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A Fling Before the Ring

A woman on her hen night gets more than just a show from her stripper fireman
Den should have checked before she opened her hotel room door; looked through the spy hole in the door; left the security chain on, if nothing else, but she assumed it was one of the girls from the hen party. Den just grabbed her white silk dressing gown and held it against her naked body as she opened the door.

She got quite a shock when a tall dark-skinned man walked past her with a tray containing two glasses and a bottle of champagne.

“What the ................?” she shouted.

He just ignored her and put the tray down on the table and proceeded to open the bottle.

“Thought you would like a nightcap.” He said, without bothering to turn around and face her.

She stood there open mouthed clutching the gown against her body as he turned around and handed a glass to her. “I don’t want any,” she told him. “I have had enough to drink tonight,” she added.

Den was not a heavy drinker anyway and she had had enough. Some of her friends were no doubt still in the bar knocking them back but she had already drunk her quota of wine. The man smiled, his hand still outstretched with her glass.

“One more won’t hurt,” he said.

She said nothing.

“You better put that on,” he told her. “You will catch your death,” he said with a smile.

“How can I with you standing there?” she said bluntly.

He smiled again before turning around. Den hesitated for a moment and then quickly slipped the gown around her. As she tied the belt she looked up and realised that he was standing in front of the large wall mirror. He was grinning. He had seen everything; seen the nakedness that was meant to be for her fiancés eyes only.

Of course it was only tit-for-tat. She had seen him naked earlier that evening. He was the leader of the ‘Stripping Fireman’ that her friends had hired for her hen night. She had specifically asked them all not to organise any strippers and to keep it all clean. After the meal in the hotel they retired to a private room; all fifteen of them, work colleagues, family and close friends. As they sat down with a drink the door opened and five firemen walked in. The leader walked up to her and told her that there was a fire in the hotel. She sat there with mouth agape, totally taken in.

Suddenly he spoke again “But first I had better give you some protection,” he said as he stripped off his yellow jacket. He was naked underneath. Music suddenly started and he stripped off his trousers leaving him standing there in his boots wearing just a white thong.

Behind him the other four men began to strip to the music; moments later they were down to their thongs. Den was completely taken aback but she could not take her eyes off the man in front of her. Black shiny skin on a muscular body and a small white thong that struggled to contain his bulge.

What followed next could only be described as sheer debauchery. The cans of cream came out; the thongs came off and the girls went wild. Den sat there for over half an hour watching in almost disbelief; girls tripping over themselves to get at the men; rubbing cream over their groins; fondling there balls; getting their cocks erect and sucking and licking the cream off.

Her younger sister shocked her the most; only just getting engaged, she was on her knees taking one of the men in her mouth, gagging, as she tried her best to suck him off. The men responded; their hands down tops and up blouses; down slacks and up skirts. It wasn’t long before bras and knickers were found scattered all over the floor. No actual penetrative sex took place but practically everything else had been done apart from that.

The leader had offered her a can of cream but she declined. Sitting next to her, her Matron of Honour to be took the can and proceeded to do the job for her. The size of his erection shocked her; she had heard that black guys were naturally bigger than white guys but this one was way over the limits. Her fiancé Mike’s cock was only half as big as this one. As her friend sucked on his cock he looked down at her and she caught his gaze. He knew that she had really wanted to be the one with his member in her mouth.

Now, he was standing in front of her holding out a glass of champagne for her. He was fully dressed of course but she knew what he wanted; she may have been more conservative in her sexual behaviour than her friends but she was not naive. She knew he had come to fuck her.

“You had better go,” she told him, still refusing to take the glass.

“I might be seen leaving the room just now, people will talk,” he told her. “Besides I have nowhere to sleep tonight. My twin room has my friend and a couple of your friends there. One of them waiting for me of course but she’s not my type,” he explained.

“ can’t stay here,” she told him.

He ignored her and turned and put the glass down. “Mind if I take a shower?” he asked.

She had no time to answer. He brushed past her and into the bathroom. Ten minutes later he emerged wet and naked and clutching a large white towel. She was sat down on the bed by now and on the bedside table stood her glass, half-empty. He smiled as he began to dry himself. She tried to look away but her eyes were drawn, like a moth to a flame, to his groin. He tossed the towel onto her lap and turned his back to her. It was covered in droplets of water and she knew he wanted her to dry him.

She sat for a few moments gripping the towel tightly, so tightly her knuckles were white. She was trying to hold herself back; trying to keep her composure; trying to resist him but she couldn’t. She could not take her eyes of his firm muscular bottom.

That was Den’s weakness; men’s bottoms. Firm muscular bottoms capable of powerful thrusting; firm muscular bottoms capable of forcefully prising thighs apart; a firm muscular bottom capable of driving a large thick penetrating shaft, a penis that would satisfyingly stretch vaginal walls bringing a woman to a screaming orgasm.

She failed; failed miserably; failed pathetically, failed to hold back. She stood up. Her hands rubbed down his back to his waist, slid to the top of his hips and rested on his bottom. Though the towel separated their flesh she could feel him; feel the strength; feel the power and feel the force that lay under it.

“Please go,” she told him softly, hoping that he would save her from being unfaithful.

He turned around. His erection was full now; thick, long and wanting. “Do you really want me to leave?” he asked as his hands rested on her shoulders, looking longingly into her eyes.

She hesitated; she procrastinated, she delayed as his hands pushed downwards. She knew why there was pressure on her shoulders; she knew what he wanted but there was nothing she could do to stop her legs from giving way. Moments later her knees were digging into the carpeted floor; his hands were around the back of head and her open mouth was receiving him. She had sucked her fiancé before, Mike enjoyed oral sex, but this no ordinary cock. With firm hands gripping her head he guided her backwards and forwards against his cock.

