A Good Old Mexican MMF - Surprise

By aguycelmar

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Breelyn expects a mmf with an attractive friend but gets an old Mexican at a charity event
Breelyn and Ethan were your typical mid 20's upper class couple. Both came from high profile upper class families and didn't really have to work for much in life. It seemed as though they had it all and were going to get more.

Like most people with everything, the couple had to step outside their conventional boundaries and expand their sexual horizons. It wasn't hard for such a couple in their position and looks.

Breelyn was a twenty two year old black/white mix; her father an ex pro football player whom she obtained her 5'9" height from but she also filled it well in her beautiful athletic 125lb frame and perfect C cup breasts. She was currently studying fashion design but could easily walk the runway as a model.

Twenty six year old Ethan was of even higher pedigree, coming from the prominent Rothan family of well to do business owners and corporate lawyers. Not only did he come from money, he also looked the part of a Hollywood actor standing at 5'11" 190lbs of lean muscle.

The two had attended upscale private swingers bars and clubs but only dabbled in same room sex with other couples, although they had talked about making the next move. They had mutually agreed to trying a mmf or ffm separately prior to fully swinging with a couple. The next question was, would Breelyn get her mmf first or would Ethan get his ffm situation? The couple thought the only fair thing to do was flip a coin, which they had done. Ethan won and got the opportunity to make the choice. Being the great guy Ethan is, he told his girlfriend she could have her mmf first. She was ecstatic but a little nervous.

The couple talked the situation over in their heads for weeks and tried to consider who they would get but had no such luck. Breelyn had just made it clear she wanted him slightly older but not past 10 years her elder, taller than her, fit, attractive and most of all a cock bigger than her boyfriends 10 incher which wouldn't be an easy find. The couple searched online but It was either Breelyn wasn't attracted due to her ultra high standards or Ethan didn't think the guy was worthy so didn't trust him; they were continually hitting walls in the search.

One day Ethan was at the country club when he ran into an old friend by the name of Murray who he had lost touch with. Murray was a few years older having just turned 30 and used to manage the expenses for the Rothan family horse stables part time while he was attending business school. Back in the day Murray would take Ethan under his wing, bringing him to college parties while he was still in High School and treated him as a cousin. Ethan was very grateful and regretted loosing touch.

The two played several rounds of squash, talked about old times and caught up on the present. It had turned out that Murray had just broken up with his long time girlfriend and was in town to visit family prior to taking a career opportunity in Hong Kong. Ethan remembered his father's annual private charity fund raising party was coming up in a week and thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up with his old friend before he parted for Asia. The offer was extended and Murry was happy to accept. After all it would be full of free alcohol, great food and beautiful rich women.

Once they had finished playing squash they hit the locker room to get cleaned up. It was then Ethan noticed the how enormous his old friends cock was, appearing to be almost 10 inches soft. Murray was a big guy, standing at 6'2" 220lbs of lean muscle but it was still a shock to see a cock that much bigger than his own. At that point in time Ethan had an idea and figured it was worth a shot, so asked Murray if he would like to join him and his girlfriend for lunch. Murray advised of his lack of plans for the remainder of the day and once again accepted his friends offer. Ethan quickly sent his girlfriend a text informing her of a friend and potential candidate who would be joining them for lunch prior to making their way over.

As the two approached the restaurant patio where Breelyn was sitting you could immediately see look of lust on the eyes of Murray, after all he was only human. Breelyn was an absolute thing of beauty, sitting alone wearing a blue sun dress which beautifully accented the tones of her skin and showed the perfect curves of her body. She looked up with eyes focused on Murray, quickly examining every inch of him and followed by a pleasant smirk. It was clear the search was over, that's as long as Murray was interested.

Lunch went well as all three enjoyed drinks, laughed and talked, the chemistry was going extremely well. Eventually Murray left for a restroom brake, this gave the couple a moment of privacy to discuss strategy. It was clear Breelyn was interested and even more so when informed of her boyfriends locker room observation. The only think now was to ensure Murray was on board with such a thing. Quickly the couple came up with a game plan and knew it was worth a shot.

