making her wriggle in her seat. A hand went behind her neck, pulling gently, and she was drawn unresisting into a long kiss with Vernon, her arms going around his neck and the towel forgotten.

She was vaguely aware of it being slid from her, but it did not seem important. Her head was turned and Daniel was kissing her deeply, and she was responding, tongue-teasing with him. A hand explored a naked boob, fingers pinching a nipple, while teeth nibbled her neck, something which always turned her on.

Legs were tangling with her legs, pulling them open and a hand was there, stroking along the wet slit, feeling the moistness, and knowing she was ready. Her hands went down to their crotches, feeling the hardness bunched in their jeans. She fumbled to unzip them, having to be helped by the lads.

Then two cocks sprang free, one of a fairly normal size, maybe a little larger than most, but the other? Oh wow. Her eyes opened wide as she felt the size and thickness of it. She grasped both cocks, wanking them as the lads nibbled and teased, fingers sliding into her slit, finger-fucking her, and teeth biting down on nipples, and oh God.

She was coming for them, coming for two total strangers, both young enough to be her son, yet feeling no shame, no regret. Just satisfaction and a hunger for more. She was.trembling as the climax swept her away until the fingers stopped pumping, and the lads stood, stripping off their clothes.

Once naked, the lads bent her over the arm of the sofa, head down in Daniel's lap, her arms around him, and bottom high. Vernon nudged her legs apart, gripping her hips, and Daniel pushed his cock at her face.

Liz opened her mouth, and the cock slid in, already hard, and started pumping in and out of her mouth, while behind her she felt Vernon sliding his massive erection into her soaking slit. She was thankful that she was so wet, as his mammoth cock slowly impaled her, filling her totally, before starting to fuck her.

Slowly at first, then as she became looser, banging into her hard, each thrust of that solid shaft pushing her forward onto Daniel's prick. By now she was so aroused, Daniel's hands were tangled in her hair, pulling her harder and faster onto his cock as she was face-fucked and Vernon rough-fucked her from behind.

The double-fucking went on and on until she was coming and coming so hard, clamping down on Daniel's cock and feeling his cum spurt into her mouth and over her face as he pulled out, creamy spunk still shooting from his twitching prick, splattering onto her, and she was swallowing as much as she could but still losing some of the creamy fluid, Then Vernon came with a final massive lunge that she thought would split her in two, and she felt his warm wetness hit deep in her cunt, filling her.

He withdrew slowly, and the two boys started dressing, Liz grabbed some tissues and cleaned herself up as best she could. She bent to pick up her towel, only to be grabbed by Daniel. Vernon left the room briefly, coming back with a metal spreader bar with wrist and ankle cuffs built into it.

Within moments, she was fastened to the bar, legs spread, with wrists in the two cuffs between the ankles, bent double, butt high in the air and readily available for anything. Vernon fastened a ball-gag in her mouth, slid a vibe into her slit, on low speed, and gave her ass a slap.

"Tell Mike I admire his taste," he called from the doorway, "you are a great fuck. I wish I had more time to enjoy you again."

Once the two lads had departed, Liz squirmed and twisted in an attempt to get free, but soon realized she was totally trapped until somebody released her. She lay, pussy still twitching at the memory of that wonderful fucking, and wishing it could have been Mike who had enjoyed her.

From where she lay, on the floor, head towards a wall, she could see nothing but that part of the room, so it came as a shock when the door opened as someone came in. She wondered if it was Vernon, back with more friends.

"Mom, what the fuck?" Mike's voice queried, "how did you get like.....Vernon has been here, hasn't he?"

Liz tried speaking but could only grunt, wriggling her naked behind.

"We have a real problem now though, Mom," he told her, "have you any idea how many times I came when I was still at home, in bed at night, fantasizing about finding you naked and helpless so I could just fuck you senseless?"

His hand caressed her naked butt, finger tracing between the cheeks of her ass, and teasing the tight bum-hole, making her squirm, butt wiggling under his hand.

"Oh, shit. Sorry Mom," he apologized, "but there is no way I can pass up this chance."

He moved round to the front of her, kneeling and unclipping the ball-gag, smiling as her mouth opened eagerly for him to slide his erection into her. He leaned over, hands caressing her back and buttocks as she teased and tormented his cock until he was forced to pull away from her.  

"Mom, you mean..." he stammered, "you wanted this as much as me?" 

"Mike, shut up," she ordered, "and fuck me. "

He moved behind her, his hands gripped her hips, and his erect cock slid into her. Then, she was rocking as far as she could back and forth on his pole, greedy for as much of it as she could get inside her, and she was screaming already as she climaxed. He slid out of her, waiting until she was breathing gently, and was relaxing.

She thought it strange that she had not felt him come. His still erect prick nudged her butt, and she braced herself, ready for him to carry on fucking her, but the cock moved up along her wet slit, then was nudging at the tight butt-hole.

She grunted helplessly, being ignored as the erection slowly forced its way into the rarely-used orifice, and she was being butt-fucked, every inch of her rear entry being violated, and she was pushing back into Mike's lunges, loving the sensations.

His arms came around her, fingers slipping into her soaking pussy, and her love-button was being rubbed. It felt like a volcano erupting in her ass as Mike shot his cum into her and she cried out as he made her come for him. Later, wearing a dressing gown of Mike's and sat cuddled up to him on the sofa, she waited until her lips were temporarily free.

"So I guess I do not need to bother booking a hotel then?" she queried, "you sure you want me staying here with you?"

"I would love it, sexy Mom," he told her, "but you do know Vernon is going to be hoping for more from you?"

Liz looked at him. "Mike, I know that, and you had better start calling me Liz," she pointed out, "the question is, how are you about Vernon joining in with you? Personally, I think being had by the two of you together would be fun."

Mike smiled at her, then resumed his kissing, hands exploring this sexy woman and wondering how Vernon would enjoy sharing their sexy milf for the next few days.







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