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A Chance Encounter; Tiara

Bryan meets his mocha skinned coworker Tiara after anticipating the encounter for months. 18+
I didn't expect things to progress so quickly and very soon I found myself becoming infatuated with her. She often crossed my path at the most inopportune times and after one such occurrence, I decided to take the first step.

"Hi Tiara!"

I said trying not to sound like too much of a fool.

"Hi Bryan. How are you?"

She smiled and the way her lips pouted slightly made me hesitate for a second or two. Tiara turned her short frame to face me fully and rested a hand on her hip.

"I actually was wondering something."

I managed to think on my toes and caught her slightly off guard.

"What is it?"

"I am curious. Would you ever go out with someone like me?"

I prepared myself for rejection. She was just too pretty to let anyone see her with a guy like me and I knew-

"Yes I would.. In fact, I've been waiting for you to say something all this time."

She grinned and I saw the nervousness in her posture. I think I noticed she was blushing too, I didn't think black girls could but it seemed Tiara was.

"You know I thought you wouldn't say yes. It's just that I find you attractive and I see you with that other guy talking, I thought you two might be getting serious."

She glanced into my eyes with her deep chocolate-colored orbs and moved a little closer to where I was standing.

"No, he's just a friend. I'm not into blondes actually and he's as light as they come."

I leaned into her and she gently jerked away from me.

"You're hard, aren't you?"

She whispered in a sensuous tone. Her hand grazed the front of my pants and I was in heaven. All I could do was nod in agreement.

"There's a little time before I start my shift. Why don't you and I disappear for a while?"

She eased her fingers inside of the zipper and pulled on its tab, eventually my fly was open. I couldn't speak. Instead I followed her down the hall to a bathroom beside one of the businesses we house within our property.

I entered the women's room with Tiara, hand in hand. She glanced at me and took me into a stall towards the far end of a huge room. I gazed hungrily at her as she bent all the way over to untie her shoes. Next, I hugged her in my arms and leant down to kiss her. My hands slipped down her back. She tensed as I kneaded her round cheeks through the material of her work uniform. By this time, Tiara's manicured digits were working on my belt buckle. I groaned quietly in her ear and nibbled its lobe. She shuddered. Her chest rose slightly and she let my pants drop to the floor.

I carefully unbuttoned her vest, moved on to the long-sleeved short beneath it and helped her remove the garments. I stared at her mocha skin covered by a mere bikini cut pink bra. She moved to cover herself out of modesty and I stopped her.

"No, no. I want to see you. Please?"

I didn't touch her at all. A mere verbal interruption was all I needed. I hugged her again and unclasped the back of the garment. She moaned as the warmth of my mouth cradled her nipple in its slipperiness. Tiara pulled my boxers down the rest of the way and wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

She stroked me slowly and stopped every so often to enjoy what it was I found myself doing to her. My lips encircled the bud of her nipple as I traced my tongue around the outer circumference of it. I held each mound and traced its sensitive underside using each of my thumbs. Tiara mewed under her breath. She pushed me away a couple of steps and let go of my manhood. I stood there slack-jawed as the waist of her pants inched down over her thighs and down to her ankles, at which she stepped out of each leg. I followed her lead and did the same with my pants and boxers.

She was perfect. I kissed her plump lips like a bee collecting pollen from a flower, my tongue swam in partial circles around hers and tangled somewhat as we yearned for each other. Tiara put her arms around my neck and hopped up to straddle my waist with her thighs. I held on tightly to her ass, my cock blindly grazed her pussy since I couldn't stick it inside from this angle. Her bald little pussy gripped me as I felt her guide me between its folds.

"Am I tight enough for you, Bryan?"

She moaned and writhed as I made love to her.

"Almost too tight"

I barely managed to mumble.

Tiara kissed me again. My cock hid deeply inside of her every chance it was given and bottomed out repeatedly. I'm not huge by any definition but I stretched her wet pussy to its limits. She unwrapped her legs and knelt in front of me, removing my shirt in the process. Her pillow soft lips tasted the salt of my skin and teased me everywhere but the one place I wished she'd give attention to. My balls were awash in her saliva as were my inner thighs. I was drooling precome in anticipation and she continued to dangle the notion and sheer thought of finishing me off tauntingly.

When I thought all hope had been lost, her lips parted ever so slightly then further to invite me inside. Tiara delicately swirled her tongue around the crest and polished the length of it from the topmost tip down along its veiny shaft. I trembled and felt my cock throb a couple of times n response. She bobbed her head quicker on me and brought me to the brink of an orgasm before she got down on all fours in front of me. Her ass was higher in the air than the rest of her body. I held the sides of her hips and eased up her quivering hole abruptly. Tiara's asshole clenched emptily as I found my rhythm.

She moaned a bit louder than I expected her to and pushed her hips back to meet mine. My breath came in short exertions, like I'd been running. In time with my thrusts, I listened to how excited her vocalizations became. She winced when my hand came down across one of her cheeks and grunted softly as the other met the same fate. I fucked her faster at a dizzying pace. Tiara pushed back to meet every thrust with one of her own, soon our loins were wetly slapping and I surmised her juicy pussy's scent filled the stall.

I made her sit up on her knees with me and leaned against the wall behind us. I rolled her stiff nipples between my fingers as I shot my load suddenly. She rocked her hips side to side and tensed. Tiara relaxed with her back pressed tightly to my chest, I sensed her juices were bathing my exhausted prick in her creamy warmth.