A few moments later Murray came back from the restroom so Ethan left for his turn, this time leaving Breelyn alone with her new friend. Luckily the alcohol was having an effect and Breelyn decided to make the planned move. While reaching for her wine glass a deliberate stumble occurred causing almost an entire glass to spill in the direction of Murray landing on his pants. As a reaction, he jumped up from his seat to prevent any further spill. It was too late and clearly the wine had mostly landed directly on his crotch.

Murray sat back down and reached for his napkin to clean himself up but it was already soaked with the same white wine which was covering his pants. This was Breelyn's opportunity, she reached forward seductively,giving an open view of her braless cleavage while reaching her hand out and placing it on Murray's wine soaked crotch. Instantly she felt his cock stiffen under her hands, only separated by a layer of wet material.Breelyn made sure to grip her hands around his thick shaft as it grew while looking into his eyes, she was not disappointed.

"I'm so sorry Murray, I know I just met you but I promise I'll make this up to you and I know Ethan will make sure I do," she said as she licked her full lips.

Breelyn removed her hand and napkin from Murray's crotch, writing her number on it followed by the words, "Text me soon."

Ethan returned a few moments later not knowing how the plan had worked but could see a very awkward look on his friend's face.

Murray got up in a bit of a panic holding the napkin in front of his crotch, possibly to hide his erection, "Well OK it was really nice meeting you Breelyn and I'm sure I will see you both at the charity party next week."

The couple were alone again and talked about what had happened. It was clear Murray was the one they wanted but now it was a waiting game to see if he was a willing participant.

A few days had past but Breelyn had still not gotten the text she was waiting for. It was clear she was beginning to show disappointment.

The couple had talked out possible fantasies and outcomes if Murray chose to take the bait. As the days went on Breelyn was getting more and more desperate for the text and her limits were beginning to dissolve. Atone point she had even gone as far to propose anal or bareback, two things it took months for Ethan to achieve from her.

Finally, the day before the event she received what she was desperately waiting for.

The texts that followed were:

Breelyn's Phone - Does Ethan know???

Murray's Phone - Yes, he suggested it!

Breelyn's Phone - Will I see u tomorrow?

Murray's Phone - U will if u want more.

Breelyn's Phone - Will Ethan be there?

Murray's Phone - That a problem?

Breelyn's Phone - Kinda :-\

Breelyn showed the texts to Ethan who was sitting beside her, with a look of absolute disappointment on her face. The plan was a mmf situation and it looked as if Murray wasn't going to participate in anything other than a one on one.

Again Ethan did what made his girlfriend who he loved so much happy and said, "Hand me your phone."

The next text was typed as follows:

Murray's Phone - There will be NO problem :-)

Breelyn's Phone - I'm looking forward to it :-)

A look of absolute joy came across Breelyn's face, yet she began to panic, "I need to get a new outfit."

The next day came quickly and Breelyn spent extra time getting ready. She was wearing a black fitted dress cut just above her knee, this exposed her long slender mocha legs. The straps tied behind her neck with a ultra low cleavage, cut just below her breast line with no need for a bra. This was also an opportunity for her to wear her black three inch heels which put her at 6' tall. This didn't matter since her soon to be fantasy man was much taller. Underneath the sexy black dress she wore nothing else, leaving her bare shaved pussy uncovered.

Finally Breelyn was ready but needed some courage so downed two stiff chocolate martini's and was feeling relaxed, confident and most of all sexy.

As an added touch she sat on the edge of her bed spreading her legs to expose her beautiful damp snatch. Placing her phone between her legs she snapped a quick picture and sent it to Murray's phone.

It wasn't long before she received the following message:

Breelyn's Phone - do u taste as sweet as u look?

Murray's Phone - like chocolate xxx

Several erotic texts continued to exchange on the drive to the party and Ethan could see the sexual lust in his girlfriend's eyes. Once there, Ethan provided Breelyn with the key to the guest house. This was sure to be as discreet a place as any and away from the ongoing party. He assured his girlfriend she would be in good hands and he would be helping his father with the charity functions.

