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A Night I Will Always Remember

my first interracial experience

Since my husband turned 60 he has lost all interest in sex.  I have tried everything to get him sexually motivated to no avail.   So I have decided that I would like to fulfill my lifelong fantasy.

My husband and I go out to a club and have a few drinks.   As usual he would sit at the bar while I danced to the music with different guys that asked to dance. 

After awhile this good looking black man comes over and asks me to dance.  It is a slow song and we go to the floor and start to dance.  As we dance I can feel his cock rubbing against me and it gets me excited.  I lean harder against him and he looks into my eyes and smiles. he asks me if I like what I feel.  I tell him yes and press against it as we dance.

After the song is over we walk back to the bar and he sits down beside me.  He asks what I am drinking and I tell him that I drink heineken beer and my husband drinks tequilla.  He orders a round of drinks and introduces himself to my husband and I.  We have small talk for a while and the band starts to plays another slow song. He asks me to dance again and we go to the dance floor.  As we dance he asks me if I would like to go off somewhere with him, that he would like to fuck me.

I tell him that it has always been my fantasy to make love to a black man and I would love to fuck him.  I told him that what we need to do is get my husband drunk and he will pass out and then we could fuck.

He said that it sounded like a good a idea. After the dance we go back to the bar and he orders another round of drinks and starts talking to my husband.  Then he starts making toasts to how pretty I am.  My husband is downing his tequilla on every toast and ordering more.

After about an hour my husband is getting real drunk and ask if he is ready to go, he says no and orders another drink.  Marcell and I continue to dance the slow dances each time they play one and he tells me about how he will kiss me all over and make love to every inch of my body.  I press against his cock and dream about how nice it will be.
This goes on for about an other hour.  My husband is about to pass out now so I tell him we need to go home.  He agrees and says he needs to go to the bathroom before we leave.  Marcell asks where I live and I give him the address he says he will be wait about 30 minutes then be over.  I tell him I am looking forward to it and give him a kiss.
As I drive home I keep thinking about what is about to happen and get real excited.  Soon as we get home I get my husband in the bed and wait for Marcell to get there.
After what seems like forever I see headlihgts in my driveway and I open the door so Marcell can come in.

He Immediately grabs me and starts kissing me before I even close the door.  I am returning his kisses and I hear the door open behind us. In walks two more black men.  I feel a panic in my stomach and ask Marcell who they are.  He says they are with him and they are all going to show me what good black fucking is all about.

I try to protest but they are already in the house and carrying me towards the couch.  One of them asks where the bedroom is as he starts down the hallway.

Marcell is kissing me and rubbing my breasts while the other guy is rubbing my ass from behind.  I am getting real turned on and start to kiss Marcell back.  About this time the third guy returns from the back. 

He is holding my husband and telling him he is going to watch as they all fuck me.
This makes me real excited and I reach a hand down to Marcells cock and rub it thru his pants. He tells me that I am a good girl and take it out and rub it.  As he lets me go I step back and unzip his pants and let them fall to the floor.

His cock jumps up as the pants fall away and I have my first look at his cock.  I gasp as it looks huge.  Marcell smiles and says it is only 10" and wait til I see his homeboys cock.
Marcell steps back up to me and starts taking off my clothes.  I start to resist but since my husband doesn't give me any sex anymore I decide to let them fuck me.
Once they have my clothes off me Marcell tells me suck his cock and get it all good and hard.  I reach out with my hand and take hold of it and feel it start to grow.  I bend forward and start to lick the head of it, as I do I feel a hand on my ass as it starts to rub my ass.  I start to suck on the head of Marcells cock as I feel the hand on my ass playing with my pussy lips and I moan and try to swallow more of Marcells cock.

He tells me I am a good little bitch and suck cock real good.  He pushes my head down further on his cock as I feel a cock going into my pussy from behind.  I moan and push back against the cock in my pussy while trying not to choke on Marcells cock in my mouth.

Thank god my pussy is good and wet because the cock in my pussy feels like it is bigger than Marcells.
As the cock in my pussy began to push deeper in I found my mouth sliding further down Marcells big cock.  Then the cock in my pussy began sliding back and forth slowly and I began to slide my mouth up and down Marcells cock keeping a rhytum with the cock in my pussy.

I started to feel my pussy start to spasm and my muscles tighten as I had my first climax.

to be continued

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