Tiara swore repeatedly and checked her watch.

"I should have been out there five minutes ago. Fuck!"

I frowned as she pulled herself up off my softening cock and spanked her wiggling ass playfully before she had taken the opportunity to pull up her pants.

"Please tell me you'll go out on a date with me. I feel like I owe you immensely now"

I whispered as Tiara grinned back at me.

"Sure. A date sounds like a good idea. How about tonight after I get out of this place?"

She said sexily. The words flowed from her like a fragrance.

"I'll pick you up, here's my number."

I took her hand and slipped a piece of paper into it. She glanced at the number and casually walked out of the lavatory a moment before I did.

"I'll give you a call when I'm almost ready to leave."

"I'll be waiting to hear from you."

I smiled politely. Once we made it aways down the hall, I held up her panties once we'd rounded a corner.

"I think you forgot these, Tiara."

She spun around and pushed me into a closed-door as I held them just out of reach. I held her against me and cupped her ass.

"You'll get them back tonight. I promise."

I gave her a kiss and stuffed them into my pocket. I then watched her hurry to the time clock. She made it with a few minutes to spare.

I guess that's the joy of having so many clocks off kilter with each other.


I ended up seeing Tiara a little later during our mutual shift and pretended that nothing happened between us, for the sake of keeping up appearances. But she found a reason to spend a couple of moments in the area where I worked. It tested my willpower when she bent over entirely to pick up something from a low shelf. Though I had come a short while ago I realized my cock was swelling. I walked behind her and soothingly massaged the cleft between her thighs.

She left quickly. I returned to my tasks and distracted my mind until the time came to leave. Tiara intercepted me on the way out, her eyes widened as I brushed past.

"Remember, I'm out after seven today"

She told me admiringly. Her lashes fluttered for a second. I paused mid stride and turned to face her.

"I've got it. Seven. I'll most likely park out in the front so check for my car before you go."

I gazed at her smiling face and continued around the corner.

I returned home earlier than I expected and took a shower. All of my work clothes were unceremoniously tossed in the washer beside the bathroom. As I lathered up my hair, I heard my phone chirp. Its display flashed a message 'Thinking about you' with a heart next to it. I rinsed my hair and washed the rest of me while I replayed the memory of her tight pussy sliding up and down on my cock, how saturated her walls became as I fucked her and the strength of my orgasm as a result.

I stepped on a towel which I laid on the floor and patted myself dry. I grabbed the phone off a counter and texted another girlfriend.

"We have to reschedule our thing tonight."
She replied, "What do you mean?"
"I have family visiting."
"Again? You know how bad I need it"
"I do. I don't want them asking questions."

And honestly I wasn't lying to her. Family members were coming over later on. Much later. I would ordinarily have enough time to balance both tasks comfortably, but with Tiara on the menu I didn't need to cut it short.

A quarter to seven came around too quickly. Luckily I timed it so I already was behind the wheel and en route to our job in one of my best outfits. Black slacks and a decent matching pinstripe dress shirt. My mocha goddess was waiting in street clothes by the front entrance. I flashed my lights and welcomed her inside of my car. Its windows were dark, the interior was a charcoal color and the overhead lights didn't switch on as she opened the door.

"Hi Bryan", she softly spoke. "You look handsome tonight."

I pulled her close to me and gently held the edge of her chin with a finger. My lips found hers, kissed them and I pulled away.

"You are more beautiful now than you were earlier."

I noticed her dark-colored skirt and somewhat low-cut top and smiled to myself. She arched her back in the seat feeling my hand slide along the inside of her left thigh.

Her dewy slit quivered, a digit slipped in and teased the sensitive skin within.

"Do you want me as badly as I want you?"

I whispered.

She took a breath and parted her knees a bit wider.

"I might make it to wherever it is we're going, depends on how far."

I smelled a floral scented perfume and her own peachy nectar fermenting. Tiara groped at the front of my slacks while I drove. There wasn't a man alive who could keep my vehicle from swerving as her mouth massaged its pursed velveteen pouch over my stiff prick.

I managed to park without jumping a curb and pulled her on my lap. She mewed, the head of my cock sought her sopping pussy for relief. Its thickness eased up her pink hole and stretched it snugly. Her legs circled my waist. I hugged her close and gripped the two plentifully round cheeks of her ass. Tiara bounced on me, her lips assaulted my own and searched desperately for my tongue.

The windows became foggy. I carefully climbed in the backseat and managed to push my slacks down to my ankles. She wiggled her booty at me. I couldn't resist and impaled her doggy style on my prick. Her brown skin contrasted mine. I deduced from the motions of her hips what she wanted from me. Tiara moaned loudly and begged me for it.

"Please make a baby in me!"

She passionately whispered beneath me.

I listened to how her breaths grew labored and she tensed around my twitching shaft. People passed our vehicle and a few caught on. I heard cheers, light applause and noticed a crowd was gathering around our perimeter. She fucked me harder than I was giving. Soon my seed cascaded inside of her greedy cunt, searching for its rightful home in her depths. I held her in my arms and enjoyed the afterglow.

"I think I might be falling in love with you, Tiara. You're just the woman for me."

"Don't get all lovey-dovey on me just yet", she said with a slight giggle. "We haven't gotten to the date."

Cheltenham, for lushstories exclusively, Dec 2011

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