The couple mingled with the guests and made their mandatory appearance. Breelyn, not surprisingly was the most beautiful and exotic woman there. The outfit she had chosen surly helped to increase that image and no man could resist a look.

Meanwhile, Murray had just arrived but didn't get the same family VIP treatment which Ethan was accustomed to, this meant self parking. The main self parking area was a far walk so he decided to park at the horse stable employee parking where he used to park as a past employee.

When Murray got out of his car he heard a voice in a rugged old Mexican accent, "Senor, I very sorry but this park for Mr. Rothan stable not party."

As the slender old figure got closer Murray recognized who it was, "Pedro, is that you?"

"Senor Murray, I thought you not work here?"

The two had known each other from Murray's previous employment. Pedro had worked for the Rothan family stable off and on as a migrant worker for about 40 years. Life hadn't been good to Pedro and the numerous years of physical labor took a toll. He stood there hunched over at 5'7", 145lbs, weathered leathery skin and skinny frame. His clothing was dirty and tattered from stable work, although he still looked lean and had a full head of jet black hair tied in a pony tail,complimented by a thick matted mustache. Murray would always remember the day Pedro lost half of his index finger many years ago in a work accident at the stables. Life obviously hadn't gotten much better for the old timer.

Murray quickly caught up with Pedro to be polite although he had other arrangements on his mind so quickly ended the conversation.He was now running late for his rendezvous which wasn't good.

Before heading to the party, Murray went around the corner of an old barn to take a quick leak but unknowingly his cell phone dropped out of his pocket to the ground. Without any idea of what had just happened, Murry put himself together and quickly made his way to the building where everyone else was.

With a good half dozen drinks down range Breelyn was getting a rather good buzz on and eagerly awaited the text informing her of Murray's arrival. Getting impatient, she took it upon herself to make a stop at the lady's room as she didn't want to be seen sexting in front of a crowd of Mr. Rothan's high society friends.When she got to the private stall Breelyn took out her cell phone. Deciding rather than send words, something more motivational was needed to get this rendezvous started. Breelyn undid her straps which met behind her neck allowing the front of her dress to fall, fully exposing her perfectly round C cup breasts. Positioning her phone an arms length in front of her body she snapped a quick picture which perfectly caught everything from the belly button up, topless with her tongue licking her full red lips.

Breelyn sent the picture to Murray's phone which was still lying on the ground next to the stable. The newly sent message caused his phone to chime and light up, indicating the received message.

Strangely enough old Pedro was hobbling by when he heard the chime and his attention was quickly drawn to the glowing phone on the ground. He picked it up and observed there was a message waiting to be viewed.

Pedro was curious and wanted to know who the owner of the phone was and had full intention of delivering it to them. Fortunately he was somewhat versed in cell phones and texting thanks to his family and grandchildren texting him from Mexico to keep in contact.

What Pedro next experienced was something he would have never imagined. He touched the message button on the phone and Breelyn's sexy topless photo appeared in high quality resolution. Pedro's nearly fell to the ground as adrenalin raced through his frail old body like a bolt of electricity. He knew Breelyn from seeing her around with Ethan but she had never spoken two works to him before. After all they were from different worlds and she was the age of his grandchildren.

Just as Pedro caught his composure, another text poped up on the screen of the newly found phone.

Murray's Phone - U like them?

Pedro couldn't resist and decided to text back

Breelyn's phone - yes

Murray's Phone - K, when you gonna get here??????

Breelyn's Phone - I here

Murray's Phone - Where r u ??????

Breelyn's phone - stable

Murray's Phone - I have keys to the guest house

Breelyn's phone - stable

Murray's Phone - K, if u say so xxx

Breelyn was surprised how Murray had insisted the stables, especially since she had keys to the secluded guest house. At this point she was so horney she would possibly fuck him in the parking lot. It was about a five minute walk to the stables and especially wasn't easy on a dirt path with three inch heels but she was determined.

Meanwhile, Murray just arrived in the main party area. It was filled with hundreds of guests, all wearing black suits and black dresses. As he reached for this cell phone to notify of his arrival he soon realized it wasn't in the pocket where he had last placed it. It wasn't going to be easy to find Breelyn or Ethan and had no idea where his phone could be.