“That’s it Babe,” he said. “Get me nice and ready for your pussy.”

He was talking dirty to her; she groaned, “Yes Babe, your pussy is in for some serious pounding tonight.”

Den felt a flood of wetness between her thighs.

“That’s what you want isn’t it Babe?” he said. “A good pussy stretching before your wedding night. A fling before the ring!”

Her groan was very audible.

He reached down for her shoulders and pulled her up. “On the bed Babe,” he ordered. “Spread your thighs; let’s get a good look at your pussy.”

Den scrambled back onto the bed and lay back with her legs wide apart. “Grab your ankles,” he ordered as he climbed on the bed.

She gladly obeyed; holding her ankles and pulling back; opening herself up for him; displaying herself to him, behaving like some whore gagging for sex. He lay down the bed with his head between her thighs and looked at her. She could see him peering into her sex; peering into her private parts, parts that were meant only for her fiancé.

She could feel his hot breath between her soft thighs and against her shaven pussy lips; she could also see his lusting eyes. She longed for his lips against her; longed for his tongue, Den longed for oral release. But he teased her first; teased with his fingers; firm but gentle fingers that opened up her lips and brushed against the inside petals of soft pink flesh. She wanted to scream at him; scream for him to enter her but he continued his long slow inspection of her private parts. He took longest with her clitty; lifting back the hood and exposing her love bulb so he could look at her. His face was so close that, once again, she could feel his hot breath.

She groaned loudly when he finally reached out with his tongue and touched her. It flickered lightly on her clitty and then ran down her furrow to her opening. A gush of juices greeted him as he plunged inside.

“You are ready for cock aren’t you babe!” he commented.

“Yes,” she moaned softly. “Please fuck me.”

He ignored her plea and continued his penetration with his tongue; pushing deep; plunging inside and releasing more juices. His fingers joined his tongue, gently but firmly plunging down to the knuckles. Her groans were soon growing louder and she was starting to thrust against him; she also became more vocal with her pleas. She had never asked a man to fuck her before; wouldn’t even dream of it but she asking him, in fact not just asking but begging.

“You want my cock babe?”


“You really want my cock?” He taunted.

“YES.YES,” she screamed. “I want your fucking cock.”

Her own words shocked her. She had never done that before. Den never swore during sex. But it did the trick; seconds later he was lifting her thighs into the air and pushing his groin against her raised groin.

“Guide it in babe,” he told her.

Her hand was quickly around his shaft pulling it against her opening. As she pulled her hand away he steadied himself, pushing just an inch or so inside her opening, before reaching for her hands and holding them above her head.

“This what you want babe?”

“Yes,” she told him.

“I only fuck whores though.”

“Fuck me,” she cried out.

“Are you a fucking whore then?” he asked.

“YES I’M A FUCKING WHORE,” she screamed out as she wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to push against him.

She screamed again as he thrust deep inside her before pulling slowly out. The powerhouse of his muscular bottom was taking over now, drawing out and plunging in; long slow deep thrusts like a train drawing up steam as it gets into rhythm. But he wasn’t just fucking her; he was taking her. Holding down her arms as he fucked her; pinning her down as he plunged his huge black flesh into her. Den loved it; lying helplessly under him as he used her. She never thought sex could be as good as this.

He could sense the taking of her too. It excited him; it always excited him when he was taking a white woman. He kissed her; forcing his lips against hers, pushing his tongue inside every time she opened her mouth to let out a moan. When he broke away with his lips it was to call her names; tell her she was a whore; tell her she was a slut, tell her that when he had finished he was going to fuck her ass, use her cunt and ass for the rest of the night as he pleased.

All Den could do was to agree with him, as she got wetter and wetter; admit to him that she was a whore; admit to him that she was a slut and tell him she was his to use as he pleased. He continued his filthy rants; telling her that he would come back and fuck her again; telling her that he would like to fuck her even on her wedding day; telling her that she was the biggest whore he had had ever fucked and that he would back time and time again and have her.

It is was all Den could do to stay lucid as she agreed with everything he said; even to the point of telling him that she would always be there for him to fuck whenever he wanted.

She had already lost count of the number of orgasms she had had when he started to speed up and bring on his own orgasm. He let her hands go so that he could hold himself up on his muscular biceps to gain more thrusting power and she responded by spreading her legs as wide as possible and urging him on.

“Fill me, fill me,” she cried out to him.

When her final orgasm came she had her hands wrapped around his neck screaming at him in ecstasy. Her final satisfaction was feeling his cock pulsating inside her as his cum spurted deep within her

They lay there for a while afterwards, still connected; his cock still deep inside her, her arms wrapped around his shoulders and the backs of her ankles over his calves holding him there. When he finally rolled onto his side she kissed him and reached out for him as he got off the bed.

“You’re not going are you?” she asked with disappointment.

He smiled, “No babe, just going to the bathroom,” he told her. “I ain’t finished with you yet.”

When he came out of the bathroom she was standing by the side of the bed with the belt of his trousers in her hand. He looked startled. “I ain’t into masochism babe,” he told her.

She smiled “Good,” she replied. “Because I have been a filthy whore and filthy whores deserve to be punished,” she added as she held out the belt to him.

He hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to take her.

“Only if you are capable of dealing with filthy whores?” She taunted.

He snatched the belt from her. “You sure you are up for this?” He said, as she stretched out the full length of his belt between his hands.

She stepped forward and kissed him gently on the lips as she reached down for his stiffening cock. “I want to remember this fling before the ring, as you put it,” she told him with a grin. “Like I said, I am a filthy whore now what are you going to do about it?” she taunted as his cock sprang to full erection.

Den knew that she had pushed the right button in him; she didn’t even know his name; didn’t know who he was or where he came from, but she knew that she would remember this night for many years to come.

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