Pedro on the other hand was having a great time but had no idea what to do next. He decided to go into the stable in hopes he could at least text her to get naked for a view of this stunning beauty. Strategically he choose an empty horse stall which had several holes in the gate, perfect to have a look through.

Once outside the stables Breelyn texted to advise of her arrival.

Murray's Phone - Here, where now??? :-)

Breelyn's phone - stable 2

Breelyn smirked and kind of liked the new secrecy Murray had been showing. It seemed very mysterious and raunchy, something she had never explored.

Her hands slowly opened the door of stable 2 as she walked into the dimly lit building. It was quiet and clearly no horses where being kept there presently. She elegantly and slowly walked into the center of the stable.

"Where are you big man?"

Pedro was standing in the stall, not missing a second. His pants already around his ankles, holding his cock with one hand and the other holding Murray's cell phone, sending one more text.

Breelyn 's phone - no clothes

"Easy enough," as Breelyn dropped her purse on the ground and untied the straps behind her neck, pushing her dress down to the floor.

She was now standing there wearing nothing but her black heels, an absolute beauty.

Pedro began to jerk his cock vicariously and accidentally dropped Murray's cell phone to the ground. This grabbed Breelyn's attention and she began to walk towards the stall where Pedro was hiding. There was no lighting in the stall but she knew someone was in there, just not the person she was expecting. Breelyn tried opening the stall door but somehow Pedro had it locked from the inside.

Pedro knew he had gone too far but what was he to do, the stall had no exit and obviously she wasn't leaving until she know who was in there. At that point Pedro knew there was no turning back and the damage had already been done. He edged forward close to the gate, placing his thick, hard 12 inch cock through a hole which was about his waist level. Now his shaft was fully exposed to Breelyn on the other side, touching her bare thigh.

Breelyn suddenly looked down and to her delight saw large veiny cock. She was surprised how dark and leathery the skin was, especially considering Murray was very fair in complexion. This thought didn't stick in her head long as her manicured finger's wrapped around his hard shaft.

Within seconds Breelyn dropped to her knees, moving her head closer to the hard cock in front of her as she jerked it. She then began to flicker her tongue on the dark purple head, lubricating it with her own saliva. Her hands were soon replaced by her mouth and she positioned her hands flat on the gate spread out while her lips fucked his cock.

Slurping sounds were clearly heard and echoed in the empty stable, followed by a deep groan. Within seconds Pedro began to explode but Breelyn didn't stop, she tried to take as much of his cum in her mouth as she could but it was overwhelming. After one large swallow Breelyn removed her lips from the cock and continued to jerk the remaining cum onto her beautiful breasts, rubbing her nipples against the head of his cock.

There were beads of cum covering the corner of her face and running down her breasts. Although she found his cum to be much more bitter and less enjoyable than most she took her finger and began to shovel the remaining drops from her face and body to her awaiting mouth. Pedro watched this through the hole, although extremely sexually satisfied his cock was rock hard again within seconds. He quickly placed it back through the hole giving Breelyn full access to his shaft which is exactly what she wanted.

Breelyn strutted over to her purse, picking it off the ground and walked back to the stall area. Standing next to the exposed cock she opened her purse pulling out a strip of condoms. She opened one and began to unroll it over the large head of the exposed cock but it wasn't an easy task due to the enormous size. While trying to place it on she accidentally ripped it so opened another and attempted again, again the same result.

"OK Mr, if your fine with it, you are about to embark on a journey that only one other man has ventured on, my bare pussy."

There was no response and the cock stayed in its same position which she took as the green light. Breelyn adopted a doggy style position and moved her beautiful pussy towards the awaiting hard cock. She was already dripping wet and ready for entry but as so pushed her pussy closer to the head of the massive cock. She knew it was far bigger than anything she had ever experienced and gave it her all. Her force actually pushed Pedro's thin frame back causing him to loose balance and fall.

Now Breelyn's tight wet pussy was against the bare wood placed perfectly at the hole and ready. Pedro got back to his feet and could see the glistening pussy awaiting him at the hole, it was shaved and dripping wet. He hadn't tasted a pussy in quite some time and never a cleanly shaved one.

Pedro leaned forward sticking out his tongue and brushed it against her wet pussy, it tasted like honey. His tongue began to explore her opening and Breelyn began to moan with ecstasy. She loved getting her pussy licked but this felt different and better than anything she had ever experienced. Pedro's thick mustache tickled her clit, she had no idea what the trick was since she had never had a mustache ride before. Breelyn screamed loud with no care while an orgasm powered through her body.

At this time Murray was trying to retrace his steps looking for his lost phone which had brought him back to the stable area.

"Fuck me, stick your fucking huge cock in me," Breelyn screamed as she began to cum.

Murray heard this and had no idea what was going on and didn't know if Breelyn got sick of waiting so found a replacement.

Pedro repositioned himself and held onto both rails inside the stall. He then edged his cuck to the hole where Breelyn's dripping wet pussy was waiting.Giving a powerful thrust, he drove his rod deep into her.

Murray quietly opened the stable door and peaked it. There he saw the beautiful Breelyn bent over wearing only black heels with her ass pressed onto a stall door. Her hands were gripping her breasts as she licked her lips in obvious pleasure.

"Yesssss, FUCK!!!!!," Breelyn screamed and moaned as she now got what she wanted, not necessarily from who she thought though. At that point it didn't really matter as she was getting the fuck of her life. To see her like that was an absolute picture of beauty and she was a perfect sexual specimen.

Murray continued to watch in the dim corner, unknown who was getting the privilege to fuck the sexy young woman he should be having. In an attempt to make the most of the situation, Murray undid his pants and began to stroke his stiffening cock, after all he may as well make the best of it. The sight of Breelyn made it easy to get a stiff erection and Murray stood there stroking his cock as he watched the steamy sexual act in front of him.

Suddenly another scream from the beauty's mouth, " YESSSSS, I can feeeel it."

At this point her eyes wildly opened as Murray's shadow caught her eye forcing her to look over. She could see the man she thought she was fucking in the corner of the room cock in hand as she was getting railed like never before. Her face turned from a look of pleasure to a look of concern but only for a second. Suddenly she had the most evil and dirty look a beauty of her caliber could possess.

"Ccome sstick it in mmy mmouth," the beauty stuttered, looking at Murray as the large cock inside her was in control.

Murray needed no additional offer and approached her awaiting lips. Breelyn eagerly opened her mouth taking all she could inside and gripped both hands on his thighs for balance. Both men pumped their cocks, one at each end as her beautiful breasts bounced back and forth. The pace was hard and fast, Breelyn was shining with sweat.

Murray could feel a continual humming moan on his cock and was sure she only wanted a cock in her mouth to prevent the screams of her continuous orgasms. Suddenly he felt a gag from her mouth and her eyes wildly open as she removed her mouth from his member.

Breelyn screamed, "Fill me, yess, give it to me you asshole." It was obvious she was draining her anonymous cock of its sperm.

As Murray looked up towards the stall he could see a dark weathered hand gripping the top of the door. He noticed the index finger was missing half way which could only mean it belonged to old Pedro. Unbelievable, the dirty old guy was fucking this beauty, good for him I guess.

The reality of the situation got the better of Murray which sent him over the edge. Suddenly he exploded, sending a stream of cum over the face and breasts of Breelyn. She was obviously spent and confused Pulling herself up, standing there with cum dripping from her face, breasts and pussy, it was a thing of beauty .

Murray suddenly spoke up, "Pedro, have you seen my phone?"

Pedro in his accent replied, "Yes Senor," and awkwardly stumbled from the stall.

Breelyn just stood there staring down at the old Mexican who had just given her the best fuck she had ever had.

She then spoke up, "OK guys, I think we better keep this one to ourselves if we want to do it again," followed by a smirk.

Breelyn kissed Pedro on his wrinkled forehead after he handed Murray's phone back to him.

The three went their separate ways for the night and Breelyn got the mmf fuck of her life as she desired.